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Anti-Sex Work Crusaders Now Coming for Legal Prostitution in Nevada

"Of course the voices of actual sex workers are nowhere to be found," says brothel worker and PhD student Christina Parreira.


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Throughout the United States there are only a handful of counties—all in Nevada—where prostitution is legal in licensed brothels. Now crusaders in two of these counties are trying to change this, with a campaign to put a brothel ban on the ballot this November.

There are currently around 22 active, legal brothels in Nevada, dispersed among seven counties. Anti-prostitution activists are targeting brothels in Lyon County—home to the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, The Love Ranch, the Sagebrush Ranch, and the Kit Kat Guest Ranch—and Nye County. Nye is headquarters to five legal brothels, including three owned by Dennis Hof, who is currently challenging state Assemblyman James Oscarson in the Republican primary.

"Prostitution is not going away, and you either put it in the hands of the professionals like liquor, marijuana and gaming, or you have it in the hands of the criminals," Hof tells The Nevada Independent, noting that his businesses are the largest single source of tax revenue for the county.

But in early April, four Lyon County residents filed a brothel-banning petition with local authorities. It needs 3,350 signatures by June 15th to move forward. If that happens, the Lyon County Commission will vote on the ban and, if it fails to pass the county commission, it will be posed to Lyon County voters at large on fall ballots.

The petition in Nye needs just 1,963 signatures to get on a November ballot initiative.

Both the Nye petitioners and those in Lyon County are working with lawyer Jason Guinasso and activist Kimberly Mull of the "No Little Girl" campaign, funded through something called the End Trafficking and Prostitution Political Action Committee. Guinasso, a resident of Reno, has been practicing law in Nevada since 2003 and made a failed bid for the state assembly in 2016. He has said that similar anti-brothel campaigns could be coming in Nevada's Lander and Storey counties.

No Little Girl asserts that all paid sex constitutes violence against women. The women working at Nevada's brothels tend to disagree.

On the No Little Girl website, "they grossly proclaim that 'no little girl grows up wanting to be a prostitute,'" Christina Parreira, a sex worker and Ph.D student, tells me in an email. "Of course the voices of actual sex workers are nowhere to be found."

Since Lyon County officially legalized brothels four decades ago, it's "proven to be a time-tested and remarkably successful social experiment," writes Parreira on the Bunny Ranch blog. The groups cites studies of brothel ills that have been debunked or have "nothing to do with legal prostitution," she adds. And "the handful of individuals that submitted the petition represent faith-based organizations" who seem more interested in a pushing their specific sexual mores on others than in looking out for the safety of women who choose to work in Nevada brothels.

"As a licensed prostitute and PhD student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, I can tell you that what I want is to continue to have the freedom to choose to work in a safe environment, where I can practice a trade that I love, lawfully and prosperously," continues Parreira. "Sex work is definitely not my last resort or my only option—it is my choice. I'd like to continue to have the opportunity to make that choice legally."

Nova Sky, who works at Lyon County's Kit Kat Ranch, tells that the anti-brothel group is "framing this as a question of the safety of women, but we're very safe."

"We don't have any of those fears that someone working on the streets would have," Amelia Heart, another Kit Kat Ranch worker, tells the TV station.

Ruby Rae started working in one of Hof's brothels seven years ago, when she was 20. "Since starting my career as a legal prostitute in Nevada, I can truthfully say it was one of the best decisions I have made," she writes in The Nevada Independent. Some clients have become "good friends," and Rae has been able to pay her way through college while also helping care for her grandfather with dementia. She is currently pursing a master's degree.

"When I heard about the petition that is being started by No Little Girl to put an end to the Lyon County brothels, I was angry, saddened and confused," writes Rae. "Not only is this group trying to take away my livelihood, success and freedom, but also they are trying to take that away from the hundreds of women I work with and the hundreds of staff that these four brothels employ."

Shutting down the brothels "would be a huge step back for me personally in terms of my career," Alice Little, who works at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, tells a local ABC affiliate. Sex workers, she says, "are going to fight tooth and nail" against this.

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  1. No Little Girl asserts that all paid sex constitutes violence against women.

    Those of us who have been paying attention knew this was coming.

    1. …this was coming.

      But only if no money changed hands and enthusiastic and continuous affirmative consent was obtained beforehand.

