Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center's Hateful Agenda

The outfit's silly hit jobs against intellectual opponents only discredit it


The Southern Poverty Law Center was formed during the heyday of the Civil Rights movement to keep track of shadowy hate

Robert King/Polaris/Newscom

outfits, racists and extremists spreading vile propaganda against various ethnic and other groups. It was a worthy goal—so long as it lasted. In recent decades, the organization has taken to doing hit jobs on intellectual opponents who deviate from the liberal orthodoxy.

SPLC's latest victim is conservative feminist Christina Hoff Sommers.

I don't always agree with Sommers' brand of feminism, but to allege as the SPLC does that she is a peddler of male supremacy is ridiculous, I note in my column at The Week. She is wrong about some things and right about others. But instead of refuting her ideas, SPLC tried to demonize her with guilt by association.

Such tactics combined with SPLC's ridiculously loose criteria could potentially snag anyone who doesn't fully buy the Social Justice Warrior agenda. Even the Dalai Lama might find himself on the SPLC list of hate monger given that His Holiness considers homosexuality "sexual misconduct."

Go here to read the piece.

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  1. Dalmia’s The Week post made Drudge.

    1. That’s it. This was one of the signs of the apocalypse. Go hug your kids and significant others, the four horsemen are here to lay waste to the land.

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  2. Way to knock the competition down a notch Dalmia.

    1. She actually has a premise I agree with, so He’ll just froze over. The SPLC is a treasonous Marxist organization that should be destroyed.

    2. Way to knock the competition down a notch Dalmia.

      Damn, and yes, the thick irony.

  3. The Southern Poverty Law Center was formed during the heyday of the Civil Rights movement

    And just like almost everything from that heyday, they have become a gaggle of pimps and prostitutes that exist to threaten extortion in order to fund their scams.

    1. The same thing happens with every civil rights movement. After 95% of their goals are achieved, everybody accepts you and nobody really gives a shit about it anymore, these activists don’t know what to do. Their entire existence, their entire identity, and their entire means of making money were entirely dependent on being a victim. After the fight is over, they refuse to acknowledge they won, because they require themselves to be victims. It is all they know.

      It happened with feminists. It happened with a lot of black civil rights leaders (Jesse Jackson, for instance). It is currently happening with LGBT activists who have gone bat fucking insane, convincing themselves that being gay in America is like being gay in Saudi Arabia and there’s some evil Christian gay-murderer around every corner (despite the fact that one Muslim killed more gays in one night than homophobic Christians have in like 15 years). We’re celebrated and praised for being “brave” by every corporation, and we are now over-represented in movies and TV show but still throw a hissy fit when something comes out with a gay person.

      Getting angrier and angrier over smaller and even non-existent acts of “oppression” is a sign of every movement after their goals are achieved.

      Victimhood culture is real. Identitarianism is toxic. When being a victim becomes your entire identity, you wind up turning into somebody just as hateful, bigoted, and close-minded as the “oppressors” you claim to fight.

      1. If you’re totally not playing the victim why do you give a shit about any of this?

        1. Why so defensive?

          1. He has no idea. he is just a sad fool.

        2. Ever notice how the SPLC is silent about all of the hate that is spewed by so-called civil rights activists, feminists, minorities, muzzies, negroes, progressives, and other totalitarians?

          Why wouldn’t the SPLC spend some time focusing upon the fact that black people are far more likely than white people to perpetrate inter-racial crimes of violence?

          Why wouldn’t the SPLC spend some time focusing upon the fact that black people are far more likely than white people to make babies out of wedlock?

          Why wouldn’t the SPLC spend some time focusing upon the fact that black people are far more likely than white people to talk and shout during a movie and thereby prevent others from being able to listen to the movie?

        3. Because I’m gay, and the gay rights activists are doing more harm for LGBT acceptance than good at this point. They’re transformation into tyrannical mean-spirited assholes is setting progress back, not forward. They act like they don’t have to change peoples’ minds anymore, and can change everybody’s minds by force.

          1. Their*

      2. Don’t forget Greenpeace and other environmental zealots.

      3. Don’t forget we have to make Elsa a lesbian… Beacausr feelz. Who cares? Why do weven need to worry about her sexuality?

    2. That’s one way to describe private groups practicing free speech.

      1. Ah, so you’re for free speech now?

        Wake me when you’re not for it again.

