Shooting Reported at YouTube HQ in Bay Area


San Bruno, California, Police are responding to 911 calls of a shooting incident at the YouTube headquarters there. YouTube employees have tweeted hearing the shootings and fleeing the building. There is little other information at this time.

Here's one person's account on Twitter:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is now responding as well:

There is no information on casualties as yet. More information to come obviously. Here's a link to a local station.

UPDATE (5:34 pm ET):

Per a San Bruno police press conference, four people were injured in the YouTube shooting and the suspected shooter is dead from what they believe to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

UPDATE (5:50 pm ET):

President Trump tweeted:

UPDATE (10:15 p.m. ET): NBC has identified the shooter as as Nasim Aghdam of Southern California

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  1. Clearly they need some “gun free zone” signage.

    1. We’re i there, I would have called “force fields”. Which would have covered me from any attack.

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  2. Alright, everyone line-up and start casting blame on whatever group of people you have an existing bias against. Canadians is already taken. I call dibs

    1. I haven’t seen Rufus in days…

      1. Ah, HA, eh!

    2. I blame the saucer people.

    3. Intern played the 1812 overture a little too loud.

    4. I was going to call dibs on a woman… Too slow!

    5. Scott, can we have some more butt pics while we wait for news about this?

    6. My first thought is some unhinged person pissed off at YouTube’s recent treatment of gun related content.

      1. Women are a reasonable voice against the second amendment, so that narrative can’t possibly work.

    7. Russians. They’re responsible for everything these days.

    8. It’s YouTube’s fault for for taking down the gun related videos. For proof, read any article about the how we need to be more sensitive and embrace cultural diversity to avoid getting shot over our Mohammed cartoons.

    9. Clearly, she is the victim of human trafficking.

      What did her boyfriend do to force her to try to kill him and herself?

    10. I definitely blame the patriarchy for the fact that she only wounded three people. If she’d been a man she’d have killed at least 4 or 5. Women are always getting short changed.

      1. Trigger was too hard to pull. Plus, the gun had a lot of kick.

    11. Apparently, the shooter was a jilted vegan with a Muslim name.

  3. Great! ATF response means we’ll probably see about 60 unarmed civilians killed.

    1. Look, it’s been like 10 years or something since Ruby Ridge. They’ve had time to sulk.

      1. That was the FBI. The ATF was Waco. If the ATF is there, they will have to shoot or burn everyone there to death in order to save them.

        1. Blast, thought the ATF was both. Oh well. As long as Top Men are on it.

          1. No. Ruby Ridge was about a BATF issue, the guy sold a saw off shotgun to a government agent after they spent weeks begging him to do it, but it was the FBI that ran the standoff and an FBI sniper who murdered his unarmed wife and was promoted for doing it.

            1. The surviving family prevailed in court and was awarded a multi-million dollar settlement.

              1. That they won speaks volumes of how shamefully atrocious the actions of those involved were.

                1. yes. And the people behind it were all promoted. No one was ever held accountable for any of it.

                  1. “yes. And the people behind it were all promoted. No one was ever held accountable for any of it.”

                    But Janet Reno took ‘responsibility’ for the Waco murders.

                    1. Which is why she was put in prison, where she is held to this very day. Just like any other mass murderer.

            2. Why is it the first time I hear about incidents of the government being murderous thugs is on these comments section? It’s almost like the media at large does not want to talk about the government being a bunch of murderous thugs…

              1. Holy Shit. Ruby Ridge was top-shelf news for the 10 days it was happening and the resulting couple of news cycles (which, at the time, was measured in weeks to months rather than days).

                It has subsequently been cited as motivation for more than one ‘Lone Wolf’-‘mass murderer’-‘domestic terrorist’-type person (I’m fairly certain even iteratively so).

                The only excuse for not knowing what ‘Ruby Ridge’ means is being 12-yrs.-old.

