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Bill Cosby Is Facing 30 Years in Prison After Being Found Guilty of Rape: Reason Roundup

Plus: Court says bars can kick out Trump supporters, and leaders of North and South Korea share a historic handshake.


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Bill Cosby now faces up to 30 years in prison after being found guilty yesterday of drugging and raping a woman in 2004. The result of yesterday's retrial was far from certain. Cosby delivered a deadlocked jury ending in mistrial in June 2017, the last time this case came to court. And for decades, he has dodged both legal and social repercussions for the sexual misconduct and violence alleged by at least several dozen women.

Cosby's conviction "is not just a victory for the 62 of us publicly known Cosby survivors" but "also a victory…for all sexual assault survivors, female and male," one of Cosby's accusers, Lili Bernard, told reporters outside the courtroom.

"There was every reason to believe Cosby wouldn't be found guilty," writes Buzzfeed's Scaachi Koul. "Cosby was in his late seventies before the allegations against him actually coalesced into a widely followed news story in late 2014, largely because a male comedian, Hannibal Buress, started talking about them. Cosby's costars and family were actively defending him in public, as were other celebrities."

After the verdict, Cosby erupted at one prosecutor who suggested he should be denied bail because he was a flight risk who owned a plane. "He doesn't have a plane, you asshole!" Cosby shouted.

Cosby's sentencing will take place in the next 60–90 days.

The news of Cosby's conviction has given rise to a charged and celebratory mood among accusers of another powerful Hollywood entity, Harvey Weinstein, and other celebrities vocal in recent #MeToo campaigns:

And a lot of people couldn't resist laying into Cosby's gentlemanly public image, with lectures to other comedians about curse words and to poor black communities about baggy pants and how their problems were all their own fault.

The New York Times' Wesley Morris notes that Cliff Huxtable's groundbreaking normalcy on The Cosby Show helped create the cognitive dissonance many have faced in hearing about Bill Cosby's sexually predatory antics.

"America's Dad" is what we called Bill Cosby. And we called him that because, well, what a revolutionary way to put it. Through him, we were thumbing our noses at the long, dreary history for black men in America by elevating this one to a paternal Olympus. In the 1980s he made the black American family seem "just like us."…Mr. Cosby made blackness palatable to a country historically conditioned to think the worst of black people. And to pull that off, he had to find a morally impeccable presentation of himself and his race. This is what Sidney Poitier, his friend and movie partner, was always up against: inhabiting the superhumanly unimpeachable. But Mr. Cosby might have managed to pull a fast one, using his power and wealth to become the predator that white America mythologized in a campaign to terrorize, torture and kill black people for centuries. Mr. Cosby told lots of jokes. This was his sickest one.


OK for bars to boot Trump supporters, says court. It's OK for a bar to kick out someone based on their political beliefs, the Manhattan Supreme Court ruled on Thursday, responding to a case in which a man claims he was kicked out of a New York City bar for wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat. Upon talking to the staffer trying to boot him, the man, Greg Piatek, was allegedly told that "anyone who supports Trump—or believes in what you believe—is not welcome here."

Piatek's lawyer told the court that "the purpose of the hat is that he wore it because he was visiting the 9/11 Memorial." This, they argued, made the hat "part of his spiritual belief," since he was "paying spiritual tribute to the victims of 9/11."

New York state and city anti-discrimination law covers spiritual and religious beliefs but not political beliefs. But the judge didn't buy their 9/11 spirituality and MAGA-hat claims. "Plaintiff does not state any faith-based principle to which the hat relates," Justice David Cohen concluded, tossing the case.


War is over—maybe. In a Friday morning summit, the leaders of North Korea and South Korea agreed to "a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula through complete denuclearization," thereby ending the Korean War.

The Koreas are "linked by blood as a family and compatriots who cannot live separately," said North Korea's Kim Jong Un. Now, the Koreas "will be united as one country."

But the "Panmunjom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Unification on the Korean Peninsula" agreement signed by Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-in was short on specifics. "In a sense, the vague joint statement… kicks one of the world's most pressing issues down the road to a much-anticipated summit between Kim and U.S. President Donald Trump in coming weeks," writes AP's Foster Klug.


  • "He's either very sick or very dumb," President Trump tweeted Friday morning about former FBI director James Comey.
  • To stop sex trafficking, stop arresting sex workers.
  • It's a new crime-fighting era, folks:

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  1. “He doesn’t have a plane, you asshole!” Cosby shouted.

    That’s the worst thing he’s admitted to.

  2. Bill Cosby now faces up to 30 years in prison after being found guilty yesterday of drugging and raping a woman

    There went Trump’s next pick to head up the VA.

      1. It’s not cool to patronize the disabled.

        1. I believe in positive reinforcement. It works on my dog, maybe it’ll work on shreek too.

          1. That’s the spirit.

        2. The disabled are just trying to make a living, like you or I, and if their products are good, it is worth it to buy from them. Refusing to do so on the grounds that they were made by a disabled person is a form of bigotry, and one I’d hope our society had moved past by now. Seriously, Tom, your namesake comes off as somewhat mentally off, but he still appears to be fairly powerful; just because he’s differently abled doesn’t mean he’s not as capable at certain things as other people. If the differently abled create decent products, why not purchase them is all I’m saying.

