Zero Tolerance

Ken Bone Says His Son Was Suspended from School and Questioned by Cops for Gun Range Photo

Parkland survivor and pro-gun activist Kyle Kashuv was also punished.


Ken Bone, the nationally beloved undecided voter who asked a question at the second presidential debate in 2016, claims his son was suspended from school and questioned by police after appearing in a photo taken at a gun range.

Bone tweeted the photo, which depicts his son using a weapon appropriately, to Kyle Kashuv on Tuesday. Kashuv, a student-activist and Parkland survivor, is a staunch supporter of gun rights. Kashuv had claimed that police questioned him after he appeared in a gun range photo, and Bone's tweet was supposed to be a message of solidarity. But apparently it landed his son in hot water, too.

In a follow-up tweet, Bone clarified that administrators didn't actually speak with his son; rather, they called the elder Bone at home and informed him of the suspension. The gun range photo was the explicit reason, according to Bone.

Bone's son doesn't have a Twitter account, and it's not publicly known where he attends school, so this news is difficult to verify. But it's easy to believe that school administrators would do such a thing, because the authorities routinely punish students for perfectly benign, constitutionally protected enthusiasm for firearms. Earlier this week, Reason's Declan McCullagh wrote about a Nevada eighth grader who was told he couldn't wear a pro–Second Amendment shirt to school. I've covered cases involving a students who were punished for liking a picture of a gun on Instagram, holding a stick that looked like a gun during recess, and bringing a nerf gun to school. When it comes to guns, all common sense—and all respect for students' civil liberties—goes out the window.

If Bone's son was suspended for no reason other than appearing in a gun range photo, you can add that to the list of ridiculous overreactions.

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  1. Yeah you know it’s weird I have NO IDEA why conservative types feel persecuted.

    1. The school is not persecuting this student for “being conservative”. It is their idiotic zero-tolerance school policies across the board. They do the same stupid shit when it comes to medicine or knives or marijuana T-shirts. But conservatives with a persecution complex want to believe that librul teachers have it in for them and ignore all the times when the same teachers did the same stupid stuff against Bong Hits 4 Jesus T-shirts which has nothing at all to do with persecuting conservatives.

      1. Maybe both groups are persecuted? Maybe conservatives can feel persecuted for stupid shit the same liberals can? Maybe stupidity is bipartisan?

        1. I kinda agree, but it isn’t really based on ideology, it is just authoritarian risk-averse schools acting authoritarian.

          1. Why are you assuming any of that? Because you just “know” you’re right? There has been evidence presented that these kids are being singled out for being too vocally active in supporting gun rights. but nah, chemjeff someguy on the internet knows better.

            1. Because I can observe patterns of behavior. Schools punishing students for pictures of guns is part of a larger pattern of behavior of schools punishing students for activity they deem “risky” based on asinine zero-tolerance policies, which has nothing to do with ideology and everything to do with CYA and authoritarian bullshit.

              Here is an example of the same type of idiocy on display, but having nothing to do with guns or conservatives:


              But the victimhood-complex conservatives want to make it all about them. “Oh look at us, we’re the victims”. No, SOMETIMES, you are SOME of the victims, along with the rest of us too.

              1. Here is an example of schools trying to punish students for free speech on social media:


                Here is an example of schools trying to punish students for “racy photos” at an off-campus event:


                These have nothing to do with conservatism or ideology. This is just assholish authoritarian behavior on display on the part of the schools.

                1. Jeff, your observations hold no real value. Instead of continuing on like this, why don’t you just explain why you hate conservatives so much?

                1. I be,iced in hitting back, hard. This kid’s family should relentlessly sue the school district, and if at all possible the individuals involved in the decision to go after the student. This is how progtards will learn; through painful, expensive lessons.

                  1. And refuse to submit to the punishment

          2. “it is just authoritarian risk-averse schools acting authoritarian.”

            Oh horse shit.

            And your offered anecdotes do nothing to substantiate your assertion.

            If the story is true a kid got suspended for doing something legal in a safe manner.

            When you can point to incidents of students being suspended for appearing at Antifa rallies, or similar expressions of leftist politics on their own time then maybe you’ll have an argument.

