Russia Probe

Inspector General's Office to Investigate FBI Surveillance of Carter Page

Did they follow appropriate procedures to get permission to wiretap?


The Justice Department's Office of the Inspector General announced today it will be doing its own review of whether the FBI followed proper procedures when it applied to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) for permission to wiretap former Donald Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

The announcement was short and actually didn't use Page's name, nor does it use the name of former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, whose dossier of information about the relationship between Trump's circle and Russian interests played a role in the wiretapping. (Just how big a role it played is under dispute.)

Even without the names, it's obvious from just this one-paragraph memo that it's about Page and Steele:

Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General

A refresher for those who have forgotten: Page left Trump's presidential campaign after his close ties to Russian interests were publicized. The FBI subsequently requested permission from FISC to wiretap him in order to investigate his relationship with Russia. The Steele dossier was used as part of the submission to the court to justify the wiretap. The dossier also has political roots, with links to the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign. Now Republicans in the House Intelligence Committee (and the Trump administration itself) and Democrats are fighting over whether the FBI misled the court and whether they had valid reasons to be surveilling Page.

While we're still waiting for the Department of Justice to decide what it can declassify and reveal from the underlying warrant documents about Page, the Office of the Inspector General will pursue its own investigation to determine whether anybody in the FBI behaved inappropriately.

NEXT: The Geopolitical Risks of Trump's Protectionism

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  1. Shackford, please shorten this to a single sentence with a link and then add 4-5 additional stories in a similar manner.

    1. Who’s idea was this? Tell us what you know, mighty mighty Shacktone.

      Unless we find out otherwise, I am blaming Britches.

      1. Those of us familiar with this FISA case can’t help but notice that Scott provides the bare minimum of background information. He seems conflicted; on the one hand, I believe that he very much objects to FISA on principle, but on the other hand this particular case makes his team look very bad. Thus we get no more than a clipped update.

        Still, I thank Scott for keeping us posted.

        1. Scott’s team is running scared!

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  2. With all due respect, does the government do anything other than investigate itself?

    1. Usually, it doesn’t even do that.

      1. It Usually Begins With A Jackboot.

    2. It also exonerates itself of wrongdoing.

      1. That’s usually the purpose.

    3. Imprison and often kill citizens?

    4. Well, someone has to watch the watchers who watch the watchers.

  3. Good news so we can call bs on _______. I’ve read reports that some Russians who provided the intelligence info on Trump have been murdered by Putin which if true lends weight to the veracity of the dossier. We know Trump was at the KGB hotel. We know from his bodyguard he was offered prostitutes. We know Trump fucks around on his wife. We know Trump lied about his past associations with Putin and has lied about his business deals with Russians. That Trump lied so often about so much to do with his associations with Russian oligarchs doesn’t mean he was laundering dirty Putin money but there’s clearly enough to justify further inquiry. Throw in Manafort and Flynn making deals on sanctions and you’ve got some promising leads. I hope they nail Trump to the cross if he threw in with Russian scum.

    1. You got it wrong, pal. In Russia, scum throw in with YOU!

    2. we can call bs on _______.

      Right on!

    3. Sarc or lefty fantasy?

    4. I’m still trying to figure out what the crime was.

      1. Winning the election.

      2. Grand larceny of the presidency from the saintliest, most qualified person who ever trod upon this undeserving planet.

        1. She is overqualified for any position below monarch.

          1. She will always be my Demiurge.

          2. May be she should migrate to Mexico, then.

      3. Depends on whether the sheets were silk or Egyptian cotton.

      4. Obstructing a criminal inquiry into the Putin’l conspiracy to prevent and/or delegitimize a Clinton presidency is the most obvious one. Had Trump succeeded in shutting down the inquiry Manafort, Gates, Flynn, Papadopoulos and the Russian actors would have never been bought to justice.

        1. Flynn pled guilty to lying about a meeting that was entirely legal. Manafort and Papadopolous are charged with crimes that have nothing to do with the election and have not been convicted anyway. The Russian actors are accused of sock puppeting on the internet. Beyond the grave 1st Amendment concerns with claiming that lying on the internet is committing a “fraud against the United States”, here we are a year and a half in and all you have if some Russians trolling the internet and two guys charged with things that have nothing to do with the election.

          had Trump put a stop to this, he would have saved the taxpayers from wasting millions of dollars. This whole thing is complete bullshit. Just stop lying about that and move on.

