Cultural Appropriation

Southern Poverty Law Center Calls Cinco de Mayo Festivities 'Textbook Cultural Appropriation'

"Mexican culture cannot be reduced to tacos, oversized sombreros and piñatas." True, but those shouldn't be off-limits either.


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The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) thinks people in the U.S. who consume tacos and tequila on Cinco de Mayo are enganging in "textbook examples of cultural appropriation."

The SPLC—an organization that ostensibly tracks hate groups but defines "hate" broadly enough that some vocal critics of extremism, such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Maajid Nawaz, have turned up on the group's watchlists—sent the following tweet on the evening of the Mexican holiday:

The tweet links to an article at—an SPLC property—offering more thoughts on why such celebrations of Cinco de Mayo are offensive. Lauryn Mascarenaz writes:

Consider this example that shows how far the celebration of Cinco de Mayo has come from its original purpose of honoring Mexicans. In 2010, several white students decided to wear American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo at a California high school with a history of racial tension between white and Mexican-American students. School officials asked the students to change their shirts, turn them inside out or go home. The students refused, and some of them later sued the school district. The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the school's decision, ruling that the T-shirts were not covered by the free speech protections enjoyed by students and that school officials had reasonable concern to believe that the T-shirts could prompt a "violent disturbance" or "substantial disruption."

This incident has nothing whatsoever to do with cultural appropriation. Quite the opposite: The white students resisted Mexican culture, and were disciplined (to the detriment of all students' free expression rights) for having done so. thinks white students shouldn't don U.S. flag t-shirts, and they definitely shouldn't "claim as their own an aspect of a culture that does not belong to them," so what should they do? Well:

Teach [students] the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. They need to know where the line is. Cultural appropriation occurs when a person or other entity—a sports franchise, for example—claims as their own an aspect of a culture that does not belong to them. Doing so can, knowingly or unknowingly, deny the authenticity of that culture, particularly if it belongs to a marginalized group, and it can send harmful messages rooted in misinformation, prejudice and stereotypes.

But what is the difference? The post makes no attempt to offer one—nor does it explain why students couldn't learn about Mexican history and eat tacos.

Some examples of what is commonly called cultural appropriation—but would be better described as cultural mockery—are indeed mean-spirited, offensive, and reflecting of real prejudice. But eating ethnic food and wearing ethnic clothing aren't inherently problematic. By encouraging cross-cultural pollination, these kinds of cultural appropriation can actually undermine prejudice.

Mascarenaz writes that "in the United States, Cinco de Mayo has become politicized and promotes a misunderstanding of the day that pits Mexico against the United States, feeding an 'us versus them' mentality." But doesn't the act of forbidding vast swaths of people from enjoying certain cultural products also feed an "us versus them" mentality?

As Nick Gillespie wrote last week in response to the controversy over a white girl's Chinese prom dress, charges of cultural appropriation rely on "brutally static definitions of culture that are spectacularly at odds with the ways in which individuals use motifs and materials from outside their immediate experience to define themselves." This process isn't always perfect, but it ought not be discouraged by an organization that claims to be fighting hatred and intolerance.

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  1. Mexican culture cannot be reduced to tacos, oversized sombreros and pi?atas.

    OK, good. Then cultural appropriation cannot be a problem either.

    In any case, Cinco de Mayo is American culture at this point just as much as it is Mexican.

    1. It’s not even Mexican culture. It’s not a holiday in Mexico from my understanding

      1. It is a celebration of the Mexican Army defeating a French Army sent by Napoleon II to get back into the colonialism game in Central America. It is not Mexican Independence Day.

        1. * Napoleon III, not Napoleon II

          Napoleon II died in Austria as a young boy after his father was deposed for a second time

        2. While Cinco de Mayo does commemorate that event, it is not “celebrated” as a holiday (or even a good party) in Mexico. The idea of celebrating on that day is uniquely a US phenomenon. (By the way, the Irish don’t really celebrate St Patrick’s Day, either.)

          1. Anyone got the link to SPLC’s outraged tweet over cultural appropriation on St. Patrick’s Day?

            I’m having trouble finding it.

          2. St. Patrick’s Day is a public holiday in Ireland, though. (At my current job, I have coworkers in Ireland.)

        3. And after that first Battle of Puebla that took place on the 5th of May, the French Army DID win the next one, and indeed, took Mexico City.