      1. Why is it illegal to do what is not illegal (adult consensual sex) if you charge money?

        1. There are some other activities that are illegal if you charge someone money to do it when and where they want you to do it..

          Voting, for example.

          1. Selling an organ is another example, not even in the fun way.

      2. Actually, this is an area where women simply can’t give affirmative consent. It illustrates that women really don’t have agency, and truthfully need Big Government to tell them how to live the poor little dears.


    2. “Those of us”who have been paying”

  2. Where is John to blame Democrats for this?

    1. Do we need John to point out that the one group that has done more to *reverse* the gains sex workers have made towards legitimacy have been Democratic supporters in the form of SJW’s and feminists fighting ‘sex trafficking’ while deliberately conflating legitimate, no shit, voluntary sex work with trafficking in an attempt to bolster the numbers of the ‘problem’ when people started pointing out that their original figures didn’t actually add up to a national emergency?

      1. The Christian Taliban GOP has been far worse.

        1. I dunno. Nevada has been historically a deep red Mormony state, until Las Vegas became family friendly and a whole bunch of east coast affluent liberals moved in. It’s still a deep red Mormony state, but Las Vegas gets to hand pick the statewide election results because of population.

          I mean seriously. You can almost see the color filters kick in as you cross the border at Tahoe. That is, while you stand in line to get out of California. It’s really starting clog up at the border.

        2. Neither is for sex work or prostitution, which is the biggest problem. There’s not that much daylight between the parties, but they still air grievances and pretend it’s a stark choice between two modes of governance. Yet one thing they can all agree on is that prostitution is no virtue. I suppose it’s remarkable it’s taken this long for the battering ram to arrive at the citadel.

        3. “The Christian Taliban GOP has been far worse.”

          Make up a lie when you don’t have any facts. Turd’s way.

        4. Hmmm, the Christian Taliban, you say? You mean the people who preach for you and would like you to stop using murder as family planning? How many heads have they lopped off?

        5. Hey fuckhead, I’m getting tired of your bigotry. The taliban murders people. When they ruled Afghanistan, the soccer stadiums were used for public executions of infidels. Women were prohibited from being in public without a male relative. Little girls were banned from going to school.
          I’ve no use for bible thumpers, but to equate the Republican party with the taliban is vile even by your standards.

          1. No, the GOP, in toto, is not a parallel. But elements of the GOP are or would be close proximates, if allowed. Don’t let party loyalty blind you.
            If you decide that you’d rather have them (and their votes) in your group, than not have them, then you choose to accept the tar being brushed on you and lose the ability to declaim your differences.

            1. Jesus, you are an idiot.

              1. Yet your comment next to mine makes me look smarter.

            2. The far right is not the large part of the Republican party.

            3. Neither the GOP or the Christian faith are, in toto, a parallel. Neither are close proximates, in toto. And the level of granularity one has to achieve to find Christian individuals or Christian groups whose aims mimic those of the Taliban renders the whole exercise ridiculous. So few people have no influence and are far more likely to serve as a punchline than as an actual threat.

              On the flip side, the SJW Taliban is filled with wide swathes of population who rail against trafficking, the abuse of women, the objectification of women and endless women’s issues. They work as closely as possible with temporal authority to get their beliefs enacted into law–and dissent punished as stringently as possible.

        6. “The Christian Taliban GOP has been far worse”

          Bullshit deflecting; either participate in a discussion like an adult or go suck tit, if you can afford to pay for it.

        7. PB, you and your commie friends are to blame for pretty much everything dark and evil in the world.

      2. It’s a bootleggers and Baptists situation. SJWs don’t want sex workers to work for profit, and church folks don’t want them to have sex outside of marriage. Neither side wants men to get laid.

      1. She seems like a pretty badly damaged human being.

          1. “Education is the civil rights issue of our time.” – Adam Laxalt

            Has no one told him the civil rights movement hasn’t ended yet bc his party still refuses to treat everyone as equal? Education is the top priority but black men are being shot with cell phones & skittles in hand?


            I don’t know if you can criticize a guy talking about civil rights issues by saying he thinks the civil rights movement is over.

