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Samantha Bee Apologizes for Insulting Ivanka Trump After Right and Left Play 'We're Offended' Tit-for-Tat

Conservatives want to hold the left to the Roseanne standard.


Sam Bee
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Comedian Samantha Bee has apologized for calling Ivanka Trump a "feckless cunt" on her TBS show, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee. A TBS spokesperson said Bee was right to apologize, tweeting, "Those words should not have been aired. It was our mistake too, and we regret it."

The apology comes in the midst of considerable conservative outrage over a perceived double standard: ABC canceled Roseanne earlier this week after Roseanne Barr said a vile, racist thing about former Obama White House aide Valerie Jarrett, but TBS has not cancelled Full Frontal in the wake of Bee's crude, sexist jab at Ivanka. The implication, of course, is that Barr, a Trump supporter, can be fired for insulting a liberal, while liberals are happy to let one of their own off the hook for insulting a Trump family member (and staffer).

Conservatives came away from the Roseanne incident eager to identify somebody on the left who had committed comparable crimes. Their first scapegoat was Bill Maher, host of HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher, who once compared Trump to an orangutan. Yet Maher, who frequently bashes political correctness and mocks easily offended college students, is no longer in good standing with the left, and plenty of liberals would be glad to see him go. Maher is one of the few TV hosts who invites people from all sides of the political spectrum to debate each other in segments that last longer than five seconds, and getting his show yanked from the air would be one of the most self-destructive things the right could do.

One of the biggest reasons I expressed concern about the hasty decision to can Roseanne is that it seemed like all too many people on the right would use it as a pretext to demand private censorship of speech that offends them. And hey, there's plenty of that.

"Liberals will come for your career for wrong-think," wrote conservative pundit Jesse Kelly on Twitter. "People on the Right have had about enough of it and will start returning the favor. I don't want liberals punished for what they think. I don't [want] conservatives punished for what they think. It's a free country. But if we're coming for people's livelihoods, then screw it. Let's come for people's livelihoods."

I think Kelly speaks for many conservatives. "Make the enemy live up to its own rule book," was No. 4 on leftist activist Saul Alinsky's notorious 12 Rules for Radicals, but I have rarely, if ever, heard this rule invoked by an actual leftist. In my experience, this rule is beloved by conservatives. If liberals want people fired for saying something offensive, well, there are lot of people who offend a lot of conservatives.

TBS and ABC are both private companies, and neither of them has to give a platform to Barr or Bee. Nobody owes Kathy Griffin a New Year's Eve show, either. But the "I'm offended" arms race might end up serving the interests of some very powerful people if it causes critics of the White House to self-censor. I don't want comedians to be afraid of slamming the president's daughter, who doubles as an important policy adviser. Holding the reins of power and sitting idly by while our broken immigration system separates families and destroys lives is a far bigger moral failing than using some really bad words.

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  1. One of the biggest reasons I expressed concern about the hasty decision to can Roseanne is that it seemed like all too many people on the right would use it as a pretext to demand private censorship of speech that offends them. And hey, there’s plenty of that.

    So if they didn’t and it was just one way Robby would apparently be just fine with it.

    But the “I’m offended” arms race might end up serving the interests of some very powerful people if it causes critics of the White House to self-censor. I don’t want comedians to be afraid of slamming the president’s daughter, who doubles as an important policy adviser.

    Do you really think no longer being able to call her a cunt makes it harder to criticize her? And if you are so concerned that comedians go after powerful people and the President in particular, why didn’t you say anything during the 8 years Obama was President and no comedian made a single joke about him?

    1. Obama was just TOO BORING for any jokes to work. There was nothing there to mock.

      1. He was just too cool.

        1. He was so cool, he was radical.

          1. Can’t we just have free speech absolutism?

            1. I think even most people who say they want that don’t really want it. They say it, then quickly find some “for the children” exception.

              Also, the present season’s wee retards claim to not distinguish between words and violence, except that they totally do when a mediocre schlub like Bee says some shit about a Trump. Because, you know, reasons. Bae.

            2. We can have one of two things but will choose neither:
              1) a total food fight where anything goes without fear of the mob calling for firings, where anything short of libel is okay. OR
              2) a measure of civility where there is some agreement on sticking to substance without the vile personal stuff. BUT

              Both approaches require equal application of standards. In this case, Bee would also be fired but we all know she won’t be as progs operate under different standards. It’s principals over principles writ large.

              1. Very true.

        2. And it was really odd they though that, given that the mom-jeans-wearing jug-eared Jesus was slightly less cool than Urkel.

          1. He didn’t do that!

          2. Let’s be real, Urkel was funny sometimes.

          3. SNL had a great time making fun of Obama for being a badass awesome dude who was beset by awful republicans and punked them with his super-masculinity. At least that was the joke when “The Rock” played Obama.

    2. Fox News had a show called ‘Red Eye’ that insulted and joked about Obama nightly.

      Problem is that you conservatives make shitty comedians.

      1. Greg Gutfeld isn’t a conservative tho…

        1. Nor was Roseanne

      2. One show that was on at 2am that like a hundred people watched. And show me a clip where they ever made fun of Obama.

        1. They were fairly respectful of Obama. Which is quite an achievement, given that Obama is a bigger traitor than PB.

      3. Is that what that show was about? I thought it was an informercial for Visine.

      4. Let me guess…you never watched Red Eye, did you? I watched it. Religiously.

        A lot of their mocking of Obama was mocking overreactions to Obama.

      5. Bob Hope was a Republican, jamoke

      6. No PB, you just have a shitty sense of humor.

    3. Samantha Bee is scheduled to receive an award from Television Academy TODAY:



      Feel free to weigh in if you have Twitter.

      1. The TV academy is proud to present you with the “most feckless cunt” award for 2018!

    4. “So if they didn’t and it was just one way Robby would apparently be just fine with it.”

      “It’s only bad if it happens to us too”

    5. Hey, don’t forget that rodeo clown in a jug-ear mask. Clowns are a sort of comedian.

      Look how well that ‘joke’ turned out for him.

    6. One of the biggest reasons I expressed concern about the hasty decision to can Roseanne is that it seemed like all too many people on the right would use it as a pretext to demand private censorship of speech that offends them.

      With Robby, whatever the problem is, it’s always a problem with “the right”. He even manages to turn censorship by the left into attempted censorship by the right.

      Robby would have been a brilliant propagandist in the 1960’s, when people were more naive. These days, he’s just a fool.

      1. I think Robby has been doing well on the free speech stuff lately. Note that he did not say that it is the only or the biggest reason. And it is a legitimate concern. The Right using the same stupid tactics and identity politics BS as the left is not a good development.

        1. sadly, fighting back tends to be the only way to get tyrants (real or wannabe) to stop.

  2. War of the words. Will there be a winner?
    Just popcorn factories.

  3. Tit for tat as a strategy works. Sorry.

    1. Works to accomplish what, exactly?

      1. People will stop calling each other cunts and monkeys?

        1. I won’t.

          1. Fuck you, monkeycunt!

            1. it’s cuntmonkey.