                1. To be fair to me, I was only two when it happened.

                  1. To be fair to me, I was only two when it happened.

                    I don’t think I’m being too unfair. Just wait for a couple decades, maybe less, and someone will say something to the effect of “Guess what I just learned about this thing called the Bundy Standoff…” and you’ll kinda know what I mean. Here’s to hoping somebody doesn’t level half an occupied federal building (and the associated) daycare in the interim.

                2. I as in High School when it happened and a bit distracted by the Gulf War celebrations and the elections. I think the economy was major news that summer.

              2. The victors write the history books.

              3. The ruby ridge incident occurred in 1992 its old news and predates many peoples birth

                1. Yeah, maybe a bit of romantic nostalgia and/or cultural zeitgeist on my part. I also had trouble fathoming that someone could get a college education without knowing that aluminum wasn’t magnetic, but we elected that guy (and possibly more than one of them). I suppose there are millions of people raised in the interim decades in places like Portland, San Francisco, New York, and probably even places like Des Moines, who detest or avoid more modern history in all forms.

                  I’m also maybe a bit surprised at the sort of ‘freedom gained/freedom lost’ or ‘prolifically available information not proliferated’ effect highlighted on elsewhere on the forums. It seems like, relative to things like COINTELPRO, Operation Northwoods, and Iran-Contra, Ruby Ridge was rather public and recent.

              4. Are you going to be the one to point your finger at them?

            3. The PBS documentary about Ruby Ridge is shameful.

              They spent 30 minutes ranting about white nationalist groups in the area and trying to tie Weaver in to it, said literally 1 line about 30 minutes in about how he wasn’t actually part of any group and didn’t believe that stuff, then another 30 minutes putting feathers on the tar trying to smear him as a white supremacists because reasons.

              1. Totall agree.
                That family just wanted to be left alone.
                They were set up.

                1. It’s also shameful how if you painted them as “weird” or religious nuts for retreating into the woods, suddenly a large portion of sympathy for them would vanish.

                  1. Remember that BUCS the next time the media claims to be for the little guy.

                    1. No, I know they have my interests at heart. They say so.

              2. They spent 30 minutes ranting about white nationalist groups in the area and trying to tie Weaver in to it, said literally 1 line about 30 minutes in about how he wasn’t actually part of any group and didn’t believe that stuff, then another 30 minutes putting feathers on the tar trying to smear him as a white supremacists because reasons.

                I thought they actually did a fair portrayal of Ruby Ridge in this regard. At least, I can understand how it would be harder to dispel such myths considering the Weavers were involved with the Aryan Nation despite not buying into their ideology. It probably had a bit to do with the whole media uproar that surrounded Ruby Ridge (in part fomented by Aryan Nation sympathizers) that didn’t exist for Waco or OK City. I really thought it was with McVeigh that they did a poor job of seemingly portraying as a white nationalist.

            4. No, Ruby Ridge was petty revenge by a neighbor over a land dispute gone wrong with incompetence on the part of the Secret Service, FBI, ATF, US Marshalls, Federal Courts

              Randy Weaver won a case against a neighbor involving some land and the neighbor retaliated by writing letters to the Secret Service, FB, and others that Weaver planned to assassinate Reagan, John Paul II, etc. The FBI and USSS investigating and neighbors (probably the one who lost the case and his allies) told the agents that Weaver was a member of Aryan Nations, had large caches of weapons, etc. Beyond those neighbors’ statements, the FBI and USSS found no evidence against Weaver.

