Donald Trump

Will the Democrats Blow It in 2020?

The question is whether the Democrats will lead their party on a giddy march to the left.


Donald Trump has lousy approval ratings. House Republicans are bracing for carnage in November. And the economy stands a reasonable chance of stalling between now and Nov. 3, 2020. So the next presidential election should be a prime opportunity for Democrats.

But potholes abound on the road to the White House. Looking at the field of possible candidates and the direction the party is leaning, there are clear and plausible ways things could go wrong. The Democrats could nominate someone who will squander their advantages and lose. Or they could nominate someone who can win but will not make a good president (as the Republicans recently did). Neither is an outcome to welcome.

Consider the possible nominees. Joe Biden's statement that he would like to "beat the hell out of" Trump should disqualify him on grounds of temperament. It also isn't likely to endear him to the millions of voters who are weary of presidential belligerence.

He would also be 78 years old upon taking office. Biden has long dreamed of the presidency, but as the late sports writer Red Smith noted, "The place for old men to dream is beside the fire."

Age takes its toll, and anyone older than 70 has passed the sell date for such a consequential, consuming job as this one. Most big corporations require CEOs to step down at 65—and a president whose age proves a liability is a lot harder to remove than a CEO.

Among the senior citizens who should be ruled out are Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont (who would be 79 on Inauguration Day), California Gov. Jerry Brown (82), and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts (71).

Advanced age is not the only grounds for automatic disqualification. There are the celebrities and non-politicians, among them Oprah Winfrey, Starbucks Executive Chairman Howard Schultz, and actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Any of them has as much business in the Oval Office as I have in the papacy.

In the past 14 months, we've come to learn the hazards of entrusting the office to someone who has no background in government and regards this inexperience as an asset. Oprah is superb at what she does, which has little in common with the presidency. You wouldn't hire a novice to run Starbucks. Why would you put one in charge of a nuclear arsenal?

None of the politicians considered a possible candidate, by contrast, has any obvious deal breakers. Among those who have spent enough time in office to demonstrate their competence: Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Chris Murphy of Connecticut, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Kamala Harris of California, and Cory Booker of New Jersey, as well as Govs. Andrew Cuomo of New York and John Hickenlooper of Colorado.

The question is whether any or all will try to claim the mantle of Sanders and lead the party on a giddy march to the left. Some Democrats seem to think that if pandering to base voters is good enough for Republicans, it's good enough for them.

In reality, it would be unwise as policy and as politics. The litmus test may be Sanders' single-payer health plan, which would combine extravagance with uncertainty and disruption. It would also let Republicans change the subject from their unpopular efforts to dismantle Obamacare.

Democrats have done well in recent presidential races, winning the popular vote in six of the past seven elections. What all their nominees had in common was being close to the center of the party. Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Hillary Clinton were essentially pragmatists. Conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan characterized Barack Obama as "a de facto moderate Republican"—a description Obama more or less accepted.

Those who make up the party's left wing may imagine that Americans are eager for their ambitious remedies for income inequality, corporate abuses, and racial injustice. But there is a reason that Republicans control 32 state legislatures and have 33 governors. The GOP is fervently hoping the Democratic Party will embark on a quest for ideological purity and zeal.

At present, Washington is short on leaders who offer maturity, problem-solving skills, willingness to compromise, realism about policy, and basic decency. If Democrats offer virtues like those in 2020, they are likely to win—and, equally important, to improve the nation's governance. That may not sound exciting, but excitement is the last thing we need.

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  1. I agree. The main threat to kids’ health and safety isn’t berzerk autistic kids with assault rifles, but the national debt. Hopefully this fact will sink in by the next election and they’ll wise up and spurn the dems. In fact, reducing spending on social services (e.g. for ‘mental illness’) will actually reduce violence. My money’s on Rand Paul.

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      1. I’m trying to decide who, between you and Dajjal, is more believable.

        1. That is not a difficult decision.
          Note the grammar and spelling and it is clear that Dave is in fact a college student. Therefore his other assertions must also be true.

          1. Since you failed to notice that it was actually jeff who wrote the college student level comment, your other assertions are suspect and therefore I can’t bring myself to believe in jeff’s assertions, yet on the other hand…

            1. That depends on whether or not the person posting was ‘Dave’s Jeff’ or “Dave S. Jeff’. Once again pointing out the importance of proper capitalization and punctuation, like that time I helped my uncle, Jack, off a horse.

    2. It’s never going to sink in at this point. The only time noise is made about excessive spending is when it’s done by the party that’s not in power. When they’re in control of Uncle Sam’s credit card, the Dems will max it out on welfare, and the GOP will max it out on the military. I thought the panic would set in once the debt got to $10 trillion, but it’s obvious that hardly anyone cares about how much in the red the federal finances are.

      And what would be the breaking point that the national debt causes? A downgrading of Treasury bonds? Default on debt interest payments? The rest of the financial world dropping the U.S. dollar and deciding on another trade standard?

      1. True and the kids should be out on the streets protesting this because they’re the ones who are going to have to pay it back but instead they are fighting for more spending on wasteful things like ‘security’ and ‘mental illness treatment’ and a war on guns that will only kill more of them. Maybe they think we can default and go to war with China, but China only owns like $1T or so.

    3. Make America Greece again

    4. If “the main threat to kids’ health and safety” is the national debt, then the fix is simple: STOP ISSUING DEBT!!! The debt and the deficit are two separate issues. Fiat money is inferior to hard money, but “unbacked” fiat money is much less destructive to the economy and to personal liberty than the “debt-backed” fiat money we use today. We urgently need to transition to a debt-free currency before the national debt overwhelms the economy. See .

    5. Rand Paul and very few others. But in truth we have a government of the people and until the people demand spending restraint it won’t happen. Too many vote as if they were spoiled children getting to vote for whomever gives them toys and candy and against any of those meanies that say we can’t afford it.

  2. Why does this guy have an article on here every week? Everything he posts is terrible. If I want to read what a Democrat thinks I will ask for the newsletter from their party, not visit

    1. Because the Koch Brothers decided to sell out and become the house organ of their major donors like Jeff Bezos, George Soros, and Prince Alaweed, and the place has thusly been taken over by liberal democrats.

      1. 9/10, very believable.

    2. The Democrat Party Newsletter is utterly silent with regards to how the average Democrat voter thinks. Which is why the Democrat Party intelligentia is still scratching their nuts trying to figure out why they lost. Hint, it wasn’t the Ruskies.

    3. Chapman used to be sort of libertarian leaning a few decades ago. Now he’s a centrist.

  3. I have my secret links to the inner party circles here with the Democrats, and I’m a gonna SPILL here now, for YOUR special benefit!

    The 2020 breakout strategy for the Dems is gonna be… FREE “single payer” veterinary care for ALL of your companion animals, no matter HOW many pets you care to adopt, or HOW many litters your “companion animals” care to have!