            1. Look, take politics out of it for a moment. You can either view guns as (a) common ordinary tools, (b) extremely dangerous devices, or (c) some mixture of the two. It’s neither liberal nor conservative to view guns in any of these ways. What schools have tended to do is to view guns far more as “extremely dangerous devices”, and absurdly so, based on asinine zero-tolerance policies. And then they go to authoritarian lengths to try to forbid students to use these dangerous devices. We know this because they do the same sort of thing with other “extremely dangerous” devices and practices, such as wearing Bong Hits 4 Jesus t-shirts and taking pics of simulated blowjobs with lollipops. “Going to Antifa rallies” isn’t an analogous behavior; now if it was “going to an Antifa rally (or any other rally) wearing masks and throwing Molotov cocktails” then yeah they would probably want to punish the students (and in this case, rightly so).

              1. Your a, b, c choices are themselves inherently political, largely because ‘b’ is not a logical or rational position, but rather perpetuated by blatant political propaganda.

                The “dangerousness” of guns is almost non-existent outside of isolated urban areas of the US.

                Fear of flying is irrational when looked at statistically. We consider it an irrational phobia.
                Fear of guns is irrational when looked at statistically. We should consider it an irrational phobia, and the only reason it’s not is because of its value as a political tool.

                1. No, the (b) option is, I would submit, to the extent it is an “irrational phobia” (and not, say, a healthy respect), largely shaped by lack of exposure or familiarity with guns. There’s nothing liberal or conservative about being familiar, or not familiar, with guns.

                  Ask yourself this: if your *only* experience with guns was what you saw on TV, movies, and video games, what do you think your opinion of guns would be? Do you think it would be a positive one? Probably not, considering that the guns portrayed in pop culture aren’t “real guns”, but imaginary instruments of mass death that never need to be reloaded, never malfunction or need cleaning, and require zero formal training in order to be used to kill efficiently. Would your opinion be the result of “political propaganda”? No, just a different life experience, that’s all.

                  If you walked into a well-equipped chemistry lab, you would see lots of bottles of chemicals with scary sounding names and scary words on the labels. If you were hesitant to start opening the bottles, it wouldn’t be because you were “brainwashed by propaganda”, only because you weren’t familiar with working in a chemistry lab, that’s all. Same deal here with guns.

                2. And deniers like Jeff.

              2. So because not ALL abusive behavior by school administrators is based on anti conservative bias, therefore NO abusive behavior is based on anti conservative bias?

                Is that really your position?

                1. No, he’s arguing that the underlying issue is the stark authoritarian streak that runs throughout the school system, and many government systems at large. He also seems to be arguing that attempting to paint it as a purely conservative persecution does a disservice to the actual problem.

                  This is a relatively basic libertarian stance, which is often very fixated on the role of centralized authority and the abuse it breeds.

                  1. ^^^ this guy gets it

              3. Whether the kid is participating at a gun range, or wearing a mask and throwing Molotov cocktails; if these things are done off school property, and not at a school function, neither of them are any business of the school.

                The school would be as correct as I in reporting to authorities the throwing of Molotov cocktails, but that’s as far as it can go.

      2. When was the last time schools had multiple walkouts organized by faculty to support bong hits 4 Jesus?

        You’re ignoring what is actually happening and giving them cover for it.

        1. Well sure, State-organized protest against wrongful-society and individuals is well and proper; individual protest against the State is double-plus-ungood.

          1. Correct, citizen; you may continue to exist.

      3. Bong Hits 4 Jesus T-shirts

        I’d like to think there were a few worn proudly to acknowledge the tenth anniversary of Morse v. Frederick last year.

    2. The dark cloud of intolerance is always descending upon Republicans but it always turns out to be composed of progressives and Democrats.

      How Trump supporters survive in blue California: ‘You kind of keep your head down’

      Living behind the Blue Curtain requires certain survival skills, backers of the president say. No bumper stickers, lest someone key your car. No signs, in the window or planted on your front lawn, to prevent vandalism. Steer clear of Facebook and other online forums, and don’t discuss politics in the real world if you can help it.

      “You kind of keep your head down,” said Danny Turner, 29, a Trump supporter in the East Bay suburbs of San Francisco who waits tables as he prepares to launch a stock-picking newsletter. “You can’t be very loud about it.”

      He learned that when someone in Turner’s Livermore neighborhood put up a Trump lawn sign last fall and had their car and home plastered with blue spray paint. The word “fascist” ? misspelled, Turner said ? was left as a calling card on the sidewalk out front.

      1. “You kind of keep your head down,” said Danny Turner, 29

        Gee, I hope for his sake that isn’t his real name.

        1. I hope the article makes it very clear that it isn’t his own name – because the odds are very good that there is at least one actual Danny Turner in the Bay area.