              1. Weaver caught wind of the letters (but not who was doing it) and wrote to the USSS and FBI informing them that someone was writing the letters and wrote to Reagan that an unknown party was making threats against him under his forged signature and denying any involvement with them. This letter was cited by the prosecution as one of the overt acts in the trial against him. A month after this letter, the subject of an ATF investigation introduces Weaver to an ATF informant who spends the next 3 years trying to get Weaver to sell him the sawed off shotgun that results in criminal charges (along with a false accusation that Weaver was a bank robber inserted in the application for the warrant). Weaver is arrested, released on bail, and what follows is a comedy of errors. The judge sets a trial date which is later changed but Weaver is not informed. Weaver’s probation officer informs Weaver of the wrong trial date. Weaver doesn’t show up for the wrong trial date, so the judge issues a bench warrant and, before Weaver can show up for the trial date he was given, a grand jury indicts him (the letter with the wrong trial date is withheld from the grand jury).

                1. And then Lon Horiuchi showed up…

            5. “”and an FBI sniper who murdered his unarmed wife and was promoted for doing it.”‘

              While holding her child.

              Can’t leave that part out.

  4. And we know it’s real, because they banned all the gun videos. So it couldn’t be that.

    1. Probably some gun nut taking revenge. But hey, since they couldn’t get any instruction on how to shoot on Youtube, they likely missed a lot. So there is that.

  5. YouTube employees have tweeted hearing the shootings and fleeing the building.

    Tweeting? I guess when the going gets tough, the tough jump to another platform.

    1. I’m curious if they were tweeting after fleeing the building (dumb*), while fleeing (dumber), or before fleeing (dumbest).

      *Tweeting in general is dumb, but at least waiting until you’re safe is marginally smarter.

      1. I am really puzzled by the idea of someone in the middle of a mass shooting thinking to tweet the situation. Being shot at, while better than being shot, is really not a good thing. And is certainly something that should focus your mind enough to stop worrying about your social media stats.

        1. must…tell…mom…iluvu….

        2. It is the younger generations. Their first thought is about how many likes they can get when any situation arises.

          Quite creepy if you ask me.

          1. Pretty crazy as well.

          2. This is a natural result of helicopter parenting. The opposite of a free range kids is a shooting range target kid.

  6. It was the “Parkland Kids” wasn’t it?

    1. Those four boys from South Parkland?

  7. Chances it’s not actually gunfire?

    1. “Sorry y’all, I had Taco Bell for lunch.”

      1. Well, the local news says “possible” active shooter, so yes.

        1. Sounds like it was a real shooter. But there have been quite a few “active shooter” scares that were basically backfiring cars or somebody dropping something in a mall.

  8. Another law enforcement source confirms to ABC7 News reporter Dan Noyes that the shooter is a white, adult female wearing a dark top and head scarf.

    If this turns out to be an act of Islamic terror, and the fact that she was wearing a headscarf, even if true hardly means that is the case, watch Silicon Valley go full on closed borders John Brennen drone strike anything that moves.

    1. Head scarf or do-rag? I’m not entirely clear on the difference.

      1. Me either. That is why I said her having one hardly means she is a Muslim.

      2. Do-rags are for men, but both articles of clothing make one look like an attractive bitch when viewed from behind according to one Muslim guy I know.

    2. watch Silicon Valley go full on closed borders John Brennen drone strike anything that moves.

      Hmm, my money’s on the opposite response: they will go full-on Europe and try to be more “welcoming” to the “Muslim community” and hold hands singing kum-ba-ya and make new company rules that you can’t bring food to meetings during Ramadan because it’s insensitive. Give it a year, YouTube and Google will start having no-go zones that they deny exist. I just hope one of them isn’t the Google cafeteria because that place is sweet.

  9. More to come obviously.

    Obviously. But, lots of bullshit speculation in the meantime.

    1. How dare you try and tell me that everyone I don’t like is not somehow directly responsible for this? That is the American way!!

      1. Of course! Watch it turn out to be another of those Matrix delusions.

  10. Has anyone seen David Hogg lately?

    1. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is John Gacy has escaped from prison. The good news is David “Attention” Hogg has disappeared.

  11. “Sources tell KRON4 that a woman shot her boyfriend.”

    I’m pretty sure this is going to be blamed on the boyfriend or something like that.

    1. it will be seen as an act of female empowerment.