              1. Fuck you you cuntmonkeying monkeycunt.

              2. I like monkeycunt better.
                Has a ring of hilarity.

              1. Fuck monkey cunt fucker!

      2. Tit for tat is an optimum game theory strategy. There is a “forgiving” tit for tat strategy that sometimes works better.

        1. You should try reading the comments you reply to before your type your reply and hit submit.

          1. He did. You just didn’t have a reply for him or I that refutes anything, so you went with that instead.

            1. No. Winning the game isn’t necessarily a good outcome if the game sucks. His question was what is the end of the game, not how do you win it.

          2. I’d say John is clear proof of the effectiveness of tit-for-tat in fostering respectful language and dialogue.

      3. Encouraging cooperation

        1. Duh, that’s why they call it the Culture Cooperation. How could I have missed that?

          1. You didn’t read the research? How should I know why you choose to remain ignorant.

            1. “The success of the tit-for-tat strategy, which is largely cooperative despite that its name emphasizes an adversarial nature, took many by surprise. Arrayed against strategies produced by various teams it won in two competitions. After the first competition, new strategies formulated specifically to combat tit-for-tat failed due to their negative interactions with each other; a successful strategy other than tit-for-tat would have had to be formulated with both tit-for-tat and itself in mind.”


              I realize you’re stupid and knowledge scares you, but if you’re going to discuss anything without looking like a moronic partisan asshole, you really need to get over your fear.

    2. I prefer Beer for Tits strategy.

      1. Make love, not war is a good strategy, but we won’t have enough peace and quiet to do that unless we budget some time to eliminate people opposed to that lifestyle.

    3. We would need about 4 prominent liberals to lose their jobs for this to become a bit for tat.

      1. Colin Kaepernick, Martin Bashir, Keith Olberman…

        1. Kaep want fired, just no coordinator wants to change their preferred scheme for a mediocre to shitty QB.

          Olbermann was literally just hired by ESPN.

          1. Did you miss the bit where a few NFL coaches said Kap should be a starter, never mind a backup?
            Fucking Contard. Go back to Brietard or The Federalist with the other butt-hurt white hoods.

            1. so how come those coaches don’t make him their starter?

              1. He sucks.

            2. Kaepernick is a “prominent liberal”? now that’s funny.

              He is an angry fool with an equally angry girlfriend who unwisely chose to pursue a side-career of political activism without recognizing how it would adversely impact his multi-million dollar primary career of entertainment.

              To me, he seems like a moron. I can certain appreciate that “moron” equals “prominent liberal”.

            3. NYP, GTFO. HuffPo needs their village idiot back. And CK’s waning skills are not in demand. The full expected to earn $4 million a year or more. He is clown shoes .

            4. Saying Kap should be a starter is a gimme without effect. Note what they don’t say: “just not for us”. At least when Kap tried out for the Seahawks Pete Carroll tried to put a little meat on the bones, saying essentially “we could take him on as a backup but he really should be a starter so we’re not going to do that”. A nice variation on the old kiss of death “you’re overqualified”.

              Fact is, Kap is a “run first” QB whose running routine has been dissected and done in (for example, by Clay Matthews). He has a mediocre arm and can’t stand still in the pocket long enough to develop any kind of long-passing game. There are, after all, reasons why the 49ers were happy to let him go. Nor should you expect Johnny Foosball to be playing anywhere in the lower 48 any time soon.

    4. What exactly is ‘tat’, and how do I exchange it for the other thing?—– Dennis Miller

    5. But we aren’t in a prisoner’s dilemma.

    6. Yeah, works great if you want to make things worse.

  4. Who’s Samantha Bee? Is she that cunt whore from Usedtobekindoffunny Central?

    1. No, she is the slutty cunt that isn’t funny at all.

      1. God, I hate slutty cunts. They’re so much worse than cunt whores.

      2. Chelsea Handler in drag?

        1. Chelsea Handler dressed as a woman would be quite unbelievable.

  5. I think Kelly speaks for many conservatives. “Make the enemy live up to its own rule book,” was No. 4 on leftist activist Saul Alinsky’s notorious 12 Rules for Radicals, but I have rarely, if ever, heard this rule invoked by an actual leftist. In my experience, this rule is beloved by conservatives. If liberals want people fired for saying something offensive, well, there are lot of people who offend a lot of conservatives.

    Of course the conservative formulation of the rule is, “We’re justified in doing anything the other side does,” or tl;dr “But mom he hit me first.”

    1. Yes Hugh, the solution is always let the leftist win. It is the job of non leftist to lose for their principles.

      1. John, do you remember the bit ESPN did with the Manning family visiting the ESPN facilities in Bristol?

        Do you remember Peyton hitting Eli and Eli retaliating and then Archie and Olivia turn around and Peyton points to Eli as the culprit?

        Hugh’s post for some reason made me think of that. To some extent, that commercial reminds me of almost all of us at H&R, myself included.

        1. Hugh is like Venneman. He shows up, says something stupid, and then runs off so he doesn’t have to defend it.

          1. He’s throwing a tantrum upthread because tit for tat works and it makes him sad.

            1. And has ran as you said he would.

            2. Get off my lawn moral high ground!!!!

          2. It is called Hit and Run, even though some commenters prefer to park their asses here all day like the hipsters with a coffee cup and a laptop at Jimcrowbucks.

            1. Ok Hugh, just stay gone.

              If you don’t have the intellectual heft to deal with a conversation then lurk like a good nobody.

              1. …wut?

                This doesn’t really seem relevant to believe it or not’s comment.

                1. Gus, you’re clearly too stupid to see he is suggesting that it is a burner account.

                  1. Which is a dumb suggestion. That handle has been around for some time.

            2. Meh … Not everyone has a passion for looking at the pics of lunch from 19,653 Facebook friends and liking them to confirm that each and every one of them represents a valuable relationship.

              1. Time saved by not going to FB is time available for Reason.

    2. “Make the enemy live up to its own rule book,” was No. 4 on leftist activist Saul Alinsky’s notorious 12 Rules for Radicals”


      “but I have rarely, if ever, heard this rule invoked by an actual leftist.”


    3. Hugh, “but mom, he hit me first’ is a perfectly valid point. It’s called ‘self-defense’.

      Defending yourself isn’t wrong, Hugh.

      The left gets people fired for saying things that they decree to be offensive. Would they be so quick to do this if it was applied equally to them?

      Because they do a LOT of offending.

      Worse, they do a LOT of racist, sexist, homophobic and all other kinds of intersectional offending because they truly believe that goodthink protects them.

      And it does because we let it.

      1. +1 teabagging kkkochsucker.

      2. If things were running correctly, leftists would be afraid to leave their homes every day. None of the, should ever be, or feel like, they are in charge of anything, ever.

    4. Find me a ctrl-left leader with the guts to outright say he can hit others and no one is allowed to hit him back. They preach equality, but want a private monopoly on the use of force.

