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Top Democrats Distance Themselves from Maxine Waters' Calls to 'Push Back' Against Trump Administration Staffers

Democrats in Congress are releasing statements that undercut Rep. Maxine Waters' call to harass members of Trump's administration.


REUTERS/Toya Sarno Jordan

Top Democrats on Capitol Hill are disavowing Rep. Maxine Waters' (D-Calif.) call to tell Trump administration cabinet members they are "not welcome."

At a weekend rally, Waters told her supporters to "get out and…create a crowd" if they saw a member of the Trump administration in a public setting: "If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them. Tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere."

Waters' comments came in response a tweet from White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders after the management at the Red Hen, a rural Virginia restaurant, asked her to leave the establishment. The owner maintains that she did so out of concern for her staff.

"In the crucial months ahead, we must strive to make America beautiful again," tweeted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Monday morning. Pelosi's tweet included a link to Waters' comments.

Hours later, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) offered his own criticism from the Senate floor, saying, "I strongly disagree with those who advocate harassing folks if they don't agree with you." Schumer offered alternative ways to share disagreement, which included engaging in civil discourse and voting.

"No one should call for the harassment of political opponents," he added. "That's not right. That's not American."

During a Monday press briefing, Sanders responded, saying that "calls for harassment and push[es] for any Trump supporter to avoid the public [are] unacceptable," citing comments by "a member of Congress."

"We are allowed to disagree, but we should be able to do so freely and without fear of harm, and this goes for all people, regardless of politics," Sanders said.

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    1. His racism goes to depths that few thought possible.

    2. Troll-in-Chief. Trump is totally responsible for goading and gaslighting the center-left into temporarily abandoning civility in a moment of involuntary induced madness.

      1. It enhances Republican prospects in the mid terms.

        I’m sure he privately cheers on the Democrats.

        1. I love Maxine Waters.
          She’s batshit crazy and absolutely hilarious.
          Her most recent comments might become problematic, but probably no more so than CNN’s constant hate mongering

          1. You know that the idiots that listen to her (and you have to BE an idiot to listen to her) have little self control. I predict this all ends badly.

            If so, Rep. Waters should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

            1. The law does not apply to politicians from the socialist left.

              1. Ask Hillary.

      2. Goading, definitely. He’s a pro at yanking the opposition’s chain via twitter – the msnbc watchers are too busy knee jerking to think straight, which is fun to watch [from a distance, of course]. But gaslighting… I’m not so sure. Remember, today’s left has one serious malfunction: facts are mean, and opposition is evil. That makes dialogue impossible, and actual problem solving an even taller mountain. It’s for that reason I support adding progressivism in the DSM under the label of Pre-Psychosis: the break from reality is selective, in an OCD kind of way, but they can still keep a job and do most normal activities while waiting to be overly offended by less than important matters.

  1. “achieves unity from sea to shining sea”
    Can’t picture how Team D achieves that without a helpful serving of totalitarianism.

    1. All of them are going to get a in a bus, and ride around the country singing joyful songs.


        1. You coward, you servant, you blind man.
          BACK TO THE FRONT!

        2. Back to the front.

          An interesting position.

      2. They are going to do it on a plane and they already have it on film.

        1. Love that movie.

    2. It’s Unity with a heavy, regimental German accent.

      1. But totally not fascist.

      2. … and pink, faux-fur-lined jackboots.


        1. and pink, faux-fur-lined jackboots.
          Really? They are going to invade Russia?
          That never turns out well – – – – –

          1. No, it doesn’t ever turn out well. Words fail for anyone not already familiar with 20 below zero weather, so… history will repeat itself, and winter will win [again].

          2. Turned out OK for the Germans and Austro-Hungarians in World War I.

    3. “Can’t picture how Team D achieves that without a helpful serving of totalitarianism.”

      And neither can they.

    4. we must conduct elections in a way that achieves unity from sea to shining sea

      I think she’s dropping a hint that there’s plenty of places where dead people only vote once when they could very well be voting multiple times.

    5. Its not totalitarianism when you kill people in the name of kindness.

  2. See – they’re all moderates next to Waters.

    1. And Trump does look like a Nazi next to Jesus

    2. She’s the ugly chick they hang out with to make themselves look pretty by comparison.

    3. Maxine does her job well: she’s so far out, that faux-a-hontas looks like a centrist by comparison. She’s not there to win, but to create the mirage needed to make Maoists look sensible enough that they can be packaged as a Norman Rockwelll production for sale to an unsuspecting public. You know, the empty frame of “our values…” is not on tap unless somebody like Maxine hops about like a dodo bird on acid.

  3. “In the crucial months ahead, we must strive to make America beautiful again,” tweeted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Monday morning.

    That’s a great slogan. I hope Democrats all over the country embrace it over the next few months. The #BlueWave which is guaranteed to produce a Democratic House might even flip the Senate as well if Dems are all on the same page with their messaging.


