Feds Arrest 'Occupy ICE' Protesters in Portland

Officers in riot gear made their move Thursday in an attempt to reopen Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters in Portland.


John Rudoff/Sipa USA/Newscom

More than a week after protesters forced the closure of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) headquarters in Portland, federal officers in riot gear moved in on the demonstrators Thursday in an attempt to reopen the facility.

The Occupy ICE PDX protest started early last week, as demonstrators set up camp along the building and blocked the entrance. They were protesting the Trump administration's zero tolerance immigration policy which triggered separations of undocumented families apprehended while trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border.

After issuing several notices reminding the protesters they were breaking the law by blocking the entrance to the building and ordering them to vacate, federal officers made their move early Thursday morning.

"At approximately 5:30 a.m. today, federal law enforcement officers initiated a law enforcement action to reopen the federal facility at 4310 SW Macadam Avenue in Portland," Federal Protective Service spokesman Robert Sperling said in a statement.

According to KGW News, federal officers only took action to clear the entrance so the facility could be reopened. Many protesters camped along the side of the building were left alone. Still, a Department of Homeland Security spokesperson told KATU News that several protesters were arrested.

The demonstrators, who successfully shut down the facility on June 20, have previously said they have no intention of leaving. "This group here is ready to move forward and continue doing what we need to do to make sure we abolish ICE," said Danialle James, a member of the Occupy ICE PDX movement.

Several hundred people were involved in the protest, some of whom carried signs that said things like "Refugees Welcome" and "Abolish ICE."

The protest outside ICE headquarters in Portland has sparked similar demonstrations in other major cities across the nation.

Outside ICE's office in Detroit, for example, demonstrators gathered on Monday with signs, tents, and folding chairs. According to an ICE spokesperson, the protest caused normal operations to be "briefly disrupted." In Los Angeles, protesters set up camp outside an ICE facility on Saturday, and in New York on Monday, protesters forced the cancellation of all hearings at an ICE processing center.

However, the Occupy ICE movement has attracted the ire of at least one Republican lawmaker. In a Sunday tweet, Rep. Steve King (R–Iowa) suggested that the protests could serve as a lead-up to civil war.

"America is heading in the direction of another Harpers Ferry. After that comes Ft. Sumter," King wrote, referring to the 1859 attack that served as a precursor to the Civil War.

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  1. “America is heading in the direction of another Harpers Ferry. After that comes Ft. Sumter,” King wrote, referring to the 1859 attack that served as a precursor to the Civil War.

    So is this guy on the Union side or the Confederate side? Because I’m pretty sure he just compared the protesters to the abolitionists with that Harpers Ferry remark.

    1. I don’t think King is that bright.

        1. This particular Republican, plus probably many other Republicans and many Democrats. Sure.

    2. I’d be more concerned about that “attack” on Fort Sumter. Some people are of the opinion that it was an illegal occupation.

      1. It was federal property. Like Gitmo is US federal property. The Cubans hate it but they agreed to it.

        The Secession of the CSA would have been far different if the CSA never fired the first shot. Lincoln rallied northern boys based on aggression by the South. Many of his best military men stayed in the Union Army because of the aggression. Some families were split and that aggression was the deciding factor on staying with the Union.

    3. He’s probably on the side that’s gonna hand the Democrats their asses.


    4. Let’s see, RethugliKKKans are literally Nazis, Nazis used slave labor to build a lot of their weapons and war materiel, the Confederates were ALL slave holding scumbags.

      Therefore Confederates = Nazis = RethugliKKKans = Steve King, therefore Steve King = literally Hitler /progressive logic

      That said, I think he’s pretty much on whichever side the government is because he’s a statist douche and a historically illiterate moron..

      1. And never mind that the Plantation Aristocracy were Democrats, and that the majority of the first two incarnations of the Klan were democrats (that would be 1865-1871 and 1915-1944) and so was the majority of the third until quite recently.

    5. Yeah, was about to comment on that same thing. Comparing this to Harper’s Ferry is equates these idiots’ cause with abolitionism. I doubt that was his point.