          1. If it’s only this then explain why Trump expressed that he felt some much pressure from the inquiry. Flynn, Papadopoulos and Gates offered something in return for the chance to plead guilty. Aren’t you curious about what they provided?

            1. I don’t know talk to Trump. And if Popodopoulous and Gates had offered anything of interest we would know about it. What they offered was the chance for Manfort to claim he had a conviction. It was the same thing Gates offered. Manfort has nothing and is just floundering hoping to find a way out of the dead end he finds himself in.

              1. Then Trump has nothing to worry about and it’s strange that a guy as self interested as he is has risked so much to delegitimize an investigation where he has nothing personal at stake.

                1. A guy who has innocent and is the victim of a partisan witch hunt has called it as much. There is noting interesting about that at all.

                2. “Then Trump has nothing to worry about and it’s strange that a guy as self interested as he is has risked so much to delegitimize an investigation where he has nothing personal at stake.”

                  Lefty “due process”:
                  Hey, he looks nervous!
                  Let’s tie his arms behind his back and throw him in a lake! If he drowns, he must have been innocent!

              2. Papadapapapadapoladapapidapoladapaoulous.

        2. “”Obstructing a criminal inquiry into the Putin’l conspiracy to prevent and/or delegitimize a Clinton presidency is the most obvious one”‘

          If it’s so obvious, it wouldn’t take more than a year to get a indictment.

          1. They have been investigating this for nearly two years. And they still have nothing.

          2. It’s only so obvious because Trump confessed on national television. Look if its only obstruction then that’s not good enough in my opinion to criminally charge Trump. There has to be evidence of another crime.

            1. “”It’s only so obvious because Trump confessed on national television.”‘

              Well that would have made it easy for Mueller. I don’t think what you are calling a confession really is.

            2. We’ll see what Mueller can come up with. But at this point, it’s not going to be what a lot of the anti-Trump crowd wants.

            3. “It’s only so obvious because Trump confessed on national television.”

              What a fucking idiot.

        3. Clinton delegitimized her own presidency. No one can point to a single vote that was changed due to a known Russian click farm. And even if they could, so what?

        4. “Obstructing a criminal inquiry into the Putin’l conspiracy to prevent and/or delegitimize a Clinton presidency is the most obvious one.”

          So lefty fantasy from one more lefty imbecile.
          Got it.

        5. Hey Get lit, you dumbass, the only Russian collusion found so far is the payment for the fake dossier. Actually, that was not illegal but only revealed how stupid the Dems are for paying $11M for it. Moreover, if Trump did “collude” with the Russians, of which no evidence had been found in a year and a half, it’s not a crime so there is no “criminal” inquiry to obstruct.

  4. Who can follow all the complexities? I’ll be happy when I find out Hillary and Donald will be occupying adjoining cells at Leavenworth.

    1. There’s worse places to end up then Leavenworth. Nice little Dutch town. A fun Washington tourist trap.

      1. Last time I was there I stopped by the donut shop and carried on. There was nowhere else to park.

      2. It hasn’t been the same since they tore down the Castle.

      3. Oh THAT Leavenworth. My ex-wife wanted to go to Leavaneworth once and I was all, “What, so you can make big rocks into little rocks? Doesn’t sound like a fun getaway to me.”

  5. First!

    Hey, wait a minute…

    1. It’s okay Fist. You can finally die. You can let go.

      1. Release may well come soon.

        1. Poor Mrs. Fist.

          1. My dying words: “Episiarch survives.”

            1. Is there any evidence that he really existed in the first place?

              1. No, but there is plenty of physical evidence that Epi’s mom existed, if you know what I mean.

    2. Did I wait long enough?

        1. My watch was slow.

  6. Ah, so if you keep accusing an agency of acting politically, you get to use it politically too. Because Republicans go by kid rules!

    1. Except the DoJ IG is an Obama appointee. Buy don’t let facts get in your way, you never have before.

      1. *But

  7. …the Office of the Inspector General will pursue its own investigation to determine whether anybody in the FBI behaved inappropriately.

    If some politics is what it takes to scrutinize how the FISC operates, so be it.

    1. determine whether anybody in the FBI behaved inappropriately.

      Must suck to work there.

  8. I still don’t understand why the Steele Dossier doesn’t count as collusion as much as Trump’s actions. A shady organization hired by Hillary to get dirt on Trump, largely provided by Russian sources.