      2. John says everything is Democrats fault. The Iraq War is Hillary Clinton’s fault for voting for the AUMF. The PATRIOT Act is Obama’s fault for renewing part of it. Medicare Welfare Part D is Democrats fault for not stopping Bush and so on.

        1. Some of the things that are solely Democrat’s fault.



          1. Bush set the match to the Middle East and Mitt Romney came up with Obamacare.

            1. Which proves that their are no difference between Democrats and Republicans.

              1. Correct – both parties suck.

                Which makes the H&R “libertarians” fealty to the GOP so perplexing.

                I know they hate me because I escaped the GOP Plantation.

                GIT HIM! HE’S EXCAPING!

                1. The GOP, while noxious, has some good members in the House and Senate. They talk a good game about small government. They are mostly harmless, as even when they control all three branches they can’t fucking get anything done.

                  The Democrats are dangerous, they work together to make everything worse for everyone. Coastal morons go full hog on their bullshit. Cleaving to anything that slows them down is useful for liberty. That’s where we’re at right now.

                  1. Thats a great comment. I might have to steal it and make it my own

                  2. “They talk a good game about small government.”

                    Yet, oddly, when they actually run the government, it gets bigger.

            2. Oh bullshit. Just because MA passed some commie state legislation has nothing to do with what your traitor pals did to the country Tony.

            3. No, Afghanistan caused the match to set in the Middle East.

          2. “Benghazi” (solely Democrats’ fault)

            Really? No blame at all for the terrorists who carried out the attack?

            1. Gosh, according to Hilary it was just a spontaneous de onstrstion. It’s not like the vile cunt is a liar or anything.

        2. You don’t get to bitch about the Patriot Act while supporting the people that helped keep it alive when they had the fucking power to kill it. And if memory serves, there weren’t too many Dems in the House or Senate who voted “no” the first time around.

          So guess what, the Democrats do own the Patriot Act (at least as much as the fucktarded GOP).

          1. I don’t support Democrats.

            I did support Obama for working to reduce the deficit (undone by the Dotard) and having a sane “Don’t Do Stupid Shit’ anti Iraq War policy.

            1. No, your incessant fellation of Dems is just a coincidence.

            2. You’re stil on Team Blue, turd.

            3. You’re a laugh riot shriek.

              It’s easy to lower the deficit when you spend nearly 3TT in deficits your first three years. It’s even easier when the House forces Sequestration.

              And I suppose you slept through the “Let’s do more stupid shit” bomb Libya, Yemen, and double down on Afghanistan policies.

            4. Hey everyone, help me out here. Let’s make a list of things PB DOES support.

        3. “John says everything is Democrats fault.”

          If true, this of course doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s not as if there are no leftists out there blaming everything under the sun on the right.

      3. Yeah, buttplug prolly shouldn’t have stuck his schtick into this one……..

      4. Looks like John wants to meet her for coffee.

    2. FOSTA passed with massive bipartisan support. Being shitty on prostitution laws is the national pastime.

      1. That’s what happens when you let your country get founded by Puritans.

        1. Amd let it be run by marxists who are driven to enslave humanity.

      2. The War on Drugs coming to an end.

        The War on Sex is getting pretty hot and heavy.

        1. The War on D?r?u?g?s? Cannabis coming to an end……maybe.

          Lets wait till the reformers put together a bill that can get passed Pete Sessions in the House before we even say its coming to an end.

          “The War on Sex is getting pretty hot and heavy”

          Completely agreed there.

          1. As someone who remembers Ed Meese, I have to laugh at your “War on Sex”.

    3. Where is John to blame Democrats for this?

      He’s too busy nailing your mom for a buck fifty.

      1. I’d buy that for a dollar!

      2. That is not true. Shreeks mom only works for bottles of cheap Scotch.

        1. Wait, what would she need empty bottles of Scotch for? Oh…..

          1. It’s important to be thrifty in what you use to stimulate Shreeks mom’s prostate.

      3. Man, shreek’s mom has really gone up in price. Must be all the niche fetishes she can now cater to.

        1. She listened to her idiot son’s financial advice so she’s fallen on hard times. Had to raise prices. That and, like you said, the fetishes.

    4. Democrats and republicans are working together to purify America’s sins together for different reasons.

  3. Since Lyon County officially legalized brothels four decades ago, it’s “proven to be a time-tested and remarkably successful social experiment,”

    Exactly why it needs to go.