    I don’t know about YOU, but as for me… I am gonna be a “party animal” with my “companion animals”, because FREE “single payer” veterinary care has got me ALL excited!!! In SOOO many ways!!! Here, kitty kitty…

    1. Are undocumented animals covered?

      1. Of course! The more, the merrier! We can make our grandchildren pay for it all, so why not?!?!?

      2. No animal is undocumented!

  4. In the past 14 months, we’ve come to learn the hazards of entrusting the office to someone who has no background in government and regards this inexperience as an asset.

    Trump is doing pretty good when he has been fighting lefties, RINOs, Hillary voters, major foreign leaders, Mueller and his wasteful thumb twirling, corrupt bureaucrats, and the Jacket.

    Imagine how much the government would be rolled back if Trump had RINOs in Congress repealing ObamaCare, cut taxes even more, cut the budget, allow Trump to shut down federal agencies, etc.

    Trump is still going down as the best president compared to Obama, W Bush, Clinton, Bush, Carter, Ford, Nixon, LBJ, JFK, FDR, Wilson, and Jackson.

    1. Trump didn’t want to cut the budget. Republicans don’t want to cut the budget. RINOs are Republicans who actually want to cut the budget not the other way around.

      1. Trump’s budget had cuts to some parts of government.

        RINOs sided with Schumer’s budget disaster 2018.

        The few Republicans that are kind-of fiscally conservatives are outnumbered (Rand Paul being one).

        1. I suspect that Rand Paul could be a serious challenge for Trump in a small-ish primary. Maybe more-so than a Democrat, because I think Trump will still be more centrist on a majority of issues than any Democrat that they can find to run against him. Biden might be the only other centrist mentioned in this article, and even that’s a bit of a stretch.

          Paul, though, should play better with fiscal conservatives. I think he’ll garner more of the Republican never-Trump vote and cross-over Dems voting for anyone but Trump. I don’t think Paul plays well in a crowded field as we’ve seen in the last two go-arounds. However, head-to-head with Trump? I think he can win.

          1. I’m not so sure it was the larger field but the presence of Trump that harmed Rand Paul so much in 2016. The field was pretty large in 2012 and Rand Paul did reasonably well.

            He was a complete afterthought in 2016 and I think the reason why is that Rand makes well-articulated, mostly emotion-free arguments that require intellectual engagement instead of animal tribal instincts. But with a loud-mouthed bully on the same stage, a guy like Paul barely gets to speak.

            It really is a case of getting dragged down to an idiot’s level and then beaten by their experience. People get bored at hearing a multitude of reasons why locking up huge numbers of small-time drug offenders harms not just them but the whole country, when they’re itching to start a loud “U.S.A.” or “lock her up” chant.

            I think one-on-one against Trump, Rand Paul gets slaughtered.

            1. Unfortunately this is quite true. Being principled and articulate is a liability on that stage, not an asset.

        2. Republicans control the legislative and executive branch and they just increased spending. I don’t care what Trump or any Republican says if they sign/vote for increased spending then that is what they are for. Words are mealiness from a politician’s mouth.

          1. Actually Republicans currently DO NOT control the legislative branch when it comes to spending. Senate rules require a 60 vote majority.

            I think Republicans should end that rule and set the rule at majority vote but as the rules stand now, Democrats have a say on financial legislation.

            1. There’s no way that could end poorly…

            2. That’s going to feel like a big mistake when the dems take the house in 2018.

              Or, maybe it won’t make any difference.

              I feel like we’re all screwed either way.

              1. Honestly I’m not inclined to bet on the Dems taking the house in 2018. Remember, they also thought they were a shoo-in for the Presidency, and still don’t seem to have quite figured out how they blew it.

      2. Trump didn’t want to cut the budget.

        You know that. And I know that.

        But the idiot that posted it actually believes it.

        1. That’s your fucking sock puppet you’re responding to you unsubtle piece of trash.

          Stop apologizing for rapists and pay off your fucking bet you loser.

          1. This shit never ends. What’s the deal on “pay off your fucking bet you loser”? I’ve been here for 18 years and never heard that explained. And thanks to Reason’s clunker commenting system probably never will.

            1. He lied about paying of a trivial beg he lost, and has been continuing the lie for years.

              It never stops because he continues to lie about it.

            2. Liars think they know what I contribute to Reason.

              1. You’ve been challenged to prove it for years, and it’s always excuses.

                Like it will be now, unless you do the other thing you do, run away.

                1. Eat Shit, you imbecile. I don’t have to prove shit to you about my Reason contributions.

                  1. You do if you want anyone to believe you paid your bet.

                    See? Always excuses with him.

                    1. Matt Welch came on to the thread where he paid and called him a liar. Said he never paid.

                    2. Yup.

                      He squelched and lied about it.

                      It was a bet with Playa Manhattan. And he lost.

                    3. Liar. Post the link then. Welch never did that.

                    4. You should have the thread where you posted proof shouldn’t You?

                      Post it then.

                    5. He won’t, he claimed for years he sent in a money order, but Welch said no one sent a money order in. He ran and hid because Matt Welch openly called him a liar.

                    6. This seems easy. You both post your links.

                    7. Aw poor Butt is about to switch to a different sockpuppet.

                    8. He does that frequently, yes.

                    9. You’re soooo full of shit it’s amazing. Playa reached out to Matt and posted it.

            3. ” I’ve been here for 18 years”

              Then it happened while you were here.

        2. Aw Butt, I wonder why lefties were freaking out about Trump’s budget that included cuts.

          It must have been because there were not cuts to the budget.

      3. You’re an idiot.

  5. Conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan characterized Barack Obama as “a de facto moderate Republican”?a description Obama more or less accepted.

    Obama was/is a socialist. Luckily, the Democrats wasted 2 years of control of Congress on ObamaCare rather than forwarding more really socialist legislation. Of course, ObamaCare should have been struck down by the SCOTUS as unconstitutional but that is a different article.

    Obama never was and never will be a Republican, moderate or otherwise.

    1. Don’t say never. I doubt JFK could win the Republican nomination today.

      1. Joe Kennedy’s not around anymore to call in corrupt favors to get his kids into politics.

        1. And Teddy’s not around to make deals with the Kremlin like he did against Reagan!

      2. “Don’t say never. I doubt JFK could win the Republican nomination today.”

        No, sure he could. He’s only a bit to the Right of Donald Trump.

    2. Your idiocy knows no limit.

      1. Why do you come on here an expect not to be treated like the dishonorable piece white trash that you are?

        You’re known to be a liar. You never paid your bet, and you come here pretending no one cares or will remember that you’re a liar.

          1. What’s your question?

            He comes onto a comment board, and expects people to pretend he hasn’t been lying about paying a bet for years, while he stupidly pontificate and resorts to tired insults to get attention, like starting his post with “the peanuts ” etc.

        1. Fuck you, you GOP redneck Trumptard.

          1. Pay your bet you piece of lying white trash

            1. I’ll be goddamned if I let you fucking redneck conservatives take over a Libertarian board.

              So fuck you. You will have to just live with me posting here.