          1. You are in error. You are confusing the second Battle of Puebla with the first.

            After the battle of 5 May 1862 the Mexican Republic drove the French forces and their monarchist allies back down to the coast, where they could be protected by France’s superior Navy. Over the Fall of 1862 the French were able to use this to bombard and capture the coastal cities of Vera Cruz State one by one. Then in March 1863 they set out in force to besiege Puebla which they did on May 19, 1863, 376 days after their initial defeat. It was only after this battle that the French and their Mexican anti democratic allies were finally able enter the capital.

            Of course it is said the US and RVN forces won a decisive victory in the Tet offensive too. South Vietnam lasted 7 more years after Tet, Imperial Mexico lasted 5 years after Cinco de Mayo. The French were finally forced to withdraw from Mexico beginning in late May of 1866 and completed their withdrawal on 13 November 1866. By 13 February Maximilian was trapped in Queretaro which he attempted to flee abandoning his Army on 11 May 1867. And on 19 June, 1115 days after first setting foot in Mexico its erstwhile Emperor was executed for his crimes against its people.

      2. Even better.

        God, I hate the “cultural appropriation” people so much.

        1. It’s stupid. I mean, it makes no sense at all.

          Sorry, no wheat for you.

          1. You can pry my nachos from my cold, cheesy hands.

            1. Masa is corn. That’s okay. Cheese from cows is not.

              1. Masa is basically dough. Any dough, not just corn. And a Puerto Rican invented nachos so Mexicans are the ones culturally appropriating that.

          2. It really is the most absurd bit of SJW bullshit. And that’s saying something.

            1. If this isn’t Jumping the Shark, nothing is. Not even Fonzie jumping sharks.

              1. So what you are saying is that you were a fan of SJW antics until this. Because anything else would be you jumping the shark of idiom use.

                1. That’s a fair assault on what I said. The answer is that I think the whole program is totally and absolutely insane.

              2. That’s gotta be appropriating Hawaiian culture.

                1. That’s gotta be appropriating Hawaiian culture.

                  Being totally insane?

          3. In the past, we identified the ‘cultural appropriation’ people by there correct name, ‘dirty hippies’. They were beaten when they got out of line. Once we stopped beating them, well, look where that has left us.

            We need to start beating the dirty hippies again. Insolent piece of shit.

      3. It’s a Mexican holiday to the same degree that we celebrate Arbor Day. It’s on the calendar, but nobody cares.

        A good friend of mine is Mexican, and he laughs at the fact that Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

        1. I bet it started as an advertising ploy to get people to buy beer in May.

    2. Like Hanukkah, it was a really minor holiday for the original celebrants.

    3. Mexico has no culture, so you can’t appropriate it.

  2. According to Mexico, we’ve appropriated the wrong culture. So let’s just call it a wash.

  3. Tacos are goddamn delicious. Shut the fuck up, SPLC.

    1. +Uno

      1. Pizzeria uno?

        1. Appropriate deep dish. We dare you!

    2. Alt-text:

      “Come on, Robby, just put the sombrero on for a few seconds.”

      1. Your mouth says “no” but your eyes say “si”

        1. His hair also says no.

    3. I like burritos better, is that racist?

    4. A subpoena for your identity has been served. You will face the wrath of the SPLC and be put on the list of hate groups.

      1. If i’m not on one of the SPLC’s lists already, i don’t even know what i’ve been doing with my life.

    5. Fuck the leftist scolds, with a rusty chainsaw.

  4. Seen on twitter Friday “If you want to appropriate Mexican culture, go out and slap around an Apache or a Mayan”.

    1. thats awesome. but in reality most Mexicans are probably have more Spaniard ancestry since the Spaniards killed everyone, so I’m told by the leftist media

      1. I think that’s the point of the tweet; Mexicans, or the Spanish from whom they’re descended, partially eradicated the Mayans and Apaches.

        1. the Spanish from whom they’re descended, partially eradicated the Mayans and Apaches.

          Along with pretty much any other native “heathens” who got in their way and/or refused to convert.

          1. Well, the Mayans did a good job of genociding themselves in the first place, so…

            1. I can’t find it in my heart to weep for the Aztecs who made the worst Spanish genocidaire look like an indulgent mother in comparison.

      2. That actually happened in Uruguay

        But it’s weird, Mexico celebrates the Aztecs, who also conquered most of the Mexican tribes (and enslaved them, and killed them), just a short time before the Spaniards showed up

        1. But that’s different. I bet the Aztecs only had slaves because Europe taught them that it was cool. And, no, you cannot disprove this idiotic notion.

          1. Actually Mexicans love the Aztecs, or rather Mexica, because they did it all with flint knives, built some sweet temples, and had kickass Jaguar and Eagle knights, who when not kicking ass were carrying swooning Aztec maidens ontop of said pyramids. Also bonus volcanoes.