    3. My thought exactly, ECU.

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  2. undecided voter

    This incident ought to put a stop to that in the future.

    1. I’m upset that Robby ignored the fallout sweater. Suderman would have definitely mentioned it.

      1. It’s giving me further confirmation of my theory: Robby is one of those fucking guys who talks about video games, but only plays Nintendo shit.

        A fucking scourge on this earth, how I hate them.

    2. Clear example of video games training mass shooters

      1. We need common sense VATS control.

        1. No one needs more than 10 AP

        2. You don’t need VATS… the BoS will help if you really need it.

  3. authorities routinely punish students for perfectly benign, constitutionally protected enthusiasm for firearms

    Gun fetishists ? or “firearm enthusiasts” ? are most certainly not benign. The United States has the worst gun laws of any developed country, thanks to the NRA and the politicians it’s bought with its vast financial resources. And with school shootings at an all-time high, it’s understandable that people want to push back against gun culture.


    1. Wrong

      That is all.

      1. Stop responding to an obvious parody account.

        1. No shit. The only thing more tedious than OBL’s tired shtick at this point is the people who still respond to it.

        2. Its’ important to respond to trolls and parodies with actual facts so that fence sitters (yes, there are lots of uninformed people) don’t chance upon them and take the lack of responses as meaning it is obviously correct.

        3. Parody? Troll? Or a living example of Poe’s Law?

    2. KEYBOARD!

    3. And with school shootings at an all-time high

      Even troll accounts can be useful.

      Northeastern University: Schools are safer than they were in the 90s, and school shootings are not more common than they used to be, researchers say

      Mass school shootings are incredibly rare events. In research publishing later this year, Fox and doctoral student Emma Fridel found that on average, mass murders occur between 20 and 30 times per year, and about one of those incidents on average takes place at a school.

      Shooting incidents involving students have been declining since the 1990s. Four times the number of children were killed in schools in the early 1990s than today, Fox said.

      “There is not

      1. “There is not an epidemic of school shootings,” he said, adding that more kids are killed each year from pool drownings or bicycle accidents. There are around 55 million school children in the United States, and on average over the past 25 years, about 10 students per year were killed by gunfire at school, according to Fox and Fridel’s research.

    4. IOW, if we can’t turn perfectly legal activities, like shooting at the gun range, illegal, we’ll just punish it in every other way we can. Great idea! Here’s some suggestions: gun owners can’t hold government jobs; gun owners can’t sent their children to public schools; gun owners must wear a distinguishing mark on their clothing; gun owners must undergo special counseling before being allowed to marry non-owners.

      I love this! I can hardly wait to call up Senator Harris (D-Calif.) and get her to drop some new bills into the hopper.

    5. Target practice at the range is gun fetishism?

      You’re a disgusting fascist.

  4. ‘Parkland student’, please. We know they survived.

    1. But it makes them sound more special that way.

  5. I don’t think we should kill all the administrators, just enough to get them on the endangered species list

  6. The Left: “Mandatory training must be required for firearm ownership!”

    Also the Left: “Oh my god they’re training!”

  7. Bone tweeted the photo, which depicts his son using a weapon appropriately….

    Well, you see, there’s the problem: there are obviously no “appropriate” uses of any weapon by anyone ever. Guns are icky, duh.

    1. This is somewhat complicated by the fact that we’re the weapon. Guns, knives, a pissed-off cat with flatulence issues – these things are merely tools.

    2. Doing to gun ownership what worked so well on tobacco users.

  8. The 2nd Amendment allows parents to teach their kids to keep and bear arms.

    1. *protects a parent’s right

  9. As I read this article, I was surprised and angered that such a thing could happen in America.

    But then I looked on Ken’s profile and saw that he doesn’t actually live in America; he lives in Ill-annoy.

    To be sure, this could happen anywhere. However, this would be less likely in the so-called “Red States”. In any case, it’s a clear overreaction by school officials.

    (That last paragraph was added as a tribute to Robby)

    1. A loving tribute, I might add. Robby is one of the better writers here.

    2. Florida: Boy suspended for using his hand as a simulated gun…../271501968

      The idiocy is not confined to blue states.

      1. Florida is not a red state. It is it’s own special place.

        1. its red some times of the year and blue the other times that New Yorkers visit their second homes away from NY taxes.

  10. making it a criminal act to interact with guns at an early age to scare them away from utilizing their natural rights. Indoctrination at its finest.

