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Trump Announces Unprecedented Support for Legalizing Marijuana

Drug war is over (if you want it).


On the first great-weather day of Spring 2018, President Donald Trump has committed to withdrawing federal objections to the legalization of marijuana, reports Tom Angell of Marijuana Moment.

President Trump is preparing to support far-reaching legislation to reform federal marijuana prohibition so that states can enact their own cannabis laws without interference.

"Since the campaign, President Trump has consistently supported states' rights to decide for themselves how best to approach marijuana," U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner (D-CO) said in a statement. "Late Wednesday, I received a commitment from the President that the Department of Justice's rescission of the Cole memo will not impact Colorado's legal marijuana industry. Furthermore, President Trump has assured me that he will support a federalism-based legislative solution to fix this states' rights issue once and for all."

In a briefing with reporters on Friday afternoon, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed the development, calling Gardner's statement "accurate."

"We're always consulting Congress about issues including states' rights, of which the president is a firm believer," she said.


This is huge, as it would unambiguously allow states to pursue legalization without worrying about a federal crackdown such as the one proposed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the start of this year. An unambiguous ally in the White House would also go a long way to ending skittishness on the part of banks and other firms to engage with pot-related industry in states where such business is legal. At Marijuana Moment, Angell writes that the details of the "legislative solution" Sen. Gardner mentions are not known yet, but the Colorado Republican said it will amount to a "universal fix" to all questions regarding pot legalization.

Read more here.

Gardner had been using senatorial privilege to place holds on various administration nominees until he received assurances that the Trump administration would work to allow the untroubled legalization of pot in states that decide to do so. Today, he announced:

"Because of these commitments, I have informed the Administration that I will be lifting my remaining holds on Department of Justice nominees. My colleagues and I are continuing to work diligently on a bipartisan legislative solution that can pass Congress and head to the President's desk to deliver on his campaign position."

So here we have Donald Trump, who is so terrible on so many issues and pretty damn good on others, moving forward on negotiating peace on the War on Pot. Nothing is over until the last non-violent offender is freed, but this is very good news.

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  1. Maybe letting the deep state run him out of office so he can be replaced by Pence, who is a drug warrior extraordinaire, is a bad idea?

    1. My thoughts exactly now.

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    2. First, this one thing isn’t enough to counterbalance the damage he is doing to our democratic norms.

      Second, “the deep state”? Really? No one is running Trump out of office except Trump. It’s not Mueller’s fault that Trump has been a lifelong dirtbag.

      1. You mean the democratic norms of unelected bureaucrats ruling over us? Signing treaties without the consent of the Senate? Those norms?

        1. Goddamn, talk about missing the log for the mote.

          1. Indeed, Tony. You do it constantly. Tell me again about that phone and pen…

          2. Fuck off Tony.

          3. Beam or GTFO.

          4. Why is a lefty quoting the New Testament? Isn’t that the equivalent of Mein Kampf to you guys?

      2. Delius, when you wonder what’s wrong with the country, you needn’t look further than your nearest mirror. Establishment hacks like you perpetuate the career statist employees and elected officials that are oh so corrupt and bleeding this great nation dry. For all his faults, Trump is actually trying to disrupt that malignant status quo. And if you want a lifelong dirtbag, your go to there is Hillary Clinton, plus any of her pals.

      3. Delius|4.13.18 @ 6:28PM|#
        “First, this one thing isn’t enough to counterbalance the damage he is doing to our democratic norms.”

        You mean the lefties didn’t get to pick the SCOTUS guy?

        1. No no, it’s that the lefties weren’t able to keep control of the unconstitutionally insulated and unaccountable agency they set up to act as their own mob enforcers for any activity they didn’t like that was in any way, shape, or form connected to monetary transactions.

      4. “”the damage he is doing to our democratic norms.””

        This “norms” shit is getting tiresome.

        Be specific.

        Its a word endlessly recycled by wonky hacks like Klein and Frum etc. Suddenly they care about the ‘dignity of the office’, (as tho screeching “Fascism!” and “Nazis” at everyone they disagree with is so-dignifying)

        If you can’t say exactly what’s being “damaged”, and why its a Very Bad Thing Serious People Should Be Concerned By, I call = Bullshit.

      5. ‘Our democratic norms’?

        You mean people pretending politicians don’t do, out of sight, the things Trump does in full view of the country?