              1. We let socialists like YOU post here.

                1. You don’t let anyone do anything, except in that socially awkward, disaffected, stale-thinking, intolerant, right-wing mind of yours.

                  Faux libertarians are worse than Illinois Nazis.

                  1. Fuck off, slaver.

                2. You do nothing but spank Trump;s ample behind with a magazine with his face on the cover and you presume to speak for libertarians?

              2. And you’ll have to live with the fact that everyone knows you’re a liar and don’t pay your bets.

      2. Butt: I am sure you can explain how Obama was NOT a socialist.

        1. I don’t think Obama was a socialist, but he was clearly a centrist Democrat. Calling him a “moderate Republican” is incorrect and an obvious lie.

          1. Only because the Democrat ‘center’ is somewhere around Josef Stalin.

        2. Easy.
          Progressivism is just Communism with better propaganda.

          Just like Sanders using Lenin’s favorite euphemism Democratic Socialist for Communism.

          1. Good luck selling conservative bigotry and backwardness to the American electorate as right-wing old-timers continue to take their old-timey thinking to the grave.

            The great American liberal-libertarian alliance, as usual, will prevail.

            1. Selling?

              The GOP controls the house, the senate, and the presidency. They control most of the statehouses and governorships and every single libertarian in office got elected as a Republican.

              Sold is the word you want, Rev, and they passed on the shit you wallow in.

            2. You’re kidding, right? Nobody who’s a libertarian is going to manage to get themselves a nomination below the very-local level in the Democratic party, and the same goes for the little-l liberals.

            3. Fuck off, delusional slaver.

  6. I don’t know. It’s way past Biden’s turn.

  7. I can guarantee they nominate someone awful. The leftist ship has sailed: they now know no different.

    Same is true for the Republicans. Their “limited government” mask has not only fallen off, it’s been stomped on, burned, and thrown out to sea.

    The question should be what Libertarians will do in 2020 ? especially at the state and congressional levels, but also for POTUS. As much as Johnson gets trashed here, the fact that even as weak a candidate as him, and with an albatross of a running mate, did far better than any previous L candidate. Maybe more people are waking up to Rs versus Ds being a false choice.

    1. The demise of the Democratic Party as a major party is a major opening for Libertarians to slide in there and compete against Republicans. As you say, most Republicans refuse to be fiscally conservative and are fine with major parts of the Nanny and Police State.

      The LP, even with its platform of butt sex, drugs, and Mexicans is a clearly better alternative to the Republicans.

      1. Being fiscally conservative is great until the politician actually cuts spending. Everyone wants to cut government spending, just not the part that affects them. Because any cut in spending affects someone, actually acting like a fiscal conservative is political suicide. That’s why no politician will ever cut spending in any meaningful way.

        1. Can’t stop trying to cut spending.

          Voters booting out politicians after one term might help.

          1. Voting for Republicans in hopes that they will fulfill their promises to cut spending is like Charlie Brown trying to kick the ball that Lucy is holding, hoping she won’t pull it away this time. It’s foolish.

            As far as booting out politicians goes, incumbents win over 90% of the time.

            Reality bites.

            1. I would rather be called foolish and get my way a few times then give up.

              Sometimes just talking about solutions gets other people to help you complete those solutions.

              You have RINOs that are Democrats. You have wishy-washy RINOs that vote whichever way the wind is blowing and you have Libertarian-ish Republicans. Vote out the Democrats hiding as RINOs, push the yellow RINOs to vote fiscally conservative and presto.

              A more likely scenario is the Democratic Party dies off. The GOP becomes of Nanny and Police state party. Libertarians move in and a a direct contrast by being fiscally conservative, pro-limited government, pro-secure borders, and pro-classical liberalism.

              1. I would rather be called foolish and get my way a few times then give up. (I assume you meant “than.”)

                I understand. I voted for McCain in THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIFETIME. I felt soiled afterwards. Like I’d just fucked a fat chick or something.

                I just won’t do it anymore. I can’t bring myself to support either of the two major parties. If those are my only options I leave it blank or write in “None of the above.”

                I ain’t gonna try to kick that football again. I know what will happen if I do.

                1. I refused to vote for McCain because that guy would have Vietnam levels of troops all over the World.

                  I voted for Obama in the hopes that Republicans would block Obama’s socialist agenda. They mostly did after 2010. McCain would have had Republican giving him anything he wanted.

                2. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with fucking a fat chick. Or, for that matter, a fat dude.

                  Voting for McCain, though. Yeah. That’s definitely horrible.

                3. I felt so dirty voting McCain that I found Reason and became a libertarian.

              2. A more likely scenario is the Democratic Party dies off.

                One bet on backwardness, bigotry, insularity, superstition, ignorance, and depleted backwaters (the Republican-conservative electoral coalition) noted.

                I’ll take reason, science, tolerance, progress, education, and modern, successful communities (the liberal-libertarian alliance).

                May the better ideas win.

                1. You’re quite a loathsome and hateful individual.

                  The heavy majority of state legislatures / governorships, both houses of congress and the (recently acquired) presidency are in Team Red’s hands. Make of that what you will.

                  reason, science, tolerance, progress

                  Buzzing buzzwords buzz but they carry no meaning.

                2. You’re exhausting, Artie.

                3. “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.” — Ronald Reagan

                  1. “Prohibition Works” Ronnie?

    2. Johnson is a Progressive Republican not much different than a Progressive Democrat. The problem is that Johnson exposed the rise of Progressivism in the GOP, which led to him being kicked out just like Teddy Roosevelt was kicked out for his Progressivism.

      Libertarians were sold a pig-in-a-poke with Johnson.

  8. Both parties will present terrible candidates, none of which have any business in political office, who will win every election.

    1. Maybe, with that attitude!

      1. None of them ever get my vote. Yet they win every time. I can accurately predict the outcome of an election by taking the inverse of my ballot.

  9. “But there is a reason that Republicans control 32 state legislatures and have 33 governors.”

    I guess the fact that Republicans almost have enough state legislatures to convene an Article V Constitutional Convention is not worthy of mention.

    1. Biden could shoot Trump on 5th Avenue, lie about doing it and probably pick up half of Trump’s base.

      1. I wish.

      2. Yeah, like Trump can be shot or even less likely killed. Just ask him!

    2. Shhhh!
      Some democrats come here to see what is going on – – – – – –

      1. Haha. I feel like they spy too.

        Tony cites FOX for everything, so I am sure he is watching whatever garbage that network runs now.

  10. Whistling past the graveyard. The GOP has a winning strategy, they became Democrats, replacing the Democrats who became Socialists. Look at who voted for Trump – Republicans who just want to win no matter what, blue-collar union-loving Democrats and Anybody-But-Hillary’s. The latter two groups weren’t voting for Trump, they were voting against a party that has tilted so far to the left they’ve fallen over, a party where Bernie Fucking Sanders, a self-identified-and-proud-of-it Socialist, was a serious contender for the Presidential nomination. Just think about that for a second – a significant chunk of the American electorate supported a no-fooling Socialist for President.