    1. The Clinton Era National Survey on Private Ownership and use of Firearms NSPOF surveyed a sample of non institutionalized adults living in homes with phones in 1994. One of the NSPOF observations was:

      “But one of the best predictors of gun ownership was the presence of firearms in the respondent’s childhood home. People whose parents possessed guns were three times as likely as others to own one themselves. In fact, 80 percent of all current gun owners reported that their parents kept a firearm in the home.”

      Clinton Era gun policy was based on the NSPOF. The Obama talking point “60% of guns from dealers, 40% from non-dealers” is from the NSPOF. They did NOT base gun policy on the National Institute of Justice, Firearms Use by Offenders surveys of institutionalized adults in state and federal prisons, which is what you would use if your goal was to impact gun violence and the criminal gun culture.

      The goal of the 1994 Gun-Free Schools Act was to destroy the legal gun culture in America by preventing kids from thinking about guns as other than a taboo, forbidden subject. Dr. Mark Rosenberg, CDC’s National Center for Injury Control and Prevention, 1994: “We need to revolutionize the way we look at guns, like what we did with cigarettes…. Now [smoking] is dirty, deadly, and banned.”

      Suspending a teenager from school for being photographed target practicing with his dad at a target range is simply the logical outcome of this policy.

  11. If I was him, I would just be ecstatic that someone referred to me in print as, “The Elder Bone.”

    1. Rule 34 Challenge: Google the phrase “The Elder Bone” and report back to us with your findings.

      1. No, I think there is a large chance that I would get porn of characters from Jeff Smith’s Bone, and I won’t sully that masterpiece like that.

    2. Ken Bone is a pretty bad ass name that brings in the ladies.

      “Bone. Ken Bone.”

      “I bet you can, you studmuffin.”

      1. In the porn parody of the 2016 election, he’s the main character.

  12. “Who is indisputably the most important person in Vault 101: He who shelters us from the harshness of the atomic wasteland, and to whom we owe everything we have, including our lives?”

  13. Happy to report our school district broadened trap and skeet program for next year do to high demand. Not sure if this is the time to suggest 3 gun for the future.

    1. Where do you live? I’m looking to relocate as it is.

  14. As always, I hope that the plaintiffs refuse any settlement that allows these snotty little apparatchiki to remain on the taxpayer’s teat.


    1. I would be happy to see these fucks trying to keep their assholes unstretched at FCI PoundMeInTheAss while their family’s assets are confiscated and they’re forced to live in a refrigerator box over a steam vent.

      1. No steam vents. Save those for the needy homeless.

  15. So when it comes to leftists —- lets put a kid through an inquisition for going to a gun range and learning about gun safety with his dad and an instructor. I mean, how dare he go against the narrative.

    That sheriff department – grills a kid over a legal activity. Maybe if they showed 10% of that fucking initiative then parkland wouldn’t have happened.

    1. If my kid were being grilled by police over this type of thing, every answer to any question by the cops would be “go fuck yourself.”

      1. I suggest that you encourage him to try saying “I’m going to remain silent. I want my attorney” instead. Cops won’t like hearing that, but it’s much less likely to result in your kid being tortured.

    2. Re the sheriff’s department “grilling” of a student, what might the minions of the law possibly have done it a case where the “grillee” simply refuses to respond?

    3. The school and police knew about Nicklolas Cruz and had many warning signals about overt crazy and violent acts and did nothing to stop him from walking into a school where he was not a student carrying a duffle bag.

      So legal target practice at a shooting range under parental and/or instructor supervision becomes grounds for being called in for grilling in Florida, or suspension from school in Illinois. When I was 15 and 16 I went squirrel hunting with my Uncle Ed and his dog Henry. My father taught be to shoot a rifle when I was 6. My uncle taught me to shot a revolver when I was 12 or 13.

      Apart from abortion rights supporters, gun owners are frequently cited as a big bloc of single issue voters. Gun owners are also more likely to be part of the silent minority voters. 2018 and 2020 may be interesting election years.

  16. And it’s not an overreaction, it’s thuggery and fascism. This is how the left works; sure it’s perfectly legal, but if you do something we don’t like (that we can’t make illegal), we are going to use the state to punish you anyway. This is not acceptable in a free society.

    1. school punishment follows a student all the way through college its a very effective back door removal of rights

    2. if you do something we don’t like (that we can’t make illegal), we are going to use the state to punish you anyway.