    3. Don’t pop the champagne until you read the bill, and he’s signed it.

      1. Oops, I already sparked up.

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      (Yer welcum for my BRILLIANT solution!)


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          “Hey man, someone’s talkin’ pretty bad about Rodger, man!”

          (But I think that Dave’s not here, actually).



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              If this dog-kennel’s a-rockin’, don’t cum a knockin’!!!


                WHAT’S UP WITH THAT!

                1. Be! Aggressive! B-E aggressive!

        2. Pics or GTFO.

    2. If that’s all it takes, you can pay me for it. I can use $ more than sex.

  3. Step #1: Fire Jeff Sessions!!!

    1. Yep. And install someone who will focus entirely on putting democrats in prison.

      1. Okay. Kill Sessions.

        1. I laughed

  4. So here we have Donald Trump, who is so terrible on so many issues and pretty damn good on others, moving forward on negotiating peace on the War on Pot. Nothing is over until the last non-violent offender is freed, but this is very good news.

    Most libertarian president ever.

    1. If he actually did do this, Trump really would be the most Libertarian President ever. The heads exploding and the butt hurt over that fact would be epic.

      1. What about the heads hurt and the butt exploding?

        1. Those will be epic as well.

          1. So, I just image searched butt explosions.

            Apparently there’s such a thing as butt implants. And they can explode if you actually, y’know, use your butt. And you can end up in critical condition if your butt implants explode.

            TL;DR: Butt explosions are a real thing.

        2. If Trump would legalize at the federal level (not just let states do it and ignore them) so people could treat Crohn’s with it there would be fewer butts exploding.

          1. That wouldn’t be constitutional.

      2. Please. Drumpf could completely legalize cocaine in addition to pot, and he’d still be overall terrible from a libertarian POV because he’s completely wrong on our defining issue: immigration.

        1. Now there’s a solid effort. Much better.

        2. Open Borders Uber Alles!

        3. Trump is awesome on borders. It’s not his fault that you’re a traitor.

        4. Eat my shorts. A Nobel Prize-winner disagrees. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLsCC0LZxkY&t=303s

        5. “Our” defining issue is NOT immigration.

          In fact pro or con positions on immigration is not even a libertarian “issue” at all.
          From a libertarian POV immigration policies are thoroughly discretionary decision for the citizenry.
          Simply put, we as citizens of the nation own the territory, and we can choose any immigration policy we feel like.
          That includes completely open borders on one end, and completely closed immigration at the other end.
          It is just like the discretion you have on your own private property, you can let anyone walk in or you can prohibit anyone from walking in.

          1. You veered off into collectivism at “we as citizens of the nation own the territory”.

      3. heads exploding and the butt hurt

        On both sides of the aisle. Rs would be O.M.G. Drugz; Ds O.M.G. why didn’t we think of that?

  5. I still think Drumpf is basically Hitler and hope #ItsMuellerTime kicks him out of office, but I guess this move is good news. Even if he had to get Putin’s approval to go through with it.

    1. The only wrinkle is that dope has to be sold in rubles, not dollars. Don’t know why.

      1. Ugh, that’s such a depressing thought. But the increasing Russian influence over all aspects of American life cannot be ignored. I read on NPR Politics that NRA, In New Document, Acknowledges More Than 20 Russian-Linked Contributors. It figures the Russians would be fighting against common sense gun safety.

        1. Turns out it’s less than $3k, mostly U.S. citizens living in Russia paying their dues. Stop the presses?

          1. Hey. People in foreign lands should never be allowed to influence U.S. policy by making donations to American political foundations. It’s just not done.


            1. Rather, people in foreign lands should look to America’s example – we don’t influence foreign governments by offering large ‘foreign aid’ payments from one hand and holding up the threat of ‘nation building your ass back to the stone age’ with the other *at all*.

        2. National Russkie Association

          1. There, now THIS is how you do it, OBL.

        3. Russia is so awful that Hilary and Obama sold them 20% of our uranium reserves. But Trump is clearly the one under Putin’s thumb, right?

          1. Uranium is literally radioactive…she poisoned them. Hillary is 0070!

    2. You don’t want Trump gone. If he is deposed in this manner, it is very likely that real Americans will rise up and come after trash like you.

  6. Come on, Gillespie- announce “libertarian moment”

  7. President Donald Trump has committed to withdrawing federal objections to the legalization of marijuana

    And we all know when he commits to something you can take that to the bank, there’s no chance whatsoever he’ll commit to the complete opposite 5 minutes later.