    Like many people, I had a delusion that the reason Bi-partisan McCain and Romneycare Mitt lost was because they were too liberal for the mainstream GOP and the GOP was insane for thinking the reason they lost was because they weren’t Democrat-lite enough, but I was wrong. The GOP nominated an actual Democrat in Trump and the Democrat won. Nobody gives a shit about smaller government now, Trump didn’t destroy the GOP-e, he just allowed them to drop the pretense that they cared about all those bullshit “principles” they’ve been mouthing for 40 years. With no principles to restrain them, they’re free to do whatever it takes to win, the gloves are off. Republicans are going to continue to win except in places where Democrats run to their right, but they won’t be Republicans your father would recognize.

    1. What does that say about how bad the hag was? She beat out the out-and-proud socialist to grab the Democrat nomination. It was close on pledged delegates between them. Once the unpledged delegates went Hillary, that race was over.

      1. The fix was already in for HRC, she even controlled the DNC funds before the nomination.

      2. Hillary Clinton was the worst major-party Presidential candidate in 100 years. In 2008 she lost a nomination that should have been hers for the taking by getting beaten by a complete novice. Eight years later the DNC made sure the rules were tilted towards her so she’d be guaranteed to get the nomination, and she goes and loses in the general to a clown that was a former Democrat.

  11. “Democrats have done well in recent presidential races, winning the popular vote in six of the past seven elections”

    Minor detail; you get to be President by winning the electoral vote. Bragging about winning the ‘popular’ vote is like bragging you got the most field goals in a baseball game.
    If the popular vote mattered, Trump would have run a different campaign, and still won. Not only did whats-her-name not show up for the game, she played by the wrong rules.

    1. The Jacket also likes to play checkers with Hillary while Trump plays chess.

    2. She played by the wrong rules at a game she didn’t show up to?

    3. “Democrats have done well in recent presidential races, winning the popular vote in six of the past seven elections”

      I find it irritating that people keep bringing this up as if it is relevant. That’s not the rules of the game. And this past time around, the difference in popular vote is covered by the difference in a single state, CA. They really need to stop harping on the infamous popular vote.

  12. This is why the Democrats will blow it in 2020:

    Despite porn stars and Playboy models, white evangelicals aren’t rejecting Trump. This is why. -WaPo

    Lefty media hacks trying to explain why their attempts to get the popular Trump out of office have failed and they use a whore who cannot abide by an NDA, to convince Americans that Trump is the immoral one.

    Lefties just do not understand what World they are living in.

    1. The one thing that endears a president to voters is his supporters calling a woman who did nothing wrong a “whore” and then have the chutzpah to say she violated the terms of a NDA which refers to her consensual relationship with said president.

      Keep it up… Trumpista.

      (I call you “Trumpista” with the same disgust I afford to Marxians when I call them “Marxians”)

      1. (I call you “Trumpista” with the same disgust I afford to Marxians when I call them “Marxians”)

        And the same boring repetition of Mike Hihn.

        It might be more effective if you weren’t completely unhinged and laughable.

      2. Stormy had sex for money. She admitted it. She is a whore, hooker, prostitute, call girl, or whatever you want to call her.

        Funny. The lefties love hookers now except when they have moved to ban 1st Amendment advertisements, which included prostitution.

        1. So, she’s more honest than American politicians. Why the kerfluffle?

          1. Why are you pretending you’re not Palin’s Buttplug?

            1. Hi Tulpa

          2. She might be honest but she is hedging her bet that there are no consequences for her violating an NDA. There are consequences.

            She’s in it for the new money. The lefties are using her to try and get rid of Trump.

            The lefties are finding out that non-lefties don’t care about Trump’s sex life since Clinton’s days of flaunting his sex life in the White House.

        2. How can you assert that she had sex for money when the sex transpired in 2006? Is there any evidence that the serial adulterer paid her for said sex in 2006?

          Why is the serial bankrupter, aka the guy who has a long documented history of stiffing the little guys, so silent on this matter?

          1. Why are you allowongv yourself to be distracted by a sideshow?

          2. If Trump does not pay his debts, how did he pay this whore?

            1. LC, are you seriously offering that Trump does not have a reputation for stiffing his creditors?

              1. The media says that.

                Why would any business work with him if he never ever paid his creditors?

                As a former business man myself, bad businessmen are always trying to get one over on you. It is probably a millions times worse to be famous and a billionaire. Everyone wants to take what you have.

                If I became famous, I am sure that AT&T executives would complain that I didn’t pay them when they refused to do the work correctly and according to contract.

                1. Which media says that?

                  A veritable plethora of small business owners have said that and said so long before Trump announced his candidacy in June of 2015.

                  LC, the guy laughs at the fly-over people who think that he stands for free enterprise, limited government, the right to keep and bear arms, and fiscal discipline.

                  1. Why would any business do business with Trump then if he does not pay? You cannot answer that or you refuse to.

                    Why would Trump fight with China over managed trade to “help” American workers if he hates them?

                    Trump is no Libertarian. Trump’s actions have shown him to be a Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian. Trump is a populist that plays the game to win.

                    Trump is winning.

        3. She’s still a “call girl.” When a call girl is dead she becomes a “hooker.”

          — Sterling Archer

          1. Who lives on Whore Island then?

            *Picturing Whore Island

        4. What’s more pathetic than a guy who has to pay for it?

          A flabby, wig-wearing, daughter-craving guy who has to pay for it even though he was born rich, that’s what.

          1. If you want to see who’s more pathetic, go look in the mirror, slaver.

        5. Stormy has sex for money in movies.

          She had sex with Trump for free.

          The money was so she wouldn’t become a bimbo eruption. It was paid years after the fact.

  13. This is another reason that Democrats will blow it in 2020. They are lunatics.

    The daredevil, who said he wants to run for the governorship of California, claims he built the steam-powered rocket out of scrap metal parts in his garage. The project cost around $20,000.
    “Mad” Mike Hughes is carried on a stretcher after his home-made rocket launched and returned to the ground near Amboy, Calif., on Saturday, March 24, 2018. The self-taught rocket scientist who believes the Earth is flat propelled himself about 1,875 feet into the air before a hard-landing in the Mojave Desert that left him injured. (Matt Hartman via AP)

    He told a flat-Earth group last year that the project will “shut the doors on this ball Earth,” but has since backtracked on the claims that his mission will prove the Earth is flat.

    1. Yes yes we know. Nutjobs who think the earth is flat represent the entirety of the Democrat Party. Just like nutjobs who believe in Pizzagate represent the entirety of the Republican Party.

