Linda Brown Dies, Mark Zuckerberg Agrees to Testify Before Congress, and Kim Jung Un Might Be In China: P.M. Links


  • protester
    Jeremy Hogan/Polaris/Newscom

    Linda Brown of Brown v. Board fame died today.

  • Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to testify before Congress about Facebook's privacy policies.
  • Paul Krugman argues that crooked conservative politicians get a pass, while dodgy Democrats have their careers ended.
  • Beloved PNW burger chain threated by IWW takeover.
  • North Korean mystery train arrives in Beijing, fueling speculation that Kim Jung Un is on board.
  • Opposition to California's sanctuary city law grows in Orange County.

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  1. Writing endings can be hard.

    So can writing links. BOOM. Gotcha.

    1. Hello.

      “Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to testify before Congress about Facebook’s privacy policies.”

      I been a vewwy, vewwy bad boy. I deserve gag balls and anal beads. The government needs to come in and watch over me.

      1. Mine have often been mistaken for gag balls.

        They’re real, and they’re spectacular.

      2. Is Zucky low-T?

    2. He anticipated your snark with the alt-text.

    3. Is Britches trying to tell us something? That he is already out of ideas for alt-text trolling?

    4. Prescient. Of me. Our final PM Links.

  2. Writing endings can be hard.

    Spoiler alert: The ending is REAGAN WINS COMMIES LOSE

    1. I thought it was “Reagan goes senile, Gorbachev opens the USSR to capitalism, everybody in the USSR gives the finger to communism, Crusty deepthroats a chinchilla.”

      1. Even Hollyweird can’t sell that fiction.

      2. Berlin Wall falls, Erich Honecker resigns, Germany reunifies, man maintains illusion of communism to protect his mother’s health, …


      Fuck Yeah! Now we need to defeat all the commies on the home front.

  3. Off-topic: Worst Reason trolls, semifinals, OVERTIME:

    Tony vs. Weigel’s Cock Ring

    (Match ended 2-2 yesterday.)

    Tony vs. Weigel’s Cock Ring, go!

    1. Tony’s shallow, dishonest, annoying, and ineducable, but Mikey is a genuinely nasty little retard. It’s gotta be Mikey.

      1. Yeah, but which one do you think is hotter?

        1. I’m reserving judgment until i figure out who sent me which dick pic.

          1. I am gonna guess the worn out and leathery one is Tony’s.

            1. Both of ’em look like used charcoal briquettes.

          2. Nixon or Van Patten?

      2. My mom told me to never be mean to special people. But she never met Mikey.

        1. Do we have proof that he is a person?

          1. You are right, he could be a first trimester fetus.

        2. Is there space on the retard bus?

    2. Mikey.

      Tony is honest even if he is wrong.

      1. You misspelled “mendacious.”

    3. Still going with Tony. Both prolific and generates great responses from the commentariat.

      1. I am also voting for Tony, just to make it a tie.

        1. That’s a great way to become a sleeper on Red Tony’s troll bracket.

    4. WCR for the win. Just doing some social signaling so I can get invited to a DC cocktail party someday.

    5. Tony is truly repugnant, but I think he’s pretty honest in his views. Mikey on the other hand is just insufferable with his strange Weigel obsession.

      I vote Mikey.

      1. “….but I think he’s pretty honest in his views.”

        “Honest” as in his views are predictably stupid and changable?

    6. I have to double down on WCR. Tony was especially irksome today with his bizarre, manic arguments against guns, but I can’t regard somebody who’s willing to discuss the wording of SCOTUS rulings as a troll.

    7. I vote WCR, or, as I like to call him, do-mikey-dent… but not to his face.

    8. Polls close. Weigel’s Cock Ring wins, 7-2.

    9. Tony. Nothing but bad faith arguments and ad hominem. If a thread starts with Tony, I know to keep scrolling.

  4. North Korean mystery train arrives in Beijing, fueling speculation that Kim Jung Un is on board.

    Calm down, it’s just Snowpiercer.

    1. That’s what they call Rufus’s penis.

      1. Fact: All Canadian condoms are made from flannel.

        1. Some of them include maple-based lube.

      1. Only Biden could go to China in Amtrak.

        1. “There’s something about a *train*!”