    1. “In a briefing with reporters on Friday afternoon, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed the development, calling Gardner’s statement ‘accurate.’ ”
      This looks like the real deal at this point and all the congresscritters know that making marijuana a state issue has majority public support even among Republicans. As Ken notes below, prog god Obama spent 8 years waging a federal war on reefer. If Trump/Hitler gets this done, it will be the biggest rollback in the WOD in 40 years. This is huge.

      1. Trump/Hitler is too long to spell, especially with that slash. And Trumpler was already done with that whole “Bushitler” thing?which itself is incredibly stupid. I propose that from now on, we refer to the portmanteau name as “Titler.”

          1. Hey, Trump totally supports lesbian love. Which just goes to show that my suggestion is SUPER DUPER APT!

            1. It’s another one of my fetishes.

    2. Quick, get this man a pen and a bill to sign before he changes his mind!

  8. If this actually happens, good news.

    But “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” and all that. Goes double for Trump. Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve gotten non-binding assurances that the admin is going to tackle some complex issue in the near-future only to have it never happen.

    That this came from a senator and not Trump himself is more assuring, but I won’t believe it till the ink is dry.

    1. Trump’s speech tends to be so divorced from any action I honestly believe you could just ignore him completely and as accurately guess what he will do as any other.

      But I agree, good for him if the does this.

      1. And he is the first president to even ate such a position. Figures it wouldn’t be a democrat. They don’t really believe in freedom when you get down to it.

  9. If Pres. Trump requires drug warriors to find decent livelihoods, he should be commended.

  10. After a bazillion dollar ‘study’, it will be discovered that all that was required was to obey the law, and remove the devil weed from schedule one, because it has proved medicinal uses. Whodathunkit?

  11. I know it’s unlikely, but can we get some significant support for actually legalizing weed on the national level? I don’t think my state’s going to legalize for a while, and even though I don’t use, it would be nice to not have to worry about it.

    1. Fuck, I live in Minnesota, pretty much controlled by Democrats since statehood in the 1800s, and our democratic governor has his mouth so tightly locked around the police union’s cock he barely even allowed medical marijuana to be approved, and only then if it was a topical cream that has 0.0000001% THC in it.

      1. Sound homeopathic to me.

      2. Sound homeopathic to me.

    2. Even if the Feds legalized it overnight, it would still be illegal in your state until your state legalized it.

      And for most people, its the state level law enforcement that is the major threat, not the DEA.

      1. Or county. Locals DGAF.

  12. Did the Russians get to Gillespie, too?!


    The fact that Sessions hasn’t gone on a rampage through the states over marijuana wasn’t because Trump doesn’t care about the issue. Sessions would go after marijuana like it was Al Qaeda if he could. Meanwhile, by this point in Obama’s first term, he’d already raided state legal, medical marijuana dispensaries hundreds of times.

    Trump is a mixed bag–at worst. If his positions on the issues were anywhere near as bad as the conniptions in the media over his tweets, we’d be halfway to hell by now.

    I oppose using free trade as a negotiating tool–even if it we end up getting North Korea to negotiate over nukes because of that tactic–but the jury is still out as to where he lands on free trade. For the sake of the country, I hope I’m wrong about his tactics–and China follows through on their promises to liberalize trade and North Korea is eliminated as a security threat to the United States through peaceful negotiation. Of course, I hope he’s successful.

    I’d score Trump like this:

    +1 pragmatic rather than neocon on foreign policy
    +1 deregulation
    +1 tax reform
    +1 ending the drug war (new)

    -1 spending (who doesn’t stink?)
    -1 free trade rhetoric
    -1 value of immigration

    There’s almost always a backlash against the president in his first midterm, but the Democrats better have something better than identity politics and Stormy Daniels, or they’re gonna get clobbered in both 2020 and 2022.

    1. I completely agree with your assessment.

    2. Obama was such a scumbag when it came to drugs. It fucking drove me crazy to see him go on TV and crack wise about smoking weed now and again as a kid. Everyone winking and laughing along with how hip he is, while some kid is getting ass raped and initiated into the Aryan Nation in some prison in central California.

      Or the simple fact that if he had been caught, then he would have never been president. You laugh now while people’s lives are being ruined. And he was a man in a position to do something more.

