IRS Website Crashes on Tax Day

The public is advised to stay calm and keep paying taxes.


Laura Gangi/

On Tax Day of all days, key pages of the IRS's website are down. Last-minute filers looking to view their tax information online, make a payment, or figure how much they owe are being greeted with an alert saying: "This service is currently unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience."

The timing is a bit awkward, and not just because of the deadline for filing those returns is today.

Just last week, the agency released a glowing press release about its new "mobile-friendly" site designed to "help people who need last-minute tax information." (The press release is still reachable, but most of the purportedly helpful links in it are down.)

If that weren't bad enough, Acting IRS Commissioner David Kautter also testified today before the House Oversight Committee, where he had the unpleasant task of telling lawmakers about the technical problems.

So far there's no word about when the agency's website will be back online. Kautter reportedly assured the legislators that those unable to file their taxes because of the agency's mistakes will not be penalized. The commissioner told reporters that the agency had already received some 120 million of 150 million expected returns, leaving about 30 million possibly affected.

IRS spokesperson Sarah Allen tells NPR that taxpayers should not panic and "continue filing their tax returns as they normally would."

Elsewhere at Reason: Brian Doherty notes some of the wasteful expenditures that will gobble up your tax return this year, from Doggie Hamlet to Tomahawk missiles. Looks like we can add broken tax-collecting websites to the list.

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  2. Every single Christian article is just straight up shit talking.

    1. He secretly misses the PM Links, too.

      1. Only so he can enjoy not doing them and watch commenters freak.

  3. Just give them more money. Look how good Obamacare’s billion dollar website worked.


    1. Finally, Mueller can get him on Tax Evasion.

  5. North and South Korea reportedly set to announce official end to war

    Ahead of a summit next week between North Korean premier Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-In, lawmakers from the neighboring states were thought to be negotiating the details of a joint statement that could outline an end to the military conflict between the two countries.
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    No fucking way! Amazing if true.

    I mean, maybe not much will actually change, but the door would be wide open for it.

    1. “I mean, maybe not much will actually change, but the door would be wide open for it.”

      You have to keep in mind that the Kims make Stalin look like the model of ethical behavior. Anything KYU ‘agrees’ to is valid like the guarantee on a used car; it might have effect for a minute or so.
      One condition which might change that regards his support within the Org and Guidance Dept.; if that’s wavering, who knows who is going to look for a life-raft outside the country.

    2. Wow… That would be awesome. I’ll believe it when I see it though.

  6. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I normally pay Estimated Taxes on the due date via Direct Pay. Today I found out that the credit card fees are only 1.87%. I swear they used to be more. But 1.87% is a pretty good deal made better by the fact that my Fidelity Visa kicks back 2% on every purchase. AND…the fee is tax deductible. So I put .13% back in my pocket plus created a new deduction for next year. Thank you?

    1. This is why taxes make me borderline suicidal/homicidal, actually.

    2. Hey I would be happy for you, finding a savings like that. But I do believe 1) the fee is a deductible expense only inasmuch as it exceeds 2% of your gross income, and 2) next year’s tax code will remove that anyway.

  7. “On Tax Day of all days, key pages of the IRS’s website are down. Last-minute filers looking to view their tax information online, make a payment, or figure how much they owe are being greeted with an alert saying: “This service is currently unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience.””

    I know I’d accept an apology for the “inconvenience” of being tossed in the klink for not filing.

  8. On another site I read an article describing legislation that was submitted by Senator Elizabeth Warren to freeze out commercial tax assistance software like TurboTax and have the IRS create the only software allowed to be used for submitting tax returns. I’m sure that would end well. Why wouldn’t it?

    1. My understanding is that Warren’s bill just instructs the IRS to build a free-file option. It does not make them the exclusive provider of tax preparation software.

      1. build a free-file option.

        How about requiring your congresscreature to prepare your return?

        1. No thanks, i don’t need to get told i owe $11,000,000,000.02.

          1. Remember: the IRS does not accept personal checks over $100 million; if you need to pay more than that, you need to split it up into several checks. Just saw this on my 1099V today!

      2. It’s possible that I misinterpreted one of the clauses in the bill.

        I still think their software will suck at least as bad as the Obamacare software.

      3. Warren’s free file website would have a question you need to answer, then a filing instruction. Here’s my mockup:

        How much did you earn? $_____

        Please send that amount to: Internal Revenue Service, Washington DC, 20018

      4. If so, she’s a moron.

        All the online preparers already off free filing for individuals without more than the standard deductions.

        All the people thay couldn’t afford to pay for access are already getting that access gratis.

    2. I looked for such a proposal to no avail.

      Did you read it on

      1. Look up S.912 – Tax Filing Simplification Act of 2017 on If that’s not too complicated for you.

  9. They already have all your info, they should just tell you what you “owe” instead of making you figure it out.

    1. Or better yet, have an Alternative Maximum Tax (say 10K) where if you pay that much, you don’t need to send in any details.

    2. Right? Because if you get it “wrong”, they correct it for you anyway.

  10. Kautter reportedly assured the legislators that those unable to file their taxes because of the agency’s mistakes will not be penalized.

    “Of course, filers must provide documentation that their late filings were caused by the agency.”

  11. It shouldn’t be crashing, they just finished optimizing it for Netscape Communicator 4.

    1. Shit, I’m still on Mosaic 2.

      1. I used to use Mourning Lynx, but support for that evaporated.

  12. Last-minute filers

    It’s about time people have to pay for their laziness.

  13. I heard that the IRS does not know whether this is due to a “glitch” or a “cyberattack”.

    Any speculation from the commentariat?

    Ima say “insufficient funding”.

    1. On my Internet, bad things tend to happen when 500 billion people suddenly hit a page all at once.

      1. Hell, sometimes can’t even handle four people and six Tulpae at the same time.

        1. Speaking of which, I gotta go drop some tulpas into a porcelain bowl.

          1. Make sure to wash your hands first.

      2. Obviously the solution is to have Facebook take over the IRS.

        1. Perhaps the saddest thing of all is that this would probably improve service.

    2. A big “attaboy” to the Russian hackers?

    3. Ima say end of Net Neutrality.

  14. lol

  15. It’s literally like rain on your wedding day.

    1. It’s like getting the first cooooommeeent, when Fist already hit send,
      It’s like getting Jooohn to agreeeee, when he blew his wad on Ken,
      It’s like ten thousand eggs, when SIV already has a wife,
      It’s the good advice from Mikey, that you just didn’t take,
      Who would have thought…

      1. …it’s chiggers?

  16. Remember when Obamacare crashed and it was like the worst thing since 9/11?

    1. Yeah… I remember when I got to keep my doctor… oh, wait.

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  18. Ingat: IRS tidak menerima cek pribadi lebih dari $ 100 juta; jika Anda perlu membayar lebih dari itu, Anda perlu membaginya menjadi beberapa cek. Hanya melihat ini di 1099V saya hari ini!

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