          1. Shut the fuck up John Patterson.

              1. For Better or For Worse. The patriarch of the family has an obsession with model trains. Becomes hilarious in a couple of fanfics about it, most notably “The New Retcons” and its sequel “Who Silenced Elly Patterson?”

                1. That’s such a deep cut that even I’m uncomfortable.

  5. Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to testify before Congress about Facebook’s privacy policies.

    So many camera-hungry congressman and senators just liked this news so hard their desks rose two full inches.

    1. His site sure loves those guys. Let’s see how much they love him.

      1. government just wants a little piece of the action

  6. Paul Krugman argues that crooked conservative politicians get a pass, while dodgy Democrats have their careers ended.

    As much as I’d like to know his justification for this notion, I’m not reading that.

    1. Without reading I am sure its something like Weiner and Franken were forced to resign by their party while GOP perverts like Hastert/Trump/Ensign etc get to stay on.

      And the GOP Senator who liked to blow strange men in airports – he finished his term.

      1. Are we going to pretend like Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy never happened? Or are we not going to be more mature than the NYT?

        1. Or John Kennedy

        2. Bill Clinton was impeached. He faced political repercussion.

          TK should have been arrested by the locals.

          1. It’s amusing that you think using the Clinton impeachment is a point in your favor on the subject.

            1. Nixon resigned rather than face impeachment.

              1. You couldn’t make a better case against yourself if you tried. Tell me, do you still not see why?

              2. Are you forgetting Gary Hart?

                Wilbur Mills?

          2. Bill Clinton was impeached. He faced political repercussion.

            But not by his own party.

            1. Or Andrea Mithcell, but I repeat what you said.

          3. True. But then there’s Charlie Rangel, who, as head of the house ways and means committee, lied for years about his assets to avoid paying taxes. Okay for him, but try that when you’re a normal person.

            But that’s not a sex scandal, so the public doesn’t care. But there is or was a NJ senator that I’m pretty sure is a Democrat, who was frequently vacationing in the Caribbean just so he could have sex with very young teens. Consequences for him? Also nada.

            I think Krugman misses the larger point that it’s about the powerful in general getting away with crap, not a particular affiliation.

        3. Or Barney Frank’s rent-boy running a prostitution service out of his townhouse. No consequences of importance. Remained in office for decades.

          Or Gary Studd’s getting is on with a his Congressional page-boy. No consequences of importance. Remained in office for decades.

          Contrast with the fates of Bob Packwood, Jack Ryan, and Larry Craig.

          Krugman has pretty much zero capability to think with all the noise in his echo chamber.

      2. What about the wide-stance guy?

        1. Larry Craig.

          1. Wide-stance guy was charged with “not-even-a-crime”.

            The undercover toilet officer says he waved his hand and tapped his foot under the stall. Even if every word of it was true, and every word of it meant exactly what was charged – that Craig would like to have sex with him – they still have not even remotely approached criminal activity. You’d have to go all the way to “and then they had sex in public” before there is a problem.

            Too bad everyone involved is so invested in the system that they couldn’t see the real story in that one. Everyone just went along with “gay guys asking if another guy is interested in hooking up is a crime.” And because he had an (R) next to his name, they just went right along with it.

            But Ok Krugman.

            1. But of course people were quick to defend him and denounce his detractors a homophobic, right? Just like they condemn people who insult Clarence Thomas as racists.

              Oh, wait. I forgot homophobia and racism are fine when it’s directed against people from a different team! Silly me, forgetting that it’s always about principals and not principles.

      3. No, he’s talking about 4 convicted individuals (who already served their time) running for primaries. They haven’t won a thing and the sample size is pretty much meaningless. Chelsea Manning was convicted of treason and he’s running for office.

        I would say disgraced politicians being forced to resign (whose sins were ignored or covered up by their buddies) is much more telling than some individuals with criminal records trying to run for offices.

        1. I’m not sure, but I think Washington DC mayor Marion Barry has this category all sewn up. Not just a convict, but caught on tape smoking crack. Didn’t hurt him at the polls at all. In fact, it may have helped him. He successfully played the race card to get a hung jury on all but one of the felony counts and then played it again as he won a third term.