          1. “Tom, your namesake comes off as somewhat mentally off,”

            Uh, Frodo would have never made it to Mt. Doom if I hadn’t talked Old Man Willow down off of his hobbit-rage.

    1. It’s a very good thing that you’re a low-testosterone pussy Weigel, otherwise the women around you might be in grave danger given that none of them would ever voluntarily touch you in a million years.

      1. Do you think Weigel will ever learn, Papa Mikey?

  3. Bill Cosby now faces up to 30 years in prison after being found guilty yesterday…

    Meanwhile in our nation’s capital, Sidney Crosby faces three more wins to get past Ovechkin and Holtby (if he stays in net) to advance. That verdict, however, is not in yet.

  4. “He’s either very sick or very dumb,” President Trump tweeted Friday morning about former FBI director James Comey.

    Dumbitis is a sickness, Mr. President. Don’t violate HIPAA.

  5. To stop sex trafficking, stop arresting sex workers.

    Well I don’t know what other tools they think law enforcement have getting us to like-minded utopia.

    1. Don’t you know that law enforcement ARE tools?

  6. “Cosby delivered a deadlocked jury ending in mistrial in June 2017”

    What does this mean?

    1. It means that hookers are “sex workers” and there’s no such thing as sex trafficking, duh!

    2. The jury was hung in his first trial, therefore the government retried him.

      1. I was referring to “delivered”. Was he on the jury too?

        1. No, he was just pregnant with dodecuplets.

  7. Immigration officials are pushing for the detainment and prosecution of any parents caught trying to cross the Mexican border illegally with their kids.

    Yeah, just leave the kids at home.

    1. “Yeah, just leave the kids at home.”

      Anchor babies work both ways you know.

  8. …the word initially meant “tending to suffuse all experience and conduct with erotic feeling.”


    1. I think it means they jack off in your toolshed.

  9. U.S. GDP slows a bit to 2.3% in first quarter

    But conservatives said if we elected a white Republican president GDP would be 4.0% forever!

    1. The growth rate under Obama was lower than that in all but two years of his Presidency. So what is a bad quarter for Trump’s economy would have been a banner year for Obama’s.

      1. Goddammit. Is another comment thread going to turn into a retard fight?

          1. We come here for the snark, but we stay for the retard fights.

        1. I don’t know. Do you plan to fight it out with Shreek? It takes two retards to make a retard fight and you seem to be just the retard.

          1. Geez, John, your dickfor is really acting up.

          2. ” It takes two retards to make a retard fight and you seem to be just the retard.”

            You really are not aware of how unaware you are.

      2. 2.3% was the total growth rate last year so this is an average quarter not a bad one. Its also in line with typical growth in the latter half of Obama’s presidency. We had a couple strong quarters of growth last year but overall it was a pretty typical year compared to recent history.

        In any case, presidents don’t have nearly as much direct control over gdp growth as people think so I think this exercise is a bit pointless.

        1. Yes, that was my point. 2-3% is the new normal and all this wingnut bombast about how white Republican presidents boost the economy past 4% is just bullshit.

          Thank you.

          1. Did anybody claim that besides you?

          2. It’s weird that you think the color of a person’s skin is their defining and most important trait.
            Seems racist to me

          3. Wait until the economy adjusts for the better after 8+ years of Obama holding interest rates artificially low.

    2. Well, Trump has had the interest rates go up to realistic increases after 8 years of Obama avoiding any reality of the US economy.

      Even with interest rates climbing, the economy is growing steadily.

    3. Has anyone ever seen a progressive give a reasonable account of how Obama’s policies contributed to GDP growth?

      P.S. If we’re using the standard measure of GDP growth, then that number may suggest inflation is growing and becoming a serious concern.

      1. I never have.

        Obama inherited a bad economy from Booosh. Obama turned it around to get out of the Great Recession in under 2 years. All while keeping interest rates at 0%. ////lefty argument

        The reality was that the economy was going bad in the 2000s from years of Sallie Mae and Fannie mae bad super risky home loans to people who couldn’t afford 20% down, people using home ownership as some speculation shell game, and massive war funding by Democrats and Republican.

        The government TARP bailouts and other government butting in delayed recovery by years until around 2015 for some states and not until 2017 for many other states.

        Trump now has a strong economy but has to raise interest rates to let reality set back in after Obama’s shell game. This will cause some adjustments but the economy will be stronger from it. The artificially low 0% interest rates cause massive inflation and it will take years for that to adjust and possibly not until the next recession hits.

      2. Progressives seem unable to understand the obvious about economics. They think that Bernie’s economic plan is serious, whereas they cannot grasp the obvious causes of the 2007/2008 financial crisis.

  10. In a Friday morning summit, the leaders of North Korea and South Korea agreed to “a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula through complete denuclearization,” thereby ending the Korean War.

    Next up, dismantling the electric fences between Austria and Hungary and not stopping East Germans from traveling through.

    1. This means no more MASH reruns.

      1. No… the inevitable sexual-predator lawsuit against Alan Alda will mean no more MASH reruns.

        1. Poor Radar, he was such an innocent young boy.

  11. It’s OK for a bar to kick out someone based on their political beliefs…

    The end of public accommodation laws. Neat.

    1. No, it is just going to be applied to support goodthink. Though the implication would be that the such laws can force bakers and such to serve gay weddings because is a religious belief…which the government favors…in violation of the establishment clause.