            Do an image search for Jesus Helguera, who did some awesome cultural appropriation, he’ll make you want a van mural.

            1. Exempli gratia


              1. There’s this Mexican place near my mother-in-law’s house that has Helguera paintings all over the walls. The food is not great, but the paintings kick ass.

            2. Actually Mexicans love the Aztecs, or rather Mexica, because they did it all with flint knives, built some sweet temples, and had kickass Jaguar and Eagle knights, who when not kicking ass were carrying swooning Aztec maidens on top of said pyramids and slicing their beating hearts out of their chests with obsidian blades.


              Also bonus volcanoes.

        2. The Spanish made a lot of allies from the non-Aztec natives in the area because they thought it was a chance to throw off Aztec domination.

          1. Yes, Moctezuma wasn’t so much intimidated by Cort?s as by the 200,000 Tlaxcala warriors who allied with the Spanish.

        3. Sacrifice a virgin for cinco de mayo. They’re not good for anything else.

    2. There’s a book called “Chiricahua and Janos” that talks about this very thing.

  5. “Cinco de Mayo has become politicized and promotes a misunderstanding of the day that pits Mexico against the United States”

    If anything, Cinco de Mayo should pit the French against Mexicans

    1. That statement struck me as odd for the same reason; what does it have to do with the US?

      1. Because the United States was in a Civil War, they couldn’t invoke the Monroe Doctrine and intervene. Lincoln basically said, Sorry Mexicans you’re on your own.

  6. OK, sombreros might be a bit cartoonish, but tacos and pi?atas are part of every party my bonafide Mexican-born neighbors invite us to.

    1. Hell, growing up I didn’t know where pi?atas originated, nor did I care. It’s just a fun thing for kids to do at a party.

      1. considering Pinatas are European in nature and the Mexicans appropriated it. so feel free to break all the Pinatas you want unless your of Mexican ancestry

        1. Um, no? European culture cannot be appropriated because they’re white. You can only appropriate from non-white cultures. Because culture and race are the same thing. Duh.

          1. Also, and let’s be honest, European culture is the only one with stuff that REALLY is worth stealing.

            I’ll give up tacos et al when Mexicans give up television, radios, cars, etc…

            1. Purified water…

            2. I don’t know about that. I happen to really like ethnic food.

    2. You are right, but are that any more ridiculous that green top hats or Pilgrim costumes?

  7. My (anecdotal) understanding.
    Cinco de Mayo was a sort of minor observance in Mexico, but given the gringo propensity for finding an excuse to drink, it was developed here on a grand scale.
    Once it took off, it was ‘imported’ back to Mexico, ’cause, hey, gringos aren’t the only ones looking for a good time.
    So who’s zoomin’ who here?

    1. It would be like Mexico celebrating VE day or Juneteenth.

      1. I’ll drink to that by appropriating a margarita.

      2. What would be the appropriate foods and alcoholic beverages for those holidays? Because… I think I need to add them to my “reasons to eat and drink something different” calendar.

    2. Its like St. Patricks day the Irish have only recently started to observe it since they also like a good excuse to drink

      1. That’s not really true. The Irish don’t really need an excuse to drink.

        1. Interesting fact: Budweiser is the number one selling beer in Ireland. Why? Because it’s an import.

        2. What, didjoo jus decide that I’m drunk? You can’t decide!

      2. Like they need an excuse.

    3. Apparently Benito Juarez made it a holiday in Mexico, but nobody was real enthused about celebrating it.

  8. Consider this example that shows how far the celebration of Cinco de Mayo has come from its original purpose of honoring Mexicans.

    The purpose of Cinco de Mayo was never honoring Mexicans as such.

    Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s Independence(from Spain) Day.

    1. No. It celebrates the defeat of the French army propping up Maximilian as Emperor of Mexico

      1. My understanding is that Mexican immigrants took up the celebrations in a big way, and the non-Mexican population said, “hey, we were just thinking that we needed an excuse to party around that time!”

        1. Actually the other way around.

      1. You just literally linked to what I already said

        1. I opened the Reply field then went looking for a link, and you swooped in.

          1. Good thing you didn’t mention ninjas.

            1. That would be an appropriation of 80s culture.

              1. A lot of the modern Japanese pop culture sense of ninjas comes from the US in the 80s. Our ninjas were more Shaw Brothers than anything Japanese.