    If you run a lobbying group based on the idea that all sex work is violent and exploitative, you want to get rid of any counter-examples. Otherwise people might notice you’re bullshitting them.

  4. So start your own brothel.

  5. More like PhDD, amirite?

    1. I am sure she has more than two Ds to her name.

  6. his businesses are the largest single source of tax revenue for the county

    I think we all know this means that the ban petition isn’t going anywhere.

    1. Yeeeep. Pretty much this.

    1. All you need is legal tender and you can, brah.

      1. Just a short hop, skip, and a hump away for me to Wells!

  7. This is one of the hypocrisies of our society, like drugs

    The last 3 presidents indulged in drugs and never suffered for it. Yet how many are in jail or fined because of the same thing?

    Our current president (and probably not a few previous ones) has clearly paid for sex with porn stars, yet again, how many are in jail or fined for the same behavior?

    1. The last 3 presidents indulged in drugs and never suffered for it.

      3 of the last 4, right? Or does a teetotaler on propecia count?

  8. ‘no little girl grows up wanting to be a prostitute,’

    No little girl grows up wanting to be an assistant manager at JoAnn Fabrics, either. But if you find something you’re good at, something you enjoy doing that people will pay you money for, you’re doing better than a lot of people.

    1. Or even if you hate it, maybe it is the best option available?

      1. Yes, this applies to so many things we do, and not just jobs. Marriages are the same; house or apartment; buying a car, clothes, dishes, microwave.

        Everything is a trade off. Very little of the choices we make are 100% purely voluntary.

        Every job is some kind of prostitution. No one is hired independently of what our bodies and minds offer in trade for money, other than nepotism, and even then, the employees are expected to do something.

    2. And I’ll bet some little girls out there do indeed dream of being a prostitute of some sort or another.

      1. Why not do a survey? I’ll get your bail fund ready.

      2. “And I’ll bet some little girls out there do indeed dream of being a prostitute of some sort or another.”

        I know at least three actually. Or at least three who told me so in addition to the ones with whom this subject has never come up. One 45 year old privileged white woman gave me her copy of Adams’ book Maia about an underage woman sold into sex work by her mother which she read at about the age of 12, another very privileged and from a very rich family white woman told me she couldn’t wait until she was18 to become a sex worker and a third indy sex worker told me she started turning tricks at 13 for fun.

        Yes, some girls *do* grow up wanting to be sex workers!

  9. It never ceases to amaze me how small groups of people and/or some dumbass lawyer launch crusades like this based not on reality, but the nightmare scenarios imagined inside their own heads.

    1. It’s based on the ability to extort money from tax payers or the brothels or for some other self-benefit, I would guess.

      1. In this case though, it seems more like just plain ol’ petty tyranny. “I don’t approve of X, therefore X must be banned!!!”

        1. They see the writing on the wall; that writing is the bipartisan passage of SESTA-FOSTA.

          The way they see it, the iron is hot on the anvil and it’s time to strike.

          1. Very true…..unfortunately.

    2. The technology exists to put this lawyer and his New Temperance Committee into their very own porn flick.

      – Certified Character Assassin

      1. You know, that would be absolutely hilarious if someone did that to them.

  10. “no little girl grows up wanting to be a prostitute”
    Really? There seems to be no shortage of women running in the local primaries who want to whore themselves out to the voters.

  11. no little girl grows up wanting to be a prostitute

    No little boy grows up wanting to be a middle-aged, white-collar worker with a bitch of an ex-wife, paying most of what he earns for child support for kids the bitch ex-wife moved 500 miles away.* Maybe we should outlaw all that, too.

    *No, that’s not autobiographical.

    1. That is the H&R commentor MO (or will be)

    2. Yeah, funny how the market takes such a hatchet to hopes and dreams. But I guess we really don’t need that many astronauts and ballerinas.

      1. But the state always needs more zekes. And the camps offer a life of hard work, clean living and re education. Right tony?

        1. What part of the business cycle are we talking? Because it beats starvation.

          1. You mean the money supply cycle? Ban fractional reserve “banking” and the problem fixes itself.

      2. Well, since the U.S. space program basically died with our last shuttle…it is somewhat true that we probably need, at tops, a dozen astronauts and most of what they do is get paid to not go into space.