    2. Some black dude with a MAGA hat (I know there’s at least one) needs to test this theory out. I want to see the epicness that ensues.

      1. We all know he’ll be very well hung.

      2. I nominate Kanye.

        1. Black man, MAGA hat, likes fish sticks (he’s a gay fish)… all boxes, checked.

        2. I nominate Kanye.

          ?Tom Perez, July 2020.

        3. I nominate Bill Cosby. He needs the gig.

          1. That pound cake speech was literally Hitler so it does make sense.

            1. “Grab ’em with the roofies!”

  12. Despite so much winning, “the average American conservative feels bombarded daily with disrespect.” Why?
    Maybe it has something to do with how many opinion pieces, social media posts, and in person conversations Team Blue people have about what monstrous dumpster fires conservatives and libertarians are.

  13. He is 80 yrs old. Does anyone think he will actually go to prison? He will likely did from the stress and never actually go to jail. If he does, he wont be there long.

    1. He is definitely going to prison. Immediately after sentencing. Don’t care when he dies, as long as it is a grey bar death.

    2. If he’s smart, he will immediately appeal his conviction and the off himself.

      His convictions will be reversed because he died while his appeals were being reviewed. This would protect his estate.

      Normally, I would be all for going after a rapey perp but this prosecution happened 10+ after it should have gone to trial and he was not convicted by another jury then the government took another crack at convicting him.

      In the USA, we have protections for criminal defendants even pieces of shit.

      1. Interesting angle. How is his estate in jeopardy?

        1. You don’t think there will be countless civil suits now?

          1. “You don’t think there will be countless civil suits now?”

            lc1789 specifically referred to the criminal trial verdict putting his estate in jeopardy. I was just asking why that is. I understand civil trials.

            1. “His convictions will be reversed because he died while his appeals were being reviewed. This would protect his estate.”

              This is what I said. His convictions open him up to easier civil actions and I guess I should have made that part more clear for people who “understand civil trials”.

              1. Civil actions are going forward regardless of his criminal conviction status. See, O.J. Simpson.

                1. True and they can be exclusive of criminal actions.

                  Since you pointed out OJ, his civil case proceeded after his criminal trial.

                  1. Yes. after he was found “not guilty”. The verdict did him no good.

                    Was that what you meant when you said a reversal of his guilty verdict would protect his (Cosby) estate? You were just referring to civil actions?

        2. He committed crimes against people. They can sue him/his estate for injury caused by sexual battery or whatever.

          Those statute of limitations might have passed for civil action unlike the criminal charges.

      2. His convictions will be reversed because he died while his appeals were being reviewed. This would protect his estate.

        I don’t think suicide would legally be considered grounds for reversing the convictions. And besides, given the current judicial system it won’t matter if it’s legal anyway, because all it takes is for one judge to say that Cosby’s victims are entitled to a piece of his estate.

        1. Its a thing courts do. If a defendant dies while an appeal is pending, the conviction is reversed.

          The thinking goes that the defendant did not get a fair appeal consideration because they died and their conviction is moot since they are dead. More of a gimme for the family left behind, me thinks.

          1. I’ll take your word for it.
            Seems a wrong approach.
            Your record should be the last complete game you played, not some future rematch that never happens.

          2. “and their conviction is moot since they are dead.”

            That can’t be the reasoning.

            1. You don’t know what the reasoning is?

              1. Ok, go ahead and cite the reasoning behind that policy. I’ll wait.

  14. “But the “Panmunjom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Unification on the Korean Peninsula” agreement signed by Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-in was short on specifics. “In a sense, the vague joint statement… kicks one of the world’s most pressing issues down the road to a much-anticipated summit between Kim and U.S. President Donald Trump in coming weeks,” writes AP’s Foster Klug.”

    Really? They didn’t unite the two countries and sign a Constitution today? What a letdown.

    1. Agreeing to end the state of war is North Korea admitting South Korea is a legitimate sovereign and not a foreign occupied territory. North Korea never agreed to end the state of war because it never recognized South Korea’s legitimacy and considered itself in a state of war to unify the peninsula under the legitimate government of North Korea. Ending the state of war is a very big deal.

      1. I think its a NK delay tactic to make their missiles more accurate.

        Its still worth the try since war will happen without a peace agreement.

        1. I don’t think so. I think this is North Korea being forced to look reasonable because it no longer has China’s assurance that it will intervene in a war. What people forget is that China doesn’t want the North to have nukes either. Those nukes make the North harder for China to control.

          1. I just don’t see how the USA or China can offer Kim Fat Boy anything that protects him like nukes do.

            I am truly curious at what the carrot might be that has Kim acting like he wants to resolve this tension.

            Dude has killed family members that are a threat to his power. Who gives that up? Stalin didn’t. Hitler didn’t. Mao didn’t. Fidel gave power to his brother.

            If he went to China and China said they would not intervene if the USA attacked, is really the only way that can see the entire plan has changed. Even then, Kim just lay low until he dies and then its someone else’s problem.

            1. I think Fat Boy is under a lot more internal pressure than that. He may be looking for a way out of his hellish existence, just as his “people’ are.

              1. I think you may be right. And I think he has an advantage in doing that because he has not been in power very long and can blame all of the horrors on his father and grandfather.

