Rand Paul

Rand Paul Reads the Omnibus Spending Bill (Because Someone Has To)


Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who might be thinking of holding up the Senate's vote on the insane and mysterious omnibus spending bill, is publicly conducting some basic due diligence for a legislator: demonstrating that, unlike pretty much all his colleagues in House or Senate, he's actually trying to read the monstrous thing before voting. (Paul notes it took over two hours for his office printer to even print the thing.)

Rand Paul Twitter

He's giving the American people some insights, good and bad, in real time via his twitter feed.

Some highlights:

Good news on the state-level marijuana rights front:

Some things Paul wonders if require this level of public (i.e. you and me) funding:

And more of that:

Encouraging FISA news:

Paul wonders about the integrity of the often-ignored War Powers Act:

And sheds light on our foreign policy apparatus' weird definition of "permanent":

Insight into how revenue no matter how high never seems to make overall debt shrink:

Paul is continuing to put himself through this hell for the American people in real time on his twitter feed.

Reason's Eric Boehm also knows more about the omnibus than your average congress member.