        1. Pretty absolutist on speech.

          1. So you agree that California can’t force crisis pregnancy centers to post information about where to attain an abortion or are you of the *wink* *wink* ‘I support free speech, kind of sorta’ ENB school of thought?

          2. Unless the speech blasphemes His Holiness Owlgor.

          3. Ready. Set. Citizens United. Go.

            1. One, two, you’d be totally against Citizens United if it happened to benefit Democrats instead of Republicans!

              1. Ahh… because team or something? I thought you said you were an “absolutist” on free speech. Thanks for proving my point.

      2. That describes bro-Nazis and Nambla as well, what’s your point? Oh right, that weird leftist talking point about how free speech (when discussing leftist groups anyway) means you’re not allowed to criticize anyone that speaks.

        1. *neo-Nazis, not sure if they qualify as bros

  4. The Southern Poverty Law Center was formed during the heyday of the Civil Rights movement



    And I guess in Shikha’s mind, the heyday of disco was 1979.

    Someone should lookup the meaning of heyday.

    1. I thought it was a farming simulation game…

    2. Anytime you here some snot nosed punks bashing boomers just remind them about our greatest cultural contributions, such as Disco Demolition Night.

  5. To be clear, the line (and it was only a line) about Sommers that has caused so much rage is:

    Men’s rights issues also overlap with the rhetoric of equity feminists like Christina Hoff Sommers, who give a mainstream and respectable face to some MRA [Men’s Rights Activism] concerns.

    They did not call her a “peddler of male supremacy”, they did not demonize her, they didn’t call her a hate monger. They just accurately pointed out the overlap (the same overlap that, in the past, she’s been proud of).

    1. “For the record, I find Sommers’ brand of feminism, centered on the premise that men and women are equal but not identical, to be tinny and insufficiently attuned to the cultural incentives that shape women’s choices.”

      Now try to make sense out of this word salad

      1. “YAS QUEEN SLAY” or something.

      2. Letting women make free choices, without making value judgments, is not sufficiently woke.

      3. “I cannot make a coheent argument against it, but I do not like the implications.

      4. Easy.
        All women’s positive choices are the result of fighting the good fight patriarchal oppression, all woman’s negative choices are the result of patriarchal oppression.

        They want freedom of choice without the “oppressive” difficulties of responsibility.

        Freedom AND slavery simultaneously, don’t you see?

    2. “mainstream and respectable face”

      I think that phrase means “people at least as reasonable as we are (and probably more so) disagree with us, but this is inconvenient to our agenda of portraying people who disagree with us as bigoted fanatics. So we must come up with some form of words to dismiss the reasonable people on the other side.”

    3. One may not point out that women have some privileges over men. That would make one a counterrevolutionary fascist.

    4. “who give a mainstream and respectable face to some MRA [Men’s Rights Activism] concerns.”

      The monsters!

    5. It seems to me that quite a few MRA concerns deserve a respectable, mainstream face and it’s kind of a disgrace that they don’t have more.

    6. Yeah and it’s terrible that she overlaps with men’s issues. That’s just not right. Men live in a utopia of privilege and to suggest otherwise is hate!

      Curious definition of hate they use.

  6. This will literally be the only article by Shikha that will not receive universal hate from the commentators, besides Tony

    1. That’s because you have to click through to see most of the stupid. And nobody does that.

      1. I’m not stupid enough to read her articles anymore.

  7. “I don’t always agree with Sommers’ brand of feminism, but to allege as the SPLC does that she is a peddler of male supremacy is ridiculous,”

    Yes, but we live in an age where “everyone I don’t like is literally Hitler.”…..-is-hitler

  8. conservative feminist

    I’ve been told there’s no such thing.

    1. It’s like ketchup ice cream – I suppose it’s technically possible, but what’s the point?

  9. True and they recently retracted some neo-Marxist agitprop screeds. Why did they publish them in the first place, considering that ADL has been hyperventilating for months about the alt-left menace? Because they are trying to ‘prove’ we’ve lost freedom of the press. This is a self-inflicted ‘win’ for them. (Hey it’s the best they could come up with on short notice.)

  10. Such tactics combined with SPLC’s ridiculously loose criteria could potentially snag anyone who doesn’t fully buy the Social Justice Warrior agenda.

    I’m not sure if anyone listens to the SPLC any more. I mean, they were on NPR about three times a week in the 90s, not sure how much noise they generate these days.