              2. Kim might be looking to go back to his lifestyle when he lived in Switzerland. Of course, his father’s tyranny and theft of labor from his people paid for that rich lifestyle.

            2. What threat is there to Kim’s power if the war ends and he gets rid of the nukes? No one is going to invade NK to free them. We’ll all just sit back and wait 40 more years for either the final collapse or a successful internal revolt.

              1. The threat is that his people will revolt and finally give those running the country the ghastly fate they deserve. North Korea doesn’t have nukes to defend themselves MP. They have nukes so they can extort money from South Korea, Japan and the US that will allow them to stay alive.

          2. “Those nukes make the North harder”

            That might explain its aggressive behavior.

      2. Are you failing to see my sarcasm or are you explaining it?

        1. Failing to see your sarcasm. Sorry.

          1. It’s a common symptom of having a dickfor

            1. John just is not falling for your “what’s a dickfor joke” is he?

              1. Lc’s never met a joke that he didn’t explain, step all over, tell wrong, or otherwise murder.

    2. I don’t even view uniting the nation’s as a goal. I can see why, emotionally, many Koreans might have feelings about it. But why would us foreigners care about that detail of their affairs?

      1. East and West Germany. Uniting seems to be better.

      2. Yeah, that part got my attention. I foresee all kinds of problems with that.

      3. War in Korea, where NK won, would destabilize the entire region. Any war in Korea would cause disruptions but a free and united Korea would quickly recover.

        The USA kind of failed to end this debacle decades ago, so we’re involved until a resolution happens.

        1. You’re making a huge assumption about what a United Korea looks like.

          1. Yes, but can it be more insane that NK currently?

            1. Why would SK ever want to reunite? They’d be happy enough to simply end the constant threat of war. It’s been over 60 years. They’re nothing but distant cousins now.

              1. “Why would SK ever want to reunite? ”

                Korea has not been a free united nation in almost a thousand years?

                1. That begs the question though. That Korea is a meaningful unit that should be made whole. Rather than a varied historical region that has had various political organizations over a long period of time.

                  There’s nothing sacred about that particular border line being shifted.

                  1. There’s nothing sacred about the 49th Parallel DMZ existing at all.

                    That is the the approximate location of Chinese and NK vs U.N. and SK troops after the Chinese pushed the UN troops back from the Yalu River. Its also the location that Stalin pushed for a dividing line to divide Korea that Truman accepted.

                    1. I agree, but there’s also nothing sacred about the border before the Korean war. You yourself admit that they have not been free or united for a thousand years. And thus they have been either absorbed by other states or divided into city states. Or even extended further in, as I believe one of the final Chinese dynasties actually came out of the Peninsula.

                      Whether they unite, or continue to be separate, or NK joins China, or Godzilla sinks SK into the sea, these are a normal part of changing political situations over time. There might be some traditionalist vision of a united Korea, but it’s largely rhetoric.

                    2. It was a trick reply. Korea was united under the Choson Dynasty from about 1392 to about 1897. The Korean peoples were not free but they were under a Korean ruler.

                      In 1905, Korea became a protectorate of Imperial Japan.

                      Korean people are different than Chinese, Japanese and certainly Russians that occupy that part of Asia. Not only is their language different but their culture is different. They have tried to fight off aggressors from every country in that region for hundreds of years with varying success.

                      Stalin made North Koreans enemies of the South Koreans. As with the East Germans, Stalin made the East Germans enemies of the West Germans.

                      These old beefs have got to be resolved and Stalin has been dead since 1953, the year the Korea War ended in armistice.

                    3. “Its also the location that Stalin pushed for a dividing line to divide Korea that Truman accepted.”

                      Not true. It was proposed by Americans in DC.

              2. I was just in South Korea and I can assure you that the people I spoke to want a united Korea. Why? They are all Korean.

                Plus one guy said they can find good wives easier because they think they are so rich from the North.

          2. YOU are making a huge assumption about what a united Korea would look like.

            I said that a “war”, where NK won, would destabilize the entire region. NK winning would mean that they bested the USA, South Korea, Japan, and possibly China to win. I can safely assume that the region would be destabilized from its current political, economic, and social positions.

            1. It sounds like I made assumptions about what you meant by, “Any war in Korea would cause disruptions but a free and united Korea would quickly recover.” Could you clarify that then?

              1. A war in the region that ended back with the status quo would have some disruption affect but probably jsut return to a tense standoff situation like we have now.

                A war in the region that ended with Korea being united as a free state would disrupt the region but quickly recover like after 1953 and like for Germany in 1990.

                A war in the region that ended with Korea being united under NK would destabilize the region. My assumption base don past history is that NK would try and and take more land or islands from surrounding countries. Or jsut generally cause trouble like they do now but controlling more people and more resources. China would smash NK. Russia probably would too. Japan might lose Tsushima to NK. Either way, this mess would never end if NK won.

    3. Think this would’ve happened had Trump not threatened to hold China to the trade rules it was a party to?

  15. Does Cosby have a plane? If he does not, should not the prosecutor be up on contempt of court charges for lying to the court trying to deny bail?

    If Cosby is correct it would be something to be legitimately angry about.

    1. Prosecutor rarely get in trouble for lying.

      Defendants get threatened by judges all the time about potentially lying on the stand.

