Brickbat: That Was Underwhelming


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Officers with the West Yorkshire, England, police were quite proud of the small amount of cannabis they had taken from a young man, proud enough to post it on Facebook. The post was widely mocked and eventually taken down, but not before the department banned some users from commenting on their page and threatened critics with prosecution for posting "insulting, abusive or offensive" comments.

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  1. GunnerBob
    1 week ago
    What tosh. The plods are scared stiff to leave their cosy police stations to chase criminals, and here is one idiot pratting about chasing FB users. Moizer, get a life.

    I may not agree with the weird Limey way he says it, but I will defend with my life his right to say it.

    1. “cosy [sic]”

      And what does Daniel Tosh have to do with any of this?

      1. Brits don’t like zeds.

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  2. “prosecution under the Malicious Communications Act 1988.”

    Can we (USA) get one of those that defines all political ads as ‘malicious’?

  3. ” prosecution for posting “insulting, abusive or offensive” comments.”

    Willful And Negative Keening Ergo Racism Law (Wanker Law)

  4. This is just a classic case of the police’s narcissistic view of what they do every day as being heroic. They can’t accept that someone would make fun of them busting this guy for possessing a single joint or whatever. They really do think that they are saving the world, one joint at a time. However those of us who live in reality know that they are just the arms and legs of an oppressive state.

  5. No mention about what happened to the bloke’s dog…

  6. threatened critics with prosecution for posting “insulting, abusive or offensive” comments.

    And being England, they very much could be.

  7. I wonder if the US will extradite people to the UK for saying mean things on Facebook? Or on Reason comments?

    Is being a self-important asshole a universal requirement for police?

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