    2. Because he said Trump might be innocent of colluding with the Russians?

      1. It is the Bay Area, I wouldn’t totally discount that possibility.

    3. She voted shot the way her boyfriend told her to. She’s just another victim of the patriarchy.

      1. OTOH, it might be: “I’m sick and tired of the gender gap in mass shootings!”

        1. She is a trailblazer. Maybe she can give the keynote speech at the next bit women’s march from jail.

          1. Guess we’ll have to read her manifesto.

            Dead, you know.

        2. This is what happens when SJW’s really believe the shit they peddle.

    4. Guaranteed to be an article on Jezebel/Slate/HuffPo tomorrow.

  12. Well fuck. We can kiss the 2nd Amendment goodbye once Google and the Social Media companies put put their full weight into eliminating it following this.

    1. Fuck them. They have a lot less power than they imagine.

      1. Their power is in their own minds and those stupid enough to believe them. It will take one single screw up for America to turn on them completely.

        1. Lol. You morons are precious.

      2. They have a lot more power than I think you are willing to admit. If anyone thought but they were censoring right-wing or Pro gun groups before has likely seen nothing yet.

        1. As many around here have pointed out. If you were relying on Google and Youtube to maintain your mission-critical gun-related business or shooting organization information, you are/were doing it wrong. I strongly suspect lots and lots overlap between 2A advocates, preppers, the obnoxiously paranoid, and the generally curmudgeonly.

          The fact that Google/Youtube let the mask slip and tried to ban some of these types of channels and videos before Parkland only served to highlight the above fact as well as alternative venues for these people and businesses.

          1. My concern isn’t gun-related businesses being harmed by Google et al altering traffic patterns via algorithms. I’m more concerned with direct propaganda bombardment and complete censorship of the “icky” viewpoints of anyone who disagrees.

        2. When reports convinced Facebook that they had help Trump win the election, they rewrote their algorithm so that news feeds contained more posts from friends. User time on Facebook decreased after that move.

        3. Look at how many states have loosened CCW permitting and restrictions. 44 I think.

          No way can the media spin all those people around. They are delusional because they are in a self-created echo chamber.

          1. Last time I looked there were eight “discretionary” states, 41 shall-issue states, and 13 no-license-required states.

            Yes, that’s more than 50. Twelve states get counted twice, since they no longer require a license to carry, but retained their shall-issue licenses for reciprocity purposes.

  13. I knew we shouldn’t have taken the Irish.

      1. I mean, taking the {persons of African descent} and the {persons of Chinese descent} was one thing, but this…

        1. As a proportion of their population, Ireland has slightly more foreign born people than the US does now.

          1. Well, that’s just great. Irish {persons of African descent}. Just we needed. Thanks, Soros.

      2. Gabby Johnson is right!

      3. Kinkeeeey.

  14. Bullshit.
    California has effective reasonable gun control laws. Everybody and Queen Nancy know reasonable gun control prevents any further gun deaths.
    Who you going to believe? Straight forward democrats repealing the second amendment, or the fake news?


  15. update:
    So now we know women do not make good mass murders.
    Only four wounded, no dead but the alleged perp.

    1. Holy shit. Don’t leave the work of being homicidal lunatic to a woman.

    2. You’re a terrible person… for beating me to it.

    3. This fully explains the wage gap.

    4. They don’t get a lot of practice aiming in the bathroom.

  16. So is this a violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service or their Community Standards?

    1. Let’s not go there.

        1. It’s a bit insensitive, don’t you think?

        2. It’s a bit insensitive, don’t you think?

          1. It’s a bit insensitive, don’t you think?


          2. The absurdity of making jokes about something that’s not funny, is why it’s funny.

            1. This guy gets it.

            2. It’s too soon, I think.

              1. It’s a question of space, not time. Victims of the crime in earshot (eg proximity in the dimension of space)? Keep the joke to yourself. Crime still relatively recent (eg proximity in the dimension of time)? That just makes it a hot take.

