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Capital Gazette Shooter Not Motivated by Milo or Maxine Waters, Had 'Long-Standing Grudge Against the Paper': Reason Roundup

Plus: conservatives feel more censored on social media, nearly 600 arrested at immigration sit-in



Yesterday's "targeted attack" on the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Md., left five people dead and two others injured. The shooter was arrested and charged with five counts of first-degree murder. He was identified via facial recognition software as 38-year-old Jarrod W. Ramos.

His motive doesn't seem related to any of the political agendas offered up in the immediate aftermath by hacks and provocateurs. The Gazette describes Ramos, of Laurel, Md., as a man "with a long-standing grudge against the paper." He had sued the paper in 2012 for defamation for its coverage of a criminal harassment case against him, and a Twitter page in his name featured the columnist who had written about him as Ramos' avatar. The account's bio:

Dear reader: I created this page to defend myself. Now I'm suing the s— out of half of AA County and making corpses of corrupt careers and corporate entities.

From the earliest reports of the shooting on Thursday afternoon, people were quick to assign blame to their pet peeves du jour. Sean Hannity seemed to blame Maxine Waters' recent calls to confront Trump officials. Many media and Twitter types credited Milo Yiannopoulos with inspiring the attack, after he said last week that he couldn't "wait for the vigilante squads to start gunning journalists down on sight."

On his radio show yesterday, Hannity commented: "I've been saying now for days that something horrible was going to happen because of the rhetoric. Really Maxine? You want people to create—Call your friends, get in their faces,' and Obama said that, too. 'Get in their faces, call them out, call your friends, get protesters, follow them into restaurants and shopping malls,' and wherever else she said."

Hannity later denied that these comments were meant to link Waters' rhetoric to the shooting.

Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik condemned "the hypocrisy, the dishonesty, the willingness by Hannity to try and score partisan political points on the bodies of five dead journalists."

"I would give anything for time to truly process my feelings before writing about the shooting that left five dead Thursday at The Sun's sister publication, the Capital Gazette," wrote Zurawik at the Sun yesterday. "But Sean Hannity made that impossible with another one of his partisan culture-war, bomb-tossing comments."

Yiannopolous responded with comparably more humanity than Hannity, although after noting that "like any normal person I am saddened to hear of needless death," the bulk of his response was devoted to decrying the blame he was assigned in the first place:

You're about to see a raft of news stories claiming that I am responsible for inspiring the deaths of journalists. The bodies are barely cold and left-wing journalists are already exploiting these deaths to score political points against me. It's disgusting. … I made a private, offhand troll to two hostile reporters, who breathlessly publicized it and like vermin their fellow journalists swarmed to remind the world how much they hate Milo.

In the midst of all this, Gazette reporters have been trying to keep the focus on their experience and their fallen colleagues:


Conservatives perceive more social media censorship. A new poll from the Pew Research Center found 70 percent of Americans think popular social media platforms are actively censoring certain political views. Republicans and conservatives are more likely than liberal-leaning counterparts to believe they're being censored.

"Eighty-five percent of Republicans and those who labeled themselves conservative independents said it's likely that social media platforms censor political speech," notes Bloomberg. "And 64 percent of Republicans think technology companies support the views of liberals over conservatives."

Overall, 43 percent of Pew survey respondents said tech companies "support the views of liberals over conservatives." Around a third of those surveyed said tech firms "support the views of men over women."


  • "New Jersey is just days away from a government shutdown," reports The Washington Post. "Unlike shutdowns of the federal government over partisan fights between the political parties in Congress, the fight in new Jersey pits Democrats against each other."
  • The more you know: "The Earliest Mammals Kept Their Cool With Descended Testicles."

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  1. “Hannity later denied that these comments were meant to link Waters’ rhetoric to the shooting.”

    Not to defend the Kung Fu master, but why is Hannity the only one who has to defend his insane position? Virtually the entire news media made even wilder speculations, even after they knew that this was not a politically motivated shooting.