  2. The Democrats were better-prepared for the last civil war, but they lost anyway.

    1. That one was before gun control. In theory, the left controlled states are unarmed.
      But then, even in NY, compliance to gun grabs has been low.

      1. Will they promise to defer the prosecution of these NY gun-owners until after the Revolution succeeds?

    2. You belief in this statement couldn’t have betrayed a greater ignorance.

      1. If by “statement” you mean “friggin’ joke,” then sure.

      2. In the last civil war, eleven states left the union. These states all had large militias that were better trained and more ready for combat than the very small US Army, a good percentage of which joined the other side. Today, those advocating for a civil war have a bunch of pajama boys on Twitter. Pajama boy or Stonewall Jackson, who was possibly better prepared for a civil war?

        Are you really this stupid? Do you just not know anything?

        1. And one of their havens could be driven into bankruptcy easily by simply no longer offering them free water and pulling all military bases out.

          1. There will be martial law before they get close to our military or federal personnel, and if they’re in the military to leak or contractor positions to compromise information they’re never getting out of prison alive. Not ever not on my watch.

            They’re the ones setting fires. They’re marauders.

          2. Also there is a official terminology for that – its called strategic default.

            It is the sole reason financial officials and tax authorities drafted the economic terrorism enforcement law, and I am mandated to comply despite being representation.

        2. They dont like nor read history and many were never in the military.

          They think combat and guerilla war are like in video games and movies with a bunch of CGI. It will be a bloodbath reality for lefties to attack armed Americans.

          1. They dont like nor read history

            I’ll just link to my earlier comment. I think it fits here too.

          2. There’s a lot of people in the military who recieved DACA to pay remainders of student loans.

            Obviously even military personnel can be recruited to ANTIFA or anonymous. The suspected homegrown terror orgs love jobs at that level so they can leak and simultaneously entrap innocent people working on behalf of the US government or citizens.

            The military with that non civilian access is in deep like any other turncoat. One huge red flag is refusing to respect higher ups or foment drama for personal gain and an opportunity to strike from within.

            They are the most vile as they abused authority to make innocent people suffer needlessly.

            They don’t want to serve our country, they bought themselves a federal prison sentence.

        3. I think this is a misunderstanding from different interpretations of “more prepared.” More prepared compared to Democrats today or more prepared compared to the Union in 1861? I think the other person was interpreting it in the latter fashion?

          On almost every measure aside from maybe immediate combat-readiness the Union was far better prepared to fight and win a war than the Confederacy. Sherman basically predicted to a tee how the war would go to his Southern friends/acquaintances and they refused to listen.

          1. No. The union had far more capacity to fight and win a war than the Confederacy. But the Confederacy was more prepared. And this showed during the first two years of the war. After that, the Union’s greater capacity for warfighting finally won out.

            1. Yeah, the CSA had more experienced and talented generals. But the Union had more of, well, EVERYTHING else.

              And when Jackson went down, the Confederacy was doomed.

              Well, they were doomed regardless…but that made the demise all the more inevitable.

            2. I would include the ability to supply an army sufficiently to win a war as part of being prepared for war.

          2. The CSA almost made it to Washington DC.

            Although the Civil War probably would not have been over, it would have been a major coup to force the Union to move their capital because the Rebs had burned down the Capital District.

            Ultimately greater industrial capacity wins nearly every total war in the last 300 years.

        4. In the only civil war (don’t count your chickens before they hatch, dude), support for the various candidates was a lot more regionally consolidated then it has been in any modern election.

          Compare the by-county results from the 1860 election to the by-county results from the 2016 one. Something that should jump out at you is (A) how many more candidates there were getting majority support in different counties, and (B) how almost every state (Oklahoma, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Alaska being the exceptions) had support for both candidates in 2016, while most of the 1860 candidates had much more limited appeal in states outside their base.

          In short, as much as folks like to talk about how “partisan” things are these days, the partisanship isn’t nearly as geographic as it once was. That does a lot to make any “civil war” much less likely.