  6. “Make the enemy live up to its own rule book,” was No. 4 on leftist activist Saul Alinsky’s notorious 12 Rules for Radicals, but I have rarely, if ever, heard this rule invoked by an actual leftist. In my experience, this rule is beloved by conservatives.

    Umm…is this serious or…?

    1. Rico’s just trolling at this point.

      1. Incoherently and badly by the cited passage…

      2. Soave works at Reason. It’s tough to know if he even knows any libertarians, let alone conservatives

        1. And why would they even need to ‘invoke’ the rule? Given that their media allies are so quick to enforce it upon anyone who offends their shared sensibilities.

          Rico’s self awareness is as weak as his rhetoric.

    2. Nixon couldn’t have won, because Robby doesn’t know anyone who voted for him.

  7. Rosanne was an idiot. The thing I find interesting about this new social media mob rule is that you could commit a serious felony and be forgiven. But any sort of bigotry is unforgivable. Not an endorsement for bigotry, just an observation.

    1. Roseanne could kill someone, do her time, and get another show probably. I don’t think she’ll ever be allowed to atone for this retarded ass tweet. I might be wrong.

      1. That’s not entirely true. There is a very clear double standard even with regards to bigotry. Case in point: Joy Reid and Keith Ellison and their well documented antisemitism

        1. Jews aren’t one one of the lefts protected classes. I wasn’t really even talking about the lefts hypocrisy. I just watch the news every day and see all these horrendous stories of man’s inhumanity to man. People murdering and raping children and torturing women and throwing acid in their faces and shooting each other over nothing. Then I go on the internet and see what it is that outrages the twit mob and its none of that. They want to destroy someones life and the lives of everyone associated with that person because they said something ignorant or said something the progs disagree with. I’m not saying they shouldn’t call the person out or even shun them if they want to but have some f’n perspective please about what makes your blood boil.

          1. It is all about picking the safest enemy that can make you look heroic in a fight.

          2. I would consider the anti defamation league and the southern poverty law center pretty leftists… So I disagree with your take on the left’s protected classes. Religious Jews may not be protected, but secular ones are.

      2. Look at what happened to Paula Deen. She was questioned while testifying if she had ever used the N-word and she said yes. They asked her about a plantation styled wedding idea she had. They destroyed her career. She made a quiet comeback but it will never be the same again. I feel so bad for that woman because for the rest of her life, she can’t do shit without being a cheap target.

        I never had an inkling to watch Samantha Bee because I knew she was a woman who hates women who don’t think like her.

        I don’t like men controlling women and I don’t like women controlling women. And women controlling women is the worst of the two because they come at you dirty. You aren’t a good woman unless you devote your first born to Hilary Clinton, apologize for being white, beat down white men and make them constantly apologize for being born, donate to planned parenthood and are constantly talking about how you want to see more black women represented on television. You must also constantly be angry and talk about how you’ve never been angrier and you have a hard time eating and sleeping since Trump became president because you fear for your rights and the rights of your minority friends. Do all this, and you get your ‘good woman’ badge.

    2. “I did try and fuck her. She was married. ? And I moved on her very heavily. In fact, I took her out furniture shopping. She wanted to get some furniture. I said, ‘I’ll show you where they have some nice furniture.’ I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look?.
      “I’ve gotta use some tic tacs, just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful?I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

      1. Not many people know this story. As Hillary Clinton says: Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.

        Washington Post: Bill Clinton Rape Accuser’s Story Aired

        Juanita Broaddrick told her story to a national television audience last night, saying she did not tell authorities 21 years ago of her contention that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her because “I just don’t think anyone would have believed me.”

        In a gripping account punctuated by sobs, the Arkansas woman told “Dateline NBC” that in her Little Rock hotel room, Clinton suddenly “turned me around and started kissing me, and that was a real shock. I first pushed him away. I just told him ‘no.’ . . . He tries to kiss me again. He starts biting on my lip. . . . And then he forced me down on the bed. I just was very frightened. I tried to get away from him. I told him ‘no.’ . . . He wouldn’t listen to me.”

        1. Ugg … Don’t get me started on the guy from Equador I met a few days ago.

        2. [unzipping] do continue, please…

    3. It’s ridiculous that racism is eve a big a deal as it is. A chickenhawk like Tony is far worse. As is a communist, like Tony. Or a predatory sociopath, like Tony.

  8. >>>considerable conservative outrage

    are any of these apt descriptors?

  9. Samantha Bee’s tats are definitely preferable

    1. To Ivanka’s bits? Nay.

      1. I meant to Roseanne

        1. Yes, and a firing squad is preferable to The Boats, but how about neither?

  10. Maher … once compared Trump to an orangutan.

    First this, and now Roseanne’s slur. Where the fuck is PETA?!

    1. Seriously. People insulting Orangutans and Monkeys like that. They would be outraged if they understood what was going on.

    2. Bill Maher should be waterboarded for being a seditionist.

      Mainly because it would be hilarious. At least much more so than that fucking treason show he hosts.

  11. Such a facile apology, as always. Post-Daily Show, Ms. Bee has made a career out jumping the shark and then pretending to apologize.

    1. It’s a win-win-win for her. Social signaling, undue attention, more social signalling with a non-apology apology.

      1. She is the most grating person on earth. I never watched Rosanne’s show. So if the way to settle this thing is Progs get to end Rosanne’s career and in return conservatives get to end Bee’s career and everyone is good, I would be fine with that. It would end a show I don’t watch and make it so I never have to see Bee’s grating commercials again. Win Win.

        1. I vote for that. No more fat pig Roseanne and no more harpy cunt Bee.

          1. Why do you think anyone cares what misogynists like you think

        2. Getting your show cancelled is not the same as ending someone’s career. For the record, I would fire Samantha Bee just as quick as Roseanne if it were my network. The hatchet may fall…

        3. TBS also needs to cancel that show with her husband on it. She is EP on that thing. She should have no career left at all, ever. People like her shouldn’t have anything.

    2. It just proves she is edgy.

    3. Yeah. The only person who never has to pay for his/her nasty boorishness and sexual assaults is The Con Man POTUS himself.

      1. He gets to serve 8 years as President. Ain’t life grand?

      2. What point do you think you’re making?


          I think that’s pretty much the full depth of his thought-process

      3. The Teflon Don


        1. buybuydavis,
          Take Trump’s cock out of your mouth.

          1. I said I didn’t want to talk about the guy from Ecuador.

      4. Are you referring to Bill?

        Hillary Clinton enabled her rapist husband and threatened the women who he assaulted. Towards the end of this video interview, you can listen to the rape victim’s description of how Hillary suggested she remain quiet. Remember, as Hillary Clinton herself says: Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.

        YouTube: Juanita Broaddrick Relives Bill Clinton Rape & Hillary Intimidation

        I was completely dressed. I had a skirt and a blouse. He tore the waist of my skirt. And then he ripped my pantyhose. And he raped me. It was very vicious. I was just pinned down? I did not know what to do. I was so frightened. I was only 35 at the time. And it was horrible. I just wanted it to be over with. So he would go away.