    1. @maggieNYT
      Follow Follow @maggieNYT

      Supporting local journalism is important, what happened today is sickening. This alleged gunman appears to have had a longstanding grudge against the paper and little else is known so far. But Trump is the only president in memory to call the press “the enemy of the people.”

      1. “But….”

        She works for the NYT, so we can just assume she’s a partisan if we’re being honest here

        1. But Trump is the only president in memory to call the press “the enemy of the people.”

          Not partisan.


          1. And off topic.

            There’s a better argument linking Bernie’s rhetoric to his former volunteer who shot up a Republican baseball practice then there is to linking Trump to this shooting and I don’t even think it’s fair to make that accusation against Bernie

          2. The point that just flew directly over your head is that she pairs the Trump quote to the Maryland shooting despite the fact that the two things are completely unrelated. That’s the partisan part.

            1. No. She acknowledged the shooters “longstanding grudge” absent political motivation.

              Then she reminded the reader about The Dotard’s disdain for the press. That reminder should be in every article about the bastard motherfucker Con Man.

              1. “A person attempted to scale the White House fence today, which triggered a lock down. The intruder was found to be armed and mentally unstable. But, Palin’s Buttplug is the only commentator at Reason who consistently refers to the president as “Dotard”.”

                So this would be fair?

              2. You truly are amazing. Obama treated the press poorly (just google it and see how many articles come up on that) but because he didn’t expressly say ‘enemy of the people’ he gets a PB pass?

                Trump for now is just rhetoric. Obama actually frickin prosecuted journalists.

                1. Risen was never prosecuted. Quit lying.

              3. “When my tribe is shitty and dishonest I support it just because”.

                Try this one on:

                Supporting the rights of Americans overseas is important. Otto Warmbier appears to have been the victim of North Korean callousness. But Obama is the only President in memory to claim the right to execute American citizens with no due process.

                See how it works? Should the reminder that Obama killed American citizens in the middle east and claimed it was within his powers be in every article about the bastard motherfucker Murderous Obama?

                1. He killed an Al-Qaeda enemy combatant in Yemen who was born in the USA. He killed OBL too.

                  Cons can’t have it both ways. Either he was soft on terrorism (a lie) or he went too far disregarding the rights of a terrorist.

                  1. “He killed an Al-Qaeda enemy combatant in Yemen who was born in the USA. He killed OBL too.”

                    1. You changed the subject, and totally ignored the point, because you don’t have a response to the point. What I did was tie two unrelated events together, just like the NYT reporter did. So if she’s right, I’m right. But you don’t actually discuss things, you just argue on behalf of your tribe.

                    2. You just stood up for the position that the United States owes American citizens zero due process rights when they’re overseas. That’s….not a libertarian position.

                    3. Obama also killed the guy’s innocent 14 year-old son in a separate raid, and when a single reporter woke up from his 8 year nap to grouse about it a little, Obama’s press secretary said that the kid “should have had a better father”, thereby putting the sins of the father on the son. But, still, I bet Obama’s press secretary would be welcome with open arms at the Red Hen.

                  2. Open-Borders Liberaltarian! No!

                  3. Palin’s Buttplug|6.29.18 @ 10:15AM
                    He killed an Al-Qaeda enemy combatant in Yemen who was born in the USA. He killed OBL too.

                    Being born in the USA makes that dude a US Citizen.

                    Obama murdered a US citizen

                2. So many whataboutisms. I disliked Obama, but this shit has got to slow down, or maybe even stop.

                  1. jcw – I’m not engaging in whataboutism – obviously Obama had nothing to do with Wambier. I simply took the NYT reporter’s tweet and changed the specifics to switch the tribes and make a logic point to PB. Which is a waste of pixels because PB doesn’t do logic – he simply bleats his tribe’s talking points. There are none so blind as those that refuse to see.

