North Korea

North Korea Claims It Will Suspend Its Nuclear Weapon and Missile Tests

With a meeting between North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and President Trump on the horizon, North Korean state media also vows the nation will close its current active nuke test site.


twm1340 on / CC BY-SA

In advance of planned summit meetings where North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un would talk with South Korean leaders and then President Trump, North Korean state media drops a Friday afternoon news dump surprise: they claim they are going to suspend any further nuclear weapon or missile tests and shut down their current nuclear test site.

As per a Washington Post report, this surprising announcement, which seems at least in part a vindication of Trumpian diplomacy on the nuclear issue, "was made after a meeting of the central committee of the ruling Worker's Party of Korea, convened Friday to discuss policy issues related to 'a new stage' in a 'historic' period. However, analysts noted that it made no mention of giving up its program, simply signaling a freeze."

Matt Welch last month praised the possibilities inherent in Trump's controversial decision to meet with Kim Jong Un, which at least as it looks this afternoon is bearing good fruit.