Trump Cracks Jokes, West Virginia Teachers Strike Continues, The Shape of Water Wins Best Picture: A.M. Links



    President Trump cracked some jokes at the annual Gridiron Club dinner.

  • A labor strike by teachers in West Virginia enters an eighth day.
  • Vladimir Putin says he will "never" extradite any Russian charged in relation to the investigation into the 2016 election being run by Robert Mueller.
  • A public school teacher in Florida reportedly ran a white nationalist podcast.
  • Angela Merkel will form a government in Germany for the fourth time, once again relying on a left-right "grand coalition" to rule.
  • Rita Moreno wore the same dress to the Oscars that she wore there when she won Best Supporting Actress in 1962, while The Shape of Water won Best Picture.

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  1. …while The Shape of Water won Best Picture.

    More like the shape of racism. #NotMyOscars

    1. You don’t like amphibian/human soft core porn!?!?! You racist, un-inclusive, troglodyte of a dreamer hating, sexist, misogynist, NRA loving, child killer! (Did I miss any?)

      1. Oh right… NAZI!

        1. “For all we know this man could be a Holocaust-denying, 9-11 pedophile.”

          1. I thought Pedophilia was ok in LA.

            1. It’s okay in Libertopia, too.

              1. I could of swore I checked your ID.

                  1. If I told you I did that intentionally, would you believe me?

                  2. *sworn*

          2. What is a 9-11 pedophile?

            1. Do you really want to know the answer to that question?

            2. Only likes kids ages 9 to 11.

      2. I’ve heard that the movie was ablist for not using an actual disabled actress to represent the mute retard that fell in love with the fishman.

        1. NO SPOILERS

      3. I kept on expecting the creature to learn sign language or communicate telepathically, but it never happened. There is no evidence in the movie that the creature is anymore sentient or intelligent than a dog. It was just soft-core bestiality porn.

    2. Grinding Nemo

        1. I can’t take credit for such a perfect description of that movie. It was Ben Shapiro.

      1. *comment of the day right here folks*

    3. Hello.

      He’s also funnier than Obama.

      1. Isn’t everyone funnier than Obama?

        1. Except Simple Mikey.

          1. Among lefties

    4. Officially a fish banging movie has won the same award as Casablanca.

      Hollywood is so in touch with the people.

      1. Hey, beautifully filmed fish-banging movie.

        There’s a bit of nuance to mind.

  2. Angela Merkel will form a government in Germany for the fourth time…

    Fourth realm, maybe?

    1. Did she predict this government would last 1000 years?

    2. Do you know who else formed a third government in Germany?

      1. i think you’re reich!

      2. Otto the Great?

    3. it puts the lotion in the basket or else it gets the hose again.

  3. Rita Moreno wore the same dress to the Oscars that she wore there when she won Best Supporting Actress in 1962, while The Shape of Water won Best Picture.


    1. He said the same thing about the dress as he did in 1962.

      1. Bullshit. Twitter didn’t even exist in 1962.

        1. What do you think telegrams were? No one could afford over 140 characters.

    2. Crushed his enemies, saw them driven before him, and heard the lamentations of the women?

  4. A public school teacher in Florida reportedly ran a white nationalist podcast.


    1. HER

    2. Reportedly? So not confirmed yet? But then again this is Florida, so it has a better than average chance of being true.

  5. Vladimir Putin says he will “never” extradite any Russian charged in relation to the investigation into the 2016 election being run by Robert Mueller.

    Are those direct quotes or scare quotes?

    1. You tell us. What does the Russian word “never” translate to in English?

      1. It translates to “In Russia, election investigate you.”

        1. Golf clap.

      2. It’s the name of the river that flows through Moscow.

        1. Vodka?

    2. Can you blame him? Just because we’re obsessed with a witch trial doesn’t mean others have to play along.

    3. Putin probably said he will never not extradite not one Russian.

  6. Angela Merkel will form a government in Germany for the fourth time, once again relying on a left-right “grand coalition” to rule.

    You know who else formed a government in Germany?

    1. Konrad Adenauer?

      1. You get the libertarian gold star today. No one knows who Adenauer is. That is why the world is fucked.

    2. According to Nostradamus, it was Hister.

    3. Frederick the Great?

  7. President Trump cracked some jokes at the annual Gridiron Club dinner.

    He’s no Kimmel then.