                    And the whole concept of whataboutism is bullshit anyway. It’s another way of saying “you just called out my tribe for our hypocrisy and I have no rational response, so I’ll just use this buzzword to dismiss your point without engaging it”.

                    1. It’s ok Lumberjack, some around here have no clue what a tu quoque argument is or that a whataboutism is essentially the same fallacy.

                      I guess it’s because it’s harder to spell or something, or the name just isn’t as catchy. It does, however, have a more obvious meaning.

                      1.Person A makes claim X.
                      2.Person B asserts that A’s actions or past claims are relevant to the general truth of claim X.
                      3.Therefore X is false.

                      Notice step three.

              4. For what purpose?

              5. PB conveniently forgets Bill Clinton’s & Obama’s attacks on Fox news and all of right wing radio.

                1. I believe Obama if not both singled out Limbaugh?

                2. But the Lion King skit, was pretty fucking hilarious.

              6. Except, it would appear from your quote this article had nothing to do with Trump, outside of an aside that purportedly didn’t belong, unless the article was about Trump.

                It was most decidedly partisan, although probably not consciously so. Guns came up; Media came up; and that reporter leaped to Trump. Frankly, I would be interested to see the results of a Rorschach test for that reporter.

              7. Every thinking person has disdain for the press. It’s bastard motherfuckers all the way down.

          3. I bet not. I bet many previous presidents and politicians in general have called the press names. Some of those early political races were pretty nasty, and the papers played a big part in that.

            1. I don’t recall Dubya attacking the press directly.

              Although he did plant a fake newsman named Jeff Gannon in the press room to toss him accolades and softballs.

              1. I don’t recall Dubya attacking the press directly.

                And he was the only other president.

              2. No the others just used the force of government to intimidate the press. From placing journalists on the no fly list, to wiretapping reporters the list goes on.

              3. If only it were shoes…

            2. To be fair, she did say in memory. She didn’t even say in living memory, which would rope in a bunch of people who lived through World War II, and might well remember differently.

              Now, had she done some research, she might have found a number of unflattering things former presidents have said about the media.

              I found this one of Lyndon B. Johnson.
              “If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River, the headline that afternoon would read: ‘President Can’t Swim.'”

              I found a juicy one of Nixon, but it was Nixon agreeing with Reverend Billy Graham, when Graham said something rather antisemitic. Not one of Mr. Graham’s best moments.

              1. I take less issue with her statement and more with the fact that it was made in conjunction with information about a shooting that she and her peers tried to falsely blame on the president or his supporters.

            3. Google “Thomas Jefferson newspaper quotes.”

              1. I didn’t want to go back further than “living memory”. I know a guy who’s a WWII vet. I don’t know very many Independence War vets.

      2. False. Both Nixon and his VP Agnew did this, although perhaps not in precisely those words.

        1. That’s because Nixon and Agnew had a vocabulary beyond the 6th grade.

          1. I must say this every time I see his name mentioned:

            Spiro Agnew, Nixon’s VP, is an anagram of ‘grow a penis’.

        2. So there’s yet another correlation between Trump and Nixon? Good to know.

      3. Take a look at LBJ and Nixon’s relation with the press and get back to me.

    2. Hello.

      Sad. RIP.

    3. He is the lowest hanging fruit available when looking for a “balanced” argument.

  2. Still Trump’s fault for getting elected.

    1. I thought it was the Russians, or a “White-lash.” Or dumb women listening to their even dumber husbands.

      1. IT WAS HER TURN!

        1. Still waiting to wake up from the nightmare?

  3. the fight in new Jersey pits Democrats against each other.”

    Instead of sharks vs jets, its jughandles vs cloverleafs

    1. Leftists – those who want to make left turns instead of a couple rights.

  4. Conservatives perceive more social media censorship.

    “Paranoid Conspiracy Theory nuts” perceive more social media censorship.