    2. “You’ll never demonetize me alive!”

      1. They ruined animators on Youtube.

      2. Wow. Turns out real life is officially beyond parody. But I suppose we already knew that, didn’t we?

    3. Only if someone made a video of it.

  17. UPDATE (5:45 p.m.)

    Update in Pacific Standard Time, jerk. Have some sympathy for the people and place of this tragedy.

    1. Twats and prayers.

  18. Tried to take out the boyfriend.
    Must have left the toilet seat up one too many times.

    1. We’re talking about a Muslim couple (so it seems). It’s more likely he beat her to show her who’s boss one too many times.

    1. Gosh I hope not. It would really hurt the chances of a new album.

      1. Or help the chances…

  19. How do they know whether this was a domestic situation or terrorism? Why is one motive ruled out while the other is still be speculated?

  20. Thank you to our phenomenal Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders that are currently on the scene

    Kind of sounds like the shooter deserves most of the credit really.

    1. Given that she could easily have wounded 4 people with a knife but probably couldn’t have killed herself with it, the gun may actually have improved this situation.

      1. Not used to the kickback. Rookie mistake.

        1. More likely a chronic case of “Aiming down sights under stress is easy, oh shit no it’s not”-itis.

          1. Women just don’t have any damn follow through. They just can’t commit.

            1. I refuse to socialize with non-libertarians, so I wouldn’t know.

              1. I mean, you’re already right. What do you have to gain by listening to others?

                1. Nothing. But what does being right have to do with that?

    2. Thank goodness SOMEONE was armed and had the good sense to take out the perp!
      So how does this fit in the statistics the lobbyists hope to use to change the Constitution? When the shooter shoots himself is he a victim? perp? First Responder??

      1. Coward?

  21. I hope they don’t send them to Stanford hospital. They are on an opiate hysteria craze, meaning anyone in pain can look forward to lots of suffering.

    1. Stanford is where Herbert Hoover got his degree in geology… before going on to become Food Czar, President, and appointer of Drug Czar Harry Anslinger.

  22. I wonder if YT will use this as a justification for hastening the removal of all things Gun from their platform?

    1. I’m sure they’ll still have the promos for the next Matt Damon Bourne Movie.

      1. The Bourne Operation: Jason Bourne needs to find a doctor who takes Medicare so he can get a hip replacement all while trying to remember his social security number.

  23. Toxic femininity. Too much estrogen. Ban soy.

  24. It was reported that the lady shooter was wearing a headscarf; i.e.,a muslima; now, they are trying to cover that news up since they and my…buds at “Reason” support Islamic terror. Will continue to follow.

    “There’s no need to fear. Underzog is here.”

    The Troll Song

    1. Dude, you can’t cop to living under a bridge in your own comment. Leave that to us.

    2. Why do you keep linking to videos of your piano playing? That’s really fucking weird, even by my standards.

      1. Because he’s really fucking weird, n00b.

        Underdog is OG, bud.

        1. Yeah, Underzog has been occasionally posting his weird shit, or calling Sullum a bad Jew, for longer than I’ve been here.

          1. I just noticed spellcorrexlct changed it to Underdog, fuckin disrespectful if ya ask me

      2. Sometimes he sings too.

    3. Don’t ever change, Underzog.

  25. Reports say it was a “domestic” incident.

    Some people take their cheating others on Jerry Springer.

    Some people do other things.

    1. She caught him looking at some gal’s ankles.

      1. Hubba – hubba!

  26. Let the dithering hot takes begin.

    The YouTube shooting suspect was a woman. That’s unusual in the history of mass shootings
    Usually, the more extreme the violence, the more likely the suspect is to be male.

    1. Is this is a mass shooting, though? Women do commit murder suicides at home, certainly more than mass shootings.

      There’s no way a mass shooter would shoot people NOT to kill. Even with a handgun, she probably could have killed at least a half a dozen people.