        KLEIN: He got up?

        BROADDRICK: No, he held me down for a long time. And then he did it again. I was so ready for him to leave me alone. When he started raping me again. And it was very brief? And he did get up and he straightened himself. And my mouth was bleeding and it was hurting. And he just straightens himself and goes to the door.

      5. P!wo has Trump ‘sexuallassalted’? Maybe you’re just confused and are thinking of he serial rapist Bill Clinton. You progtards love rapists like Bill Clinton.

  12. Hhhhmmmmm….
    The Hair missed an opportunity to say “To Bee sure” …
    Sign of the apacolypse?

    1. Sign of the Alpaca Lips.

  13. vile racist vs. crude sexist.

    Sounds like a professional wrestling match.

  14. Ugh. Whenever Reason does this “both sides” routine, it should be obvious to any reality-based observer that the right wing is objectively worse. Sure, the “feckless c***” comment was impolite. But remember the rules of intersectionality: Ivanka Drumpf is a privileged straight white cisgender One Percenter. Jarrett, OTOH, is a woman of color and was the subject of an explicitly racist attack. The two insults aren’t really comparable when examined in the context of America’s history of white supremacy. It’s appropriate that Bee keeps her show, while Roseanne loses hers.

    1. Do the rules of intersectionality take into account the melanin of the offending party?

      1. Nobody takes into account melanin quite like a faux libertarian, stale-thinking, disaffected right-wing bigot.

        1. The good reverend is a renowned idiot

          1. And misogynist

        2. Arty, just learn to obey.

        3. And you

    2. Freckles are an inherrited physical feature. Samantha Bee is racist.

  15. They’re not offended, they just want to zing liberals for their alleged hypocrisy. Who’s keeping the score anyway? When is the game over? Can it be soon?

    1. Don’t bitch about a game your side started.

    2. Your team is well ahead in the score. The dark cloud of the War Against Women is forever hovering over Republicans but usually manages to land on Progressives and Democrats.

      Top Liberal Think Tank and Clinton Adviser Accused of Sheltering Sexual Harassers and Retaliating Against Victims

      Leading liberal think tank, the Center for American Progress (CAP), stands accused of sheltering sexual harassers and operating a toxic culture that made victims fear retaliation for speaking out.

      A heavily-reported expos? by Buzzfeed News on Tuesday documented those allegations?made by 19 former and current employees and staffers with the organization.

      One former union member singled out CAP’s president Neera Tanden… Tanden is a high-profile Twitter user, staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton and the former secretary of state’s longtime advisor.

    3. Yeah, this is why Progressives teach students to be offended. It makes their tears more valuable in the political arena.

    4. Oh, fuck off. Their hypocrisy isn’t “alleged”, it’s blatant and egregious, and you fucking well know it.


  16. Roseanne: punished by her employer.
    Bee: called to be censored by the government of the United States.

    The thing I don’t get is that apparently that government is apparently explicitly taking Roseanne’s side? Do they like her “joke”?

    1. Sorry, I forget that Presidents aren’t allowed to criticize people who call their daughters cunts. Good to learn.

      1. She’s an employee, and he shouldn’t be calling for censorship. But there’s lots of things he shouldn’t be doing.

        1. It’s incredibly rude to go calling people “feckless cunts.” Rude and undignified. Bad manners. Polite society calls for better than this.

        2. He isn’t. He’s calling for a person to be reprimanded for publicly insulting his daughter.

          Stop pretending you’re too stupid to understand the difference.

          1. I’m on the side of not punishing people for speech across the board. Especially not the White House.

            1. Apparently, even open misogyny.

            2. Except when a Fox News reporter says mean things about Chocolate Nixon and the government actually takes action, right?

          2. Tony doesn’t have to pretend to be stupid.

        3. When she attempts to pass a law to censor people, come back. Please don’t come back until then.

        4. Tony, you shouldn’t be using our oxygen. No Marxist should be alive, let alone criticizing real humans. Of which you are not.

      2. Calling Harry Truman.

        Just to invoke a President who is beloved by Liberals and Conservatives alike. Not so much by libertarians.

        1. Beat me to it. I was just thinking the same thing.

        2. Just say “Hiroshima” and “Truman” within 3 breaths of each other and you will find out just how beloved ol’ HST is by liberals.

          1. There are plenty of “Cold War” and “New Deal” liberals who think that vaporizing “Japs” and any other enemies of the USA is just great.

  17. Maher is one of the few TV hosts who invites people from all sides of the political spectrum to debate each other in segments that last longer than five seconds,

    Real Time is by far the best talk show of any network.

    1. And we know that’s a high bar to clear.

    2. Right…….

      Maher either has all far left kooks, or imvites one overly polite republican, like John Fund, who would rather go along to get along.

      His show is garbage. Only evil shitbags like PB think it’s any good.

  18. Reason has not noticed or commented on how ABC didn’t just cancel the show, they memory holed it. They took it off on demand and even ended the reruns of her old show. That is creepy and Orwellian as hell. But, it makes Nick happy about our racial progress. So there is that.

    1. Would you be bitching the same way if TBS did the same to Sam Bee? Or do you only whine in defense of racist humor?

      1. It would be just as creepy. But don’t let that stop you from pretending otherwise so you can rationalize your own sick behavior.

    2. Same for Bill Cosby’s shows I believe.

      Neither will be missed.

      1. Because you are an ignorant retard, destroying art to satiate the mob’s anger at its creator is of course something you would love.

        1. No one destroyed it. They just took it off the market out of embarrassment.

          Similar to how Disney handled Song of the South

          1. You mean they are in everywhere else on Earth except the US?

            It’s not that hard to find Song of the South if you look outside the US.

            For what it is worth, the film is more offensively boring than racist. That is some dull fucking cinema right there.

      2. Actually, FilmRise is still showing all of Cosby’s old shows. They are still showing original “Rosanne” as well.

        1. TV One also carries The Cosby Show – Dr. Huxtable.

      3. Your crazy if you’re not going to miss the Cosby Show

  19. Seriously, why did Roseanne even mention Valerie Jarrett? Has she been in the news lately? I haven’t heard her mentioned since 2016

    1. It is reflexive for wingnuts.

      Like BENGHAZI!!!!!

      1. “It is reflexive for wingnuts.

        Like BENGHAZI!!!!!”

        Old know that Roseanne is a huge far leftist, right? She is not a conservative in any way. But then, you’re so goddamn stupid that you could easily make such a mistake.

    2. And she got her Soros lies in too.

      The alt-right is just fucking stupid and CT filled.

      1. Soros is about to be indicted in Hungary. The guy is an international fugitive who is likely going to die in prison. He already has one finance fraud conviction.

        1. Fascists in Hungary will never see Soros there.

          Even The Dotard could not extradite him for his fellow fascist alt-right creeps.