    1. How are those Russia fever dreams coming along, totally not insane normal person?

      1. Yeh all those conservative people getting their accounts suspended or demonetized are ‘paranoid’.

        That’s the part of where Solzhenitsyn skillfully described in ‘The Gulag Archipelago’. That is, when you dared to question the Blue Caps when they were lying to your face they would smile and just say, ‘Hey, you’re being paranoid. Don’t be so difficult. Those are all fairy tales’ as they sign off sending you to your possible death.

        Same shit at work here.

        1. On Twitter?

          They violate the TOS.

          I have been banned from every wingnut site there is. Bratfart, Ace of Spades, etc.

          1. What does that say about you?

            1. I waste too much time on the internet?

              Probably true.

              But I spend less time here than most. I disappear 2-4 days at a time.

              1. That’s because they strap you down during those days.

                1. There are front companies to set up. We know that takes time.

          2. I’ve seen several examples where the TOS was not violated but accounts still suspended after being reported.

            And it’s well documented about Facebook and suppressing conservative articles.

            1. Pizzagate like shit.

              Unfortunately most “conservative” news are lies.

              1. All mainstream news reports are riddled with lies.

            2. I can’t even post an ad on FB until I’ve undergone their mandatory “multi cultural” training. Bunch of fucking tyrants.

      2. “How are those Russia fever dreams coming along,”‘

        I was going to vote for Hillary, but then I saw a meme on Facebook that said Satan wanted her to win. So I changed my vote to Trump.

        1. IT WAS HER TURNN!

    2. PB, have you seen the results of the study on Americans’ perceptions of the two parties?

      TLDR: the average Blue and Red voter has no clue about the makeup of the other party. “Paranoid nuts” seems to describe a good chunk of the American electorate.. not just Team Red.

      1. At least 98% of voters on both sides are poorly informed.

        1. Because of biased media?

          1. Worse. Because of echo-chamber media.
            While I am willing to believe the popular media does cull with an eye toward their own biases, I have been informed that Google’s AI, and that of other similar services, quickly becomes biased according to the search habits of the person using it, and seeks out similarly weighted articles for their viewing. This results in liberals getting more liberally slanted articles, and conservatives getting more conservatively slanted articles.
            Imagine if you, and your neighbor, got completely different newspapers, but with the same masthead. Yours is telling you his side is the reason everything is crumbling around your ears. His is telling him your side is the reason that progress isn’t being made.

          2. No. Russia… DUH!

      2. But we can fear and hate each other more than ever.…..tisanship/

    3. Prove it.

  5. ICE agents call for the abolition of ICE.

    the call is coming from inside the house

    1. Reading the actual article doesn’t convince me that this is the sort of “gotcha” that the left are looking for.

      1. Its been disgruntled lefty bureaucrats complaining and quitting since Trump was sworn in as President.

        Some are just taking longer to be exposed as agents of the left working from the inside.

  6. Around 575 people, mostly women, were arrested yesterday at a Washington, D.C., sit-in protesting President Trump’s immigration policies.

    435 for the new house, 100 for the new senate, and 40 to fill out the executive branch. I salute our new government.

    1. Finally. Men been bogarting those prisons beds too long.

  7. Trump keeps saying the company CEO called to tell him about these fictional openings.

    This is just Trump’s version of a Vision Board. Why won’t people understand this?

  8. Well, I think it’s clear that we need to adjust our speech laws so this kind of thing doesn’t happen anymore. If only the newspaper had been more sensitive to this guy’s feelings–regardless of whether what they were saying was true–none of this would have happened. It’s time people stopped focusing on their rights and liberties and stared focusing instead on real solutions.

    It’s time we banned “assault speech”.

    1. Nobody needs a sentence that holds 10 words.

    2. Are magazines intersectional here?

      1. Don’t try to other the glossy-paged.

    3. Ban ASSAULT SPEECH! Also, apply silencers liberally.

  9. 70 percent of Americans think popular social media platforms are actively censoring certain political views.

    I often actively censor my own political views on social media. Should I feel aggrieved?