      The Fuck You That’s Why catch all.

      1. Which is why a full court press is needed every time it happens. This shit will end when the principal pulling this stunt has to perform the “federal felon shuffle” in front of his teachers and students during class change.

    3. Christianofascist looters do the exact same thing all the time. This is why voting libertarian informs politicians in both factions of the Kleptocracy to back away from the initiation of force or wish they had while waiting in line for handouts.

  17. If home schooling is an option where he lives, I’d suggest Mr. Bone look into it ASAP.

    1. Only bitter clingers home school.

      1. home schooling is far more intelligent than what goes on in schools these days..
        and yes I know what I’m talking about. my best friend is a teacher, and what she
        tells me raises my hair. and it pisses me off that I have to pay $1400 a year in taxes
        to pay for it (I have no kids in the school system).
        teaching to test, not to think or reason, teaching kids with little or no motivation
        (and to quote the Kentucky Governor “”I guarantee you somewhere in Kentucky today a child was sexually assaulted that was left at home because there was nobody there to watch them,”)
        too many people consider school as nothing more than daycare for their kids.
        clingers no, proactive parents, yes.

      2. If the shoe fits….

  18. “When it comes to guns, all common sense?and all respect for students’ civil liberties?goes out the window.”

    That’s deliberate. They know they only have control over these kids for a dozen years, max. If the rules were applied with any common sense, the students would walk out of the schools free men and women.

    But the aim here is to make guns so frightening, that even thinking about owning one is traumatic, and will continue to be so after they graduate. To that end, what’s needed is irrationality, in order to instill phobias.

    They’re trying to terrorize the students, not safeguard them.

    1. It’s no wonder why they cry for pre K school classes, and free college. keep kids in their clutches for longer and longer periods of time.

  19. to paraphrase, you can’t fix irrational.
    idiots are going into overkill mode , just to hasten the removal of our rights..
    this is right up there with the suspension of the kid with the “gun shaped” poptart
    or the kid who made a gun gesture (actually a sign language sign) with an unloaded finger
    or the kid who was playing with a 2 inch tall plastic soldier with a rifle…

  20. When it comes to guns, all common sense?and all respect for students’ civil liberties?goes out the window.

    Nonsense. All they want is common-sense gun control. (Treating gun owners like “capitalist roaders” in Mao’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution sounds like common sense to me, amirite?)

  21. and it’s not publicly known where he attends school, so this news is difficult to verify.

    Read the story at St. Louis Post Dispatch. I was a “safe school” for kids that had been expelled for disciplinary reasons from the regular school system.

    1. Here’s the article.

      His statement is that his son was expelled for bringing a pocket knife to his former school. So I’d have to know more about this before I give a shit.

      1. I carried a pocket knife (classic boy scout type, can opener, bottle opener with screw driver end, whittling blade, penknife blade) from age 8 through high school. never once thought of it as a weapon.

        I read the article. I think this anti-gun anti-knife stuff is a moral panick for hysterics psychosis.

  22. They’ve doubled down on the idea of indoctrinating the children against the 1st and 2nd amendment. If those go, the rest will certainly be moot.

  23. It seems to me that some “school officials” are in serious need of “retraining”, as they seem unable to differentiate between what might be their personal feelings and official acts. As citizens, they are entitled to think as they like. Their official actions are quite far removed from the realm of personal preferences, and if these ” school officials” are unable to grasp the differences, then they are unfit to hold the positions they somehow attained.

  24. Hmm, 15 years ago I went to the local arsenal for Armed Forces day with my kids. They had a firing range demo. We got there late and the soldiers manning it were begging people to shoot the guns. I could figure out that they did not want to manually unload all the blanks from the clips when this was over. So I asked my kids if they wanted to try and my 6 year old daughter said sure. She fires blanks from a full auto M-16 for several minutes. I guess I am glad I did not take any pictures of this event. My 8-year old boy declined, which I never understood. He later spend 4 years in the Navy though and would get his chance later to learn to use all kinds of hand weapons in live-fire practice.

  25. Makes you wonder where they found police that don’t themselves practice at gun ranges to intimidate the exerciser of individual rights…

  26. The second amendment is the proper controlling legal authority to put down these traitors.

  27. In a follow-up tweet, Bone clarified that administrators didn’t actually speak with his son; rather, they called the elder Bone at home and informed him of the suspension, Love Nusa Penida. The gun range photo was the explicit reason Vamous Tech, according to Bone.

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