    1. “America beautiful again” … sounds like she’s fat shaming

    2. That is actually a really good slogan. They should run with it.

      1. Wouldn’t Nancy Pelosi have to resign to Make America Beautiful Again?

      2. Yes, America is so ugly right now that people have to wear masks when they bash people in the head with bike locks.

      3. I personally prefer Make America Woke Again.


      4. No chance. It’s too nice, and people in the DNC are too mean. I stumbled through Denver during the convention where Obama robbed Hillary years ago with his Acorn minions: I’ve never seen a larger group of dour souls in my life. If any of them had a real belly laugh in the last 20 years [that didn’t involve making fun of somebody else], I would be stunned and amazed. It’s pretty much the same hacks and worse running the show right now – they might have attained an even more negative wavelength than before, but I’m trying to avoid exposure. Bubonic plague can be cured, but… the current crop of dems might need an island like Napoleon, for the sake of humanity.

    3. “MABA#”

      Sounds like a proggie calling for his mommy after being punched in the face.

    4. Her first try was Make America Mine Again #MAMA but that was only after she figured #TAMA – Take American’s Money Again probably wasn’t going to go over as well as she would like.

    5. So OBL, you WILL follow Rep. Waters’ command for you to go out and attack Drumpf people, correct?

  4. Trump is making me do crazy shit!

  5. A wise move by Democrats. Try not to go full retard.

    1. Try?

      1. It’s a noble goal, even if utterly impossible.

    2. Or perhaps they are aware that most small business owners are conservatives, so if this sort of reverse boycott becomes common, Democratic politicians will suffer much more than Republicans.

  6. I condemn Waters’ incitement to violence, which is basically a witch hunt. But on the other hand I think it’s great because she’s telling the people to take things into their own hands instead of deputizing the government, which would be far worse given that socialists have killed a lot more than fascists. Progress not perfection, as a wise man once explained.

      1. You’re too high in 4chan right now.

        1. Would you believe I’ve never even been there?

          1. No. Unless you’re a goon or something.

            1. What, SomethingAwful? I’ve never been there either.

      2. What does “Thot” mean? I assume it’s an acronym, but I’m afraid to Google it.

        1. That Ho Over There

          1. But it’s also used as a normal word, so you get sentences like “look at that thot” (in the same way people say “PIN number” or “ATM machine”).

            What it’s an acronym for isn’t as important as thots begoning, though.

    1. “given that socialists have killed a lot more than fascists. ”

      Fascists are National SOCIALISTS.
      All socialists are assholes.

      1. Nazis weren’t socialists, you imbecile. They killed Jews/minorities – not “gave each according to their need”.

        I know a lot of Trump rednecks who make that same mistake.

        1. Fascists, like communists, are just brands of progressive.
          All socialist

        2. I think Giovanni Gentile would see fascism and socialism as practically kissing cousins. As I see it Marx’s socialism wanted the public to take control of the private where Gentile’s fascism really saw the public and private as more two sides of the same coin in that one complements and feeds off the other. All of which, for the practical purposes of citizens starving (or worse) because they’re in the wrong clique, is more a distinction without a difference than anything else.

        3. Gods no. I don’t know what kind of utter fucking moron would think the National Socialists were socialists.

          1. I know, right? That’s as stupid as thinking Democrats are democratic.

        4. The fact that they called themselves socialists was just an accident. They had no idea what it meant. They just wanted to hang out with the popular kids like the one who claims to be covered in rectal effervescence.

          1. “Socialism as the final concept of duty, the ethical duty of work, not just for oneself but also for one’s fellow man’s sake, and above all the principle: Common good before own good, a struggle against all parasitism and especially against easy and unearned income. And we were aware that in this fight we can rely on no one but our own people. We are convinced that socialism in the right sense will only be possible in nations and races that are Aryan, and there in the first place we hope for our own people and are convinced that socialism is inseparable from nationalism.” – Adolf Hitler “Why We Are Anti-Semites,” August 15, 1920 speech in Munich at the Hofbr?uhaus.

            1. “Common good” while he gassed and killed tens of millions?

              You believe that Trumpian bullshit no doubt.

              1. Dear Rectal Effervescence,

                Did you notice it was not a speech Trump made? You can tell by looking at the date given.

                1. The lie of “common good” is Trumpian.

                  I can see Trump making that same speech lauding “socialism” for Aryans only – calling Latinos, “the blacks” and other shit-hole dwellers “parasites” just like Adolf did to his Aryan deplorables.

                  1. Or “deplorables”?

                  2. I’m really glad you can see it.

                    Report back when it happens.

        5. I see the Peanut Gallery needs a definition of “far right” again.

          Far-right politics are politics further on the right of the left-right spectrum than the standard political right, particularly in terms of more extreme nationalist,[1][2] and nativist ideologies, as well as authoritarian tendencies.[3]

          The term is often associated with Nazism,[4] neo-Nazism, fascism, neo-fascism and other ideologies or organizations that feature extreme nationalist, chauvinist, xenophobic, racist or reactionary views.[5] These can lead to oppression and violence against groups of people based on their supposed inferiority, or their perceived threat to the native ethnic group,[6][7] nation, state[8] or ultraconservative traditional social institutions.

          “Right wing” means a favored race, ethnic group, or class.

          True socialism (or Marxism/communism) strives for EGALITARIANISM and is a disease of the left wing. Nazis are right wing with that Aryan Supremacy thing front and center.

          1. Oh, by the way Trumptards.

            This part

            extreme nationalist, chauvinist, xenophobic, racist or reactionary views.

            means YOU.

            1. By the way PB, this part

              go fuck yourself

              means YOU.

              Did I do it right? Or should I have whined at a larger group?