                1. Purportedly teenage mutant ninjas eat only pizza so the whole ninja thing is just a swirling abyss of appropriation.

                  1. Adult mutant ninjas also eat ass on a regular basis.

          2. Speaking of which, did you check out the ninja parade in Norfolk on Saturday, X?

            1. No, and that sounds like some hipster nonsense.

              1. Exactly.

              2. Or maybe you were there, and didn’t even notice…

    2. No, Independence Day for Mexico is September 15th. Cinco de Mayo commemorates their unlikely victory over France half a century later.

      1. Grito de Delores is too inside baseball for white liberals to know. You expect them to know about the gardener’s culture?

        1. Only insofar as it presents a useful tool.

      2. Almost. It’s dieciseis de septiembre.

    3. Mexico’s Independence Day is September 16, when in 1810 (some priest whose name I forget) sounded a call to arms which became the Grito de Dolores. Not to be confused with The Mexican Revolution, the one with Pancho Villa, which began in 1910.

  9. The SPLC is trying to marginalize itself, I see. Please keep going.

    I bet their fundraising letters talk about cross-burning Klansmen and swastika-waving neo-Nazis – can you imagine a fundraising letter which tries to pry open donors’ wallets by talking about the menace of Cinqo de Mayo parties?

  10. I ignored Cinco De Mayo this year. How does the SPLC rate that? I’m sure that still makes me some kind of racist.

    1. If some town enacted a ban on Cinco De Mayo celebrations, they would no doubt be called racist. You are a racist no matter what you do.

    2. The first step is to stop resisting. Admit you’re a racist. Then give them money.

      1. Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!

  11. Anyway, shouldn’t the SPLC be more concerned about Cinco de Cuatro?

    1. These last two presidents have loved their Cinco de Mayo gaffes.

    2. Narrator: The holiday started as a particularly vicious response by a young Lucille Bluth to the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo.


      Lucille: We should start our own holiday.

      Narrator: You see the Hispanics of Newport liked Cinco a lot. But high up on Coast Highway, Lucille Bluth did not.

      […] And then Lucille had a horrible thought. A thought that was thoughtless and better to not. “What if” she thought,
      with a sneering grin…

      Lucille: …next year what if the party didn’t even begin?

      Narrator: And so began a holiday on the eve of the fifth of May, originally intended to deplete the party supplies the Cinco de Mayo celebrants were relying upon. Over 30 years, however, it grew and was soon embraced by the Hispanic community ? for financial reasons.

  12. “Mexican culture cannot be reduced to tacos, oversized sombreros and pi?atas.”

    Why not?

    1. Hell, if someone wants to reduce American culture to an eagle driving a pickup truck away from an explosion, i wouldn’t be offended.

      1. Has long as they are celebrating by drinking budweiser, shooting guns and spelling incorrectly to show true affinity then its all good

      2. Well, duh, that sounds awesome. Does the eagle have a mullet though? I kinda feel like the eagle should have a mullet.

        1. While Motley Crue plays in the background.

          1. Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the eagle should be eating a steak.

    2. Is there such a thing as an oversized sombrero? I think they are supposed to be that big.

    3. Because whoever said that forgot tequila.

    4. Because as so many commenters here point out – Mexican culture is also about ass sex and pot and illegals and gangs

  13. The entire concept of “cultural appropriation” is racist and intolerant. It tells people that it is only acceptable to act within strict cultural norms defined by their ethnic identity. It sounds like some crazy shit the Nazis or KKK might advocate. Why can’t these lunatics see this? It’s not even possible to apply in real life because people have a mixed heritage and so many cultures have borrowed from each other. And taken to it’s logical conclusion, it would basically result in segregated cultures and races. But that’s beside the point. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying aspects of many cultures – and it’s none of anybody’s business if you wish to do so.

    Why can’t we just ignore intolerant racist hate groups like the SPLC?

    1. Agree…indeed its far worse than merely racist and intolerant. Its anti-human. Stealing/Borrowing/drawing inspiration from other cultures is what being human is all about, as it amplifies human learning and knowledge. To be against cultural appropriation is to be against all the good stuff we have and ever will have.

      So, its anti-human, and I’ll say it, goddamn evil.


      1. Well said!!

    2. The entire concept of “cultural appropriation” is racist and intolerant. It tells people that it is only acceptable to act within strict cultural norms defined by their ethnic identity.

      It reflects the one-sided nature of modern leftism. They don’t want a mutual exchange, they want a one-way mirror setup that’s soundproofed on their side so they never have to hear or see the dreaded “other”, but forces the other person to look at them while they screech about the anarcho-tyrannic word of the day.

  14. I had some authentic Mexican food from Taco Bell to celebrate the day.

    1. That would only be cultural appropriation if you were Mexican, because Taco Bell is about as Mexican as my left nut!!!