      Our criminal justice system is fucked.

    2. He doesn’t have a plane you asshole.

  16. Any prosecution of Cosby should have happened 10+ years ago or not at all.

    He was not found guilty but another jury and the judge dismissed the case only for the prosecution to get another crack at Cosby. Sounds like double jeopardy to me. Another example of the government ignoring the protections of the Constitution to get that conviction.

    1. The first trial ended in a hung jury. He wasn’t found not guilty.

      1. They said you was hung?!

        And they was right!

      2. That is the tricky Dick about it. Defendants are presumed innocent so they should not have to be found “not guilty”. They are always “not guilty” until a jury says they are guilty.

    2. Sometimes you’re the raper, and sometimes your the rapee.

      1. *you’re x 2

          1. Give it time, give it time.

  17. “Upon talking to the staffer trying to boot him, the man, Greg Piatek, was allegedly told that “anyone who supports Trump?or believes in what you believe?is not welcome here.”

    Freedom of association isn’t confusing. It’s the selective application and hypocrisy that’s confusing.

    Yes, businesses can discriminate against customers because of their customers’ beliefs–so long as they aren’t religious beliefs?

    No, businesses can’t discriminate against customers because of the business owner’s beliefs–not if they’re religious beliefs.

    And if you have trouble understanding why this is as it should be, then you’re an intolerant redneck.

    P.S. Businesses can reject intolerant customers for what they believe because not to allow them to do so might make the businesses and society seem intolerant?

    Someday, kids will rebel against the absurd orthodoxies of their parents again–if only because our current orthodoxies are so absurd.

    “Freedom is the divine spark that causes human children to rebel against grand unified theories imposed by their parents.”

    —-Freeman Dyson…..verything/

  18. He would never have been convicted if he hadn’t made the poundcake speech – anyone who accused him would have been called some *ist variant.

  19. “He was brought down in part by his own desire to lecture poor black people for moral turpitude, while decades of sexual assault allegations were hidden.”

    I can’t wait to see what the takeaway from this… thought… is supposed to be.

    1. You live in a glass house, don’t throw stones.

      You live in a brick house (MIGHTAY MIGHTAY, JUST LETTIN IT ALL HANG OUT), throw as many rocks as you want.

      Don’t put windows in your brick house unless you want a rock to sail through them.

      Liberals love throwing rocks and then are always surprised when it turns out their windows are breakable.

      Conservatives love to throw rocks and aren’t that surprised when it turns out their windows are breakable.

      Libertarians live in glass houses.

      Communists live in glass houses.

      This comment should have ended five lines ago.

      1. I’m not terribly comfortable with the idea that only perfect angels are allowed to criticize the problems they see around them.

        Weak minds use this tactic to deflect attention from problems they’d rather sweep under the rug.

        1. Yeah, but if a guy presents himself as an upright fine fellow and proceeds to tell everyone what to do, and it then turns out that no, he’s a major creeper?well, there’s gonna be a sense of vindication from everyone who hated what he was saying, even if he’s right.

          1. there’s gonna be a sense of vindication from everyone who hated what he was saying

            Yes. Still unprincipled, though.

        2. You have no right to say that.

          /weak mind

      2. Greens’ glass houses have hawk-silhouette stickers on them so that birds won’t crash into them.

        Libertarians’ glass houses also have stickers, but they just say COME BACK WITH A WARRANT.

        1. And then when they come back with a warrant, the cops scrape off the sticker and it leaves behind sticker residue.


        2. Libertarians’ glass houses also have stickers, but they just say COME BACK WITH A WARRANT.

          That and “This property secured by Smith and Wesson.”

          1. And a “My Other House is signed copy of Atlas Shrugged” bumper sticker.

  20. I hope everyone with a twitter account gets all the tedious sanctimony out of their system fast, because based on what I’ve seen so far it’s already nauseating.

    1. Its all fun and games for people until the government comes for them 10+ years later.

      That first jury had it right. The government just has a tricky way around that thing called double jeopardy. The government requires unanimous Not Guilty verdicts too, even if jury members are too retarded to follow the rules. The state gets more cracks at the defendant. The state can keep shopping for a jury that will convict the defendant.

      Its bullshit and what double jeopardy means needs to be set right that the government gets one prosecution of you and that’s it.

  21. Pansexual is the new bisexual.

    In this, Crusty has been ahead of the curve for years.

    1. Does that mean someone who has sex with frying pans?

      1. No, it’s a Peter Pan fetish

        1. …so is Peter Pan’s constant youth a metaphor for his inability to move past Captain Hook’s molestation and truly mature, and Captain Hook a metaphor for his abuser?an abuser that was never brought to justice except in Pan’s fantasies, which attempt to create a world in which Captain Hook was defeated? And if so, is Wendy a metaphor for his attempts at normal relationships that he can never form, or is it intended to portray how the cycle of abuse gets passed on?

          1. True fact: Captain Hook was originally called Mister Fister prior to the promotion and “accident”

            1. Looked it up, you lie.

      2. I thought maybe her method of getting her jollies involved bread…….

      3. Alex: Yeah. We talked about getting help. You know, maybe sending him somewhere. He started getting these nervous tics. You know, funny little cough. Blinking all the time. And now it’s got completely out of hand. I mean he’s scared to death of everything.