      1. Hey. He performed extrajudicial killings of American citizens. You expect him to accomplish more?

      2. That’s the betrayal thing I was talking about downblog.

      3. Yeah. Obama was a great disppointment. I had some hopes that he would do something right.

    3. Agree, and would give him another +1 on SCOTUS and, what the hell, another +1 for not being HRC.

      1. +1 DeVos, also.

  13. “This is gonna be the best marijuana, believe me. Grown right here in America by Americans.”

    1. Make America High Again!

      1. MAHA . . . HA HA HA

    2. We are going to build a big, beautiful weed wall to keep the illegal Mexican marijuana out of our country.

      1. “And some of their weed, I suppose, is good weed, but usually when they send us their weed it’s the crappiest variety.”

        1. Sonoran ditch weed, I tells ya!

  14. Right, next thing you know Reason will be posting a photoshopped pic of Trump holding a rainbow flag.

    1. Besides transgenders and the military, I don’t remember much complaining on Reason about Trump and LGBT topics. On Facebook, sure, but those people are idiots. He’s been refreshingly un-Republican about LGBT.

    2. Assuming you’re serious (can’t tell), you don’t need Photoshop for that, it actually happened during his campaign.

      That said, most of the LGBT complaints have been about nominees with anti-LGBT track records, the DoJ taking sides in pending litigation, and smaller policy things. Mostly stuff that libertarians (as a group) are unlikely to care about.

      1. Name a comment I made that could be taken seriously. Just one.

        1. Name a comment I made that could be taken seriously. Just one.

          You’re looking at it.

        2. You’ve repeatedly agreed with my love of gigantic black and hispanic booty. ARE YOU GOING TO SAY THAT IS ALL A LIE?

          1. How do you feel about homeless booty?

  15. Damn Mr. President. Fuck yes.

  16. Congress should just pass a bill that completely legalizes cannabis at the federal level and then let states decide what to do. Also, make it completely legal for banks to process funds from cannabis based businesses, no matter the state law.

    I doubt a vague promise from Trump will ever normalize cannabis.

  17. On the first great-weather day of Spring 2018…

    Speak for yourself, the weather here in Denver is shit.

    1. I read it as a metaphor.

    2. We’ll be in the shit until July 5th.

    3. Hasn’t Colorado been having great weather since like February? I mean, sure, not much snow, but hasn’t it overall been good weather?

  18. U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner (D-CO)

    Gardner’s a Republican.

    1. Didn’t fit The Narrative

      1. He actually refers to him twice as a Republican in the article. Just a typo.

        1. but mah conspiracy…

  19. I’ll believe it when he allows people in prison for weed to be released and allowed to shoot the drug sniffing dog what ratted him out

  20. Pretty sure this is just to piss off Jeff Sessions some more.

      1. Good point.

    1. Tony, that you and I don’t like Sessions is one of the few things upon which we agree.

  21. This *actual* Libertarian Moment brought to you by the God Emperor and those who supported him, despite your shrieks of “Racist!” and “Nazi!”.

    You’re welcome.

    1. Trump is a more of a Baron Harkonnen than God Emporer lmfao

  22. Trump Announces Unprecedented Support for Legalizing Marijuana

    IT’S A TRAP!

    1. See now? That was funny!

  23. I told you cucks…

    #MAGA, motherfuckers !

      1. Always knew you were chicken, BUCS.

    1. The only cucks are the calling people cucks. MAGA has been a hell of a drug and a hell of a failure.

  24. In a 2004 book I wrote, The Naked Truth About Drugs, I suggested it would be the Republicans that fix pot laws (and maybe all of prohibition), not the Democrats. The shit I took from drug policy reformers for such heresy was stacked pretty high, notwithstanding the awkwardness of Ethan Nadelmann et al. when pressed to answer my “What have the Democrats done for you besides take your money?” question.

    And when Trump was elected, I doubled-down, saying if the Republicans were ever going to do it, it would be done by Trump. The resulting shitstorm was a bit bigger, as fb and twitter were not around in 2004. And there is no deal, just a whiff.

    But if Trump does restructure/reschedule federal pot laws, allowing a national market to develop, the Democrats won’t win another election this century – and I’ll be looking for an apology or two.

    1. The best thing for this country is for progressivism, and die hard progressives to be completely destroyed. That would likely change the dynamic to a rise in classically liberal and conservatarian groups, which would erode the establishment republicans. Leading to a much more productive political discourse than the destructive one currently in place.

    2. “And there is no deal, just a whiff.”