    1. He didn’t cry and hold up his sick kid as a political prop?

  8. “A public school teacher in Florida reportedly ran a white nationalist podcast.”

    So… what about all of the black nationalist school teachers?

    1. Dude, stop clouding the issue with logic.

  9. Florida father, daughter caught having sex in their backyard, reports say

    Justin Bunn, 39, and his 19-year-old daughter, Taylor Bunn, were taken into custody after witnesses told Panama City police they spotted them having sexual intercourse in a backyard, the Northwest Florida Daily News reported.

    If gay marriage is legal incest should be legal imo

    1. “Isolated incident” LoL. Of course it was, it was in their backyard.

      1. Backyard is a euphemism, methinks.

    2. Nice Bunns

      1. My anaconda don’t want none.

    3. Did the person who caught them spray them with a
      garden hose to break them up?

  10. “A public school teacher in Florida reportedly ran a white nationalist podcast.”

    I just don’t understand people like this. Do they really expect not to be identified? Or do they think that “meh, white nationalist podcast – that’s not so bad.”

    1. Dalichov has reiterated this point on Twitter, where she talks about the “aggregate difference in IQ between Caucasoids and Negroids.”

      And she appeared to blame this genetic inequality for her inability to get advanced courses for her students. She said she feels “horrible” because she’s “literally being chained down by the admins and by the bureaucracy.” Lokteff then helpfully suggested white nationalists form their own private schools ? an idea Dalichov supported.

      She likes the Twitter too.

      1. Well, that’s certainly something.

  11. Shootings at Chicago gang members’ funerals getting ‘out of control’, police say

    Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart met Thursday with political, religious and funeral industry leaders to discuss the problem following a funeral procession in December that was marred by gunfire.

    “It’s getting out of control, it really is,” Hillside Police Chief Joseph Lukaszek told FOX 32. “The gangs just think that it’s a safe haven for them and they do whatever they want to do.”

    Dart ? who hopes to come up with proposals ready to be put into action by May ? says the shootings have been escalating “over the last ten to 15 years from where it was not much of a problem? to now it occurs more frequently.”

    If guns were illegal we wouldn’t have this problem, so repealing the second amendment and disbanding the NRA should be the first two steps imho

    1. It’s the free market in action. They’re just trying to cut down on transportation costs.

    2. Actually, the funerals are primarily religious ceremonies. Clearly the 1st Amendment caused these shootings. Let’s repeal that one too!

      Think about the children!

    1. Judging by the pics… nobody was really tortured.

      1. I read “tutored” as “tortured”. Must have been a Freudian thing.

        1. Hey, what ever lifts your skirt. I’m not judging.

    2. They should never hire female teachers that posted social media pictures of themselves on a boat. That is a clear warning sign that they are gonna fuck a teenage boy.

    3. The question is, where were these teachers when I was in school?

      1. Touching kids who weren’t you.

  12. $1 million award to Oliver Wiggins, unsuccessfully framed for DWI after police car ran stop sign and crashed into his vehicle

    No charges have been filed against the cops. All of the officers involved are still employed by the department.

    via Overlawyered.

    1. How do you “procedures were followed” your way out of that one?

      1. Well, the officers went home safe.

  13. If they want to fire the teacher for running the white nationalist podcast, fine. I do not, however, see how that is any worse than being a Marxist. So, if they fire this guy, then let the new rule be that no public school teacher can hold an odious or evil political ideology and lets fire all of the Marxists as well. I don’t think the people wanting to fire this guy are going to like that very much, but rules are rules.

    1. Where would one find enough new non-Marxist teachers to fill the huge number of classrooms now without a teacher?

      1. That would mean we would have to close down the public schools. I am not seeing the downside here creech.

        1. I think you are on to something!

    2. This teacher (a “she” by the way) also actively explored the “Jewish Question”. What to do about the Jewish problem?

      Sheesh, you would defend the alt-right.

      1. Which is horrible but no more horrible than being a Marxist. Claiming the desire to collectively murder people based on economic class is no better than wanting to murder them based on race.

      2. As you defend Marxists.

        1. He’s a Skid Marxist.

          1. Must be a constitutional scholar too.

          2. While shreek does keep joining Marxist groups on Facebook, it’s only because he’s trying to find someone who shares his obsessive love of “Hold On To The Night.”