    1. No. Just compress it until you wind up creating some spectacular moment of violence against those who’ve continued to threaten your job and family security, to keep you silent and complaint, in the pursuit of something that has killed millions of people over the last 100 years. It’s all good too, it’s for the children.

  10. Trump keeps saying the company CEO called to tell him about these fictional openings.

    The Liar-in-Chief knows his fan-girls believe any shit that rolls out of his mouth. So in conservative reality US Steel IS openiing six new plants.

    1. Takes one to know one, right?

    2. “The Liar-in-Chief”

      He was turned out to pasture a year and a half ago, and his replacement got Trumped, loser.

    3. The Liar-in-Chief knows his fan-girls believe any shit that rolls out of his mouth.

      No. Trump doesn’t tell lies to get you to believe them, he tells lies to get you to say you believe them. That’s why he doesn’t bother with plausible lies or half-truths, he tells whoppers that you can disprove in like 5 seconds if you even feel it necessary to disprove them. (He self-funded his campaign, his many business failures like Trump magazine and Trump steaks are still going concerns, he wrote the checks to the veterans groups long before WaPo started asking about it, he’s the healthiest president in history, Orrin Hatch called him the greatest president ever – even greater than Abraham Lincoln, the IG report totally exonerated him, just to name a few.) He knows he’s lying, you know he’s lying, he knows you know he’s lying, he’ll still shit in your hand and tell you it’s chocolate cake because he knows goddamn well you’re going to eat that shit and tell him it’s the most delicious chocolate cake you’ve ever had. The point’s not to make you eat shit, the point’s to make you eat shit and say it’s chocolate cake.

  11. News events just exist to confirm my own political biases, making them the most fact-based ideas ever.

    I am a smart person.

  12. Jared Ramos.

    So….are we still going with ‘white hispanic?”

    1. Hell yeah.

    2. Before they revealed his identity yesterday they were only saying he was “white” – as if that was some critical piece of information (or to push an agenda – you decide). I think the race angle is ridiculous but they started it so why not.

      1. Where you been? Its now all about race.

    3. Oh, and from the looks of that mugshot I think it’s fair to say that guy’s been stewing in crazy for at least a few years. *shudder*

      1. I was wondering if they photoshopped his eyes closer together.

        So based on the last mass shootings, the eyes are either on the side of their head or .5 inches apart. There’s some fetal alcohol syndrome shit going on.

  13. Good stuff, ENB.

    Some Peanut here doubted your editorial discretion this week.

    Fuck him.

    1. Keerist in a bucket, jack. She just got married!

    2. Yes, these topics should get plenty of web traffic.

      That is what its all about.

  14. An essay by Rose Wilder Lane. Apparently, little ever changes.

    “The major political parties do not yet represent this political issue.

    In 1933 a group of sincere and ardent collectivists seized control of the Democratic Party, used it as a means of grasping Federal power, and enthusiastically, from motives which many of them regard as the highest idealism, began to make America over. The Democratic Party is now a political mechanism having a genuine political principle: national socialism.

    The Republican Party remains a political mechanism with no political principle. It does not stand for American individualism. Its leaders continue to play the 70-year-old American professional sport of vote-getting, called politics.”

    1. And that was written in 1936. I kinda wanna go back in time and give her a copy of Gulag Archipelago just to watch her hair catch on fire.

    2. Goddamn, this is one of the best things I’ve ever read.

  15. Kirsten Gillibrand Embraces Liberal Rallying Cry to Abolish ICE

    I’ve said Gillibrand is in my top 3 choices to be the next President. With this, she just might have secured the #1 position. I encourage my fellow libertarians to take a serious look at her candidacy if she tries for the Democratic nomination.


    1. Craven political opportunism, thy name is Kirsten Gillibrand.

      It’s fun to look up Kirsten’s opinions when she represented upstate New York just a few years ago versus her opinions now. It’s quite hilarious

      1. Yeah, what happened to the Kirsten that slept under her gun rack?

        She is transparently positioning herself for 2020.