          2. Nice mental gymnastics. However, fascism, esepcially national socialism, are a construct of the left.

            Socialism, fascism, progressivism. They are all Marx’s bastard children, and your totalitarian legacy.

            So have you mobilized to execute Rep. Water’s commands yet?

            1. Chereth Cutestory maritime aty

              Another brain-washed dimwit conservative pipes in to contradict a generally accepted definition of “right wing politics”.

              1. I didn’t see:

                favors a minimum of government regulation
                pro business
                a practical understanding of economics
                lower taxes

                1. I didn’t see:

                  favors a minimum of government regulation
                  pro business
                  a practical understanding of economics
                  lower taxes

                  For the FAR right, those aren’t true.

                  They favor heavy-handed government, in order to maintain the social order that they so desire. And in so doing they necessarily don’t support lower taxes per se.
                  They favor economically irresponsible ideas like tariffs.
                  They are “pro-business” but only as long as those business toe the party line.

                  So no, the far right are not full of a bunch of laissez-faire Rothbard nerds.

              2. The scribbles on your iPad don’t constitute a “generally accepted definition”

          3. Too many words. You could define ‘right wing’ with just one word, looking at todays geopolitical landscape: Iran. What of your definition of “favored race, ethnic group or class”? Don’t look now, but… that describes the US post office, and the over representation of black people working there compared to the census? Might grab a fresh sheet of paper and try again. Nationalists come in all flavors, although today’s expressions don’t seem to exist in any real magnitude outside of world cup soccer. Pride in self determination is their coin.
            But more importantly… the moniker of ‘right winger’ was gifted to Hitler by Stalin – but only after Germany looked to invade Russia. I’d bet that if Hitler had not taken up against Russia, not a soul on earth would call him a “right winger” today – he was something uniquely virulent. There’s nothing to take up for, but I can’t accept Stalin’s b.s. either: any definitions derived from a guy who was responsible for killing 10x more people than Hitler find my immediate suspicion at a minimum, and often the trash can.

          4. “Right wing” means a favored race, ethnic group, or class.

            “Left wing” means a protected race, ethnic group, or class (or a boat load of them).

        6. Right.

          What does NSDAP stand for, you Fucktard of All Fucktards?

        7. Nazis weren’t socialists, you imbecile

          Still running with that grade-school level of socio-political analysis, you retard?

          1. Well, they called themselves socialists.
            They nationalized industries.
            They controlled the economy at the national level.
            They used the government to control the population.
            They used mobs to intimidate the political opposition.
            Beginning to sound a bit familiar?

            1. Too familiar. Today’s antifa/blm tag team is a remake of yesterday’s brown shirts, especially when they had DOJ protections in Ferguson [with Holders minions threatening police with ‘civil rights’ investigations if they dared to not let rioting continue]. They run in the same circles, and usually across state lines.

        8. They killed Jews/minorities – not “gave each according to their need”.

          Sure they did, they just thought Jews and minorities needed killing.

          1. He doesn’t understand that “Socialism for X people, kill all the rest and take their shit” is still socialism.

        9. The communists also killed Jews and minorities, and also did not give to each according to need. Try again.

        10. Right, rationing goods, government controlling businesses and the state issuing IOU’s is totally not socialist. Now tell us how Venezuela isn’t “real” socialism.

        11. “hey killed Jews/minorities – not “gave each according to their need”.”

          The socialists didn’t “give each according to their need”, either. That was just a slogan to justify seizing power, then it was dachas and labor camps.

        12. Yeah, but if Jews/minorities needed killin’, then the Nazis *were* giving to each according to their need.

        13. Yeah, but if Jews/minorities needed killin’, then the Nazis *were* giving to each according to their need.

        14. Yeah, but if Jews/minorities needed killin’, then the Nazis *were* giving to each according to their need.

        15. Yeah, but if Jews/minorities needed killin’, then the Nazis *were* giving to each according to their need.

        16. Soviet Russia was also known for purging minorities. Guess they were right wing conservitards! /end Buttplug logic.

      2. “Fascists are National SOCIALISTS.
        All socialists are assholes.”

        And Totalitarians

    2. They won’t like it so much when a group of her acolytes encounters a well trained conceal/carry holder.

      1. That’s going to be a shitty defence case, though. It’s not like you can just start plugging people for coming up and yelling at you, even in a group. You have to wait until they actually attack.

  7. I guess the civil war is off. This nonsense was not helping the Democrats and the Republicans are smart to just call it out but not respond in kind.

    1. Nah, you don’t understand.

      First there are the public marching orders.

      THEN come the insincere denouncements, to achieve deniability.

      The key step is what’s going on right now through the cutouts by which the DNC and its donors fund and direct the goon squads. Are they being told to stand down, or being passed a target list? We won’t know until bodies start showing up in the morgues again, or don’t.

  8. So, Maxine Waters is Trump’s foil? I cannot think of a greater indictment of Trump.

    1. No. Rep. waters is the village idiot.

      Keep in mind, if the ‘blue wave’ materializes, and the democrats take the House. She will become Chair of the Fonamce Committee.

      Think about that.

      1. There’s no way she can do math

        1. Do math? They [congress] don’t even read their own bills! Tweenagers fresh out of college interning are running the country, scheduling the lobbyists and writing the 3 page synopsis on legislation that taxes the abilities of most of our elected nitwits to their last frazzled nerve. Congress never does math these days: they just raise taxes when lobbyists/bureaucrats tell them to, because cutting spending [gasp] requires math skills.