          1. Soros had to run away and take his sorry organization with him. And Hungary is a better place for it. And yes, Soros is going to live out his life as an international fugitive until his luck runs out and someone nabs him and dies in a prison cell where he belongs.

            1. Soros shorted a currency like any jackass can. He just did it with more money.

              You nuts are all alike. Anyone who isn’t an alt-right/fascist is always guilty of something you make up.

              1. Soros is a convicted felon. It is what it is.

                1. How sad and pathetic is it that self-hating gay man and self-hating Jew Dave Weigel worships a confessed Nazi collaborator like Soros?

                  No wonder he needs massive amounts of medications to cope with his suicidal impulses.

              2. Soros admitted working willingly with the Nazis.

                As a Jew, it may have been the only way, but your pathetic obfuscation of that does him and you no favors.

              3. Palin, you should check out The Federalist.
                Any time there’s a movement to protest whatever Contards are up to, the Conflake cry SOROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like little bitches.
                You’d think he was hiding under their fucking beds.

                1. Why are you pretending you aren’t Shreek?

              4. PB you’re certainly guilty of treason.

        2. Wait is this new? I’m surprised it isn’t big news considering how much he funds.

          1. You can find it on wingnut.com.

            1. Like Politico

              1. Holy shit, that’s Soros? God damn, no wonder no one uses that mans photo in articles. Ages has fucked him over bad.

          2. And there we have it, a Contard crying SOROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

            1. Take Hillary’s dildo out of your ass.

            2. Gee, that sounds like commie talk.

  20. “I don’t want comedians to be afraid of slamming the president’s daughter, who doubles as an important policy advisor.”

    Oh, Robby. Robby. *rolls eyes*

    This had nothing to do with policy; it was a simple personal picture with an affectionate caption. There was no reason to act with such vitriol.

    Now people should be free to call her a c*nt if they wish. But stop pretending this episode was over policy differences. It was Trump haters tastelessly expressing their antipathy towards his family.

    1. You can’t criticize or satirize the President without calling his daughter a cunt. That seems to be Robby’s position. He has to be the saddest writer on reason. He is not the worst, but the saddest.

      1. Odd, when I call Michelle Obama “Chewbacca” due to her frighteningly-Wookie like appearance, I am called names. Yet she was a policy advisor for Barack.

        Should’ve just called her a cunt. That’s better, apparently.

      2. Don’t count out Chapman
        He went full white hating SJW today

        And who can match Shikha for retarded drivel?

        It shows what a clown show Reason has become that Sheldon HateAmericaFirst Richman can no longer make the Top 3 Reason Idiots

        1. Shouldn’t you just wander back to The FEderalist with the other Contards and fauxbertarians, you whiney ass snowflake, Davis?

          1. Shut the fuck up Shreek

    2. There was a policy message in the joke (the Trumps’ inhumanity toward immigrant children). But as they do they latched onto the cunt and left the message in the dust.

      It’s not that they’re whiny, it’s that they’re evil.

      1. So that makes the misogyny ok.


        1. Give me a fucking break.

          1. Hey, you’re the one covering for the misogyny.

            1. You’re the one pretending to care about misogyny. This is what I’m talking about. You have no thoughts, no principles, just goooooooalllll Team Red!

              1. You have no idea what I care about, and making excuses doesn’t change that you’re covering for misogyny

                1. Well I never claimed not to be a misogynist. I mean I’m all for their equal rights, but I don’t like having them in my house.

                  1. Then why would anyone care what you think about this?

                    You just admitted you’re the equivalent of a KKK member, after repeatedly making excuses and getting nowhere.

                    1. It’s just that they get shrill when they drink too much.

                    2. As you joke about being a bigot and misogynist

                  2. I don’t mind living with women, and not just because I am bi. I once lived in a boarding house with a wonderful woman who never made a pass at me.

            2. To be fair to to you, he’s just a fucking idiot who doesn’t understand the actual immigration policies forced upon the feds by the ninth circuit. Nor does the fucking idiot understand these children were unaccompanied minors crossing the border. Nor does he realize his preferred policy would benefit illegals over citizens since we don’t disallow the mailing of citizens just because they have kids.

              1. JessAss, your Daily Stormer link is broken.

      2. Tony, were you traitors angry about those immigrant pictures from 2014?

  21. Yet Maher… is no longer in good standing with the left, and plenty of liberals would be glad to see him go.

    This can’t be true.

    1. Just look at the left’s response to Maher’s attacks on Islam.

  22. As annoying as the double standards are, they help the right. ABC memory holing Rosanne doesn’t hurt Trump or the Right. But Bee on national TV every week calling people cunt’s and doing a half hour explaining how much the Democrats and Progressives hate average Americans, sure as hell does help the right. Please leave her on the air.

    1. Mostly, we look down on below-average Americans.

      Decidedly below.

      1. No one cares how you feel about yourself.

      2. And average Americans tell you to fuck off. Enjoy being a loser.

        1. I’ll never understand this gross tolerance of misogyny he and Tony have displayed in this thread.

          1. Fairly typical for the left.

            CNN: South Carolina Democrat calls SC Governor Nikki Haley a whore

            The Democrat, Vincent Sheheen, made the comment at a campaign event late last week in Florence. In the midst of attacking Haley’s education record, Sheheen stumbled over his words and told the crowd, “We are going to escort whore out the door.”
            The slip-of-the-tongue was clearly accidental, and Sheheen immediately corrected himself, saying, “We’re going to escort her out the door.” But when some in the audience picked up on the verbal faux pas and started applauding, Sheheen grinned and laughed along with people in the crowd. Video of the event went viral.

            1. Sadly, you’re correct, and even Tony admitted it

            2. International Whore Day is the one good result from the Women’s March. Check out iwd18.org . They will march in Las Vegas on June 2.

      3. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland|5.31.18 @ 7:31PM|#
        “Mostly, we look down on below-average Americans.”

        As if you could claim to be other than the scum.

      4. I realize that you find math dificult, but please explain your metric for calculating the worth of an American and declaring him below average.

      5. Arty, learn to obey.

    2. The right can find an excuse to be whiny aggrieved cunts in a pet rock.

      1. As you whine about them.

        1. Because they have government power over me and are lunatics. Do you know where you are?

          1. On a libertarian website, which by definition isn’t “the right”

            Do YOU know where you are, because you didn’t yesterday or today apparently.

            1. Yeah and the only libertarian concern in all of this, I would think, is the White House putting censorious pressure on a private citizen and TV network because of criticism of one of its officials. That’s government overreach. That’s the only libertarian problem here.

              1. Again, why would I care what an admitted misogynist thinks about this?

                Take your gross bigotry elsewhere.

                1. Take your concern trolling… well, I guess this is as good a place for it as any.

                  1. I still don’t care what you misogynists think.

              2. As opposed to the former occupant of the White House actively surveilling reporters. Or a certain one of their US attorneys subpeonaing the identity of certain commenters on a certain website? That sort of genuine pressure?

                I bet you like black uniforms too, Tony.