        1. It’s so transparent that’s it’s laughable.

          I haven’t seen a politician flip flop on political positions so quickly since Donald Trump ran for the Republican Party presidential nomination

          1. He’s not a Manchurian candidate. He just likes to win.

        2. Name a likely 2020 candidate who has more appeal for left-libertarians like us. Kamala Harris maybe?

          1. Left-libertarians are a joke anyways, so, I don’t know, maybe Bernie Sanders works for you guys

            1. I would have voted for Bernie Sanders over Orange Hitler, of course, but he’s far from my top choice in 2020. For one thing, he’s a straight white cis-male, and left-libertarians care too much about diversity to want another one of them as President. More importantly, he has claimed that open borders ? THE most important libertarian issue ? is a right-wing Koch Brothers plot to enrich billionaires. Which is just a ridiculous thing to say.

              1. You’re getting too good at this parody

                1. He’s AMAZING.

              2. Bernie Socialist vs Orange Hitler.

                Let’s take this to the Octagon.

              3. Oh, please drop the invidious comparisons to that despicable Austrian. Trump does not resemble him in any important manner, as evidenced by the fact that so many lightweight people are not scared to make the comparison in the first place.

                He DOES bear more than a passing resemblance to any number of notorious Machine bosses. Tom Pendergast springs to mind.

                But drop Hitler. It makes criticism of Trump ridiculous and trivializes the Nazis.

          2. “Name a likely 2020 candidate who has more appeal for left-libertarians like us. Kamala Harris maybe?”

            A random compost heap.

      2. I wasn’t old enough to vote when Obama first ran for President, but I recall he pretended to oppose same sex marriage recognition for strategic reasons. Only later did he reveal his true position.

        That’s why allegations of “flip-flopping” on Gillibrand’s part don’t bother me. If she said things I disagree with earlier in her career, I know she was just pretending to believe them in order to get elected. I have no doubt that as President she would pursue an agenda that appeals to libertarians like me.

        1. Anyone who’s cool with Trump doesn’t get to bitch about flip-flopping, inconsistency, hypocrisy, or walking on naked teenage girls backstage at a pageant.

          1. Watching Tony interact and agree with this parody account makes it all worthwhile

            1. You have got to get a fucking life man.

              1. I think you and OBL are really hitting it off. I’m just excited for you

                1. Should we send ’em a cake?

                  1. No offense, Sevo, but neither me nor Past Me would accept a cake from you. You’re just too much of a Reason commenter.

            2. It’s like “Two girls and a cup” all over again!

  16. Elephants don’t have descended testicles.

    1. Shit. Why wasn’t that in the links? Thanks for this. I didn’t know

      1. And you kept rubbing under the elephant’s asshole anyway you sick fuck.

        1. Oh, like you didn’t do the same thing? Hypocrite

          1. I knew to call it an elephtaint at least.

  17. A ‘city of science’ getting an A-1 lesson over pseudo-science:

    “U.S. Supreme Court ruling assails Berkeley cell phone ordinance”
    “Antiabortion clinics’ U.S. Supreme Court victory over California patient-notification laws earlier this week rippled into the technology world Thursday, when the justices told an appeals court to reconsider its decision to uphold a Berkeley ordinance requiring customer warnings about possible radiation exposure.”

    No, it didn’t ripple into the ‘technology world’, it rippled into the ‘woo world’.

  18. Just like climate change is about system change, common sense gun control’s end game is full confiscation. Using a shot gun puts them in a corner…which means they have to lash out like a cornered rat or racoon:

    CBS News
    Verified account

    Follow Follow @CBSNews
    “Clearly we need universal background checks and need to get rid of the military style assault weapons and private ownership,” @SenatorCardin on #CapitalGazette shooting sparking gun debate reform.

    1. It’s been happening for a Looong time now. I put the start at the passing of the Federal Fireams Act and the formation of the ATF, but I suspect there are cases that are older still.