      I see what you possibly did there.

      1. Guilty. I need a “You’re high, sure you wanna hit send?” button…

    3. would be the Republicans that fix pot laws (and maybe all of prohibition), not the Democrats

      Party of personal responsibility. I’ve long argued the Republicans have always been slightly better on drug policy.
      Republicans “legalized” supplements that Democrats wanted to ban until they were blessed or banned by the FDA.
      They’re much more supportive of “the right to try” when it comes to experimental, unapproved and off-label pharmaceutical therapies. Sure, they still suck for the most part but a conservative ideology is consistent with allowing people to choose to make bad choices so long as they are responsible for the consequences.

      1. What the Democrats have always been about is lessening penalties?not only re drugs but any crime not committed by big biz. They’re not about making anything legal, they’re just about compassion for criminals.

        1. Lies, the Dem party is much more likely to legalize MJ than the republicans. Most republicans I’ve met are bible thumpers who want to get back to the 50s

          1. Sure.

          2. And people believing the Dems will fix the pot laws are morons, just like you.

          3. Where specifically have these meetings occurred?

    1. Yuge

  25. I’m smoking some reefer right now.

    I got a new guitar peddle today; it a Dunlop Cry Baby multi-wah pedal.. I trying to learn funk guitar so this will come in handy . It’s even made in California

  26. No mention of this on CNN or fox news. Syria bombing and Comey galore, your think a monumental shift in rhetoric of public policy and enforcement like this would garner at least a blurb headline

  27. Well great, now pot will never be legalized.

    (srs tho, fingers crossed)

  28. President Donald Trump has committed to withdrawing federal objections to the legalization of marijuana

    This is absolutely meaningless.

    ‘Withdrawing Federal Objections’? OK – until next year when he undoes it. We’re still at the whim of a mad man – and when the next dude is in office we’ll be subject to the whim’s of *that* mad man.

    If he wants to legalize MJ, all he has to do is remove it from the Schedule. Hell, he doesn’t even have to remove it – just bump it down to S2. BAM! Its now in the same category as fething *heroin* and can be prescribed. That’s a major freaking win right there and one that shouldn’t rile the base up with fears that we’re unleashing a junkie army on the country.

    Until Congress removes (or the courts nullify – which they should have done from the beginning) the CSA this will always be subject to the whims of whoever is in the Oval Office.

    What he’s doing right now is saying that the Federal government won’t chase down low-level offenders – which they mostly don’t anyway. So it is *exactly* the status quo ante.

  29. An unambiguous ally in the White House would also go a long way to ending skittishness on the part of banks and other firms to engage with pot-related industry in states where such business is legal.

    Pornography is unambiguously legal – there’s no gray area, its something that the USSC has ruled (in multiple cases covering different aspects of production is not only legal but is explicitly protected by the First Amendment – financial institutions started dropping porn producers like they were live hand grenades the instant the instant the DoJ ‘clarified’ their policy.

    1. There are all kinds of porn that is illegal, what the fuck do you mean “unambiguously” ?

  30. And another thing

    On the first great-weather day of Spring 2018

    Bah! That’s what you get for living in a swamp. We’ve had great weather here since the beginning of February.

    ‘Course, in 30 more days it will start hitting 110 . . .

  31. A report about a really great move by President Trump, and yet you’re still unable to give him unstinting credit without also bitching that he’s “so terrible on so many issues?”

    Do you really have to emphasize your pretty damn high bias in such a fashion? Shame.

    1. Because he constantly says things and does the opposite. That’s precisely why. He is very much an unscrupulous politician.

  32. I totally hate the “we can tax it!” argument.

    There are plenty of good reasons to legalize marijuana that exclude turning private entrepreneurs into goddamn tax collectors.

    1. I agree, but even just the money saved by legalization would be a huge help with not going bankrupt. I think our quixotic quest to save people from themselves would count as something that’s left to cut.

    2. Exactly this. California is pricing legal weed out of the market with taxes. Legalize it because it’s the right and decent thing to do. Enjoy all the benefits as a bonus.

  33. Remove Cannabis from the list of controlled substances. Let the chips and buds fall where they may.

  34. nice info,
    i hope on asia can be Legalizing Marijuana too,

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  35. After eight years of leftards making excuses for President Choom doing fuck-all on this issue, I’m hoping that Trump actually does this so that their heads will all assplode.