  15. This happens with many large immigrant groups that come to the US (St Patrick’s Day, Columbus Day, Cinco De Mayo, Lunar New Year, etc). In many cases, they are a bigger deal here than in their original countries.

    1. It’s almost as if Americans like to party!

    2. CdM was started by California Mexican-Americans who were there before the US even existed.

      1. September 27, 1821 Mexican independence day. July 4, 1776 US independence day. Before 1821 Mexico was known as New Spain.

    3. This^ It’s part of the process of assimilation. Creating a reason to celebrate the first part of the hyphen so that assimilation doesn’t seem like merely giving up part of oneself (losing identity as immigrant from X) but it becomes more like adding something unique (and meaningless) from a cultural heritage to what becomes an identity as American.

  16. Cultural appropriation is my culture, not your outrage porn, and this is not okay.

    1. I wonder if the cultural appropriation left has ever turned its eyes to the Japanese appropriating Christmas and turning it into a holiday to eat KFC

      1. That’s more American than America.

        1. The Japanese always do America better than America. Well, except for porn.

          1. You know you’ve messed something up when you’re blurring out the genitalia but leaving the tentacles.

            1. The last time Citizen X said this, it was when he ordered the calamari dish at Red Lobster.

          2. What, you’re not into bukkake videos?

            1. Japanese porn is awful.

              1. No money shot?

  17. God, people are such fucking idiots. We’ve become a nation of unfunny scolds and egomaniacal race hustlers.

    1. “We’ve become a nation of unfunny scolds and egomaniacal race hustlers.”
      I’ve always thought this was a good description of Democratics. (I’ve been told there is no Democrat Party. Members of the Republican Party are Republicans & Libertarian members are Libertarians, so …)

  18. Daily headlines, that should be coming from The Onion, are bringing us closer to the convergence of real life and making fun of real life. Personally I can no longer tell the difference.

  19. Cinco de Mayo is an American celebration. It was started by Mexican-Americans in California in the 1860s. It’s American culture.

    1. It’s as American as hamburger.


      1. The invention of the hamburger, ground beef between two slices of bread, is actually quite disputed.

  20. Why does anyone celebrate Cinco De Mayo? It’s not like anyone in Mexico gives a hoot about July 4th.

    1. I sells beer, and margaritas. And tacos, etc.

    2. It’s an economic holiday, for the purpose of selling stuff. See also: Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day, adults taking over Halloween.

    3. Drinking. It’s always about drinking.

    4. It was a military victory Mexican-Americans could grab onto during the Civil War.

    5. its a reason to get off work early and chase the little latinas

  21. Breaking news: Retarded leftists are retarded.

  22. More Reason hogwash to cover their virtue-signaling on behalf of their poor wittle brown-skinned brothers. I don’t recall them objecting when the SPLC tweeted a couple of months ago about how getting stinking drunk and passing out in a pool of your own vomit in the street at 10 in the morning was culturally appropriating the Irish on St. Paddy’s day. See, when the SPLC attacks people for mocking the whitest people, Reason has nothing to say but as soon as you start talking Mexican, Reason‘s all up in it.

    Note: I haven’t actually checked to see if the SPLC did tweet about cultural appropriation on St. Patrick’s Day because if they didn’t, well, that sort of thing’s pretty easy to check up on and not having said a goddamn word about cultural appropriation in any other context would expose them as some pretty fucking huge hypocrites, wouldn’t it?

    1. The thing is white people WANT our culture to be appropriated. In fact we want it so much we literally destroy all other cultures and force ours on them.

      1. The West is the best. Jim Morrison said so.

    2. It’s because you don’t understand what cultural appropriation is supposed to mean. In oppression theology, appropriation from the politically dominant culture doesn’t matter. The point of the dominant culture is to be adopted or whatever; it’s common cultural property “sold” as part of a deal. Minority cultures shouldn’t be appropriated from because it’s “stolen” from people of lesser power, ie they’re exploited.

      It’s all stupid but complaining about St. Patrick’s Day would make you no better than them.

      1. “It’s only cultural appropriation when Whitey does it”

        1. Like the Greek columns on the White House? And the pyramids on the currency?

      2. I always wonder what these people would think about these guys

        “We’ve got a lot of kids dropping out of school and wanting to be Americans, but I say no. They must go to school,” said Africa, leader of the gang in Manenberg since his cousin, the former leader, went to jail for armed robbery.

        “We Americans are educated,” he said, as two fellow Americans nodded in agreement. “If you want to be an American you’ve got to have the facts.”


        SInce American culture is not the politically dominant culture there, these guys are basically monsters.