  9. According to the Huckster, that restaurant owner wasn’t done after kicking his daughter out

    1. I saw that. What the hell is the matter with people? This is like the flaming queen who assaulted Ivanka Trump on the airplane. These people are children.

      1. Children is a good description. Toddlers throwing temper tantrums.

    2. Are you saying they don’t have the right to follow SHS’s in-laws all over town protesting their decision to have a child that identifies as male who chose to wed someone in a traditional ceremony who then later went on to work for a Nazi Concentration Camp? and passes off delicious pies as hers on Social Media?

      1. Are you here to make Tony look smarter?

      2. “Nazi Concentration Camp”
        We can use all the gold filings from the Hondurans’ teeth to build the wall!

  10. “Waters’ comments came in response a tweet from White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders after the management at the Red Hen, a rural Virginia restaurant, asked her to leave the establishment. The owner maintains that she did so out of concern for her staff.”

    The owner is a fucking lying Progtard.

    1. She could be telling the truth. She might’ve been concerned that the other progressives’ throwing bottles and stuff at Sanders would possibly injure her staff.

    2. Normally… people disturbing the peace get tossed out, because they are bad for business. There is something wrong with the owner, but I haven’t confirmed donation patterns yet. She could have been flat out spooked, and intimidated herself but you may be right.

    3. No, remember that in Prog-land, uncomfortable ideas are violence.

  11. Maxine the Idiot vs Trump the TV Con Man and glorified real estate agent. The US has really become a Giant Douche vs a Turd Sandwich.

    Meanwhile the Dotard’s protectionism is costing us billions every day.

    1. The question is who will cave first? Them or Trump?

      BTW it is the same negotiating style he used against the Norks.

      They caved.

      1. The EU will cave on trade too.

        Germant auto makers already have.

        Turmp is right. American has one thing in their pocket: Leverage. Lots of it.

      2. Yay! Let’s throw our economic weight around like we’re imperialist asshole bullies! Yay for Trump!

        1. Seems to be working, so why not?
          I wish we had a Trump instead of Prime Minister Zoolander the feckless, to aggressively look after Canada’s interests.

    2. I don’t mind how much it costs as long as the stock market declines are mostly on Fridays, preferably the every other Friday. My 401k contributions settle at the closing price of every other Friday and I kinda like buying when the whole world is on sale. At the moment I’ve got it turned up to the mas so if we could have a nice 5 or 6 week correction, that would be swell.

      Catch that Dotard? Five or six weeks, eight tops, then we can go back to normal as everyone rejoices and buys like the pigs they are with the dumb money following through October and November anticipating an X-mas rally.

    3. The US has really become a Giant Douche vs a Turd Sandwich.

      Well, US politicians from the two tribes have, pretty much. It’s not limited to Trump or Waters.

  12. The crucial part of Maxine’s comments was the “push back”. If you see a member of the Trump administration out and about, you should defend yourself from their attacks by gathering a crowd and push back. How you gonna talk about “civility” with people who find your very existence to be an attack against them, who justify any attack on you as self-defense?

  13. LOL – but then there’s Trump talking about how he got the Norks to send back the remains of our “great heroes” who died in Korea. Personally, I like soldiers who didn’t die.

    1. They all die. They can’t help it.

  14. Top Democrats

    What about Bottom Democrats?

    1. Look, Past Me is not the topic of discussion here, and I’d thank you to remember that.

    2. Barney Frank’s mouth is full right now. As are both of his hands.

  15. Anyone who supports Trump is a Nazi.

    You know, I kinda like being a Jewish American Nazi. It makes me co-equal with my Israeli brethren.

    And why do I like Trump?

    Trump on the drug war almost 30 years ago

    In a speech delivered at the Miami Herald’s Company of the Year Awards luncheon, Donald Trump condemned the “war on drugs” as “a joke” and called for the legalization of drugs. “We’re losing badly the war on drugs,” he said. “You have to legalize drugs to win that war. You have to take the profit away from these drug czars.”

    And just like Hitler, Trump doesn’t do drugs or alcohol for recreation. Although he seems to use sex for the purpose.

    1. And then he hires Sessions which has been one of his larger mistakes.

      1. And because of that the Republican Congress passed as part of a funding bill (without leadership objection) a restriction on Sessions.

        That is odd given how anti-drug the leadership claims to be.

        1. Yeah, not sure what’s up with that.

    2. Drug war is just one symptom: legalism is killing America, as we are drowning in laws. It usually starts when some jerk says “there ought to be a law…” when facing something that could be handled otherwise. Nixon fell into this trap by grasping at law for a social problem, and we’ve been screwed ever since. Border violence? Largely drug cartel driven. How’d they get there? Because Nixon created a market by abdicating all controls [licensing, etc] and throwing anything popularly recreational into the black market by taking it away from doctors. Does marijuana lead to heroin? No, but for smugglers product is product – do they care what it is? Not a chance. So some of us get to meet the wrong people, and one thing leads to another. The cat and mouse nonsense of law enforcement is it’s own hideous creature, with a prodigious cash burn: we could probably setup every addict in the US with a Malibu like experience in rehab for people that want to leave the trap of drugs scheduling their daily lives sunup to sundown. And since we currently looking at our border problems… maybe taking the cash out of Mexican drug cartels just might restore the rule of law to something respectable – that would be good for the Mexican people.

