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Posing As a Metro Rider on Twitter, D.C. Transit Union Attacks Critics As Paid Plants

The union's sock-puppet account was discovered yesterday and has since been deleted.



The union representing workers for Washington, D.C.'s notoriously dangerous and dysfunctional Metro rail system seems to have been running a Twitter account that purported to express the views of an ordinary, Metro-loving rider.

For months now, @DCMetroTruth has claimed to be a Washington-area commuter telling just the facts about the Metro's performance while waging vicious battles with Twitter critics of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority (WMATA), which operates the Metro, and its unionized work force, represented by Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 689.

On multiple occasions @DCMetroTruth accused critics of the Metro, including stalwart watchdogs like @unsuckdcmetro and @DCmetroll, of lying about Metro conditions and serving as paid plants of contractors who want to privatize the transit system.

Such was the case yesterday, when, during a particularly nasty Twitter fight, one user flipped the tables on @DCMetroTruth and asked who was funding that account. Tellingly, the response came not from @DCMetroTruth but from the official ATU Local 689 account, which declared, "I am a rider here to spread the TRUTH. No one has to pay me to do that!"

That message was immediately followed by accusations that @DCMetroTruth had revealed its true nature as a union front. @DCMetroTruth tried to defend the union as trolling the trolls with its response, but no one was buying it. @DCMetroTruth has since been deleted, although screen shots of the fight can be still be found.

The incident is a sad and petty reminder that the Metro's union exists not to serve riders or offer quality service but rather to deflect criticism from its members, regardless of how legitimate or accurate that criticism is. Last year, for instance, ATU Local 689 successfully sued for the reinstatement of a maintenance worker who had been fired for falsifying records about tunnel fans that malfunctioned during a deadly smoke inhalation incident.

With its apparent sock puppet gone, ATU Local 689 will have to use its official account to tweet support of tax increases for the Metro and condemnations of WMATA's private contracting.

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        2. ^^Phony union account.

          1. I sure wish I actually existed.

    2. I’m a bit short on Rubles, but I’m sure my friend, the Prince of Nigeria, would love to help.


  2. during a particularly nasty Twitter fight

    This is a tough world we’re living in these days.

  3. You mean to tell me that this sock puppet Twitter account did not brainwash tens of millions of Americans into believing that the DC metro system was the finest transportation system in the world? Are you seriously telling me that fake social media accounts don’t actually mislead people? You must be mistaken.

    1. @DCMetroTruth personnel should lurk here so they can learn how to do sockpuppetry right.

      1. Are you sure @DCMetroTruth isn’t here using a different handle? Are you @DCMetroTruth?

  4. I think in 50 years, the only unions will be public service ones.

    1. Though The Onion just chose to unionize.

      1. Yep, in 50 years all that will be left is public sector unions and Univision’s Writer’s Guild workers. The latter will have long been replaced by AI and Korean prisoners, but the union will be going strong.

        1. I think it will crumble quickly when they first picket and the scabs can cross freely after saying they’re just making a joke.

  5. What a joke.

    1. Such is the nature of politics. We have members of a union (paid by DC Metro) accusing others of what they’re doing (being paid plants). Politics gets into it because the government subsidizes DC Metro, and gives their employees the favor of being able to force other employees to pay dues to their union honchos (who kickback a lot to politicians who are giving them that favor). It’s no surprise they want people to think great things about their scheme, I mean DC Metro’s service.

      If only they really were real plants instead of animals. Which they deserve considering their scheme to enrich themselves via the use of government force, rather than earning a living in a free market.

  6. Oh how far the mighty have fallen. Unions used to beat people up and kill them. These days, they are reduced to trolling on Twitter.

    1. Yes, but they’re still firmly in control of the bus line. They’re really, really good at protecting their own jobs.

    2. +1 brick through your front window.

  7. Wasn’t me.

  8. There’s nothing wrong with being a sockpuppet.

    1. That would be a step up for you.

      Lousy dick puppet.

  9. Does Robert Mueller know about this?

    Did Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 689 give any money to the Hillary Clinton campaign?

  10. The Metro is the most lackadaisical, poorly and unprofessionally run transit system in the world. It’s a Third World system that is almost exclusively run by blacks and a Democratic patronage system. Let’s cut through the baloney and let some professionals take over the system.

    1. I have been on Third World subways, they are generally pretty nice, Cairo isn’t fully air conditioned, but it is safer and more reliable than DC.

    1. Is it me, or does Cuomo look like the Joker without makeup?

    2. I suspect that when Cuomo says “I was raised by poor immigrants.” he’s referring to the people his parents employed to take care of him. Not sure about the explanation for him saying “I’m a middle-class guy. That’s where I come from.”, though. His father was a millionaire by age 30, and he himself has made over a mill/year for years now (and that’s just the legitimate income!) MY middle-class bona fides, which my father rightly saw as a huge step up from the “tenant farmer” status of my Grandpa, are considerably more modest than that, and more legitimate.

      But hey, if them suffisticated Noo Yorker voters wanna buy what he’s sellin’, ya cain’t stop ’em. And they ‘parently do.

      Fucking morons. Though in fairness, they DO get little slices of the government slush cake. I’m sure the percentage of NY voters who have at least one family member benefiting from the Democratic Party handouts of patronage is pretty damn high. Folks in Cali who have to have an app to navigate which streets have lesser concentrations of human waste on the sidewalk (SF), and whose representatives (Sacto) basically flip off any concerns about a money spigot for well-connected jobbers posing as a “high-speed rail” project (LA), have no excuse. Just keep electing them, folks. They only rip you off because you’ve repeatedly shown them that they can, without electoral consequence.

  11. so the government was paying people to lie to its own people?

    1. Isn’t that the most basic function, you can have a givernment without a monopoly on violence, or taxation, but one without lies is pretty hard to conceive of.

  12. I had to read the headline 4 times before I realized it didn’t say “plaid pants.” I was wondering what kind of new insult that was.

    1. Pretty sure “plaid pants” is an item of millennial ironicwear, like those stupid glasses and the beards. I mean…c’mon, the glasses don’t make you look intelligent and philosophum non facit barba.

      Wake me up when they get to “cargo shorts worn with sandals-and-socks”, so I can be hip again.

      1. Plaid pants is retro golf chic. Cargo shorts with socks and sandals was _ironic dad look_ but has since been superceded by between 6 and 7 levels of irony, depending on which blogs you read.

  13. Sorry to hear Tulpa lost his real job.

  14. Any individual arguing in favor of tax increases should send 100% of their own personal funds voluntarily to the IRS or other tax collection agency before trying to convince everyone else that it’s okay to use force on the citizens who prefer to keep their own earnings.

    Push back on the slavers to put up or shut up.

  15. I rode the Metro system for 11 years and it’s neither dangerous nor dysfunctional. Now I’m an employee and part of the Union.
    The Authority is doing things that they shouldn’t be doing, it’s dragged out because it has to go court and generally the Authority loses but it doesn’t stop them from continuing. It seems that they have a vast amount of money to continue to defy the existing contract

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