      1. No. Its just one example of the many crack pot ideas that Democrats have. Socialism, Communism, the Nanny State, the Police State, gun control, banning free speech, banning all sorts of products, stomping on the Constitution, massive debt spending, etc. These crazy ideas are in their platform.

        There are all definitely nutjob conservatives who believe in wacky stuff. Even more conservatives believe in free market, freedom, Liberty, gun rights, limited government.

        1. LC, Trump himself is a proponent of “socialism, Communism, the Nanny State, the Police State, gun, banning free speech, banning all sorts of products, stomping on the Constitution, massive debt spending, etc.”

          1. Trump is not a socialist. He is a populist.

            If you haven’t noticed, Trump fights some battles and lets others slide for another day. Trump also has a lot of areas to roll back government. He also is trying to gain more popular support by not forcing the hard cuts until after the election.

            Take the budget. Its election year. He could have vetoed the budget. Republicans get blamed for shutting down government as a bad thing. Congress can always take up the budget again after the election.

            Trump got a bunch of stuff done in 2017 but not as much as he wanted. Most Congressmen refuse to make Trump look good, so they stall.

            1. Of course he is everything on your list.

              Is he a socialist? Well, he supports the taxation of income and the progressive taxation of income. He supports the imposition of tariffs. He supports eminent domain. He supports military Keynesianism, does he not?

              1. Socialism is the control of the means of production. So Trump is not a socialist as he does not support government controlling business in that manner.

                Trump is willing to fight the Communist government of China over trade because getting China to conduct more free trade with the USA is better for the USA. Pushing back on lopsided trade with China hurts America but hopefully we end up with more free trade. Not free trade but managed trade that is better for the USA.

                Its like when the kicked can is with North Korea. There is really no solution that does not end with war with NK. Trump is willing to try negotiations but knows war is probably inevitable.

                Trump is using the military in a different way from neo-cons like Bush and Obama. Trump thinks he can win, exit these military engagements, and keep America militarily strong. The neo-cons want to fight overseas and if that means endless wars, so be it. To be fair, Trump has almost defeated ISIS as a fighting force using minimal US troops. Trump has also not expanded military actions overseas after 1 year, so clearly his strategy is different.

                Trump is probably fine with being a single term president as long as he tried to deal with NK, China, and Russia that Clinton, W Bush, and Obama have avoided. Trump also knows that if he can get America in a better position with these countries, he will win in 2020 by a landslide not seen since Reagan.

                1. … if he can get America in a better position with these countries, he will win in 2020 by a landslide not seen since Reagan.

                  $50 says Trump doesn’t even meet Bush Sr.’s margin of victory in 1988, when he carried 40 states.

        2. You mean the conservatives who support the drug war, who support any and all military interventions, who tend to side with the police in all things? Those aren’t exactly stances that jive with liberty and limited government.

          1. You definitely have a point. There are some Republicans who do support all those things. Some Republicans who do not. It really is a battle inside the GOP.

            Libertarians are pretty much against all of those things.

            Some of the Republicans that I know are finally admitting that the GOP is full of neo-cons who push that party toward the Police and Nanny State, refuse to cut budgets, and support endless wars. Some are considering moving onto the Libertarian patriot team.

          2. “” Those aren’t exactly stances that jive with liberty and limited government.””

            Yep. Government will never be self limiting. Expecting that is like expecting Trump to tweet responsibly.

    2. I think that I shot an arrow that high when I was a kid.

  14. “In the past 14 months, we’ve come to learn the hazards of entrusting the office to someone who has no background in government and regards this inexperience as an asset.”

    Yeah, the whole world is ruined… Oh wait, it’s basically business as usual.

    “Oprah is superb at what she does, which has little in common with the presidency. You wouldn’t hire a novice to run Starbucks. Why would you put one in charge of a nuclear arsenal?”

    How the fuck would YOU know?

    I do love how Chapman tries to resurrect those old canards though, the vague hints of something ominous followed by a strong dose of “TOP MEN!!!” is comical.

    1. They did put a novice in charge aka Obama; a non-tenured professor and community organizer, who preferred getting high with radicals, socialists, marxists, etc. in college.

      1. “who preferred getting high with radicals, socialists, marxists, etc. in college.”

        The one good thing he did.

  15. We’re going to take back this country from the plutocrats that stole it.

    Now, task number one is to secure our democracy from the Russian menace. And we’ll do that by declaring all social network and user-generated internet content “public utilities”, which will allow regulation and fact-check requirements. We should leave the talking to the professionals in the press, not strangers or friends who could very well be posting Russian troll thoughts.

    After that, we need to hear the words of our brave school children and finally have some common sense gun control in this country. Now, we don’t want to take your guns away, but, really, if we did something to save just one kids life, don’t we have to try? Aren’t police, military, and other trained professionals the only ones who should have access to weapons like this? Does anyone really need a gun? We just need to have a conversation about this, nobody wants to take your guns away.

    Next, we need to address the racism of President Trump with automatic citizenship for anyone who’s in the USA. If you’re here, and there’s an election, go ahead and vote! You might be here when they take office! Or not! It’s your right, but we remind you to Rock The Vote!

    The rest is pretty standard: Medicare/SS for all, all funded by Eisenhower tax rates, the necessary formula to kick in the Keynesian multipliers that make all the magic happen. We’re not a household, we can’t run out of money, you know.

    That’s how we take our country back!

    1. You are not to blame; rather, its the institution of higher learning which conferred upon you a BA in Trolling that is at fault.

      1. Your contempt for higher education doesn’t make climate change go away. It just makes you a Flat Earther.

        1. In something like 4 billion years nothing has made climate change go away.

    2. Damn. That wasn’t a drip, it was a flood of sarcasm! Well done, you captured the Progressive Plantation ideology!

  16. I, for one, welcome our new papal overlord, Steve Chapman.

  17. Some people say that the Democratic Party is not running any exciting candidates for Congress this year–they’re all vanilla and boring.

    But those people must not be aware of Hans Keirstead.

    Hans Keirstead is:

    – World-famous medical scientist

    – World-famous high-tech pioneer

    – Professor of neurology and neurosurgery, U. California Irvine

    – Hugely successful tech-innovative entrepreneur, serial founder of successful startups, creator of high-wage, high-skill, skill-improving jobs

    – Self-made high-eight-digit or maybe nine-digit net worth, starting from near-zero, got his wealth the old-fashioned way, by earning and creating it

    – Black belt (Taekwondo)–how many congressmen could beat the shtt out of their own security-men (if for some reason they wanted to)?

    – Currently attempting to kick the oversized backside of the odious Congressman Dana Rohrabacher in California’s 48th district. The race is considered a toss-up.

    1. A Democrat, so vanilla and boring and WHITE.

      How do Democrats expect non-white Americans to vote for yet another whitey to tell them what to do?

      Just remember, the Democrats started the KKK, Jim Crowe laws, and the Civil War.