      3. Tony, the market is good, and your government is evil. Like you.

    3. Don’t even KNOW where this subthread is going but I LIKE IT!

      1. This subthread is LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!

  12. Why does she need a license? It seems to me that her normal duties are low-risk and that her high-risk duties are intentionally so.

    I’m all for occupational licensing reform for prostitutes.

  13. No! No goddamn it. FUCK OFF YOU STATIST CUNTS.


    More of that cultural diversity reason loves so much. I bet they could have used their slave to run a delicious food truck.

    1. Look, I don’t see what’s so hard to understand. If slavery is a part of a minority culture, than slavery is good in terms of that culture. Unless the slave is an even bigger minority, anyway. If they are, we’ll gladly buy that slave (purely to free them into a welfare Section 8 project where they’ll be bussed to voting stations, of course) and replace them with a white person so they can pay down their ~500 year evil differential.

      ~Honest Progressive

  15. Hof tells The Nevada Independent, noting that his businesses are the largest single source of tax revenue for the county.

    Women have been reducing others’ taxes by taking their clothes off ever since the days of Lady Godiva.

  16. If you want some fun schadenfreude, Google her relationship with women’s study professor Hugo Schwyzer.

    1. Didn’t he turn out to be a wife beater? Or is that someone else?

      And she is adorable. I hate that tattoo on her shoulder but otherwise, she is lovely.

      1. Schwyzer became the subject of controversy when he voluntarily disclosed to school administration and the general public his many affairs with his young female college students.[18] In several blog posts and interviews, Schwyzer further admitted to an ongoing problem with alcohol and drug abuse, a decades-long struggle with borderline personality disorder and bipolar depression, and a violent murder-suicide attempt with his ex-girlfriend while both were under the influence of narcotics in the summer of 1998.

        That’s like… 15 MegaWeinsteins of #MeToo.

      2. Oh jesus, what a fuckwad.

        In the media, Schwyzer indicated that he would resign and leave quietly if the college allowed him to remain on salary until the end of the year, at which time health benefits and disability retirement would have commenced. The college denied this request. On October 8, 2013, Schwyzer resigned and the college investigation closed.

        Sooo… his other choice was to… leave noisily?

      3. In 2016, Schwyzer began writing again on the self-publishing site Medium. His posts focused on stories about his children and his romantic adventures, including a series called “Dating While Dad.” On April 19, 2017, he posted a piece in the Medium publication Bullshitlst once again detailing additional experiences sleeping with his female students.


  17. Wouldn’t.

    1. The smile is a little off-putting, I’ll admit.

      1. It says ‘Yes, I bite.’

  18. And “the handful of individuals that submitted the petition represent faith-based organizations” who seem more interested in a pushing their specific sexual mores on others than in looking out for the safety of women who choose to work in Nevada brothels.

    ::shocked face::

  19. So they’re work crusaders who’re anti-sex? Or did you mean anti-sex-work crusaders?


  20. no little girl grows up wanting to be a prostitute

    “If you’re good when you grow up, you’ll get one. And if you’re *very* good, you’ll get a lot!”

  21. Go ahead, try to fuck the Kingdom of Nye, but don’t come bitching when Art Bell returns from the cosmos with a fleet of grey aliens to smack your stupid prostitute hating selves upside your puny heads.

  22. If she thinks she has chosen to be a prostitute, it’s obvious she’s suffering from false consciousness imposed by the patriarchal power structure, and needs to be saved from her choice and re-educated. Obviously she took too few mandatory Women’s Studies classes as an undergrad.

    1. There is some sarcasm in there, Rev! I knew you could do it.

      1. But is this the rev or his doppelganger?

        1. Doppelg?nger.

  23. We’re happy working legally and #NoLittleGirl is just another misguided anti-#Liberty crusade that won’t accomplish anything but suffering and unemployment if it succeeds.

    1. Because I distrust the government, I don’t like the idea of a War on Prostitution – too much room for abuse, to put it mildly.

      Thus, I hope the vice crusaders fail and you don’t get shut down.

      But, to take one issue at random, doesn’t your work entail helping husbands cheat on their wives?

      I’m not really an expert on your job, so I could always be wrong.