        The Doctor: Pantophobia.

        Alex: What?

        The Doctor: That’s what it’s called. Pantophobia. Not fear of pants though, if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s fear of everything. Including pants, I suppose.

        By this logic, yes. Sex with everything. Including frying pans.

  22. Fun fact; until this North Korea thing, a lot of people had forgotten that the US is allowed to negotiate with rogue nations without late night air drops of cash.

    1. You can even pressure the rogue nation’s allies to work on your side to resolve the problem.

      It really is nice to have a few government people actually working in Ameerica’s best interests.

  23. If you can kick someone out for political beliefs, is it acceptable for a baker to require a positive assertion from a potential customer that they support a candidate that mirrors the baker’s beliefs to allow that customer in their shop?

    (That is a far more convoluted sentence than needs be. It’s one of those days…)

    1. This is more evidence that there is no way to square public accommodation law with freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association and equal treatment under law. What you get is arbitrary enforcement depending on who is favored by the judiciary at the moment

    2. I actually understood your sentence, and it makes a good point. A business should be allowed to demand affirmative consent every step of the way, just like modern sex.

  24. Pansexual is the new bisexual.

    Claiming there are only two genders is so hateful and bigoted, so this changes is entirely expected.

  25. I’m a little confused by the reaction to Cosby. His crimes were horrible and he deserves conviction and punishment for them.
    But the impression I get is not that people are glad a rapist was caught, but that they’re glad Bill Cosby was a rapist.
    That is, justice is not being seen as conviction for the crime, but justice is seen in the fact that the crime took place.
    Progressives are doing touchdown dances because Bill Cosby is a rapist, not because the rapist was convicted.
    That’s the impression I’m left with.
    Am I off here? And if not, wtf?

    1. People want to nail somebody’s dick to the floor over sexual harassment right now.

      I don’t know the details of Cosby’s case because I don’t care, but when a public figure like this is offered up, . . .…..n_1280.jpg

    2. At the start, I got the sense that it was everybody being shaken because it was Bill fucking Cosby.

      A couple years later, it’s basically “hooray we caught a rapist, the rape crisis is real, believe the victim!”?especially since the accused was Bill fucking Cosby, who (five years ago) didn’t seem at all like a rapist.

      So it went from “holy shit Bill fucking Cosby might be into date rape” to “got ‘im, hashtag me too, believe the victim, rape crisis is real, we need to rejigger society in was that ever-so-coincidentally fit my policy preferences and give people of my ilk more political power”.

      At least, that’s my impression.

    3. Cosby had been a thorn in the side of the progressive narrative that all things wrong in the black population are the product of racism.

      1. Bingo. He was 100% protected till he started rocking the boat. Then he was doomed.

    4. Nardz, there are definitely some who are experiencing schadenfreude due to his years of Holier-than-thou persona.

    5. No, your impression is 100% correct. Yeah, Cosby is clearly guilty, and I honestly don’t know one person who doesn’t think he’s getting exactly what he deserves.

      But Elizabeth Nolan Brown is a virulent man-hating leftwat with a fake “husband” who wishes all men were in prison for life. So let her and her feminazi brethren get to spike the football here, because Cosby is a bad guy.

    6. That is an interesting point. I always like Bill Cosby. I find it incredibly sad that he did these things.

      but that they’re glad Bill Cosby was a rapist.

      And that is a sign of unbelievable moral narcissism on the speaker’s part. Bill Cosby being a rapist necessarily means someone is a victim of his rape. These people are happy Bill Cosby is a rapist because it confirms their worldview and gives them a feeling of moral superiority. The fact that their feeling that way came at the cost of someone being raped either never occurs to them or doesn’t matter to them. That is a pretty sick mentality when you think about it.

    7. Another rich powerful black man in custody and the criminal justice system is stronger because of it…goes the thinking.

  26. In a Friday morning summit, the leaders of North Korea and South Korea agreed to “a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula through complete denuclearization,” thereby ending the Korean War.

    Holy. Shit.

    1. Here’s what the declaration actually says: “South and North Korea confirmed the common goal of realizing, through complete denuclearization, a nuclear-free Korean peninsula, South and North Korea shared the view that the measures being initiated by North Korea are very meaningful and crucial for the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and agreed to carry out their respective roles and responsibilities in this regard. South and North Korea agreed to actively seek the support and cooperation of the international community for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

      1. I wonder where Tiny is going to stash his nukes away while the South disarms itself.

        1. Ever hear of something called a “snuke”?

          1. Death by snuke snuke?

      2. So it’s sort of like CA’s “goal” of being oh, totes GREEN sometime in the future.

      3. There’s definitely a lot of work to make denuclearization and a formal end to the war happen, and about a million ways it can all go sideways, and probably only a handful of paths that will lead to a happy ending, but the fact that they’re even talking about it is pretty yuge.

  27. Brokaw tickled Linda Vester. He is the next in line for the Gulag.

  28. Another thought: why is Reason, who paid someone to write an “article” about Russia shutting down Telegram app, burying the “Baby “Alfie” story?
    British courts have denied the parents the ability to legally travel, using their own/private funds + donations, to Italy where treatment has been offered by doctors there.
    They can’t risk that treatment working and making State healthcare look like an inhuman, monstrous system. So instead the courts bar travel so State Bureaucracy can have some form of ritual child sacrifice…
    Seems like a libertarian’s issue.