  16. OT: what is it about AZ Republicans?

    1. Well, he is a

      /dons sunglasses


    2. Flake is not a Republican. He just plays one in Congress.

      1. He and McCain can take a flying leap.

      2. Flake is the quintessential Republican: utter hypocrite who takes garbage positions.

        1. He’s made of the same stuff Kerry is seems to me, being for something then being against it [not necessarily in that order]. Guys like Flake make me want to just…have a random phonebook selection process.

    3. Well if it’s about Trump’s pick of former Hawaii AG Bennett to the 9th Circuit who was one of five state AGs who sided with D.C. in Heller saying state rights mean the bill of rights doesn’t apply to the states., then then hell yes, block his sorry ass.

      1. I didn’t see that he was specifying. Certainly they have a duty to block traitors from the court but it sounds like he just wants to block everyone.

      2. Conservatives routinely reject the Doctrine of Incorporation. Mainly so they can force prayer into public schools though. I’ve heard them many times “THE FEDS CAN’T ESTABLISH CHRISTIANITY BUT THE STATES CAN!”

        1. Were you listening to Republicans from the 70’s?

          I think Bork was the last Republican judicial nominee to not fully embrace incorporation.

          1. Chief Justice Rehnquist opposed Incorporation.

            1. No he didn’t. He believed in judicial deference to a degree.

              I’m pretty sure you’re only referring to abortion which has absolutely nothing to do with incorporation

              1. And even if he did oppose incorporation, he was nominated in the 70s.

            2. He said, “last Republican judicial nominee,” dummy.

          2. And Democrats still oppose incorporation of the 2nd Amendment. And prayer is allowed in school. It just can’t be led by a school official.

            I know you’re unhinged, but your comment is like you wrote it circa 1975

          3. Oooh, religious antipathy. Is that you Kirkland?

    4. He’s telegraphing that he’s open for business when he is up for his eventual lobbyist position. Lots more money to be made when K Street knows you have no principles and will do anything for either side.

  17. OT: feel good story. Nanny busybody screws herself out of income.…..1262547056

    1. “And illegally selling water without a permit?” the woman on the phone responds.

      “On my property,” the girl’s mother says.

      “Its not your property,” she responds.

      You didn’t build that!

    2. “Magnolia Wellness issued a statement on Instagram announcing that they will no longer carry Treatwell Tinctures, cannabis products for pets. ”

      WTF? People in SFC are getting their dogs high?

  18. Twenty years ago, I predicted to some disbelieving friends that America would become a dictatorship within a century. My view was that fiscal irresponsibility, welfare, the warfare state and irreconcilable political divisions resulting from an unmanageable government would bring the country to its knees. Citizens will demand a strong leader who can make things work again. From my perspective, Trump and Waters are milestones on the path to dictatorship.

    1. As long as we end up with a Trumpian style dictator, and not a Waters style dictator, it could be worse…

      As I have seen others say before, and thought of myself as well, the worst case scenario with a right wing takeover in the USA is that we’ll all be “forced” to make America be like it was in the 1950s again. If a left wing takeover happened we’d end up the USSR. I know which one of those I’d prefer!

      Much as many don’t like to admit it a lot of right wing dictators really weren’t THAT bad by objective standards, and especially not when taken in context and looking at what other alternatives were realistically on the table at the time in those countries.

      Sure the Franco’s, Pinochet’s, etc of the world had to crack some heads… But they were COMMUNIST heads. So I really don’t feel too bad about that honestly. The total death tolls pale in comparison to those of the left. They were usually a little too leftist in their economics, but surely far better than actual leftists they were fighting would have been. In America I’m quite sure any right wing dictator we’d end up with would be pretty free marketish. They generally did restore law and order, had the supermarket shelves filled with food, and returned their countries to stability. A far cry from what happens when leftist dictators take over.

    2. I have a Spanish friend whose older relatives still mostly wish Franco was running the country, because of the shit show they have now with weak governance, the EU, etc. Franco held shit down, kept order, and everybody knew he was at least trying to do what he thought was best for the country, even if he was wrong sometimes. Now many feel their government class is intentionally screwing them over… Which frankly it is in many ways. Just like ours.

      I don’t like it, but the truth is that a decent dictator can actually do a pretty good job of running a country. That’s why it’s been the most popular form of government throughout history. It’s the bad dictators you gotta watch out for! The problem being you can’t ever quite tell which ones are the good ones up front… :/

      1. You know that Spain is the poorer nation now because of decades of Franco’s regime?

        I would be willing to bet that sub-surface societal issues are still there because Franco repressed Spanish for decades too. The independence movements are evidence of that.

        1. “You know that Spain is the poorer nation now because of decades of Franco’s regime?”

          Poorer nation compared to WHAT? Compared to what it would have been if the communists had taken over? I don’t think so.

          The problem that many people have when looking at Franco or Pinochet is they imagine the alternative was some George Washington type riding in on a unicorn to save the day… But that was not the case. In Spain it 100% would have been a pro Soviet communist dictatorship. In Chile probably the same. So in the real world, they were the better choice, because the BEST choice was simply not on the table at the time. Sometimes a free market constitutional republic just isn’t on the table realistically.

