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Teens Snorting Condoms Is the Best Thing on YouTube Right Now

The world is full of wonders.



I don't know if you've heard yet, but American teenagers—dozens and perhaps tens of thousands of them—are using condoms all wrong. Instead of putting the condoms on their penises, teens are putting the condoms up their noses and then pulling them out of their mouths. It is called "the condom challenge," and various teen wranglers want parents to know about it:

"These days our teens are doing everything for likes, views and subscribers," Stephen Enriquez, a state education specialist in San Antonio, told Fox affiliate KABB. "As graphic as it is, we have to show parents because teens are going online looking for challenges and recreating them."

Mr. Enriquez should read The Selfish Gene. Richard Dawkins laid all this out decades ago.

The Daily Beast's Taylor Lorenz points out that teens have been snorting condoms since at least 2007, while Vice's Samantha Cole traces the phenomadong back to the 1990s, before today's teens were even born! Regardless of when it first happened, this latest iteration is neither new nor likely to reach epidemic proportions. (It is also not as good as the other condom challenge that was popular a few years ago, in which teens filled condoms with water and then dropped them on each other's heads.)

Here at Reason, we have a long history of letting the air out of troubling teen trends, from beezin to butt-chuggin' and jenkem to choking. It is frankly a little exhausting to always be chiding local news outlets for trying to scare the piss out of their audiences (and it is almost always local TV news outlets that peddle these and other scare stories). So rather than rage against the economics of small market media companies and the camera-craving goobers who will read anything out loud for likes, views, and subscribers, I'd like to doff my hat to the bold teens who have successfully completed the condom challenge. I knew it was possible to put spaghetti up one's nose and out his mouth, but I had no idea you could do it with a rubber. The human body is truly amazing.


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  1. “Instead of putting the condoms on their penises, teens are putting the condoms up their noses and then pulling them out of their mouths. It is called “the condom challenge,” and various teen wranglers want parents to know about it

    I miss the days of clown panic, backward masking, satanic rituals, white slavery, and . . .

    Ohhhhhhhh we got trouble,
    right here in River City!
    With a capital “T”
    and that rhymes with “C”
    and that stands for condoms!

    1. Tide pods, cinnamon eating, ice buckets, rainbow parties, butt chugging and jenkem. Get with it, man!

      1. Only two of those things were actually real…

        1. Rainbow chugging and ice pods. You don’t have to tell me, man.

        2. I know that. I just listed the funniest moral panics about the damn kids today I could think of.

          1. Jenkem kills me. Whippits, in this economy?!

  2. “”Teens Snorting Condoms Is the Best Thing on YouTube Right Now”‘

    I would really hope you can find something better. May I suggest Aussie Man Reviews.

    1. I love Ozzie Man Reviews! I don’t consider a GOT episode complete until I watch his recap.

      1. His review of kids slipping on ice was better than the kids slipping on ice.

        1. The review on raccoons was good too.

          1. The one that got me hooked on him was when buffaloes, lions and crocodiles all fight over a baby buffalo.

  3. All these stories about teenagers doing dumb things are designed to push back against the movement to lower the voting age to 16. “I don’t want some kid who plays with Tide Pods voting to take my assault weapon away” is the reaction we’re being programmed to have. I’m not falling for it though. Sixteen and seventeen year olds are smart and well-informed and would enhance our democracy if they were allowed to directly participate.

    1. Sixteen and seventeen year olds are smart and well-informed

      Imma stop you right there.
      — father of teenagers

      1. Griffin, some folks blame genetics while others point to upbringing.

      2. The biggest thing is people seem to be arguing whether we should take their arguments without discussion, or reject their arguments without discussion.

        Like, either they are pure minded and thus right, or they are too stupid and thus wrong.

        Instead, the issue is that the argumentation from these people, in particularly Mr. Hogg, is not good. It’s largely emotion and rending of garments.

        Though this is indicative of many popular arguments. They become more who is arguing it rather than anything about the arguments.

    2. Sixteen and seventeen year olds are smart and well-informed

      So were Hitler and Stalin. Being smart and well informed is insufficient qualification for democratic participation.

    3. Ben Carson is a 66 year old neurosurgeon and he is neither of those things.

  4. Mike Riggs has just become my favorite writer. This article is the very spirit of libertarianism. Now, how many Reason writers (besides Riggs, who is no doubt an expert at pulling things through his nose) will take on the condom challenge?

  5. Alright, who slipped MDMA into Riggs’s morning glass of whiskey?

  6. “”All these stories about teenagers doing dumb things are designed to push back against the movement to lower the voting age to 16″‘

    I’m sure you are aware that stories about teenagers doing dumb things have been around way before that.

    1. Some of our fellow citizens, less sharp than one would hope, need to be reminded.

    2. There’s a movement to lower the voting age to 16? First I’ve heard of it.

      1. That’s because TrickyVic was quoting OBL, above.

      2. Scotland lowered the voting age to 16 a few years ago. Activists in England are pushing for the same thing. I think it’s a great idea.

        1. I think we should raise it to 30.

          1. I think we should tie age discrimination to the voting age. Drinking, driving, owning weapons, draft, enter into contracts, ect.

            If you are old enough to understand the consequences of your vote, you’re old enough for everything else.

            1. Exactly. We are going to look like such barbarians to people in the future.

          2. I’m partial to “no representation without taxation”. That is, people who receive more from the government than they pay in taxes shouldn’t vote.

  7. When I was in middle school the cool thing was for people to shout “PENIS!” in the cafeteria or at other large gatherings. I feel that if anything our young people have become more sophisticated.

    1. Eating Tide pods vs shouting PENIS!.

      That’s sophistication?

  8. Now you have today’s kids going around dabbing everywhere. What’s with this generation? Back in my day all we had was planking, and that was good enough. Kids today.

    1. Back in my day all we had was planking

      What’s Tebowing, chopped liver?

    2. You do know dabs are hits of cannabis concentrates?

      1. I think it’s something else too, but I’m not sure what.

  9. Idiocracy.

    let them do it. Its called thinning the herd.

    1. ^This^

      If a few of these dumb asses off themselves when the condom ends up blocking an airway in their lungs leading to pneumonia, a collapsed lung, and eventual death then so be it. Same goes for the Tide Pod eating dipshits.

  10. Teens Snorting Condoms Is the Best Thing on YouTube Right Now

    This probably says more about the quality of the videos on YouTube than anything else.

    1. It says that youtube censors skin too much.

  11. “Ewww!”


  12. What’s up with the shoving pasta up the nose? If you’re going to shove anything up your nose, at least a condom has been designed and tested to slide along the lining of orifices without causing damage. I just hope those teens remember to use the appropriate lubrication.

  13. Didn’t Steve O do this at some point?

    1. I saw him snort wassabe one time and follow it by squirting lime juice in his eye.

      1. The more traditional and, dare I say, American method is snorting a line of salt, shot of tequila, and then squeezing a lemon in your eye.

  14. phenomadong

    Just added this to the dictionary.
    Also, Riggs, you are now on The List.

  15. Yeah, I snorted a spaghetti strand out my nose once. Eeew.

  16. Thank god these are the people in charge of deciding the fate of our right to keep and bear arms.


  17. David Letterman had lots of people doing this kind of thing–not with condoms, but snorting stuff up their noses and then pulling it out their mouths–on “Stupid Human Tricks”.

  18. I still prefer them for their intended use. 😉

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  20. Better a condom than a live snake.

  21. It just goes to show that our IQ’s are on the way down in this country. I say, “Thin the herd”. If a couple choke and die…Oh well…no loss.

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