    1. At the very least I’d thought it would be mentioned in the RoundUp

    2. You comment has been pre-echoed several times recently.

      Theory: Remember a few months ago when a sugar daddy showed up and blew Reason’s fundraiser through the roof? I’m guessing said sugar daddy is a socialized medicine fan.

      Otherwise, no story could be more in Reason’s traditional wheelhouse.

      1. Reason’s sugar daddies names are Jeff Bezos, George Soros, and “Prince” Alaweed.

        Not that Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie really needed much monetary incentive to go full leftard. They were already doing that on their own anyway.

    3. Too local…?

    4. Two thoughts:

      (1) the radical abortion position has now been extended to 24 months after birth. It would not surprise me.


      (2) you need to go to a libertarian website (or conservative or Catholic) in order to read about this offensive state action. This is a neoliberal publication now, but it’s cute how we all continue to pretend like it’s still libertarian

      1. It was already dumb when liberals were whining about the phantom neoliberals; don’t you start it too.

        1. They hated neoliberals because they like free trade and generally liberalized economics. My criticism is that that’s all they care about. The state can grow, but so long as there are managed trade deals and no restrictions on Uber, all is well.

          1. Neoliberal just meant anybody the liberals didn’t like. Even neocons were neoliberals if a liberal felt the spirit move them. They took a term for a small and unimportant group and expanded to be the term for anybody they didn’t like. Contract out to non-union shops? Neoliberals. Okay with invading foreign countries? Neoliberals. Oppose expansive minority rights? Neoliberals. It’s just whatever the liberal core disagreed with. Frequently, these people didn’t even exist; it was just a way to blame some puppeteer group, like the Kochs or Soros.

            To see libertarians or conservatives start to do the exact same thing is just sad.

            1. I agree, your verbal diarrhea is sad. And getting upset about people noting that what is happening in the UK is the opposite of liberty is quite pathetic

            2. To be fair, RINOs support things that Republicans don’t.

              LINOs support things that Libertarians don’t.

              Political parties are made up of many people with different views. Under the big umbrella are many smaller umbrellas as long as they follow the writing on the big umbrella.

              As an example, the GOP platform states that fiscal responsibility is a fundamental tenant. RINOs spend money like Democrats among other things RINOs do. RINOs also have a funny trait- they cannot win as a Democrat in their district. So they run Republican but are not.

              1. I see two sides:
                and People.
                No, I do not consider progressives people anymore. Hive minds disqualify them.
                Progressives currently infest the ruling structure (politicians, bureaucrats, media, academics, massive multinationals) to almost 100% dominion. Progressives are the swamp. While there are far too many progressives in the R party, the Ds are completely lost.
                Libertarians need to take over the Rs – the establishment (are progressives) is the problem, but the base largely agree with libertarian principles.

  29. “OK for bars to boot Trump supporters, says court”

    Remember when your publication went all in on Gary “Bake the Cake, Bigot” Johnson?

  30. “Editorial: Why labor finally lost one in Sacramento”
    “California legislators may have discovered the only Sacramento special interest more sacrosanct than organized labor: themselves.
    Forced to decide whether to allow their own beleaguered staff to organize ? the sort of question that almost invariably goes the unions’ way in a Democratic-ruled, labor-underwritten Legislature ? a legislative committee last week gave organized labor something it doesn’t often get in Sacramento: an unqualified defeat.”

    Same reason Congress doesn’t have to deal with crap-O-care; they’re special!

    1. As Gonzalez Fletcher put it, “The #MeToo movement has shed a spotlight on legislative employees’ lack of tangible workplace protections.”

      Oh FFS

    2. It would be amazing if legislature critters staffs all unionized. Law passing would crawl to a halt. Legislatures of all sorts don’t write their own proposals or responses or even really decide on their own which laws they are going to support. If their staff required had all the union rules in place, slowing things down. Nothing would ever get done.

      1. Heh good point. “Sorry, that’s not in my job description.”

  31. as far as a I can tell, the whole conviction rests on one testimony from one woman about an event 14 years in the past, and her story went through more than one iteration.

    Pray you never have to face a jury of your peers. They don’t have the first clue what “reasonable doubt” means.

    1. The first jury did but a few dummies on there could not understand that if you cannot unanimously find a defendant guilty, you MUST find him not guilty.

      Its reading comprehension really.

      Shame too because juries are one of the last lines of defense against prosecutorial tyranny.

  32. Despite so much winning, “the average American conservative feels bombarded daily with disrespect.” Why?

    Seriously? You ask why?

    First, conservatives are not winning. Despite a measure of electoral success, they’ve lost every battle in cultural war and have failed to curtail the expansion of government. Progressivism dominates in most institutions of government, education, and even religion. It has become much more popular to be anti-capitalist than to be anti-communist. Progressives are now so confident that they contest entire Bill of Rights when it is to their political advantage, and they do so to silence and humiliate conservatives and libertarians.