    1. How are they funded? That will give you a good idea of their relevance.

      1. Apple made quite a large donation to them last summer.

    2. They’re still cited pretty regularly by the woke media. A convenient tool to smear their critics. Wonder how long it’ll go on.

    3. They are listened to by very powerful organizations far more than most would care to realize.

    4. Google does. That “accidental” attack on non-pinko YouTube channels recently came as soon as they hired a bunch of censors through the SPLC.

  11. It has been a personal goal of mine to belong to something on the SPLC list, but so far nothing on their list has appealed to me; I’m thinking that is going to expand a bit, so I’ll just wait and see.

  12. “They hardly deserve to share space with vicious Islamophobes like Pamela Geller who spread vile anti-Muslim conspiracy theories.”

    You mean conspiracy theories like two Muslims planned a terror attack on an event she was holding simply for having drawings of Mohammed, the FBI knew about it, and yet they still managed to fire shots?

    Because that actually happened, and all the “peace, not hate” fucktards were vocally sad that they didn’t succeed in killing her.

    BTW I do think Pamela Geller is an asshole, but not anymore bigoted than half the progressives and Democrats in this country.

    1. “They hardly deserve to share space with vicious Islamophobes like Pamela Geller who spread vile anti-Muslim conspiracy theories.”

      Shikha is fine with the demonizing and character assassination, as long as it’s against people she disagrees with.

      When the Maoists come for Shikha, I’ll have little sympathy.

      People who feed the crocodile deserve to be eaten in their turn.

      “Do it to Julia! Not to me! Do it to Julia!”

  13. This part is amusing:

    “..the only way the SPLC can get out of its rut is by being less trigger happy. In order to purge every vestige of hate, it has become overzealous. It needs to rethink its strategy and decide that if it must err, it should do so on the side of branding fewer people and groups as hateful rather than more. It needs to strive to be completely above reproach by limiting its designations to airtight cases rather than going after the merely impure.”

    In short, the only way the SPLC can reform itself is to become totally different from what it currently is.

  14. Sommers at least escaped being put on the SPLC’s formal list of extremists. Not so with Aayan Hirsi Ali ? the Somali Muslim woman whose experience with genital mutilation turned her into a fierce critic of Islam ? or Maajid Nawaz ? a former Muslim militant who now fights Islamic extremism. Ali and Nawaz have their problems. (In particular, as I have argued, Ali’s broadsides on Islam are misguided and wrongheaded.)

    So, a religion makes it their prerogative to shear off labias and clitorises, but it’s totes NOT COOL to say bad things about it!

    1. Her critiques aren’t even “misguided”. They did, you know, butcher her. And plenty of other women.

      Why is it verboten to call a fascist a fascist?

      1. Linda Sarsour is declared brave and heroic for telling large groups of people who agree with her on everything exactly what they want to hear. Her message is supported by like every corporation and news organization in a country where she’s free to do whatever the hell she wants, yet which she constantly complains is an oppressive bastion of hate.

        Ayaan Hirsi Ali had a death threat pinned to the body of her dead friend after he was nearly decapitated in broad daylight simply for making a movie criticizing Islam’s actual oppression of women, yet she still goes around doing public appearances and speeches. She is declared a bigoted coward, and Linda Sarsour tells her she doesn’t deserve to have a vagina, despite that she actually did have female genital mutilation performed. Linda Sarsour is still a symbol of freedom and love. Ayaan is still a symbol of hate.

        What fucking lunatics these people are.

        1. Sarsour is a piece of pig shit.

        2. Ayaan Hirsi Ali… is declared a bigoted coward, and Linda Sarsour tells her she doesn’t deserve to have a vagina

          I looked it up and you’re right. A tweet from 2011 where she literally “wish[ed she] could take their vaginas away.” Holy Christ. Please tell me people don’t take this monstrous person seriously, or venerate her. How appalling.

          1. She’s one of the most prominent the leader of the Women’s March for fuck’s sake. She was personally lauded by Hillary and Obama.

      2. “Why is it verboten to call a fascist a fascist?”

        Because Whiteness.

        Even when it’s a Somali sexually mutilated as a girl.

      3. I’m going to listen to her when she critisizes Islam for sure.

        But, the fact that she was horrifically tortured at the hands of her Muslim family and community does not automatically make her an expert on all Muslims or Islam in general. Of course, it also doesn’t mean she isn’t.