              3. Tony|5.31.18 @ 7:44PM|#
                “… the White House putting censorious pressure on a private citizen…”

                Translated from proggy: ‘I’m sure Trump must have done something wrong, but I don’t know what it is’.
                Sorta like how Trump is going to get impeached.

              4. Tony, every day you’re not put to death for treason is a day we’re overly generous towards you. Try and remember that.

    3. So by “average Americans,” you meant a portion of U.S. Republicans? Or…?

  23. Samantha Bee must be pilloried, and while we are at it Amy Schumer too. I can’t tell them apart, so it is OK to sacrifice both. Get rid of both feckless runts at the same time.

    1. Like I said, I don’t watch Rosanne but I do have to suffer through listening to Bee’s commercials. So killing both of their careers as some kind of a compromise would work for me.

      1. Chelsea Handler too. Having seen Chelsea, I cannot imagine why anybody would handle her.

    2. Yep. Samantha Bee and Amy Schumer should be Hillaried. No mercy for either of those fat bitches.

    3. Amy is chubbier

  24. I happen to like Tit for Tat. I’d exchange a Tat for a Tit any day.

    1. Maybe Rosanne and Bee can do a sex tape as a way to bring this all to closure.

      1. John, you are so cruel to leave that image in people’s heads.

        1. I am a bad man sometimes.

          1. Suddenly I’m glad that I’m so disconnected from the culture that I don’t know what either of them look like.

      2. With current technology, we can just put their heads on the stars of an existing sex tape.

  25. Bee is a socialist ass hate. Fuck her and all her fucking socialist and communist ass hat friends.

  26. “I’m offended is just the adult version of I’m telling.”

    1. Nice

  27. She and her writers had to know the reaction the scripted comment would get, so it’s likely only the extent of the attention and how very negative it was that they didn’t bargain for. Or perhaps that tolerance for ______ist comments was at its limits. Or maybe there was the realization that for any future righteous indignation to be credible having something like this unapologetically hanging out there would cede necessary high ground.

    Whatever the reason, for now, it’s all still fun to watch.

    1. Whatever the reason, for now, it’s all still fun to watch.

      You must be watching a different station than I am.

    2. More importantly, is Ben going to be able to play nice with Mason?


    3. Correct. The executive producer Miles Kahn was tweeting about it, thinking it would be awfully funny:


  28. Bee’s ratings are down 34% YTD and 29% year over year, according to an article on yahoo news, so I don’t think we will be seeing too much more of her show.

    1. I found her unfunny, all politics aside.

      And man has comedy become bad since 2016.

      1. State Farm and Auto Trader have pulled their ads. I think Samantha may be headed for cancellation. Oh well, leftists made the rules…

    2. I forgot about it till Huckleberry cried crocodile tears, so maybe that will change now.

      1. Fuck off you stupid little chickenhawk.

  29. I’ll cunt your feck!

  30. Look at the disciple of Saul Alinsky pretending that he hasn’t read his own dog-eared copy about fifty times.

    1. ALINSKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!
      What’s your handle at the Federalist, Contard Weigel?

      1. Shut the fuck up Shreek.

        1. It’s another new Mary Stack handle. The psychotic bitch is posting under like five or six different handles just on this thread alone.

  31. Oh, BULLSHIT. Samantha Bee and TBS had plenty of time to reconsider their words and actions. The show is video taped, there were lots of staff who saw, knew about, and by inaction, approved of Bee’s word choice. It was not an excited utterance, fueled by racism or ambien – just a considered decision by a woman who basically used the word best describing herself.

  32. Racism is worse than directing a vulgarity toward a government official.

    If you do not understand that, you might be a retrograde American.

    1. But is it worse than misogyny, which this is.

    2. Agreed. Speaking of government officials: In liberal Democrat Chicago, which has not had a Republican mayor since 1931:

      Chicago police detained thousands of black Americans at interrogation facility

      At least 3,500 Americans have been detained inside a Chicago police warehouse described by some of its arrestees as a secretive interrogation facility, newly uncovered records reveal.

      More than 82% of the Homan Square arrests thus far disclosed ? or 2,974 arrests ? are of black people, while 8.5% are of white people. Chicago, according to the 2010 US census, is 33% black and 32% white.

      Over two-thirds of the arrests at Homan Square thus far revealed ? at least 2,522 ? occurred under the tenure of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the former top aide to Barack Obama who has said of Homan Square that the police working under him “follow all the rules”.

    3. “Racism is worse than directing a vulgarity toward a government official”

      Uh, Valerie Jarrett was a high ranking government official. Ivanka’s job is unpaid and she has virtually no power whatsoever. Do you bother to think before posting?

      1. Artie, think before posting? Artie doesn’t think before, during, or after posting. I’m not sure he’s capable of anything more complex than copy/pasting insults.

    4. “It’s not bad when we do it”

    5. It it racist to look down on someone for not having freckles.

  33. Holding the reins of power and sitting idly by while our broken immigration system separates families and destroys lives is a far bigger moral failing than using some really bad words.

    Of course, when it’s the Obama administration separating families, just wait until a Republican gets into office and then blame them for the Obama policies.

  34. I’m not happy about Roseanne’s show getting canceled either. I can’t understand why it happened so suddenly after the tweet, and I don’t see why Roseanne’s tweet should have come as such a shock to the producers of the show that it would necessitate such drastic action.

    But attacking Bee in this kind of “tit for tat” tells us a lot of things about conservatives. First, that they view racist tropes as merely “vulgar,” not actually wrong-headed. Second, that they don’t actually care about racist tropes, save as useful fodder for coming after leftists. So embrace the strategy if you like, deplorables. I wouldn’t expect any better from you.

    1. Leftists and progressives are so concerned about racism because it thrives the most in their own midst:

      Bernie Sanders’ Own Black Press Secretary Was Profiled and Stereotyped By His Staff, Event Hosts

      There were multiple instances. There were places where I literally I couldn’t get in. I would go to the door, the staff entrance, and people would say, “This is staff only.” I’d have to explain to them that I was staff, and they would question me. I would have to say, “I’m the national press secretary. Did you watch me on the news the other day?”

      1. I mean, there’s a reason Bernie-bros think he would have won the general…

        1. SimonP|5.31.18 @ 8:15PM|#
          “I mean, there’s a reason Bernie-bros think he would have won the general…”

          They’re as dumb as you?

          1. No. It’s because Bernie would have appealed to the same disgruntled male-whiteness that would rather elect a manifestly incompetent con artist as president than elect an unlikable but effective shrew.

            1. Well it is hard to argue with her effectiveness at using the levers of government to personally enrich herself. Oh wait, was that supposed to mean that she was effective at governing? Well, I’d call Libya a stunning success, wouldn’t you? And a 2% GDP growth rate is really all we should ever expect.

              1. Well it is hard to argue with her effectiveness at using the levers of government to personally enrich herself.

                Ah, yes, the whole “pay to play” nonsense. I thought the absurdity of those accusations would have become apparent after a year and a half of Trump and his cronies demonstrating how it’s done, but I shouldn’t expect commenters like you to recognize that.