  19. “”?”New Jersey is just days away from a government shutdown,” “”

    I heard on the news that NJ beaches may be closed for the 4th of July. We’ll we get a photo of the new governor in a chair on a closed beach?

    1. Whereas Chris Christie would have just rolled up on the beach like a whale.

      1. “”Whereas Chris Christie would have just rolled up on the beach like a whale.”‘

        Christie was the original when it comes to a photo of the gov in a chair on a closed beach.

        1. #FakeNews

          There is no way a beach chair could hold that whale.

    2. “I heard on the news that NJ beaches may be closed for the 4th of July.”

      The cops will get overtime to keep them closed to save money. That’s what Obo did.

    3. I don’t see him on a beach during off hours… I see him conducting struggle sessions somewhere with spittle flying out of his mouth. Kind of like in the picture in the linked article.

    4. I know there’s a Chief Martin Brody joke in there somewhere.

  20. Biggest hunk of bullshit you’ll read today, maybe all year?

    Facebook filed a patent application for software meant to turn Facebook users’ microphones on so that Facebook can listen to the reaction of its users to targeted advertising. When questioned about the technology, Facebook’s VP and Deputy General Counsel had this to say:

    “Facebook says it has no intention of ever implementing the technology described in the patent. In a statement, Facebook VP and Deputy General Counsel Allen Lo told us that the patent had been filed “to prevent aggression from other companies,” and noted that “patents tend to focus on future-looking technology that is often speculative in nature and could be commercialized by other companies.”

    Lo went on to say that the technology in this patent has not been included in any of Facebook’s products, “and never will be.”


    “Facebook patent turns phone mics on to record reactions to ads”…..ns-to-ads/

    Do you get that? Facebook says it has no intention of using the technology, they just filed the patent application–so that other companies can’t use the technology!

    They’re not abusing our privacy. They’re protecting us from nefarious companies who would ignore our privacy concerns! Aren’t they nice?

    LOL @ horseshit.

    1. H&R is my Facebook.

      It’s the same shit without pictures (thankfully). I would hate to see Sevo sporting his strap-on.

      1. Could you imagine the obscenities that mics would pick up as reactions to PB’s posts on H&R?

      2. Ah come on, How else would you know who to vote for if it wasn’t for Russian memes?

    2. I would love to see them implement it and get sued into the ground for it.

    3. So Facebook was researching tech it has no intention of using? Riiight.

      1. A technology that’s integral to calibrating the effectiveness of its core business–targeted advertising.

    4. Facebook filed a patent application for software meant to turn Facebook users’ microphones on so that Facebook can listen to the reaction of its users to targeted advertising learn new expletives.

  21. ICE agents call for the abolition of ICE.

    They yearn for those days prior to 9/11 when America was great (again)?

    1. Now if our US Senators would come clean…

    2. Some drug warriors are upset that the drug war is slowing down, so more ICE agents are being put on removing illegals.


    WOAH- NBC News reports that the Trump administration began separating children from their parents beginning in October 2016!

    1. Damn you, time traveling literally Hitler!

      1. “More than 1,000 children were separated between October 2016 and September 2017”

        When you sleep through an entire presidential administration and then you get “woke”-up af

    2. And they’re totally not trying to cloud people’s minds about the actual meanings of words like “asylum”!

    3. I know you’re being willfully obtuse to make a point, but they are just reporting the data as reported by the government. There could have been zero from October 2016 to August 2017 and 1000 in September 2017, but the government won’t provide the data to tell. I wonder why they want to hide it?

      Nowhere does it say that it started in 2016. It was ongoing at some point between October 2016 to September 2017.

  23. Some people just can’t accept the simple fact: not everything that happens in the world is related to your particular political hard-on. Sometimes people do bad things for reasons of their own. Sometimes shit just happens.

    1. “Whatever happened to just plain crazy?” — Chris Rock.

  24. Somebody needs to start tracking shootings connected to Facebook.

  25. I don’t understand why ICE gets to be the target of grand calls of abolishment while TSA continues to molest actual citizens daily.