      1. …segregated the federal gov’t, placed KKK Hugo Black on SCOTUS, denied MLK his Constitutional Rights…

    2. In other words, boring. Voters don’t vote for scientists. They vote for tough guys like Trump and Hillary and Biden. They want a tough guy to beat up the other party.

  18. Not the usual libertarianism Reason article.

    1. The staff at Reason is no longer dominated by libertarians.

    2. “Will the Democrats Blow It in 2020?”

      From the title on down, . . .

      That ain’t cher daddy’s libertarianism.

  19. I hate to sound like a broken record, but if people want to stop hearing about the elephant in the middle of the room, maybe they should stop ignoring it.

    If the Democrats take the House, Pelosi will probably be replaced as Speaker if she refuses to impeach Trump. Thus, the odds of the Democrats taking the House roughly equal the odds of Trump being impeached. Surely, Pelosi isn’t likely to give up the Speaker’s chair on principle for the good of the party and the Democratic nominee in 2020.

    It is highly unlikely that Trump will be convicted in the senate and removed from office. The Republicans who want to run for president won’t want to run against Pence in the primaries after having stabbed Trump in the back–so Trump probably won’t be removed from office.

    Having survived such persecution is likely to create grass roots sympathy for Trump–especially in the the swing vote of rust belt swing states. That is why the Democrats are unlikely to win the White House in 2020–because they won’t be able to stop themselves from shooting themselves in their own giant clown feet.

    1. Why do you think much of the commentariat is ignoring the present pack of pachyderm in the parlor: since the Georgia special congressional election last year, the Dems have kicked the electoral shit out of the Republicans in race after race after race.

      1. Ok PB’s obvious sockpuppet.

      2. This is what happens to the president’s party in the House in a new president’s first midterm–going back to the election of 1910.

        First column is House seats won/lost. The last column is what I see as the dominant issue(s) of that midterm.

        +9 1934 Franklin D. Roosevelt Great Depression
        +8 2002 George W. Bush 9/11
        -4 1962 John F. Kennedy Cuban Missile Crisis
        -8 1990 George H. W. Bush USSR Falls, Operation Desert Shield
        -9 1926 Calvin Coolidge 1st Midterm in 2nd Term (Death of Harding)
        -12 1970 Richard Nixon Vietnam, Kent State
        -15 1978 Jimmy Carter Energy Crisis, Inflation
        -18 1954 Dwight D Eisenhower McCarthyism
        -22 1918 Woodrow Wilson Broken Promise not to Enter WWI
        -26 1982 Ronald Reagan Recession
        -47 1966 Lyndon B. Johnson Great Society, Civil Rights Act
        -48 1974 Gerald Ford Nixon Pardoned
        -52 1930 Herbert Hoover Smoot?Hawley Tariff, Great Depression
        -54 1946 Harry S Truman Labor Unrest, End of Wartime Price Controls
        -54 1994 Bill Clinton Gun Control, HillaryCare
        -57 1910 William Taft Strife within the Republcian Party (Progressives)
        -63 2010 Barack Obama TARP, ObamaCare
        -77 1922 Warren Harding Strife within the Republcian Party (Progressives)

        The median is -24 House seats lost.

        The average is -31`House seats lost.

        The Republicans need to lose -20 seats in order to lose the House.

        1. The more divisive the president is seen as being, the more seats his party loses in the House. That appears to be the general rule.

          Do you think Trump is less or more divisive than Ronald Reagan, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama?

          Do you think the midterms won’t be a referendum on Trump?

          Show me a race here or there that lands elsewhere on the dart board, okay. What I’m looking at is the shape of the dart board–and chances are that the Republicans will lose the House . . . regardless of whether that’s what you, I, we, or anyone else wants to happen.

          1. I don’t dispute any of your statements. I do think ‘referendum’ is the wrong word. Something more akin to reaction or spasm seems more accurate to me.

            There is very little thinking involved, and I suspect you need that for the word ‘referendum’ to be used correctly.

        2. Trump is not like any politician since probably Teddy Roosevelt. T.R. was a famous showboater. T.R was also a populist Democrat until he was a populist Republican.

          The majority of Republican voting base wants the establishment to follow Trump. If they don’t, they will be replaced by Republicans who will. Many swing voters don’t like Democrats any more and Trump is working for them.

          The elitists still have no idea what most Americans want. Americans don’t want Pelosi, that’s for sure.

          1. One look at the Presidential election map by county gives a pretty good indication that Progressive Democrats have no clue when it comes to what the people want. I would note the Progressive Elitist Masters have become so used to telling their Uncle Tom Overseers and Proletariat Serfs what they want that they actually believe the rest of the country wants the same thing.

            1. It has become super easy to pick out lefties these days.

              As you say, they think all of American thinks the way they do so they just act like its not crazy talk.

        3. The Standard deviation is ~25, with a Median of -24, there’s an 80% probability that the R’s land between +1 and -49, centered on that. The Mode is -54, so taking that into consideration, we should tilt the expectations of loss more toward that -49 by a drastic margin.

          The 2 times that ended in positive numbers seem to be outliers, and if we remove them from the data-set it results in:
          Average: -35
          Mode: -54
          Median: -36
          Deviation: 22.6 (22.3 Rounded)

          Sooooo…. R’s are facing a situation where the odds are 80% likely to be a loss of 13 to 58, with the dot looking more likely around a ~50 seat loss in November…

      3. Libertymike|3.26.18 @ 9:32AM|#
        Why do you think much of the commentariat is ignoring the present pack of pachyderm in the parlor: since the Georgia special congressional election last year, the Dems have kicked the electoral shit out of the Republicans in race after race after race.

        The Democrats won the Alabama Senate seat because 50% of Republicans that voted for Trump did not vote for the Republican candidate. That is not an ass kicking.

        PA18 was won by some 700 votes. Not an as kicking.

        An example of an ass kicking is Trump’s win over Hillary. The hag almost killed herself over it.

        1. You forgetting about Virginia? Wisconsin? Kentucky?

          1. So you admit my examples were not ass kickings?

          2. A loss is still a loss my friend, whether by 25 votes or 25,000,000. Losing seats in the House is a very bad thing for DJT going forward…

    2. Ken, the people who think that there’s gonna be a ‘blue wave’ are the same people who were telling us that Hillary had a 90+% chance of winning the White House. The same people who were speechless on election night–and the same people who kept us all up until the wee hours of the morning because they refused to call states that had long fallen to Trump because that couldn’t possibly have happened.

      1. Do they still brag about their energy planks?

  20. we’ve come to learn the hazards of entrusting the office to someone who has no background in government and regards this inexperience as an asset

    I suppose I should come to expect appeals to Top. Man. around here but man, it’s still jarring. I have to guess that the reason this stuff gets published around midnight is out of embarassment.

    1. One of the best things about Trump is the public display of leftyism by those previously trying to hide in the weeds. They could not destroy him and what he represents using normal tactics so they put on their jackets and their black masks to work Americans over out in the open.