          It also means that in the outbreak of civil war, the whole “shooting at family/friends/neighbors” thing will be even bigger then it was in 1860.

          That said, it’s not the liberals that have been talking about a “2nd Amendment Solution” for years and years. If we do have a Civil War 2.0, it’ll be while a Democrat is in the office, not while there’s a Republican in the office.

        5. You’re inciting.

      3. It’s so weird how Cathy L nearly stopped vomiting up stupid right as you started “Salmonsnail.” I guess it’s just a total coincidence, and your posts looking exactly like her posts rhetorically is a coincidence too.

        1. You seem pretty bad at recognizing voices. Or maybe just mentally ill since you seem to need me to be someone else’s sock puppet.

          1. Sure “Salmonsnail”

          2. Going up against a superior Tulpa will do that to you.

            1. I mean, it’s so obviously the same person, and then they come in here and do a shit job of denying it. Amateurs.

              1. You’re gonna wish the federal DOJ prosecutors considered you an amateur when this is over.

    3. Going up against a superior industrial capacity will do that to you.

    4. This is different. It is a third party hiding under the guise of democracy politics.

  3. What a sad day for Government Union workers and brave upstanding Law Enforcement to be targeted so viciously with speech violence by Progressives. Maybe if it were ICAE, Immigration, Customs, and Abortion Enforcement, they could clear the sidewalk

    1. Is that why landscape contractors are wasting money meant for road work to pull up our beautiful trees? If you don’t want trees, invest in a desert location and let us be.

  4. When you report on happenings in Portland can you specify which state? There is more than one city by that name.

    1. True, but only one that matters

    2. There’s also an Isle of Portland in England.

    3. When it’s dumbass protesters committing acts of violence or trespassing, we all know which Portland is being discussed.

    4. Portland is the center of lefty politics in Oregon.

      Ipso facto “Portland” always means Portlandia.

    5. People in Maine will always insist that Maine Portland is the main Portland.

  5. I’m hoping fire hoses and tear gas were used ‘liberally’.

    1. That orange peel beef is so darn good General Tso..

  6. Basically, a bunch of dumb asses engaged in a stupid and futile gesture that ended with them going to jail. Oh my save me from the chaos that is engulfing the country.

      1. It’s like if Hypnotoad were sexy…

      2. I could watch that all day. I wouldn’t kick Gal Gadot out of bed, but prime 1970’s Linda Carter > Gal Gadot.

  7. It’s a sad day for freedom of speech and the right to peaceably assemble when me and my buddies can’t come over to your house and stand in your living room and screech at you.

    1. Worse. It’s a bad day for freedom of (the correct) speech, and the right (of the correct people) to peaceably assemble, when you and your buddies can’t come over to my house, and stand on my porch, deliberately cutting off access to my house, and scream at me through the windows.

      I started to use right, wherever I used correct, but that left the potential for confusion.

      As I read this article, and having no other information on the event, I have to say that arresting the people who were actually blocking entry, while leaving the merely loud and obnoxious alone, appears to have been the correct response.

      1. That happened to me the day before yesterday an illegal let her kid scream into my window and antagonizing my K9. Then last night at nearly 2 am some girl in all black was in our amenity facility with open containers and was about to pelt them at peoples windows forcing me to call the police.

        That’s really happening to people and honest to God, we know there aren’t enough of you to wage a war.

        You’re saying that but honestly its sort of like a bank robber telling the teller what she’s going to do next, why, how, and for whom while she hits the panic button.

        Please learn to shut your mouth.

        ANTIFA are terrorists and they already blocked the 101 not 30 miles from my house.

        You’re scaring people.

        1. I’m not sure if you’re blaming me for making a comparison; in a comment that I wrap up by saying it’s criminal behavior worthy of arrest, or if you’re pulling my leg.
          If you’re serious, may I suggest you leave whatever hellhole you’re living in.