      1. By whatever definition they are using now to jack up the numbers, I’m sure it’s a mass shooting. But it does seem likely that it was a crime (and likely a planned suicide) aimed at someone in particular, and not the sort of pointless rampage or terrorist attack most people think of when they hear “mass shooting”.

      2. IIRC, 80% of handgun wounds are non-fatal, so if she shot 4 people (other than herself), it’s basically like a really lucky game of Russian Roulette with a 5-shooter.

        1. Is that only including handgun wounds that are fired with intent to harm? IE, excluding fuck-ups.

          Also, what percentage are just people fucking up and shooting themselves in the foot?

          1. Attempted homicide only AFAIK. I’ve never been clear on whether that’s “per bullet” or “per victim (eg including those shot more than once)”, though.

            The thing to remember is that only shots to the head or upper torso are lethal more often than not, so a poor marksman can easily hit a lot of people in the limbs or lower torso without producing fatalities (see: the Republican baseball tournament shooter- and that was with a carbine). Guns are not as lethal as is often advertised- not unless the wielder has the skill to realize their full potential.

            1. At the very least, I feel like the survival rate of being shot once in the stomach has to differ from the survival rate of being shot 10 times in the stomach.

              1. Not if they all hit the exact same spot, it doesn’t. But good luck finding a gangbanger (or crazy Youtube office lady) that can keep all their shots in the same zip code.

    2. Well we do tend to have better aim.

  27. Why is Trump’s twat tweet worth an update, Shacklefart?

    Not complaining, just don’t get it.

    1. No Trump tweet goes uncovered.

      Journalism 101.

  28. Could this be a false flag operation by Jordan Petersonites to smear all women as ‘terrorists’ and use that as a pretext to enslave them?

    1. Absolutely.

    2. The lobsters will abide.

  29. When a vegan animal-rights advocate goes berzerk at your workplace, what you need most of all is a good person with a gun, who eats plenty of meat, to defend his co-workers by shooting the nutjob.


  30. Zuckerberg hospital is reporting 4 injuries. One was minor. The other victims are still alive. One reported as critical.

    The hospital is a level 1 trauma center. So they had residents, surgeons, OR and trauma teams ready to go.

    One libertarian issue I an trying to deal with.

    I know about hospitals like this. They would not be there without taxpayer support. Trauma is a big money loser. You will collect a small fraction.

    So we take a risk every time we get in a car, walk under a tree with a weak branch, go anywhere where we could be shot by a lunatic. Is there a place for this in the libertarian view to fund a public hospital operating at a loss without tax money?

    I think yes. Minarchy is not anarchy. Viruses, trauma, many other things, these are threats kept under some control in outcome by services not at all a box of corn flakes.

    Politics needs to be kept as far away as possible.

    Would actually like to know what others think about that.

    1. “Charitable funding” is not synonymous with “taxpayer-funded”. Public funding doesn’t necessarily have to be coerced.

    2. There were no such thing as accidents and trauma centers until the federal government got involved. Not like Catholic hospitals have been operating as charities for a thousand fucking years or anything.

      1. I don’t disagree about the church in recent times, obviously, but if you’re gonna turn the Way-Back Machine to a thousand years ago, I’m pretty sure the Catholic Church of circa 1018 AD was, to put it mildly, a “quasi-governmental entity”.

        1. Yeah, that tithing thing was not optional.

  31. Annnnnnnnnd it’s a Muslim. Oops, let’s just pretend this never happened.

    I’ll lay odds she’s here on a H1B visa too. We need more highly skilled immigrants to do the mass shootings Americans won’t do.

    1. Vegan Female Muslim Shooter disgruntled because she didn’t think Youtube supported her equally.

      I’m glad that nobody except the shooter died in order to murder so many narratives.

    2. Are we sure she is Muslim, or does she just have a Muslimey name?

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