          Now in the case of Spain it would have been good if Franco had stepped down earlier after making a transition to a more market oriented economy… But oh well. One can still argue that even though economic growth was slower than it would have been in some un-possible alternate reality, it was still loads better than being taken over by the communists. That’s all I’m sayin’.

          The world is an imperfect place, and many people seem to get lost in the search for perfection.

        2. “I would be willing to bet that sub-surface societal issues are still there because Franco repressed Spanish for decades too. The independence movements are evidence of that.”

          Yeah, probably. Alternatively if Spain weren’t being run by a bunch of globalist twat waffles, maybe some of those parts of Spain wouldn’t be wanting to split off either. From what I gathered from my friend a lot of his older family members liked the sense of solidarity and security they felt they had with Franco. In other words they felt like a people, like a nation. The modern Eurocrats have been trying to destroy that sense of feeling in European peoples on purpose, because they want to destroy Western Civilization and replace it with global multiculturalism, ran by them of course!

          This is of course why there has been so much nationalism sprouting up all over the western world, and why many hate the political class. They’re PROUD of being Spaniards. They LIKED being able to be publicly proud of being Spaniards. Yet they’re told they aren’t allowed to do that anymore.

          Franco promoted Spanish unity and pride. Perhaps some of the sub regions were so-so on that, but many also liked it. Perhaps if being proud of being Spanish wasn’t being put down so hard, the Catalans wouldn’t be so interested in bailing either. Who knows.

        3. Dictators are not preferable, but sometimes they’re all that’s on the table. That’s just life sometimes. And all dictators are NOT the same. Some are better than others. Augustus Caesar was a pretty damn decent dictator. So was Frederick The Great. They both made legal changes that improved the lives of the vast majority of their citizens, and were enlightened despots so to speak. A far cry from Mao, Stalin, or Genghis Khan.

          I’d rather have a slightly more free market economics version of Franco than what the Globalist Fabian Socialists have in mind… Because between the two the Franco with a more free economy would be a freer and less fucked up country. Although I’d OBVIOUSLY prefer actual freedom to either of those! Hopefully actual freedom remains on the table in the USA, but if not I’ll take my dictator right wing style…

        4. The independence movements predate Franco by a couple of centuries. The British were actively courting the Catalinan independence movement during the Napoleonic wars. The Basque have sought independence since at least when the Moors were given their eviction notice. Spain is made up of different cultures, with different languages and customs. It is no surprise as the government yoelds more national identity to the EU that these groups are once again seeking independence.

          1. Yeah I know they’ve always retained their sense of self in those regions. But as far as I understand it they hadn’t really been making much of a stab at DOING anything about it for a long time. As you say the fact that Spain is giving up on trying to retain their “Spanishness” if you will is probably making them lose interest in being part of Spain.

            Frankly it’s the same in America. America doesn’t exist anymore. People have always had their disagreements, but on a very large number of big issues America in saaay 1960 was pretty much on the same page. Now that we’re not allowed to be Rah Rah Rah Murika! And now that we don’t share opinions we’ve lost interest in even trying to hold it together. Hence left and right wing secession is being talked about semi seriously.

            I am 1,000% in favor of splitting the country up. It’s the best peaceful solution there is. Let the lefties have some parts of the country to run into the ground, and let the right get the rest. I’d REALLY love it if we got a Libertopia portion to screw around with! But if not I could deal with the Republican part well enough. National unity has to be actively encouraged or things automatically come unglued. This is one thing globalist/multiculturalists don’t seem to get.

      2. Spoken like a true fake libertarian.

  19. Just for the record; all of this is a direct result of the democrats / progressives / some republicans refusing to accept the results of the 2016 national elections.
    The elections is over, Trump won. Get over it.

    The USA survived Carter, it survived Clinton, it survived Emperor Hussein, it will survive Trump.

    1. “Just for the record; all of this is a direct result of the democrats / progressives / some republicans refusing to accept the results of the 2016 national elections.
      The elections is over, Trump won. Get over it.”

      Our imbecilic lefties, the ignoramuses who write for the NYT, the SF Chron, WaPo, and the ditto who populate CNN should have learned by now, by TDS is indeed a powerful disease.
      At one time I had some sympathy; by now, it is simply fuck off you imbeciles! I’m tired of your whining.

    2. “So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.” – George Orwell

      I don’t know. I think the left thought it was ascendant as it seized total control of the clerisy during the Obama years, and were absolutely gobsmacked by Trump’s election and the plebeian’s revolt.
      They’ve been hit with setback after setback and this has radicalized them to the point where violence is considered a legitimate option.

      What they don’t understand is that the radical left is a minority, and if the proles reciprocate the violence, they will lose and it will be horrible.

      1. I think it’s spot on. They thought they had it all in the bag and we were just going to endlessly move closer and closer towards Progtopia. Watching it being torn away from them was too much for them to bear.

        As far as things go, I hope they do become violent. A lot of these left wing extremists, frankly, just need to die to shut them up. I’m no crazy, so I just want them to openly revolt against the government so they can all be legitimately arrested/shot by law enforcement or whatever. The ones who REALLY believe they’re going to spark up some sort of a leftist revolution are SO FUCKING DUMB. Even if millions of idiots lefties rose up, the right wing is where all the guns and experience with said guns is at!