      1. 1. Not all the customers are married
        2. Not all the customers are men
        3. Some of the customers are married couples

        1. I don’t think I denied any of these propositions.

          1. Maybe I could say “doesn’t your work entail, *in part,*” etc. That should work.

            1. And if it did, so what?

              1. Put another way: Why should anyone selling sex be in the least bit interested in the marital status of a client?

                1. Doesn’t running a restaurant enable married men to eat food that wasn’t prepared by their wives?

                  1. Have they added a “forsaking all non-home-cooked-meals” clause to the marriage vows?

                    1. Considering that less than 50% of people who get married stay married, I think the time is long long past when freaking out about the sanctity of marriage meant a single god damn thing, buddy.

                      Welcome to the transformation of a religious rite into a simple civil contact.

                      And the gay marriage issue successfully sent a torpedo right through the middle of the ‘but the kids‘ angle too.

                    2. “buddy”

                      I’m not your buddy, friend!

                      “And the gay marriage issue successfully sent a torpedo right through the middle of the ‘but the kids’ angle too.”

                      Oh, *now* you tell us!

                      Because we used to be told constantly that gay marriage didn’t in the least threaten the connection between marriage and having children.

                    3. “Considering that less than 50% of people who get married stay married, I think the time is long long past when freaking out about the sanctity of marriage meant a single god damn thing, buddy.”

                      Wow, with that attitude, I wonder why?

                2. It is an interesting issue.

                  Just thinking about marriage and how this issue of legal prostitution would affect that.

                  By vast majority of cases marital cheating by both men and women is the regular kind, an affair which is much more damaging to marriage. It becomes emotional.

                  A prostitute doesn’t want any of that. It is a simple exchange of sex for money. A strip bar is the soft core version. What happens in the champagne room stays there.

                  Look, anyone who wants to cheat can find it.

                  I do not think these brothels, as if that is new, are a problem for the institution of marriage.

                  What does the state have to do with enforcement of marriage to begin with? Nothing. Fix the potholes on highway 23.

      2. It sure does. As does the work of hotel clerks, cell phone companies, dating sites, bartenders, the Porsche motor company, waiters, liquor store owners, cement contractors, seamsters and tailors, florists, and on and on.

        If you’re looking for someone to blame for husbands cheating on wives, try blaming the husbands.

        1. By all means blame the husbands, and blaming the husbands includes refusing to assist them in their wayward activities.

          Which is not the same as assuming that every customer is using a product or service for bad purposes…there’s nothing wrong with assuming the best of one’s customers.

          1. In any case, if you want to limit the government and not allow vice raids and the associated abuses, you’ll need allies who perhaps don’t like the vice in question but distrust the government in its self-proclaimed anti-vice role.

            Anyone can advocate legalizing behavior they consider harmless or useful…even a socialist can do that.

            Resisting the big-government vice crusaders requires some people who need assurance that they can oppose the crusaders without giving the underlying vices a seal of approval.

          2. Also, we better make all the women wear a burka to make sure that men can’t be tempted, amiright?

            Everyone knows a man can’t just fuck a woman, he has to buy the privilege, right?

            I think your concern trolling is…misplaced.

            1. You’re going to need arguments which are persuasive to people who aren’t fully cool with prostitution.

              Are you going to divide the world into statists who crusade against every vice, and people who don’t mind vice at all?

              Then libertarians would truly be libertines.

  24. Puritans ruin everything.

  25. Which brothel does Parreira work at? Asking for a friend

  26. Prostitution is a much more respectable endeavor than “PhD student”.

    1. “Prostitution is a much more respectable endeavor than “PhD student”.

      I’m not about to claim those who want to sell sex are not respectable, but, as always, you blow it.
      Care to tell us why those studying for a math doctorate are less respectable?

  27. The organizers of “No Little Girl” obviously are not acquainted with the work of Velvet Jones.

  28. BTW, Reason, your web site jumps up and down on opening it, which leads to clicking on an ad for which I have no interest.
    Now, this might be a result of paying the employees too generously to afford a server-vendor which is fast enough to prevent that, or it might be by design in the hopes of gaining income from the false-positive clicks, leaving those who did so with a flood of ads for which we have no interest.
    My contribution for 2017 was very easy to make: $0.00, down from 4-digits. Keep it up, Welsh; I hope your new sugar-daddy covers all the numbers you used to get from hoi poloi.