                Well, I’d call Libya a stunning success, wouldn’t you?

                BENGHAZI! Is that a bingo?

                And a 2% GDP growth rate is really all we should ever expect.

                Look, I’m sure the macroeconomics will get away from you pretty quick here, but national economies are not like household budgets. A higher GDP growth rate isn’t like getting a bigger raise; it comes with downsides that have to be managed. 2% is a good rate for a mature economy like that of the United States.

                In any case, GDP growth isn’t something that is impacted solely by domestic policy. The higher GDP numbers we’ve seen in the past year or so have coincided not with anything Trump or his administration has done but a recovering global economy. Obama presided over years of economic growth and stability while Europe spasmed from one economic crisis to another and the BRICs lost steam. We saw none of that difficulty here.

            2. SimonP|5.31.18 @ 10:34PM|#
              “No. It’s because Bernie would have appealed to the same disgruntled male-whiteness that would rather elect a manifestly incompetent con artist as president than elect an unlikable but effective shrew.”
              So, yes, it was because they are as stupid as you. Thanks for confirming that, loser.

              1. So, yes, it was because they are as stupid as you. Thanks for confirming that, loser.

                Sick burn, retard.

              2. So we have documentation foundation getting millions in “donations” while hillary was illegally mishandling classified documents and your only retort “teh emolumentz!” Well that was convincing.

                Benghazi was a sideshow but it did illuminate the true incompetence and lack of belief in the basic rights enshrined in the BoR. No, I was referring to the idiotic and disastrous interventipn in libya which has resulted in a failed state that previously had destroyed its WMD programs. And given that barry and hilly were supposed to be the smart ones, well..

                Woild those be paul.krugman macroeconomics? The ones that were certain the stimulus would work? I realize that counting above 2 is difficult for you, but that’s hardly reason to force the rest of us to suffer. Funny how businesses suddenly living in a world where government regulators aren’t oit to get them feel free to invest and hire again. Also funny how all of Barry’s brilliant management resulted in the worst recovery in the post war era. But that was totally because europe or something.

    2. It is pretty irrational to expect consistency. Rules really are for suckers.

    3. “First, that they view racist tropes as merely “vulgar,” not actually wrong-headed. ”

      Too bad, you can’t DO anything about wrong-headedness. Unfortunately for progs, we don’t have the technology to control others’ thoughts.

      I know the old fashioned notion of simply saying “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything” is a lot less satisfying then the idea of brainwashing or regulating the wrongthink away…but it will have to suffice for now

      1. I can’t say this around my woke friends, but my response to Roseanne’s tweet was more, “Oh, knock it off grandma,” and less, “Burn the witch!” If I wanted to akido this back at them, I’d wonder why it’s yet again a woman we’re jumping all over for her commentary.

        I don’t think Al Franken should have resigned. I didn’t see any problem with Kathy Griffin’s photo. Samantha Bee was doing what she was hired to do. I even feel a bit sorry for Louis C.K.’s ostracization. Weinstein deserves his infamy, as does O’Reilly. Basically, if you’ve used your power to make life hell for other people, you deserve to go. But all of these purges smack of virtue signaling to such an extent they’re making me – normally quite adept at this stuff – pretty nauseous. I’m just too old to get into it.

        1. I’m not really about claiming scalps either, but those are the new rules, like it or not.

        2. SimonP|5.31.18 @ 10:41PM|#
          “I’m just too old to get into it.”

          No, you’re just too much of a lefty twit to either be honest about it or admit lefties are assholes, too.
          Not even a courtesy “C”.

    4. Granted, shitlibs don’t care about hypocrisy charges because they’re mendacious wastes of life to begin with.

    5. The network was looking for an excuse. The program showed a middle-American working class family. The matriarch was pro-Trump, the patriarch not. They could actually share the same living space with affection and work together in raising their family. Clearly not PG fare. It was only a matter of time before Roseanne’s alligator mouth ran away with her hummingbird ass, and the network struck while the iron was still in the forge.

  35. LOLOL

    Acting Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Mick Mulvaney has told Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., that he doesn’t plan on responding to her questions about the agency, and said it’s her fault that he is not required to answer.

    Mulvaney, a conservative who was an outspoken critic of the bureau during his time as a congressman, told Warren in a letter sent Wednesday that the structure of the agency, which she helped design, shields him from accountability.

    something something consequences something elections or something

    1. That is entertaining, thanks for posting

    2. Now that is a feel good story

    3. Shorter Mulvaney: choke on it, bitch.

  36. There is no double standard.

    Barr attacked a woman of another race because of her race, and did so with exceptional nastiness, denying her full humanity. The woman she attacked had no control over her race and the term has been used by racists to justify horrendous crimes. The woman attacked was a private person at the time.

    Bee attacked another woman using a term of derision women use with respect to other women. It was neither racist nor sexist, though it was nasty. She used it due to Ivanka Trump’s hypocrisy at a time when the government in which she has great influence (so she says) is acting with the opposite values she was claiming to care about, yet is silent on.

    One attack was based on race, the other on governmental policy and hypocrisy.

    Only right wing hypocrites, nihilists, and their supporters see these acts as analogous.

    1. You mean the government policy in place under the previous administration? Let me guess, that’s different.

    2. Hey look, it’s another disgusting misogynist defending misogyny

      1. Stop whining like such a bitch. Fuck me.

        1. No wonder you have to beg for action, you’re a gross misogynist too.

        2. “Stop whining like such a bitch. ”

          he whined.

    3. Because Ivanka could have freckles if she tried?

    4. Look at this Boomer shitlib and his sclerotic equivocations.

  37. The implication, of course, is that Barr, a Trump supporter,Robby, a woke liberal, can be fired for insulting a liberal, while liberals areis happy to let one of their his own off the hook for insulting a Trump family member (and staffer). for grievous offense of having the wrong father who is very, very icky.

    Conservatives Liberals came away from the Roseanne incident eager to identify somebody on the left who had committed comparable crimes.POUNCING conservatives applying the same standards. Their first scapegoat was Bill Maher,

    who called Sarah Palin a cunt in 2011 and was roundly denounced for it long before the Roseanne incident.

    Fixed that for you.

    Now I realize that rules and laws and social norms are as incomprehensible to #Wokatarians as changing a tire is, but maybe, just maybe, they could at least pretend that the principle of free speech has to apply to all or it will apply to none.