  8. Based on the outcome of the Bundy’s case, these protestors should be free to go soon enough.

    1. It doesn’t look like the feds made the kinds of idiotic mistakes they did in the Bundy case. Remember, the feds have minimum mandatory sentences. I wouldn’t want to be any of these yahoos.

    2. 1) The Oregon reserve protests never blocked access to the reserve nor keep government workers from accessing their buildings.

      2) The Lavoy protesters were protesting grazing rights which are not mentioned in the Constitution but no prohibited by the Constitution. ICE is authorized via Congress who have enumerated power to regulate naturalization and immigration per the Constitution.

      1. I’m glad the Malheur people were acquitted and I backed their cause despite thinking their tactics were misguided, which is the same way I think about these ICE protestors.

        With that disclaimer out of the way, #2 is completely irrelevant.

        1. Evidently the protestors not blocking the entrance were not arrested, so clearly the government is still considering the 1st Amendment a limiting factor which is great.

          Armed protesters confronted by armed police and nobody got shot is testament to the government is still scared of peaceful yet armed Americans.

          I even think the roadblock murder of Lavoy shows that police are scared of armed and peaceful Americans but those FBI guys really wanted to murder someone. LaVoy did evade a police car but that no excuse for murder. I don’t think police had probable cause to stop the truck but LaVoy took off anyway.

    3. Probably, assuming that the police and officers involved lie about what happened. Honestly they’ll probably go free either way just based on the ‘optics’ of locking them up for federal offenses for protesting. Then again, it’s Trump, so who knows what he thinks today. Something tells me he’s no better than Obama when it comes to this sort of thing.

      1. Its protesting. Anything more than a slap on the wrist is abuse of government power. Blocking all entrances to a building does not seem like peaceful assembly but it was not violent protest either.

        Rule of Law in effect.

        1. Illegals aren’t citizens. You don’t have the rights of a US citizen please stop stealing identities, framing people and lying for your own gain.

          1. The protesters WERE citizens. What are you talking about?

            And on the other hand, while I defend their right to protest, and sympathize with their cause, what could they possibly think they were going to accomplish by blocking the entrance to an ICE facility? All it does is keep people in jail longer by postponing hearings. It does nothing to penalize ICE agents.

  9. “This group here is ready to move forward and continue doing what we need to do to make sure we abolish ICE,” said Danialle James, a member of the Occupy ICE PDX movement.

    Is she an official spokesperson for the group? Are all the protesters “members”? Do any of them feel differently, that they are just there to protest, and are willing not to block the entrances? I was glad to read that people who were not blocking entrances were not arrested.

    1. I was glad to read that people who were not blocking entrances were not arrested.

      Agreed. People absolutely have the right to protest. They absolutely do not have the right to block access to the facility.

      And if they thought about it for a second, they would realise they don’t want to legitimise that strategy, because there are lots and lots of people who would be happy to blockade abortion clinics in the exact same manner.

      1. Exactly. You cannot block the entrance of an abortion clinic either.

      2. if they thought about it for a second, they would realise they don’t want to legitimise that strategy, because there are lots and lots of people who would be happy to blockade abortion clinics in the exact same manner.

        Or block the entrance to other federal facilities. Like the IRS…

        1. You’re probably IRS wanting a paid day off.

    2. If there are multiple serious acts of prosecutorial misconduct in this case too, then yes, you are correct

      1. Shit, sorry, this was supposed to be in response to the dumbfuck comparing this case to the Bundy case.

      2. There are many DNC officials and people on duty in sanctuary cities demanding bilingual helpers for the opportunity to recruit under the radar of political bias.

        Yes it is an issue of prosecutor and judicial misconduct and even their attorneys are going to be remanded to federal prison by Donald J. Trump.

  10. “The demonstrators, who successfully shut down the facility… have previously said they have no intention of leaving. “


    ….oh, wait? this isn’t Malheur?

    well, never mind.

    1. I was thinking the same thing

    2. People should thrown the lefty violent government response to Malhuer into their faces.

  11. They would be more effective if they protested the arms factories that ship bombs to Central America that create the violence and strife these people are fleeing in the first place.