      These traitors on the left don’t even see what is coming. They are pushing so hard that they are failing. Socialism is being rolled back because Americans are being pushed too hard, so we are fighting back.

    2. That is the shittiest shithead quote I’ve seen in a while.

    3. “We’ve come to learn the hazards of entrusting the office to someone who has no background in government and regards this inexperience as an asset”

      I guess “we” means elitists.

      The rest of that statement is elitist as fuck.

      Trump turned 2016 into a referendum on elitism. His opponents are as vulnerable as ever on that issue, and they keep broadcasting that fact every time they open their mouths.

      They can’t help it. They open their mouths and the elitism comes drooling down the sides of their mouths.

      1. “Trump turned 2016 into a referendum on elitism. ”

        But Trump is certainly a member of the elite. He banks where schlubs like me and you would be shown the door – the same places as Putin or Clinton do their banking. It’s true that unlike these leaders, he has no background in politics, but it was thanks to his background in showbusiness that won the votes.

  21. (starts to read)
    (gets to name “chapman”)
    (stops reading)

    1. / straight to comment section

    2. Yeah, I don’t think it’s necessary to open the article to tell it’s a Chapman piece anymore. They try to hide it behind “Reason Staff” on H&R’s main page, but the title gives it away. Same with Dalmia.

  22. Democrats are going to blow it because Democrats still don’t have a clue as to why they lost in 2016. They will definitely pick up seats, just way too many Bozo Republicans for them not to. But they’re not going to sweep and they’re not going to be changing the storylines.

    This isn’t a defense of the Republicans. 90% of them should be blackballed to never work in D.C. again. But the Democrats are just clueless.

    1. They do not have a clue as to why they lost control of the House in 2010.

      I doubt that they would have lost control that year if people like Dick Gephardt and Tom Daschle were the Democratic leadership.

    2. Dems lost because banning electricity is even more damaging than banning personals ads.

  23. “Any of them has as much business in the Oval Office as I have in the papacy.”

    That makes me think of a fun Reason comment activity: Guess which Pope name Steve would choose.

    I’m going with Pius.

    1. Prius I

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    1. Save this for the AM links that will never arrive.

  25. Because blowing things is what Democrats do?

    Because there aren’t any AM links?

  26. It’s the craziest race to the bottom I’ve ever seen. The Republicans pass a budget that is wrong in every single way. The Democrats start recreating the Hitler youth with a nearly perfect male figurehead. This whole thing feels as horribly scripted as a wrestling match…

    1. If the goal is to literally cause another Great Depression based on unpayable national debt, then this race is getting closer to the end.

      I bought 4 wheel barrels on credit to make sure I have plenty of means to cart my worthless $1,000,000,000 to buy a loaf of bread.

      1. The Great Depression was brought on by the Republican platform adopting the Prohibition Party Volstead plank, and Bert Hoover using the new communist Income Tax to enforce it as amended by the Five and Ten Law. Hoover’s 1931 Moratorium on Brains subsidizing Nazi Germany with American money was simply icing on the cake.

    2. Your Hitler Youth comment is spot on. That guy is scary.

      As far as the election goes, this is the issue: Will the Democrats blow it by running socialists everywhere? They have gotten lucky in PA18 (ex marine, looked pretty centrist), other races (e.g., VA gov) they blew the GOP out of the water with a straight Dem. But local races in off-year elections are not much of an indicator of what happens in when both parties must run 435 seats in the House. Ken’s numbers suggest that the Dems will win the House. If so, what do you think next year’s budget will look like? And will Trump sign it again?

  27. “Will the Democrats Blow It in 2020?”

    Why is this a question that would be asked by Reason? I could see the Washington Post asking it, or your average liberal rag. But Reason?

    Shouldn’t Reason be asking if the Libertarians will blow it (again) in 2020? The real shame from a libertarian standpoint is that the Democrats and Republicans can’t BOTH blow it in 2020.

    1. It would be nice if Reason, as the rare “Libertarian” voice, would cover upcoming Libertarian candidates and past Libertarian candidate mistakes. You know, get everyone talking about Libertarianism.

      Instead we get cosmos pushing TDS hit pieces and lefty vagina apologies.

    2. Why is this a question that would be asked by Reason?

      I think the answer is self-explanatory. Reason is not a libertarian publication. Nor a Libertarian one either. Those days are long dead.

      Long live the age of Progressivism. Death to Populists and Russian Puppets!

      1. Excuse me, but compared to what? Isvestia? Slime? Newspeak?

    3. It’s an article, evidently you didn’t read it. Reason has plenty articles about Libertarian candidates and modern cloud space is basically infinite so this article really shouldn’t be upsetting you like it is.

  28. Shorter version: the Dems will blow it because their best known candidates are too old (even though Trump is older than Warren), and their other candidates are empty suits.

  29. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound?

    If GOP loses control of Congress, will anyone be able to tell?

  30. My bet is that Joe Biden will end up being the Dem 2020 prez candidate for the reason that Joe, if not ideal, is not threatening to the most of the disparate groups that constitute their party. More critically, Joe is the safe bet for the big institutional donors, the deep pocket limousine liberals, and has long-standing ties to uncountable lobbyists and special interests.

    I conclude Biden is a lock. Hunter Biden is Joe’s surviving son. Hunter was a NCIS type lawyer, until flunking a cocaine test and leaving the Navy. Hunter has divided his time since working for his father campaigns, the New York City investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners, and serving on the boards of Burisma, a major Ukrainian natural gas company with European contracts and Amtrak.

    When VP Joe Biden went to China on a trade mission Hunter went along and came home with billions of dollars of investment contracts. Home, where Amtrak trains crash regularly. In 2016 when Beau died Hunter left his own wife and promptly took up with the new widow.

    1. Is Hunter Biden running for election anywhere?

      1. Joe is an outstanding parent. Just look at his son Hunter.

  31. I suspect the great leader will “get out the vote”, most of them to vote for the other guy/gal.

  32. “Conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan characterized Barack Obama as “a de facto moderate Republican”?a description Obama more or less accepted.” Highly pragmatic, for a progressive thinker. Otherwise this writer needs to put down the crack pipe.

  33. “Washington is short on leaders who offer maturity, problem-solving skills, willingness to compromise, realism about policy, and basic decency.” These requirements eliminate Chris Murphy right off the bat, and probably Harris and Cuomo too. Booker can probably fake most of them well enough to fool a lot of people.

    1. I would love to punch Chris Murphy in the face. Such a smug piece of shit.

  34. Let’s say Democrats gain control over the upper and lower houses later this fall. What’s to stop Trump adopting the Democrats as his party and giving them his full cooperation in opposition to the remaining Republicans (and his VP too?)

    1. Trump got the nomination by telling Reason teevee: Libertarianism? “I like it!” No way will the Gee-Oh-Pee invite another spoiler vote defeat like what took out George Holy War Bush, Mr Death Sentence for Pot Shovers himself.