          Krugman, you are even terrible at counting.

          1. Virginia delegate Joe Morrissey won a special election, to fill the seat he resigned, while in jail. He also spent part of his time in the legislature on work release.

    2. Just wave your hands around a lot while looking a picture of a unicorn. It’ll be a more satisfying and deep analyses than whatever Krugman barfed up.

    3. The article contains all the deep economic theory that we expect from an intellectual luminary like Krugman.

    4. All you need to prove Krugman’s point is to notice that Trump was made President while Hillary wasn’t. But of course you won’t acknowledge that.

      Carry on clingers.

      1. Okay is this guy the regular Arthur Licks Koprolite or is it a copy stealing his schtick? The weird L is throwing me off.

        1. I think it’s OBL.

  7. Beloved PNW burger chain threated by IWW takeover.

    I see touchscreen menu systems in someone’s future.

    1. I know Britches likes to be brief but this is getting ridiculous.


        1. Will he spoon me?

          1. It would be like wearing a backpack to bed.

            1. He will, like, totally gag you with a spoon.

      2. That’s what you get if you get rid of Britches: briefs.

          1. Most people wear some sort of undergarment under their pants to keep their ball sweat contained.

            1. I use a cage.

  8. North Korean mystery train arrives in Beijing, fueling speculation that Kim Jung Un is on board.

    Crazy. But that’s how it goes.

    1. Billions of people, they are his foes.

  9. “Paul Krugman argues that crooked conservative politicians get a pass, while dodgy Democrats have their careers ended”

    Paul Krugman is definitely not going to see “Chappaquiddick”, nor is he even going to acknowledge that such even occurred. He truly is well suited for the insular world of the New York Times

    1. Paul Krugman desperately batters the last of his credibility, while water remains wet.

  10. Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to testify before Congress about Facebook’s privacy policies.

    And, in a surprise twist, Congress has agreed to testify before Zuckerberg about the government’s privacy policies.

    1. Group therapy session about surveillance

      McConnell: And so, again, we empowered an unstable executive to eavesdrop on all Americans

      Zuckerberg: I sometimes save the bath suit photos that MILFs post on Facebook to my personal computer

      Schumer: I can’t even count how many of my constituents I’ve threatened with an audit

      *group hug*

      1. Invite us Tonys along. We’ll make it a group fuck.

      2. Please don’t Humanize Zuckerberg.

  11. Korean mystery train

    Nice band name.

    1. It will turn out all the band members were hypnotized to perform for years in some very convoluted revenge plot for something they did in kindergarden.

      1. Or they’ll all be detained at the airport for suspicion of being trafficked for child prostitution. Never mind that the women’s median age might be 35, the feds will think they’re all underage (and think they all look alike).

    2. Korean mystery train

      Was a guy named Fred wearing an ascot conducting?

  12. Organizers believe they have the votes to win a union election, which would legally require Burgerville to negotiate with the store’s workers.

    Someone should tell them – soon – that this actually means the opposite. If they are unionized then Burgerville will be legally *forbidden* from negotiating with the store’s workers.

    It will have to negotiate with the union. And the workers will get what they get – and they’ll still pay even if they don’t get what they want.

    1. Imagine if reporters started reporting it this way.

    2. What if Burgerville refused to negotiate with the union?

  13. “”?Opposition to California’s sanctuary city law grows in Orange County.””

    Ha Ha.

    I support this notion of the state cannot be required to enforce federal law. It will come handy if the Assault Weapons Ban of 2018 becomes law.

    1. Not quite the same thing, but should counties be required to enforce state law?

      1. Well, obviously individuals are not required to enforce *any* law.

      2. “”Not quite the same thing,””


        “”but should counties be required to enforce state law?””

        Maybe, maybe not

        Do we allow for lesser government to ignore the parent government’s laws if the less government believes they are unconstitutional?

        1. Yes. Unconstitutional laws should be ignored on any level.

          1. I just find it amusing that liberals are defending the idea that states do not have to enforce federal law, when they want to pass federal gun control.

            1. “That’s different somehow!”