    1. Including children and the disabled.

      1. Don’t wanna get molested like a small child, don’t get on a plane like a small child.

    2. You’re a terrible woketarian

  26. Facts don’t matter, actions by themselves don’t matter. What matters is who done these actions, against whom these actions were made, and in case if weapons were involved, which exactly weapons were involved. Hatred is the biggest and often the only motivator of everything. As long as victims belong to the group of ‘evil people who deserve it’, the final goal of ‘exterminating the evil’ justify whatever means possible. Calling for harassment and intimidating people for doing jobs which were perfectly acceptable under the ‘good’ president is perfectly OK, because “Yes, they are evils and deserve it!”; calling for kidnapping a rape of a 12-years old child is perfectly fine because this specific child is a son of a real ‘evil’ and this is ‘what this child deserves!’ And, of course, every psycho who decides to become famous for killing somebody is granted their wish by the media. So, what exactly do you expect? And, I hate to say it, but as long as Reason Magazine will continue following CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and other media in glorifying violence and making murder a more ‘exciting’ alternative to video games competitions, there will be more blood, and the blood will be on YOUR hands.

  27. I’m sure all the people who called this wrong will be along shortly to apologize.

    1. I chalked it up to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I’ll apologize when I’m told it wasn’t that.

  28. “”New Jersey is just days away from a government shutdown,”‘

    Hoorah! Our wonderful new left-wing multi-millionaire Governor has made New Jersey national news again!

  29. Around 575 people, mostly women, were arrested yesterday at a Washington, D.C., sit-in protesting President Trump’s immigration policies.

    When she sits around the White House, she sits a-r-o-u-n-d the White House.

  30. ICE agents call for the abolition of ICE.

    Yeah, now that they’re being doxxed.

  31. …the fight in new Jersey pits Democrats against each other.

    Too many palms; not enough grease.

  32. The Senate has passed a farm bill that does not include the controversial food stamp provisions passed by the House.

    Why do we need another farm bill again?

  33. In the midst of all this, Gazette reporters have been trying to keep the focus on their experience and their fallen colleagues…

    Since no political hay can be made from the shooting, they should be able to do that.

  34. I did not correspond with the shooter in Maryland over the dark web to coordinate activities. The temporal correlation between the bullets flying in Maryland and the rocks thrown in that micronation in Paterson on Thursday, like the temporal correlation between rising carbon dioxide levels and rising temperatures, does not prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt. The EMT felt that my willingness to cross the border into that micronation in Paterson, despite the reputation the meter maids there have for killing people, was a sign of stubbornness, not a sign of an autistic dedication to parliamentary procedures. If the meter maids want a “no parking” sign in their micronation, they should petition the elected officials in town hall to make it happen. Oh, and what’s up with the brave activists who sat on their butts in the ICE facilities? I’ve been too busy to follow that sorry.

  35. He was identified via facial recognition software as 38-year-old Jarrod W. Ramos.

    So no article on this part of the story?

    The government is using your picture from a huge drivers license database to scan and match images via facial recognition.

    Most Americans cannot get around without driving. To drive you must have a drivers license. The government forced states to update those drivers license pictures to be digital so they can be browsed via facial recognition. There is now clear evidence that the government is using drivers licenses for law enforcement purposes.

  36. “Around 575 people, mostly women, were arrested yesterday at a Washington, D.C., sit-in protesting President Trump’s immigration policies.”

    Good. Assuming they broke a reasonable law, which from the sound of things, they did. They were arrested for protesting inside a building. You may peaceably assemble. You may not hinder your fellow citizens as they go about their lawful business. That isn’t peaceable.

    Now, you can decide that your cause is important enough to break that rule. Fine. But getting arrested is the price, and out of respect for your decision to cross that line, you should be arrested.

    As opposed to given a lollypop, which seems to be the usual establishment sentiment about leftwing hobby protesters.

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