    2. I hope Trump does run as a Democrat in 2020. Then we could have a Cruz vs Trump general election.

  35. “Small minds discuss people” which is what Chapman does. The Democrats lost because they copied religious Global Warming pseudoscience from communist and econazi fanatics and put it into a platform proposing to have men with guns ram it down our throats at gunpoint. Electrical power and take-home-pay are to Dems (CPUSA and Greens) as female birth control and plant leaves are to the Gee-Oh-Pee urine testers (and the Prohibition Party that has written their platform since 1928). The election outcome was based on energy planks. If the DEM platform had not promised to treat electricity as the same Avatar of Satan that plant leaves are in the GOP platform, they’d be lighting their vaping cigars with $10 rechargeable batteries and laughing all the way to the bank. When Chapman finds out what electrical engineers (and Puerto Ricans) think of solar panels and windmills, he’ll understand that the Dems will lose if they again let communists and econazis write Millerite Armageddon and Rapture planks into their platform.

    1. Except that members of the GOP have proposed making birth control over-the-counter.

      Democrats on the other hand just keep going further left, like a drunk NASCAR driver.

  36. ” Conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan characterized Barack Obama as “a de facto moderate Republican”?a description Obama more or less accepted.”

    Neither of those statements are correct.

    Also President Obama didn’t have any executive or government experience. Well, I guess voting present is experience.

    Obama won because he was an unknown and people believed/brought his hope (And the media carried water for him). Trump won because Obama, Hillary, and all politicians are horrible.

  37. Will the Dems blow it in 2020? God, we can hope so.

    NYT’s today: “Trump’s New Judicial Litmus Test: Shrinking ‘the Administrative State'”

    …and they act like that’s a bad thing.

    Trump, the most libertarian president in a century.

  38. Donald Trump has lousy approval ratings? Obama’s was the same at this point. Did Obama have lousy approval ratings?

    1. Does the Pope poop in the woods?

  39. RE: “Will Democrats blow it in 2020?”


    (That was easy!)

  40. The main issue to many Democrats is uniting to maintain balance in the Supreme Court. balance in the Supreme Court would prevent religion from interfering with medical, surgical and scientific progress.purity of idealism is what it is but a centrist goal is more rational.

  41. Yes they will. Next question.

  42. “The GOP is fervently hoping the Democratic Party will embark on a quest for ideological purity and zeal.”

    The Clinton campaign was fervently hoping for the Republicans to nominate Trump, sure that that would mean they’d easily win. Look how well that worked out for them.

    Theresa May called an election, confident that the Tories would gain seats, with a democratic socialist like Corbyn leading Labour. The Blairites excoriated Corbyn, sure that he would ruin them. But Labour gained a net 30 seats.

    Maybe it’s possible zeal, in either direction, is a whole lot more motivating than stay-the-course centrism in this political climate. I mean, ‘Medicare for all’ is surprisingly popular.

    1. Maybe it’s possible zeal, in either direction, is a whole lot more motivating than stay-the-course centrism in this political climate. I mean, ‘Medicare for all’ is surprisingly popular.

      Funded at European levels, Medicare for All could be financed out of the existing Medicare budget, leaving the private healthcare sector entirely alone. I’m all for that.

      What is unacceptable is to raise Medicare taxes and destroy the private sector in order to make Medicare for All happen.

  43. ‘Conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan characterized Barack Obama as “a de facto moderate Republican”?a description Obama more or less accepted.’

    I’d like you to try and sell that idea at Breitbart.

    1. Yeah, it made me start laughing after the first four words. Andrew Sullivan is no more conservative than Trump is.

  44. Of course the Democrats are going to blow it in 2020. It is almost certain. How can you tell? Most of them don’t understand why they lost in 2016 to a buffoon. Hillary was, possibly, the worst Presidential candidate in history and they still can’t believe it. It must have been racists or nazi’s that gave Trump the election, they say. But what it is really that the Democratic party has veered left and many of its best and brightest on that side are authoritarians in waiting jus thinking up the next law that will oppress liberty. Yes kids, Lizzy Warren and her ilk thinks she is so smart and so right that she should make decisions for the less fortunate. Then you have the hater wing of the democrats that hate Trump so much that they can’t function doing anything else. So they turn a silent ear to the obvious corruption in the intelligence community. Yeah, I didn’t vote for Trump but it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to see through the FISA warrant crap. And while I will admit spying on Trump does sound appealing, a serious look at it should scare the heck out of us all. I’m saying all this as more of a Trump opposed than supporter but I think there are quite a few like me that are more pissed at the democrats and their destructive behavior than we are worried about Trump. And other than maybe Joe Biden, every democrat suggested as a possible for 2020 is much more scary than an twitter nut wth nervous thumbs.

  45. I have no idea at all what the Republicrats will do in 2020, nor do I particularly care. I must however admit to a certain unsavory joy anticipating the possibility of Trump and Oprah squaring off in a televised debate. I mean, the possibilities of provo political theater are mind-boggling.

  46. There is no way democrats lose in 2020. They will be united like they haven’t been in 50 years and the Drumpf fans will have had 4 years of broken promises from Drumpf. Yeah, the GOP ain’t going to win in 2020 unless they get another candidate.

    1. Uh huh. I thought the same thing about Bush II getting reelected. And Obama. Everybody always talks smack about whoever is in the hot seat, but more often than not they get a 2nd term. The Dems have just doubled down on all the same stuff that made them lose the election, so I don’t think they have an easy win coming. They may well take some seats in 2018, but by 2020 I bet their momentum will be lost.

  47. Chapman: You’re crazy yo!

    Obama a moderate Republican!!! LOL

    He publicly said some stuff that made him seem that way once in awhile, AKA when he was lying to get elected. But he also said batshit crazy leftist stuff all the time too. I think we all know which way his real feelings go…

  48. Let me put this another way.

    I refused to vote for Trump in 2016.
    I think he acts like an ass.
    The tax cut screwed my big time as a upper middle class, multiple wage, blue state resident.
    But, If the election were today, I’d probably vote for him.

    Why? the so-called progressives that control the democrats party right now are America and freedom haters. They are everything that is wrong with this Country. They are more supportive of actual racism and authoritarianism than the republicans by far. They refuse to be productive as government leaders even on the few things that Trump gets right. The refusal to compromise on immigration and gun control/rights alone is reason enough to never trust them with my vote. I would love it if a more center focused, decent human being would take Trump’s place. Heck, if a third party candidate came along that could win I’d sign up immediately. But the fools that think that nothing is worse that Trump need to look in a mirror because other than possibly Joe Biden ever candidate that I’ve heard about sucks.

    On a related note, I saw a bumper sticker in the parking lot the other day that said “Zuckerberg 2020” and couldn’t help myself and told the driver “You must have had to really try to come up with a worse choice than Trump.” No response, but I was ready with:
    If he wins, do you think he’ll sell our social security information to China? and
    Hey, maybe Trump can get his wall design from Mark’s Hawaii plantation.

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