    3. The Irish are now officially considered to be “white people” for the purposes of identity politics (congrats, Irish people, you’ve finally made it!) As such, no one gives a shit about their culture being appropriated.

  23. It is a Mexican holiday, just not the big one. I think people get the day off, at least in a few states.

    1. I think people get the day off, at least in a few states.

      But enough about Florida.

      1. At least we don’t pray to a statue of Lenin. Say, Seattle has money. Why don’t y’all buy Lenin’s mummy?

  24. Would.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) thinks people in the U.S. who consume tacos and tequila on Cinco de Mayo are enganging in “textbook examples of cultural appropriation.”

    As if we needed any further evidence that the SPLC is a useless organization. My understanding is that they were originally created to provide legal help to help poor southern blacks fight against actual hate groups like the Klan and against racist government policies.

    I guess the fact that they have time to weigh on SJW bullshit like cultural appropriation means that they’ve run out of actual hate groups/ hate crimes to go after, which I suppose is a good thing. Although if that’s the case, I’d prefer it if they’d just go away. I know, keep dreaming.

    1. SPLC is like every other organization. Once it outlives its founding purpose (which was very useful for the SPLC) – it refuses to die and has no limit to its lifespan. So it morphs into something else and becomes a zombie leech. Anything to keep the money coming in and live off past glories.

  25. “Look, I’ll culturally ap…up…propiate whatever I want. Now, ‘s far as I’m concerned, youse guys in Mexico can go celebrate Arbor Day or some shit and I won’t mind, but keep your hands off of my (hic!) respectful and culturally-sensitive cel’bration of Drinco, uh, Cinco de Mayo.”

  26. “Cultural Appropriation”

    Fuck Off, Marxists.

    1. to be sure…

      Some examples of what is commonly called cultural appropriation?but would be better described as cultural mockery?are indeed mean-spirited, offensive, and reflecting of real prejudice.

      Of course Robbie doesn’t link to any iof those “to be sure” examples of the problematic cultural approporiation all woke people know is everywhere.

      1. I say the hell with it. People don’t care about offending me, so why worry about offending them? I respect and avoid reasonable offenses, but that’s my choice, not some batshit insane fascist wannabes’.

      2. Would this count?

  27. Doing so can, knowingly or unknowingly, deny the authenticity of that culture

    Remember, kids: EVERYTHING is a zero-sum game.

  28. So, the Left feels it is wrong to learn anything from other cultures.

    Well, the Nazis are kindred spirits…

    Funny, blue jeans are a sign of cultural IMPERIALISM, but wearing a sombrero is cultural APPROPRIATION. Funny how only white folks cannot have their cultural appropriated.

    Mexican culture cannot be reduced to tacos, oversized sombreros and pi?atas.

    …yet SPLC is doing that.

    1. “It’s only cultural appropriation when Whitey does it”

  29. Stupid organization is stupid.

  30. It absolutely is cultural appropriation, and it’s stupidly offensive. Not eating tacos or whatever nonsense Robby is trying to spin it as. But rather, dbags who yell “aye yi yi” and start dancing like numbskulls while playing La Cucaracha while wearing sombreros and ponchos. That’s literally what I saw the dorkiest DJ ever doing at an event I went to Saturday. If this dickhead probably wore black face on MLK day and made fun of jews on Passover he’d get raked over the coals. I get why people are pissed off at the caricatures that people make of mexicans.

    1. Holy frijoles!

      1. ay caramba!

        1. People need to chill. Have another drink and groove to Despacito.

    2. I know – its fucking horrible when people play up stereotypes for humor.

      1. OMG that was the greatest movie ever! I laughed until most of my brain cells fell out!

        (It’s OK, they tell me I have enough brain cells left to post on blogs)

  31. If it is cultural appropriation when white people eat tacos, then it’s gender appropriation when a man dresses in drag.

    1. Or a woman wears pants.

      1. “It’s only gender appropriation when men do it”

    2. That’s what the TERFs say

  32. I think as cultures intermingle we may have to come to terms with (positive) instances of cultural appropriation being natural and unstoppable. By we I mean the entire human species. Colonizing and stereotyping to keep a people marginalized is bad. Taking aspects of their culture and turning it into a harmless bit of fun? One might argue that this is how cultures integrate and evolve in the first place. We didn’t each appear independent from nothing. Maybe Cinco de Mayo is the holiday version of Tex-Mex food. Not authentic, but something new. Leave authenticity to anthropologists and hipsters. Taco Bell for normal people who are stoned.

    1. Who are you and what did you do with our Tony? lol.

    2. “I think as cultures intermingle we may have to come to terms with (positive) instances of cultural appropriation being natural and unstoppable. By we I mean the entire human species.”