    1. Skippy,
      You are one bitter cunt. Take the salt shaker out of your twat, already.

      1. Samantha, is that you?

        1. No, it’s Hail Rataxes

          1. This is the problem with topical humor. It loses its relevance so quickly…

  38. “One of the biggest reasons I expressed concern about the hasty decision to can Roseanne is that it seemed like all too many people on the right would use it as a pretext to demand private censorship of speech that offends them. ”
    “I have no problem with the Left doing it, but it would really suck if the Right started fighting back”

    1. He was kinda blunt about his political allegiances here, wasn’t he? The left actually does bad things but for some reason a panicked concern about the right doing something even marginally similar becomes the focus. I think more than anything that the right is pointing out the hypocrisy of the left and saying they should be held to the same standards imposed upon them. I have no clue what spurred Roseanne’s tweet and it seems like a really random unprovoked attack. Bee’s comments (on air and approved by producers) were also unprovoked unless I’ve missed something specific Ivanka has done. Also worth noting is that Ivanka is on the left politically and she is attacked just because the left hates her dad.

      1. I also think Ivanka could reasonably take exception to being called “feckless”

  39. TL;DR:

    Now Vox HAS to hire me!

  40. No matter how much Robby wants it to be, what happened to Roseanne and Bee isn’t an exact parallel to the NFL situation.

    The anthem policy isn’t meaningfully different than a dress code. The NFL has already denied requests from players from modifying their uniform, including a stars and stripes cleat as a 9/11 tribute. All MLB players wear pink bats and hats for the mother’s day games. We’re giving the kneeling controversy extra weight because it signifies social activism, but the league has limited expression of players for years.

    Private companies can fire people for offensive speech or even their own code of conduct. BUT….. that could lead to some slippery slope situation where people constantly risk losing their jobs or platform.

    But….. so what? As long as private policy is carried out consistently, there’s no issue. Both women are nutjobs and they made nasty comments on their political opponents. If both are fired, then all is right. If only Bee is fired, then the right has every right to complain about political bias or selective morality.

    Just as, let’s say, Corey Feldman and Rose Mcgowan have every right to seethe at Hollywood for taking action only AFTER the Weinstein scandal, while applauding predators like Polanski years before.

    1. How’s the NFL boycott working, Contard XM?

      1. As Colin.

      2. Very well, according to the actions of the owners recently.

    2. Actually, Feldman has (once again) been swept aside in the wake of #MeToo. Maybe that was part of the motivation?

  41. Hey Robbie! You’ve never heard the left invoking “their own rulebook?” I think maybe you didn’t think hard enough about that. They certainly take full advantage. And because conservatives are by their nature… conservative… they follow the rules and excommunicate their own when rules are broken. Sometimes it is obvious – Nixon is out on his ass over Watergate because team R dumped him once it was clear he was guilty. Newt Gingrich… on and on.

    Team D… not so much. Plenty of wrongdoing of equal or greater magnitude, but team D doesn’t throw their own out. Remember Barney Frank? He hired a male prostitute and eventually had him living (and working) in his basement. Team D didn’t have a problem with that, so he stayed.

    Remember Larry Craig? He was accused of soliciting sex with a male cop in a restroom by tapping his shoe. “I have a wide stance”. He wasn’t even accused of a crime. But because team R is populated with religious conservatives and he was not a supporter of gay rights… Team D’s calls for his resignation were heeded.

    You could play this game for hours. Team D rarely accedes to their own demands. They just ignore the hypocrisy. Team R seems like they might be learning from Team D.

    1. Who was the D with stacks of bribery cash in his freezer?

  42. I don’t want liberals punished for what they think.

    Damn, poor bastard. Look at what you’re making him do, liberals. Goddamn you.

    1. Why didn’t you just stay logged in as “no yards penalty”?

  43. Comedian Samantha Bee has apologized for calling Ivanka Trump a “feckless cunt”

    I suppose it would be too obvious to point out that Samantha Bee meets the definition of a “feckless cunt” (ineffective, incompetent, rude) much better than Ivanka Trump?

  44. FFS, calling a woman a feckless cunt is inexcusably offensive? I understand the uptight conservative bitches complaining, but any of the “free speech!” “fuck your feelings!” “locker room talk” pretend-hard-ass conservatives? Fuck off.

    1. It’s not of course. But they’re the ones always babbling on about ‘civility’. Bunch of cunts.

      1. Mmm, yes, conservatives do not babble on about such things.

        1. Ok, “no yards penalty”

        2. (I’ll admit… I lost the plot here

          my comments before the stroke of midnight are on point, though!)

          1. Ok, “no yards penalty”

    2. Ok, “no yards penalty”

  45. It’s an arm race because the left started it. Once again, conservatives are on the defensive.

    In any event, what happened to the left’s mantra of ‘when they go low, you go high?’ And ‘teachable moments’? And ‘civil discourse’?


  46. Ummm so our immigration system is destroying lives and separating families, but the horrible situation in El Salvador that motivates illegal immigration and Mexico’s failure to welcome people fleeing it are not worth many articles.

    1. The subject is more than worth discussing, and in depth. Bee’s comment about Ivanka does not, however, advance that goal one little bit.

  47. Is Robby pretending that customers pressuring private companies to please them is somehow un-libertarian–again?!

    It is nauseating to think that anybody might imagine Robby is somehow representative of libertarians on this or any other issue.

    1. Robby is a bad writer, and thinker, and if Skippy were here he’d be relentlessly crying about us saying so.

  48. Well I think we’ve learned a valuable lesson with this thread.

    1. Yup. Tony sucks. Always.

  49. Vulgarity is the lack of wit. If these cunt comediennes want a career, they need to step it up.

  50. I seem to recall that presidents Clinton, Bush II, and Obama all had daughters of various ages while in the White House. Even those who hated each pres and his policies left the kids alone.

    Remember when it was considered so utterly crass to go after the presidents’ families that no one did it? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  51. Samantha Bee evidently had advertisers leave her show in a hurry since this story broke.

  52. “I don’t want comedians to be afraid of slamming the president’s daughter, who doubles as an important policy adviser.”

    Bee wasn’t being comedic. It wasn’t a joke. She wasn’t making a political point. It was nothing more than a moron spewing hate.

    And frankly “slamming the president’s daughter” is largely socially unacceptable across most political spectrums. Ivanka has not taken polarizing political actions, and much like Melania, is largely acting how prior first families have acting…pursuing vanilla common-good activities.

    Mockery, fine. But “slamming”? what’s the point? Why should we have any patience with mindless hate?

    1. Javanka are high-level White House employees.

      Lots of people have said it’s a bad idea for a president to hire his children for high-level government positions. But since he’s intent on making the US into a tinpot shitshow in every way, he did, so we get to call them cunts.

  53. Tit for tat?

    What if it’s a tat of a tit?

    1. Taint funny, McGee

  54. the political comedy format was a stroke of genius from the left as it allowed people like jon stewart and stephen colbert to act as authoritative political commentators on the one hand while simultaneously deflecting criticism for unethical or hypocritical commentary behind the facade of comedy. it’s advanced leftism in the left more than i think people realize and conservatives are really at a disadvantage until they can establish more territory in hollywood and mainstream news, and in particular, in political comedy. it’s a pretty simple formula, i don’t know why conservatives are so bad at it.

    1. *advanced leftism in the west

  55. Two realities here:
    1. The left is hypocritical and always marches under at least two standards; and
    2. That is never going to change.

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