  36. Marijuana stock index rose on the news => https://marijuanaindex.com/

  37. Does he support legalizing or cartelizing? There’s a difference. No state has yet legalized.

    1. Rudebarbs gave me to believe they were synonyms. What gives? Is beer legal?

  38. Good for President Trump and about time. I have said for a long time it would be wise for him to instruct his administration to give solid consideration to legalizing marijuana or ending Federal laws that attempt to control state rights over the issue. This would go a long way to quiet much of the social protest and angst that mainstream media has been able to stir up within liberal ranks and many young people.

    Trump and those in Washington would be wise to heed changing public opinion and look past the myths about this drug that has resulted in many young people being sent to prison. More on why this would soften his image and take the air out of the liberal left in the article below.


    1. I have said this for year. And gotten mostly vitriol in response from Republicans.

        1. Sure.

  39. Gosh… all it took was for George Waffen Bush to burn down the economy with faith-based prohibitionist forfeiture looting, the Dems to occupy the White House with someone definitely unlike the Invisible Empire that switched allegiance to the GOP in 1928–and it’s 1933 all over again! Now comes, in effect, a 21st Amendment for hemp. We are finally witnessing the rhyming of History Mark Twain told us to expect!

  40. Wow would it be funny if after eight years of Obama’s blatant hypocrisy on the subject it’s the Republican teatotaler that decriminalizes weed federally. So many heads would explode.

    1. almost quoting John c Randolph was completely unintentional. I have to go think about what I’m doing with my life.

    2. WTF are you talking about ? Obama didn’t lift a finger to try and throw anyone in jail over MJ. He knew the republican congress would never pass anything that he proposed. He would have signed any decriminalization MJ bill that crossed his desk. There were enough real problems with his tenure to complain about not to make shit up to support your biased narrative.

      1. Based on what he did in Illinois, or what?

  41. I’ll believe it when he signs the legislation.

  42. Apart from the millions of dollars we spend on enforcement, while I don’t want people getting stoned and I have never smoked pot in my life, I am not willing to send armed agents to arrest and maybe kill my fellow citizen who wants to smoke it.

    The totality of the burden that government imposes on us through this prohibition is far more evil than the evil weed ever was.

  43. I have been thinking about this for a while. And it seems like the Republican theory is to keep things right under the threshold of pain to avoid another 1932. As the prohibitionist wing of the party gets weaker the Republicans are changing their position. They wan to stay competitive with the voters.

  44. Do it fast before they run you out of town!

  45. artikel dari website ini bagus semua, saya akan membaca semua artikel yang baru

  46. why have alot people in ther world hate him so much??

  47. I’ve thought since the beginning, and his clearly “light handed” statements about weed, that he should COMPLETELY blow the lefts mind by actually getting ahead on this one and being the president to legalize weed nationally. I think this would confuse the crap out of a lot on the left, but the fact is that many on the mainstream right are in favor of legalization too. I mean even my 85 year old grandma has basically given up on caring. That should tell ya something.

    If he does this, it could really help improve his image with a lot of people.

  48. This is good news! Until he changes his mind.

  49. kenapa banyak orang benci dengan dia?

  50. Bama an scumbag a bh? ann nuair a th?inig s? ar dhruga?. Th?g s? fonn orm d?sachtach a fheice?il go rachadh s? ar an teilif?s agus go raibh s? ciallmhar maidir le caitheamh tobac a dh?anamh ar?s agus ar?s eile mar kid. Gach duine ag fulaingt agus ag g?ire chomh maith leis an gcrom?n at? aige, c? go bhfuil rabhadh ag cuid de na h?in?n? agus gur cuireadh t?s leis an Nation Aryan i roinnt pr?os?n i l?r California.

    N? an bhf?ric shimpl? d? mbeadh s? gafa, ansin n? bheadh ??s? ina uachtar?n riamh. G?ire t? anois nuair a bh?onn saol daoine ? scriosadh. Agus bh? s? ina fhear in ann rud ?igin a dh?anamh n?os m?.

  51. Saya tahu itu tidak mungkin, tetapi bisakah kita mendapatkan dukungan yang signifikan untuk benar-benar mengesahkan gulma di tingkat nasional? Saya tidak berpikir negara saya akan melegalkan untuk sementara waktu, dan meskipun saya tidak menggunakannya, akan menyenangkan untuk tidak perlu khawatir tentang itu.

  52. legalkan saja semua nya , dunia sudah gila

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