    The Russian sources obviously mixed both true and fake dirt on Trump, solely to sow chaos. How is that any different than what Trump is accused of?

    1. Because itis different when Democrats do it.

    2. The difference is the people who worked with Steele were murdered by Putin. The people who worked on behalf of Trump are protected by Putin.

      1. What source other than the voices in your head claim the people who worked on the Steele dossier were murdered by Putin. Moreover, even if they were, that doesn’t change the fact that Hillary Clinton worked with agents of hte Russian government to smear her opponent and then gave such information to the FBI who then used it to get a warrant to spy on an American.

        1. The info in the dossier wasn’t used during the campaign so it wasn’t used “to smear an opponent”.


            It’s a fair breakdown of what happened from a publication that still is negative on the Trump presidency

            1. That really is a thorough break down on what seems to have happened.

          2. yes it was. The dossier was shopped to the media all summer in 2016. And it was so incredible that even the partisan media wouldn’t touch it. And it was given to the FBI.

            Stop lying Why do you think Hillary had it made if not to smear Trump?

            1. Why would she pay for someone to make up lies when she could just do that herself?

              1. Gee, why would a politician pay someone else to peddle their lies? Hmm, such a head scratcher!

                1. Tony also is lacking in that stuff between the ears.

        2. One source is the Congressional testimony of Glenn Simpson.

          1. The man who runs Fusion GPS is beyond reproach

          2. And he has absolutely no evidence that is true and is a known liar. Try again.

            1. How goes it, John?

          3. So your source is the guy who owns the company that created the Dossier? A man who’s career and company depends on digging up dirt on politicians. Hmm no reason for him to lie or exaggerate, is there?

            1. Get Lit has a problem with what’s between his/her ears; it’s mostly missing.

        3. Yeah it’s basically the Democrat version of the “Clinton kill list” people.

      2. That’s sounds crazy enough to be repeated by Shikha

        Russia, Russia, Russia!

  9. This is the worst PM links ever.

    1. Worse than 5/17/17?

      1. Damnit, anyone have a link to that Hitler parody?

    2. I don’t know. The alt-text is pretty good.

      1. Shackleton is a born artist. He’s not gonna stop painting just because they took away his canvases.

        1. Like Marquis de Sade in Quills, he will find a way.

  10. …And nothing else will happen.

  11. Good god. If the FBI could wiretap some clueless political lackey, they could wiretap any one of us!

    1. More to the point, the FBI did wiretap some ‘clueless political lackey’ and notably they are wiretapping all of us all of the time.

      It’s more of a question of ‘will they bother to check your data’ over ‘do they have your data’ at this point.

  12. the Office of the Inspector General will pursue its own investigation to determine whether anybody in the FBI behaved inappropriately

    You get a training session, you get a training session, you get a training session – everybody gets a training session!
    Except for you there, the one in the red shirt – I need to see you in my office for a minute.

  13. Get lit|3.28.18 @ 4:56PM|#
    “Obstructing a criminal inquiry into the Putin’l conspiracy to prevent and/or delegitimize a Clinton presidency is the most obvious one. Had Trump succeeded in shutting down the inquiry Manafort, Gates, Flynn, Papadopoulos and the Russian actors would have never been bought to justice.”

    Does this remind anyone else of the loony-right trying to claim Obo wasn’t “American”?
    Same sort of ‘I’ll connect the dots if you don’t see it’ bullshit.
    Now maybe the asshole “Get lit” is not representative of the left in general, but the fucking ignoramuses Tony and the Rev asshole claim to be.

    1. All 3 are, unfortunately, representative of mainstream progressivism.

      is a straight up troll. Nothing he says has any purpose but pissing people off. He’s got some talent, but has become overly reliant on the same lines. It’s played out now. Rev’s proven to be less a budding star and more just a one trick pony.

      is very, very sincere… and wholly consumed by self-hatred. He is pretty much the epitome of Progressivism.

      Get lit
      comes off like a troll, but I think is just the typical useful idiot. He’s smug and way too self-satisfied to care about petty things like logical consistency, critical thought, or accuracy. The narrative is all he needs or desires.

      OBL, as paragon parody of Progressivism, I enjoy. He keeps it simple and straightforward. Underwhelming at times, but consistently on point.

  14. Gotta love how we’re breathlessly awaiting a heavily redacted report from a secret court that determines if law enforcement is allowed to violate your civil rights.


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