        I happen to think she is largely right, but not because she has personal experience with FGM (though that does make her position more emotionally compelling).

    2. So, a religion makes it their prerogative to shear off labias and clitorises, but it’s totes NOT COOL to say bad things about it!

      Except, of course, that “Islam” doesn’t make that their prerogative — female genital mutilation isn’t endorsed by the Koran, or even by Shari’a law, and isn’t practiced in most majority Islamic countries and, in the countries where it is practiced, the evidence is that in most instances it clearly predates the arrival of Islam. Saying “bad things” about Islam on the basis of female genital mutilation is like saying “bad things” about Christianity on the basis of some majority Christian countries banning abortion.

      1. Because mutalating prepubescent girls is totes the same as someone standing up for the rights of an unborn fetus/baby. Rather you agree or disagree with the pro-life crowd their main reason for opposing abortion is because they see it as equivalent of murder.

  15. I wondered if Christopher Hitchens was on their list for his comments on Christians. Googling “Christopher Hitchens SPLC,” I found them discussing him…in the context of Islamophobia.

    1. …and apparently Hitchens’ friendship with David Irving.

  16. SPLC’s agenda is to import Israel’s police state: “Report nazis to the police (who we trained) and go home and do good deeds.” Well that’s what they told us a hundred years ago and the result was the Holocaust. #neveragain

    1. Have you ever made a post where the topic wasn’t Israel? I can’t recall seeing one.

      1. Funny – I was going to ask the same of you.

  17. “only discredit it”

    That ship sailed decades ago. Their BS isn’t the problem, the problem is the validity that their BS gets in the media. Of course, that’s par for the course. Here to refute the SOTU speech are 3 college freshman to makes comparisons of the speech to the Holocaust.

  18. OT, but I’ve been waiting for this one to drop:

    Justine Damond shooting: police officer Mohamed Noor charged with murder

    1. We’ll see if there is a conviction. I feel this time they have a real shot at one.

      1. So far the only real shot was at the victim.

        1. Well the cop hero worship almost always give them immunity for everything. But the cops victims usually don’t look like this victim.

          1. I’m guessing plea-bargain. The charge is third-degree murder (whatever *that* is) and second-degree manslaughter (whatever *that* is). Maybe it will be pled down to littering.

  19. Now the SPLC is a hate group

  20. The Dali Lama will get a pass because he is NOT a Christian….Muslims will get passes too for calling homosexuality a sin & transgression against Natural Law & God!!!

    1. Right now there are way more Christians than Muslims or Buddhists in the US. One battle at a time: when the war against judeo-christian ignorance is largely won, other types of irrational thought will be that much less socially acceptable.

      The stupidest thing about religionists is that they don’t see that they are all in it together, fighting against the inevitable. Do you really believe people in another 2000 years will still believe in Jesus or Muhammad?

      1. Do you really believe people in another 2000 years will still believe in Jesus

        I’m sure they asked the same thing under Nero.

        “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”

        ?Matthew 24:35

        “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.”

        ?Luke 19:10

        “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I will be with you always, to the very end of the age.”

        ?Matthew 28:18-20

        “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in ….”

        ?Revelation 3:20

        Understand, therefore, that the LORD your God is indeed God. He is the faithful God who keeps his covenant for a thousand generations and lavishes his unfailing love on those who love him and obey his commands.

        –Deuteronomy 7:9

        Oh, I have no doubt, assuming the Earth is still around in 4018 AD.

  21. Only morons think the SPLC isn’t completely discredited, already.

  22. Hate for profit = SPLC. They take all major credit cards, PayBuddy, and crypto-currency. Or send cash in an envelope.

  23. Shikha could become effective by abandoning the Republican habit of referring to force-initiating illiberals as “liberals.” The Liberal Party did kick the Republicans where it hurt with their 1931 repeal platform. Handing that platform to the Dems caused the prohibitionists to lose five elections in a row. Republicans promptly imitated German religious conservatives’ fuming against atheistic commies & liberals–even copying nazi slogans onto U.S. coins after Ike and Nixon finally got some votes. The liberal party was non-communist in 1932. The people Democrats go to for ideas nowadays are anything BUT liberal. Nobody else in the world betrays such ignorance of meaning except American religious conservatives. Why mimic them?

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