Brickbat: Policing Social Media


Jaap Arriens/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Anne King is suing her ex-husband—a Washington County, Georgia, sheriff's deputy—and two of his fellow deputies for having her and a friend arrested after she posted something he didn't like on Facebook. Anne King posted that her ex had refused to get some medicine for their sick children. The friend responded that she would pick it up and called the ex a "POS." The man got a magistrate to issue arrest warrants for both women for criminal defamation. But the Georgia law making defamation a crime was overturned by the state Supreme Court in 1982. A judge tossed the charges out, but not before King and her friend spent four hours in jail.

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  1. Way to prove her friend’s point, POS.

  2. The AJC also reports Corey King claimed he and another defendant in the suit were not ultimately responsible for Anne King’s arrest, and that responsibility fell to Magistrate Judge Ralph Todd. Todd said in a deposition that “nobody ever notified” him the charge “didn’t have any validity.”

    Won’t take responsibility for his kids or his own actions. That’s a real man, one whose heroic actions against their mother will certainly be remembered by his offspring all their days.

    The “judge” is finished.

  3. In other news, Stephen Hawking has died. Suspiciously, nobody’s denying that auto-erotic asphyxiation was involved.

    1. Well, that’s what the AI’s that he dissed want you to think. Honestly, you’d think somebody who was so dependent on technology would know better.

  4. Is this a good time to remind you that the special guy, the dear leader, just one of us but better of course thinks defamation laws are too weak and the 1st Amendment too restrictive?

    1. You need to put time bounds on what the special guy thinks. He thought this from this second of this day to that second of that day… That’s why he’s our special guy.

  5. Kidnapping, false imprisonment, and civil rights violations under color of authority. If we had a functioning justice system in this country, every one of these assholes would be in deep shit.


    1. Those assholes are the functioning justice system.

      1. Trepanizine: Apply directly to the forehead.

  6. Won’t pickup the pills for the kids, owes money all over town. Sounds about right.

  7. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.
    Actually, this is all Facebook’s fault, isn’t it. We need common sense controls on assault speech.

    1. Sometimes heros do heroic acts.

  8. Just a misunderstanding. She meant she was picking it up at the Point Of Sale.

    Heh…1st time, I wrote “misdunderstanding”, which seems like a synonym.

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  10. The magistrate is presumed to know the law, just like all of us peons. In fact, the magistrate is held to high standards of knowledge of the law, so he KNOWS that he lacked subject matter jurisdiction to sign a warrant for a non-existent crime.

    1. Of course he knew; what’s your point?

  11. Does the magistrate have to be a lawyer? Does someone from the DA’s office fill out the warrant application, or can the cops apply to the magistrate directly? Because not only should any lawyer involved in this be disbarred, but his law school should be closed unless they can show that they taught him the basic laws of the land and he deliberately ignored them.

    But the chances are the bar association won’t even reprimand such lawyers for what was either gross incompetence or deliberate lawbreaking…

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