    1. “the arms factories that ship bombs to Central America”

      You seem smart.

    2. Or, possibly more effectively, protested the drug war.

      ICE isn’t the problem, the DEA is.

    3. I can get behind Occupy the Pentagon

      1. That’s a terrorist threat – because 9-11.

    4. Uhm, its 2018, not 1988,

  12. The fact that Portland doesn’t even have a police force able to arrest a group of squatter and trespassers after a week is pretty sad.

    1. Able? I do not think physical capacity was the problem

  13. The Occupy ICE PDX protest started early last week, as demonstrators set up camp along the building and blocked the entrance.

    1st Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    The 1st Amendment only protects peaceful assemblies. Blocking lawful entry into a building does not seem like very peaceful assembly to those that want to peacefully enter the building.

  14. At least these protesters weren’t promised clear roads to the next county sheriff’s office but were instead set up with a road block and then shot at with one fatality. Why do they treat certain protestors differently?

    1. White privilege?

  15. Portland is a 70 percent white city–it’s actually one of the few urban metropoles in the nation that doesn’t have a large minority population. How busy can the ICE office there really be?

    1. Hub to go out into rural Oregon where illegal work in fields and orchards.

      1. Them are red counties. They don’t count.

    2. Hmm, I wonder if a place called Portland has something like, say, a port, through which large amounts of goods would come in from another country

  16. These “protests” would not have required arrests had the media simply covered them similar to the way they covered Tea Party protests eight years ago.

  17. “This group here is ready to move forward and continue doing what we need to do to make sure we abolish ICE,”

    So I take that to mean that they’re forming a 501c(3) non-profit organization to lobby for, support the election of candidates sympathetic to their cause, and assist in crafting legislation to accomplish that… No? They’re just going to stamp their feet and scream and yell about it? … OK then, good luck with that.

    1. So you’re saying they’re like libertarians who refuse to support the Libertarian party?

    2. That would mean that ANTIFA the domestic terror group has now officially attempted to overthrow US federal government forces.

      Anyone aiding or abetting or even communicating to them the activities or whereabouts of people such as myself is a criminal accomplice to terrorism.

  18. Christ, what a buncha’ maroons.

    I’m as open-borders as anyone but *this*? This is what motivates people to active resistance?

    Not ‘OccupyDEA’? Not ‘OccupyIRS’? But fuck with the Border Patrol? Their local cops bust down doors and shoot dogs because some criminal they arrested tossed out a random address in order to get a better deal and they bend over and take it. City government puts in traffic cameras and then cuts the yellow lights down to .5 seconds in order to increase revenue and not a peep. Whole neighborhoods are stolen to be given to some politician’s cronies and they just shrug.

    ICE arrests some illegals and – for a police agency – treats them halfway decently before sending them back to try again and everyone is up in arms?

    I don’t like ICE and would like to see them gone but, really, they’re waaaaay down the list of ‘bad government things that need to be destroyed’.

    1. 1/2 comment
      I work in representation of people and businesses AGAINST the IRS.

      You should know that I’m also a US former federal employee (NOT a public official or politician and I never worked for any enforcement or ta agency) and that I and my family were personally targeted by DNC members and their lawyers using information not available to the public by high profile people related to sitting politicians in Sacramento.. Now I am not going back to my work in the civilian sector as I planned or to my former agency, but choosing to commute out of county to work with other victims of their scheme meant to financially gain their ends, coordinate with law enforcement, as well as find a way to get them indicted as an act of representation while on special duty – because I can do no other civilian job without a serious conflict of interest (as they’ve unlawfully targeted me) and that they intended it to be that way and as a result I will not rest till they’re in federal prison.
      (See part 2/2 to comment as word count has a limit)

      1. *tax

        By the way don’t rent rooms from anyone. They will unlawfully target you like they did me.