  29. “no little girl grows up wanting to be a prostitute,'”

    And no little boy grows up wanting to be an asshole, and yet here you are…

    1. Actually one sex worker told me she couldn’t wait until she turned 18 so she could do what she wanted to do with her life.

    2. I’ll bet Tony grew up dreaming of becoming a sloppy bottom.

  30. Thank You Elizabeth for telling ti like it is. A sex worker once told me these abolitionists are an “unholy alliance” between radical feminism and fundamentalist religious right.

    1. Sounds like two assholes of a different stripe.

  31. Also, also I don’t think sex work has actually been controversial until modern times.

    In the middle ages, higher ups in churches sometimes literally owned brothels. Before that, in Babylonian times, prostitution itself was considered sacred.

    In between, no one really cared.

    It’s just in modern times, it’s been outlawed and denormalized, like other vices – alcohol, drugs

  32. “Of course the voices of actual sex workers are nowhere to be found.”

    Obviously, anybody who disagree must be self-hating and brain-washed by the patriarchy. How is that even a question? Are you not familiar with SJW 101?

    1. Tatsuya Ishida was neatly brainwashed by the Matriarchy, and Sinfest webcomics have since then stood for individual rights for inflatable replacement hookers. Pity no libertarian can draw like Tat.

  33. Thanks for informative update regarding legal prostitution at niveda. I would suggest to follow @ SuccessHike for updates regarding Jobs in India

  34. Take a look at some of these people who are opposing brothels. They’re not getting any so they want to share the misery with everybody else.

    1. Current day equivalent of 17th Century Puritans. Under the guise of saving others from themselves by promoting a largely phantom menace of human trafficking.

  35. No Little Girl asserts that all paid sex constitutes violence against women.

    The women working at Nevada’s brothels tend to disagree.

    Look, I don’t know what else to say other than women don’t have any agency so they can’t possibly know what’s good for themselves. They’re sort of like children in that regard. This is why sober men, with the support of a few of the less flighty female animals as props, need to make these decisions for them.

    What’s so hard to understand about this?


  36. It’s akin to people in Iowa generally being more afraid of terrorism than people in New York City. They’re activists fighting for the protection of other people who aren’t asking for your protection. It should make everyone wonder about the true motivation. In this case, the motivation isn’t much different from most other things — we are a sexually repressed nation with a history rooted in puritanism. We also have a penchant for attempting to legislate our opinions, which is why the “home of the free” imprisons people at the highest rate in the history of the planet Earth.

  37. Girls, New Zealand is calling.

  38. Thank Climate Cassandra Econazis for the pseudoscience that helped the Prohibition Party glue like lampreys to God’s Own Prohibitionists’ Great White Snark. As Trumps remoras they now begin to grab the reins of Comstock law and Mann Act violence and start to undo the protection of individual rights for women the Libertarian party managed to write into jurisprudence with a measly 4000 libertarian votes. Fear and Loathing? You got it, you weak-minded fools.

  39. Snowflakes cried ‘Contract Before Contact or it’s Rape!’.
    Now Trump or anyone in Nevada who actually got one is the Devil du jour.
    The problem with libertarianism is you can’t support outlawing being a snowflake.

  40. I would tend to think that a chunky, tattooed woman would temper market demand on its own.

  41. The conflation of voluntary business and sex trafficking provides more than enough indication that both parties have political expediency in mind, not the well-being of woman.

    To the contrary of pro-woman, women are now being used as political currency by the Washington bubble media and political parties. The “metoo movement” has provided a perfect means to leverage blocks of potential voters.

  42. end it, dont mend it.
    Most ‘sex workers’ are chattel slaves NOT Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’
    Talk to people fighting this on the street level in Thailand and elsewhere, it is brutal and cruel and mysogynist from start to finish.

  43. When people are asked to use gut instinct to stop real but rare horrors, relying on racial stereotypes and other biases tends to rule.

    Is that why the cops pulled a gun on my friend the day I moved him and his babby mamma into my town. It’s strange how one of the other regulars at the Wellness Center died of a drug overdoes latter that night in the Wellness Center bathroom.

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