      Humans came to terms with this about 5000 years ago. It only became a problem when a retard virus struck about 10 years ago.

  33. The SPLC can go jump in a lake. Culture cannot be “appropriated” because it cannot be owned in the first place.

    By their own definitions, SPLC ought to list themselves as a hate group.

  34. SPLC is a hate group, isn’t it?

    1. Yes. The SPLC and the ADL are the two best funded hate groups in America.

  35. “Textbook cultural appropriation”

    Sadly, probably not a figure of speech. I’m sure there is a chapter devoted to the evils of casual sombrero wearing in the cultural appropriation textbook

  36. Japan has culturally appropriated Christmas and so many other holidays in the most awesome ways possible. Christmas here is fantastic, the Japanese loves events and they put huge light shows on everywhere.

    Is anyone Christian or have any idea what Christmas is there for? Hell no. They just like to give gifts, see lights, and drink. And Japan is better for it, glad they do not have a bunch of whiny asses in Japan like we do in the States.

    1. Japan has also culturally appropriated European-style naval uniforms for high school uniforms (the gakuran), tempura from the Portugese, and heck even many of its kanji from the Chinese.

    2. And Americans (and least a small number of us) love to culturally appropriate Japanese anime and manga. Oddly enough, the appropriation of even that goes both ways!

  37. God dumb, but it is the SPLC

  38. Man don’t they have real issues to look at ? Jesus.

  39. How about all those white “Blues musicians” culturally appropriating Black music? Time for the likes of Susan Tedeschi and Eric Clapton to pay reparations. Just sayin’. And another thing. How about all these Mexican cooks in the local Chinese restaurants? I can’t get a decent egg roll that doesn’t taste like a Chimichanga. This diversity thing is insane.

  40. Robby, even you are smart enough to ignore the rantings of the SPLC.

  41. I go to Taco Bell every May 5th.

  42. So if we’re not allowed to culturally appropriate, what’s the point of diversity again? And shouldn’t all these diverse people stop culturally appropriating all my white culture?

  43. Wait! — I thought the U.S. was “the great melting pot” of people and cultures from all over the world. Cultural appropriation is what we do. People bring their native traditions with them and over time Americans adopt those they like, enjoy or honor. We frequently “appropriate” the foods of other cultures and blend them with American ones or add our own variations. Clothing, too, gets appropriated. Ever wear a poncho? Clint Eastwood wore a gab?n in his early westerns and no one squawked. Cultural appropriation? It’s what our melting pot does.

    1. Amen to this! And we even have the habit of taking obscure holidays from other countries, make them big holidays here, to the point that they are exported to the original countries.

      We did it with St. Patrick’s Day, and it’s clear we are doing it to Cinco de Mayo!

  44. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) thinks people in the U.S. who consume tacos and tequila on Cinco de Mayo are enganging in “textbook examples of cultural appropriation.”

    Need some clarification from these guys.

    1. Is it still appropriation if I eat and drink this stuff on 5MAY if I normally eat it on other days of the year also? Or is it only appropriation when I eat them on the 5th?

    2. What if they’re tacos made by real Mexicans?

    3. What if there’s, like, literally, nothing else open – something like 80% of the restaurants in my town (not that there are a lot of them) are Mexican restaurants. And the ones that aren’t Mexican *still serve Mexican food* along with their other menu. I have a Chinese restaurant here, owned and run by Mexicans, that still serves regular old tacos.

    4. Is it cultural appropriation for Mexicans to own and run a Chinese restaurant?

    5. Why are you harping on diversity, which is supposed to provide *obvious benefits* due to having people with differing cultural skillsets bringing their unique approaches to the table, when no one is allowed to use those unique cultural skillsets to do anything? What’s the point of going through the effort to get an Indian programmer if I have to tell him ‘sorry Nardo, you’ve got some great ideas, but it would be cultural appropriation for us to use any of them in the product’?

  45. We should establish the first Saturday in May as cultural appropriation day. Everybody dresses up in the most offensive caricature of whatever culture they want to offend.

    It will be fun!

  46. I’ve always said that too many people think it’s the Mexican independence day, which it isn’t (Sept. 16), but I have to wonder if the SPLC would rather have white Americans stay away from the Mexican restaurants on May 5 from now on. Somehow, I doubt it.

  47. “Mexican culture cannot be reduced to tacos, oversized sombreros and pi?atas.”

    Of course not, I remember as a kid my parents got me those cool Mexican jumping beans, have those been banned yet?