    2. Okay, this is….surreal. I logged in, and the comment field was already populated with something someone else wrote.
      I’ve copied and pasted it into a text document, and it is…passionate. It is also most definitely not me.
      I’m typing this from my private computer. No one has access to it, and certainly no one has had access to it since I logged in. What is wrong with the Reason commenting system?

      Fortunately, it was a rather long diatribe, and the commenting system told me it had an issue posting it.

      1. The guy above me, his stuff was in my comment box. To read what he wrote, we don’t even share the same state, much less the same ISP. This is odd.

        1. I am not a guy.

      2. Did you hack someone?

        1. Noo..but I’m becoming more critical of Reason’s commenting system. If it can’t keep session cookies straight, it should probably be scrapped and replaced with something else.

  19. 2/2
    Its not what I wanted to do with my life or career but its a duty and having been under oath since 2015, the task falls my way and I cannot forsake the people they defrauded and its true that they cannot pay me and that the government will do so on their behalf. I owe their attorneys more than my annual income as a result of my representation activity and that in and of itself is fraudulent and illegal. Now I seek justice and recruit enforcement to punish these people on my behalf for free at a serious cost to my own finances and mental health.

    You need to realize the people you’re talking about are terrorists. They aren’t representative of nationalism or politics, they merely use them as a cover.

    They started the Thomas fire and now they want to bankrupt infrastructure. At that point, I no longer get a choice and those of us who are in the cross hairs want justice. We’re a convenient target on purpose. They purposely only hire bilingual individuals in ‘hot’ jurisdictions. The entrance exams are also biased toward illegals, and that is why these cities have oversight and will be probed for internal corruption by the Feds.

  20. LEGAL DISCLAIMER of replies 1/2 and 2/2

    I’m not a cop or fed by the way. I am a civilian recruited as a backup to full time federal employees who shouldn’t have gotten that opportunity but there’s not enough butts in seats. These people want to entrap me into this debt so they can take me to court without notifying me and then try me for contempt or failure to appear. I am filing obstruction charges on them and the insiders who assisted them and there’s no way you’re gonna entice me with that occupy IRS or end the fed terrorism threats.

    You might want to think twice before you tie up the people who represent you against law enforcement and force them to the wall to make money.

    Even if they succeed in getting me into trouble by entrapping me using falsified and fabricated allegations, they will only get more counts. I’ve got them by the balls and I will get out of it without any convictions.

    1. One more thing, the county I work and reside in for work deliberately kept my cases off public record and they will be investigated for that. They should have had the courthouse closed and evacuated in my professional opinion, but I and the jurors were held hostage there because I asked for a trial over an unlawful eviction in which I had paid rent in full, and the former official who committed contempt for her own political bias is guilty of obstruction as are the attorneys who sued over the Thomas incident, and if they win it will be my duty to inform of a impending default of three counties, three water companies, and one utility company (Edison) which is why I am seeking this other work.

      If I am sued and or arrested and not notified or served and the cases are not published, all involved enforcement and legal officials are going to do 10 years of federal prison time at a minimum for material obstruction and undue influence. I allege a violation of title 7 and my civil right of due process to Ventura County and William Weilbacher Jr (presiding over class action against City of Ventura), Carolyn Diacos (attorney), Vonda Padilla, Ashlee Johnson (former DNC official in contempt), and Braedon Freeland.

      1. I suspect Freeland of having affiliation with ANTIFA and the other parties of materially aiding those terror groups.

        Please pray for their indictment and my exoneration of an illegally obtained debt to orchestrate strategic default as an attempt to overthrow the federal government to achieve a political advantage by officials with information not available to the public.

        I am praying for the 600 people who lost their homes who will be harmed by their lawsuits.

        Since I am forever under oath, I have to represent infrastructure and cities that are not involved in a conspiracy to overthrow the federal government or bankrupt vital resources.

        Thank you.

  21. It’s must be such a beautiful feeling to protest the president when somebody else pays for all your living expenses and you don’t need to work. I wonder how much these protesters would support illegal children if they would be required to personally sponsor these children and to pay their own money for these childrens’ food, education and healthcare.

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