        They wouldn’t stand a chance in hell even if the government wasn’t on the side of the right, which at present it is. If it ever comes to violence in this country there is a 0% chance the left will win. Even with a leftist president in charge TRYING to command the military, the military and police lean strong right and would probably disobey crazy orders, and the general right wing populace is armed 1,000x more heavily than the left. So even with the presidency I’m pretty sure if they tried to “crush the right” via violence they would end up getting crushed themselves. That’s what you get when your whole “movement” is based on people who put feelz over thinkz…

        1. They truly think the military is on their side. Well, actually they think the military is a bunch of automatons who will blindly follow orders. They have never worn the uniform (for the most part) and look down on us who have, so naturally they think we have no self determination. They truly believe the Hollywood stereotype of the soldier to dumb to question their orders, or so bloodthirsty that he doesn’t care that he will be shooting at his own friends and family.

          1. Yeah, I imagine that is it. I thought very hard about signing up when I was young, but didn’t for various reasons. One of the main ones was that I wasn’t too keen on the 2nd Iraq war, as far as the politics etc that was involved. None of my friends that did were crazy leftist rabble rousers though. All good people who really believed in the idea of America. Definitely not the kind of folks who would follow orders like rounding up “crazy” right wingers and confiscating their guns, or any of the other wet dreams the extreme left has in mind.

            This has always been one of the things that makes me feel a lot better about things actually. I just don’t see how the left can ever pull anything too crazy in the USA when the military AND all the armed people in the general populace are sooo not down. Thank you for your service!

      2. THe radical right is also a minority. Both fringes are a minority. You conveniently leave out that Trump still did not gain the majority of the vote. He won fair and square in an electoral college system(much to the consternation of a sour grapes sucking Hillary), but let’s not pretend the election meant a clear majority of the country was against what Obama did. The obama administration was doing its job deporting illegals too. Just not with the same zeal the Trumpsters engaged in foolishly. If Trump just kept his mouth shut, he would have been far more successful teaching illegal immigrants a lesson(I happen to agree with Trump more than I agree with the Democrats in terms of setting a standard here eeven if I do not agree with the rhetoric he engages in).

        1. Sure. But Trump isn’t the “radical right” which is what makes the freakout fest so hilarious. Trump is Bill Clinton in the 90s in terms of most of his policies.

          As far as the “he didn’t win the popular vote” thing goes, we’ll never know. I live in a blue state. I voted for GayJay, since I have always voted Libertarian for president. If I’d been in a swing state I would have voted for Trump. So would shit tons of people who didn’t even bother to vote for anybody in my state of Washington, California, New York, etc. In fairness leftists in Texas probably remained home too. So we’ll never really know. But I have seen stats before that showed right leaning people in places like Cali are more likely to not vote versus Dems in red states, because most red states tend to be more on the cusp than Cali/NY/Etc are.

          I think polling etc shows every bit as many people are down for Trump as for a mediocre, but not TOO crazy (like Bernie level), Democrat a la Hillary. So yeah, it’s round bouts 50/50, give or take a couple million people, which really is nothing in a country this big.

  20. BTW, even Peolosi has backed off of Steyer’s idiotic attempt to impeach Trump, since he put the US on the verge of nuclear war………
    Ooops, sorry, Tom……..

  21. Premier Trudeau should offer La Huckabee the downstairs Chick-Fil- A Ranch franchise at the new Arctic Hotel National Monument & Hourly Rental Hotel in Dawson City

  22. Until they openly rebuke her, their platitudes are as worthless as their used toilet paper.

    1. I am against that idiot restaurant owner barring Sanders from eating there.Hell, I am actually in favor of deporting illegal aliens as long as it is done smartly. But there is nothing wrong with uncivil protest even if it means following politicians and shouting at them. If Trump is going to keep bitchslapping the democrats, maybe it’s time someone showed some spine in fighting back.

      1. Representative Scalise, need I say more? I mean civil disobedience never ends badly.

        1. So let;s blame every assault on a Democrat on Ted nugent, by that standard.

  23. I am not a big fan of Waters. However, what she just advocated for is not any different from what tea partiers were doing to Democratic politicians during the Obama term. And civility is a concern when Trump himself has been trolling others by tweet and have you even seen footage of a Trump speech event? Doesnt he rile up the crowd against the press who are there in person or even a protestor who is there?

    It’s kind of funny how politicans act outraged now when Waters says stuff that Trump has been doing worse over the last two years.

    1. “is not any different from what tea partiers were doing to Democratic politicians during the Obama term”

      I’m going to need some actual cites on that.

      1. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that… I don’t remember anything like this during that time. Large, well organized, tidy, law abiding protests? Plenty of those. Politicians telling people to surround and threaten rival politicians in public? Not so much.

        1. You ever watch a Trump rally? Just google and you can find at least 3 or 4 instances where people were pretty much either touched or verbally threatened. Again, I am the first to bash campus leftists for their intolerance. But when it comes to grown up politics, there was plenty of this kind of stuff

          And by the way, Waters did not tell them to threaten them. She did advocate harassing them. Big difference.

          1. Was that goal post heavy that you just moved?

            1. Also, most of the confrontations at the Trump rallirs was the result of progressives infiltrating the rally with the express mission of disrupting it and shutting it down. They, the left, initiated it then cried when Trump supporters fought back. Great example, but it doesn’t prove what you think it does.

          2. Okay, so you’ve now proved that at least once some people who may have been Tea Party people were mean. That’s cool bro. I believe it.