            2. I refer you to the Supreme Court decision in Principals v. Principles.

              1. Is that a different case from Vice Principals vs. Vice Principles?

                1. That’s a lower court case.

          2. Well, that’s about 82% of ther Federal Register …

  14. Students in Louisiana thought this math symbol looked like a gun. Police were called

    Police searched the student’s home, where they found no guns or any evidence that he had any access to guns. Authorities also wrote there was no evidence the student had any intent to commit harm.

    Not only do we need authorities need to perform a sueance to punish the nefarious malefactor who created this weapon of math notation, we need to commit this student into an asylum.

    1. Only the military and law enforcement should have access to Bessel Functions.

      1. Hey man, the rights of the people to cylindrical harmonics shall not be infringed.

        1. Did the officer’s symbol discharge?

      2. No one under 21 should be able to use a tableau.

    1. Isn’t the rule-of-thumb for these million-human marches just to divide the claimed number by 3-4?

      1. Do any of those walking spambots count as human?

      2. Do any of those walking spambots count as human?

        1. It seems the squirrels have taken offense to my human-centric rhetoric.

    2. At least the organizers of the Million Apathetics March don’t dispute the low turnout.

    3. Prolly used Chicago poll workers to count …

  15. Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to testify before Congress about Facebook’s privacy policies.

    I’m sure he’ll have much to say about the 2012 election.

    1. And his Russian handlers

  16. Croatia’s anti-fascist football club battles far right
    Zagreb 041 hopes to provide an alternative to mainstream football culture, where racism among fans is rife.

    by Patrick Strickland
    24 Mar 2018


    1. The Ustache approved this message.

  17. Linda Brown, RIP.

    She spent her life being proud of her Supreme Court victory and thinking it was the right thing.

    Which distinguishes her from Norma McCorvey, the Roe of Roe v. Wade, who asked the Supreme Court to undo its fatal abortion decision.

    1. You misspelled “fetal.”

  18. OT: Just ran across this quote.

    “The mass-man sees in the State an anonymous power, and feeling himself, like it, anonymous, he believes that the State is something of his own. Suppose that in the public life of a country some difficulty, conflict, or problem presents itself, the mass-man will tend to demand that the State intervene immediately and undertake a solution directly with its immense and unassailable resources. This is the gravest danger that to-day threatens civilisation: State intervention; the absorption of all spontaneous social effort by the State.” – Jose Ortega Y Gasset

    1. Can you say

      Opiod epidemic?

      School shooting epidemic?

      Mass shooting epidemic?

      Gun violence epidemic?

      Russian government poisoning its KGB traitors epidemic?

      North Korea asserting its right of defense against the mass murdering empire epidemic?

      1. Only the first even comes close to being considered an “epidemic”.

  19. Another interesting Ortega Y Gasset quote:

    “Liberalism?it is well to recall this today?is the supreme form of generosity; it is the right which the majority concedes to minorities and hence it is the noblest cry that has ever resounded in this planet. It announces the determination to share existence with the enemy; more than that, with an enemy which is weak. It was incredible that the human species should have arrived at so noble an attitude, so paradoxical, so refined, so acrobatic, so anti-natural. Hence, it is not to be wondered at that this same humanity should soon appear anxious to get rid of it. It is a discipline too difficult and complex to take firm root on earth.”

    1. He is describing an aspirational concession, a right more honored in the breach, and one most commenters on this cite vehemently deny as being within the power of a judge in this country to honor over the objection of a putative majority.

    2. But this is not just due to the majority rethinking it, it is because the “weaker” minorities now gladly ignore their own histories of oppression and slavery and all the terrible aspects of humanity that were universal up until the last two centuries. They blame all of history’s wrongs on that “liberal majority” and want to abandon the very principles that got us to the relatively peaceful and free world we live in today, BECAUSE those principles largely (although not entirely) originated from white people.

      The rise of victimhood culture and the growing zealous belief in “original sin”; that all European and white people are guilty of the sins of all white people, even ones they weren’t even related to or had anything to do with, while also telling them they aren’t allowed to feel pride for the good things other white people did.

      I, as a libertarian and individualist, despise all tribalism and think all racial and ethnic pride is inherently evil and corrupt. Nobody should be proud or angry about anything that they themselves had no power over. But the backlash was inevitable, and it is largely the fault of modern “progressives” who claim to be liberal.

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