    Progressives dominate in media and popular entertainment. The progressive-dominated media presents news of the day with a progressive slant that exaggerates conservative foibles, impugns conservative motives, and unceasingly covers any conservative misdemeanor whereas it ignores progressive foibles, praises progressive motives, and spins or ignores the news of any progressive misdemeanor. Sure, Fox News is an exception, but it’s an exception that that gets criticized even when it gets the story right. Progressive late night comedians have ridiculed conservatives mercilessly for decades as being stupid and craven. Popular entertainment unfailingly reinforces a progressive worldview that is hostile to conservatives.

    1. As a consequence, many ordinary progressives have become uninhibited in their public discourse to assert the superiority of their worldview with what would have been widely considered impertinence in the past. Among progressives, it’s perfectly fine, even commendable, to insult those who disagree with the progressive worldview as being deplorables. Racist. Sexist. Homophobic. Islamophobic. White-privileged. Etc.

      1. There are entire career fields that you simply cannot pursue if you are openly conservative. You can’t go into anything involving Hollywood. You can’t work in silicon valley. You can’t work in academia outside a few small conservative colleges.

        You cannot be an open Christian in many places. You can be a Christian but only if you profess the state approved variety that endorses gays and transvestites actually being the sex the imagine themselves to be. You have to live in one hell of an intellectual bubble to think that “conservatives are winning”.

      2. While you are correct about bastions of socialism being alive in the USA, they are not alive and well.

        Trump won over the whom the socialists picked. Republican control 32 state Legislatures and only need 34 to convene an Article V Constitutional convention. If 38 state ratify those amendments, the government can be fixed to limit government in some areas socialists have exploited.

        Ultimately it comes down to an informed electorate reigning in government and I think Trump is the response to people who say the socialists have won.

        1. *The whom…. a new wave band.

        2. Trump is the first victory against progressives in 20+ years.
          Yet socialism (progressivism = totalitarian socialism [redundant, I know]) continues to have a huge advantage, and Rs aren’t always on the side of liberty or opposed to progressives. Many Rs are progressives, but at least their victories show wider support for liberty among the populace.
          It’s a long fight, and literally an existential war.

        3. Mystical conservatives are welcome in Bavaria, where swastikas modified to look more like crosses are back in government buildings and Hitler bells ring the changes in church steeples.

        4. National Socialists rool and drool. Here it’s been 79 years and Americans are still thinking like European socialists who root for different soccer teams. 3.28% of the U.S. electorate is informed, 0.1% of the European and Bandana Republic electorates.

  33. the average American conservative feels bombarded daily with disrespect.”

    This from a thin-skinned, whiny-ass, hair-trigger cunt who just about burst a blood vessel in her brain because some jerk on Twitter told her “go in the kitchen and make a sandwich”.

    1. Stay classy, Simple Mikey.

      1. The truth hurts like a bitch though, doesn’t it?

        1. Post something that isn’t inside paranoid ranting and maybe we’ll find out.

          1. That should be “insane,” not “inside.” Jesus.

    2. I’m pretty sure ENB tried to clarify that this was just a bad joke on her part.

      1. She did. Though I doubt Weigel here would trust her intentions. She also deleted her tweet and such, which seems like backpedaling. But really, it doesn’t matter that much. He’s going to call her a jew regardless.

        1. Mikey is a simple man with an angry little brain, who rages incoherently in a futile effort to stave off the pending abyss.

  34. The radio just claimed that the “most stinging sanctions yet” were there cause of this treaty.

    1. What is this “radio” you speak of?

      1. It’s the name of my dog. And let me tell you, his politics are getting more and more left-wing each day.

        1. Natch. See, “wag the dog”.

  35. Immigration officials are pushing for the detainment and prosecution of any parents caught trying to cross the Mexican border illegally with their kids.

    Go on…

    This zero-tolerance move would represent “a stark change in policy that would result in the separation of families that until now have mostly been kept together,”

    Are the kids not being detained and/or deported with their parents?

  36. Despite so much winning, “the average American conservative feels bombarded daily with disrespect.” Why?


    1. Conservatives, if they actually believe their principles about the limits of human nature, shouldn’t be surprised if society is f’ed up.

      The main thing to avoid is to say there used to be a golden age, because there wasn’t (apart from Eden itself).

      And of course, avoid any “I’m a victim” talk, leave that to the experts (progs).

  37. OK for bars to boot Trump supporters, says court. It’s OK for a bar to kick out someone based on their political beliefs

    Good, maybe this will finally settle the fucking retarded gay cakes issue.

    1. No, because I’m fairly sure sexual orientation, unlike political affiliation, is a protected class under the laws of NYC and NY state.

    2. But in an analogous issue, here’s a couple of progs saying that political opinion should be a protected class as least re employment-discrimination law.

      So if their plan was attacked the bar wouldn’t be able to fire an employee for being pro-Trump, and any dress code about hats would have to be politically neutral.

      The next step would be to protect *customers* against political discrimination under the public-accommodations laws.

      I’d like to hear some progs go on the record and say political affiliation/opinion should *not* be a protected class.

      1. “if their plan was enacted,” not attacked, sheesh.

  38. “”Pansexual is the new bisexual.””

    Of course! The word “bisexual” is inherently bigoted because it asserts there are only two genders. Fucking bigots. A pansexual loves all 56 genders equally and without reservation.

  39. The average libertarian doesn’t coerce anyone, and is bombarded with “cool platform, but howcum you guys are never on teevee?”

  40. The verdict is in. Women can no longer sell their goodies to powerful and influential men.

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