            NOT the same as a member of congress TELLING PEOPLE they should go and do stuff like that. I’m pretty sure Rs in congress at the time would have denounced what that article says happened.

            As for Trump rallies, as mentioned 99% of any shit that got started at those was when leftists went there to shit stir, usually being the ones who threw the first punches or took things up a notch. The MSM can spin shit however the fuck they want, but I watched waaaaaaay too much UNEDITED video during the election, and during other big events since, to buy their BS. In almost every single case you have a leftist come up and start shit, throw a punch, and then usually get put back in their place by a Trump guy who isn’t a soy boy. Like Moldylocks PUNCHING a guy, and then being shocked that he punched her stupid cunt ass back. But you’d never know SHE ASSAULTED HIM FIRST from the way the media reported it. No sympathy for that shit coming from me.

            Both sides are on edge, but it’s mostly being escalated by the left. Which is good. I hope they try to have their little violent communist revolution so we can kill/throw behind bars, after proper trials, all these lunatics.

            1. As long as she did not tell them to use unlawful tactics, does it matter if she is a congressperson or a news opinion host on TV inciting her followers? I did not say the left never started shit. Hell, I have been one of their big critics in many areas , especially college campuses and have frequently said Democrats pander way too much to the illegal immigration crowd and some of their melodramatic reactions are over the top.

              But your example does not disprove that there have been cases where a non Trump supporter did not do anything violent (I would assume everyone has a right to assemble at a public space that has no selective membership) and just because they ask a wrong question or shout a slogan, they deserve to be punched?

              All Waters said is follow them and shout at the Trump people. I see nothing wrong with that if that is how they feel about the Trump policies as long as Trump and his minions keep goading their followers with chants lke Lock Her Up over stuff that they engage in too with improper use of electronic communication.

              1. 1. Arguably it doesn’t make a difference who says something… Yet people have made a VERY big deal about the president saying things “a president shouldn’t say” despite the fact that others can. So double standard much? Like it or not we ascribe more importance to stuff said by people in positions of power. So Waters doing it is as bad as the president doing the same thing. You can dislike both, or be fine with both, but you can’t cherry pick.

                2. Yes, I’m sure some Trump supporter hit somebody unprovoked, at least in terms of being physically attacked first. But AVERAGES. Likelihood. I’m going to say that the left starts the shit the vast majority of the time. It’s “wrong” for either side to do it, but I’m not going to specifically go extra hard on Trump people when they do it less often than the left.

                3. Yes, people should be LEGALLY ALLOWED to harass public officials… But doesn’t mean I have to like it, or it is a classy thing to do. I happen to enjoy watching leftists get ambushed, so I’m not going to apply a double standard and say the left can’t do it… But I just hope everybody understands that is one more step towards open civil war where we’re shooting leftists and throwing them in fucking pits. That is NOT an unfathomable possibility if things keep escalating. IMO the left is retarded for turning up the heat since they have ZERO chance of winning if it comes to violence in the USA. They’re not the ones who own most of the 300 million + guns in the country.

  24. Hours later, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) offered his own criticism from the Senate floor, saying, “I strongly disagree with those who advocate harassing folks if they don’t agree with you.” Schumer offered alternative ways to share disagreement, which included engaging in civil discourse and voting.

    “No one should call for the harassment of political opponents,” he added. “That’s not right. That’s not American.”

    That and Schumer knows the reality that lefties dont have the political numbers to survive non-lefties doing the same thing.

    Democrats leadership know that they are in real trouble.

  25. I guess I’m late for this meeting of Libertarians For Snowflake-Coddling Treatment Of Lying, Authoritarian Government Officials.

    I was too busy admiring the work of the young woman who yelled “fuck you” to the president, with the other genuine libertarians, to spend much time with the faux libertarians who are outraged because a member of Congress counseled Americans to express disapproval toward low-character government officials…

    1. Just a few short weeks/months left until the left gets the “full Kent State.”

    2. You mean the young lady who happens to be an intern for one of the most progressive Democrats on capital Hill. Her accomplishments while a state senator includes hiking income tax, taxing campgrounds the same as hotels and raising vehicle registration fees. As governor she supported tax payer support for planned Parenthood and the ACA. She has a D rating from the NRA. Yeah really libertarian.

    3. Ever heard of the Non Aggression Principle?

  26. Top Democrats (publicly) Distance Themselves from Maxine Waters’ Calls to ‘Push Back’ Against Trump Administration Staffers

  27. “push back” is ambiguous, but in the context of a confrontational crowd, suggests physical violence.

  28. Duh, because they don’t want it happening to them!

  29. No doubt Ms. Waters made the call for “push back” while addressing her chapter of Mensa.

    1. That’s it! We should publicly shame Mensa until they open up a diversity lottery for their membership! There are too many whites, Jews, and Asians in Mensa, it must be RACISM!!!

  30. Not surprising coming from this mindless lib-bot. She has never had anything constructive to say.

  31. “No one should call for the harassment of political opponents,” he added. “That’s not right. That’s not American.” –Chuckie S. Jackass, NY

    “I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face.” –Barack Obama

  32. Trump seems to be busy dismantling any remaining US influence with the rest of the world and hitting the accelerator on a future fiscal disaster and economic collapse, but damn he’s good at making Democrats look stupid.

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