    1. Oh, and Speedy Gonzalez.

      Actually, since I am an “Anglo” and was too young to realize that those cartoons were targeted, in a way, at my kind, perhaps I should seek some kind of reparations.

  48. I am so tired of this stupid shit.

  49. I can think of countless Mexican owned and operated Mexican restaurants that should be targeted by the White Knights of the Southern Poverty Law Center for feeding tons of beans, cheese, and corn chips to obese WASPs.

  50. Cinco de Mayo, as observed in this country, is arguably an American holiday not unlike Kwanza. In Mexico Cinco de Mayo is somewhere between Valentine’s day and Columbus day in terms of national importance.

    So how in hell are we “culturally appropriating” our own holiday? Do we accuse Mexican Americans of appropriating our holiday when they wolf down hot dogs and light up the streets with fireworks during fourth of July? The cheese sauce drenched nachos and fusion tacos that make the rounds in Cinco de Mayo are all Latin inspired American concoctions.

    The SPLC should stay away from anime or cosplay conventions. They might suffer a massive heart attack.

  51. I would like to point out as a pasty skinned guero that the “oversized” Sombrero is a godsend to any peon under a Mexican sun

  52. Cultural appropriation is not a glitch of American life. It’s a feature. It’s part of what makes the country great. We take your culture, we get rid of the oppression, the mass murder, the slavery, the intransigent poverty and the endless internecine wars. We keep the pasta and the funny hats, and occasionally we dress up as you on Halloween. It’s a good deal for everyone.
    People who get angry about pretty girls wearing pretty dresses have lost the plot of life. Same with people who get angry about comedians making jokes, silly characters in television cartoons and rap stars who disagree with their politics. These are not bad things. They are good things. They are what real diversity looks like: people of different colors from different places living together as one nation, disagreeing with one another, making fun of each other, stealing fashion ideas from one another, eating each other’s food, marrying each other and celebrating that out of many lesser cultures we are making one new culture, free and prosperous, powerful and great.
    Does that bother you? Guess what: you’re an idiot.

  53. I demand all African Americans quit playing basketball, they are culturally appropriating a game invented by white people.

  54. Is speaking English cultural appropriation?

  55. No white musicians should be allowed to play blues. Or jazz.

    1. No gunpowder for any armies that are not Chinese. No pasta if not Chinese either, that thief Marco Polo culturally appropriated those things from China. Oh, and the Italians can’t have tomato sauce either, as you know tomatoes are a “new world” food. Also no potatoes for the Irish, another new world food. I could keep going (but won’t) as stupidity has no limits.

  56. All the CdM celebrations around here are … at Mexican restaurants.

    Run and owned by … Mexicans.

    I’m sure they’d be thrilled if all the white people listened to SPLC and stayed home that day, “for their culture”.

    Which is their culture, not the SPLC’s.

    (Why do people ever still listen to the SPLC on anything?)

  57. Ford motor vehicles being built in Mexico is cultural misappropriation.

  58. The SPLC is nothing more than a punchline at this point, as they have morphed into little more than a political organization that smears it’s ideological enemies.

    That’s particularly unfortunate, because they have squandered the opportunity to be a credible tool for learning about extremism.

    The SPLC needs a reason to exist, therefore, like the K-9 police dog trainer who will “have to kill” those dogs if weed is legal, they will go to any lengths outside reason and logic.

  59. SPLC can burn in Hell.

  60. Europeans ‘appropriating’ European culture.

    Spain is in Europe. ‘Cinco De Mayo’ is Spanish. As are sombreros, pi?atas and most of the rest of “Mexican” culture.

    People seem to forget that Spain is to Mexico as England is to America. There are bits of native culture scattered through it, but they’re just like the bits of native culture scattered through the US.

    Sorry. You lose.

  61. The SPLC is a leftist, partisan organization. It is sad to see what was once a noble organization has devolved into today. In addition, the entire concept of culture appropriation is BS and another example of the ignorance of the radical left. NEWSFLASH, not every person with a Spanish surname is brown. Latinos come in all colors. Hispanic (a term invented by the US government) is an ETHNICITY, not a race. If you want to get technical, then only people who should celebrate Cinco de Mayo as a cultural event are those of us of MEXICAN descent. Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday celebrating Mexican independence from France. I am sick of people on the left telling me what I can say, think and do when in truth they have no idea about the subject they are discussing. Oh for the record, I am of Mexican descent (3rd generation Texan) and I have white skin, just like many of those on Spanish TV.

    1. They were never a noble organization. Look at their founders.

  62. I noticed a phenomenon in high school. I called it, “Any excuse to cut class.” I suppose “Any excuse to drink beer,” is similar.

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