        2. As you defend Marxists.

          Fuck you, liar.

          Warren Buffett is a great capitalist. So is Soros.

          I HAVE escaped the GOP plantation though.


          1. The “plantations” were and are run by Democrats. You should pick up a history book or mabye take a drive through a Democratic stronghold slum or two.

            1. This isn’t the 19th Century anymore, you moron.

              And fuck Democrats too. They are just not as crazy as the wingnut-far right sects today.

              1. You haven’t visited a university in a while, huh.

      3. Seems the Left is the one who hates the Jews these days.

        Farrakhan is hardly a pariah to the Left.

        1. Well, hates Israel, anyway. I don’t think there are too many of any political stripe in the US these days who hate the Jews just because they are the Jews.

          1. There are few that will admit to it. But many on the left do. They just rationalize it by pretending they just hate Isreal. It is sort of like racists who claim to really like black people but somehow seem to find an excuse to dislike every publicly known black person.

            1. As I said years ago, odd that ALL of the problems in the Middle East are the fault of a tiny country that doesn’t have an abundance of natural resources.

              I give Hollywood a year or two before they blame the Jews for Hollywood’s issues. Collegiate lefties hate Jews. Bad. As do Europeans.

      4. “Jewish Question”

        “Where’s the matza?” – ?

    3. if they fire this guy


      1. My mistake.

    4. The First Amendment is there to protect unpopular speech.

      If this guy were a danger to his students in some way or teaching them something that was outside the purview of his contract that would be one thing.

      But the government firing someone solely for exercising his or her First Amendment rights is both wrong and should be illegal. If you want to send your kids to a school where you can fire teachers at any time and for any reason, send them to a private school or teach them at home.

      1. I agree with you Ken. What this woman does on her own time is her business and the state has no ability to discriminate against her based on political views that she expresses outside of the classroom. I am just saying that if the state wants to get into the business of doing that, then there are a lot more teachers than this woman who need to go.

        1. It also demonstrates one of the upsides of the right of association in the private sphere.

          Under current precedent, this person may have standing to sue on the basis of racial discrimination. A lesbian teacher with a radical feminist podcast might sue for discrimination on the basis of orientation.

          What if private schools weren’t allowed by law to disassociate from this white nationalist either?

          Wouldn’t that suck?

      2. If this guy were a danger to his students

        Lady, her

        1. No one ever thinks of a white nationalist being a chick. It is one of the last real sexist stereotypes left.

          1. As far as sexism goes, however, that’s a pretty hard stereotype to care about.

              1. Unlike that sexist stereotype about libertarian chicks….

    5. This guy is getting a raw deal.

    6. Exactly. People don’t seem to realize where Marxist ideology ends up. Hint: Camps and death.

      Sorta like how people rail against the NRA and its alleged influence on American body politic. Okay. Fine.

      What about Planned Parenthood?

      1. They sell aborted fetal parts! Shouldn’t that be illegal?

      2. That’s the kicker.

        Politicians are infinitely more bought by PP than the NRA. They spend multiple times more money. And they get lots of money from the Feds.

        Time for the Right to make a massive stink on this. Attack their funding relentlessly.

    7. Libertarians are next.

    1. IIRC, Emma Watson is super smart.

      The white nationalist teacher had very good grammar on Twitter.


      1. Not smart enough to have said “no” to that hairstyle though.

        1. Being associated with Hollywood kills more brain cells than meth.

  14. The two big stories of last week may yet turn out to have been head fakes:

    1) White House on Gun-Law Changes: Not So Fast

    Trump backs away from broad overhaul to gun laws after meeting with NRA articles/trump-calls-meeting -with-nra-great-1519997303

    2) Trump Links Planned Steel Tariffs to Nafta Renegotiation Effort

    President says steel tariffs will remain until new Nafta signed. trump-links-planned-steel-tariffs- to-nafta-renegotiation-effort- 1520255435

    To assume that Trump’s tweets (or their equivalent in the media) should be taken as seriously as his actions is to make an ass of you and me.

    This is kind of standard negotiating tactics, especially on trade. After the media in Canada has, undoubtedly, gone ballistic over steel exports to the U.S. and how important that is, the Overton window on renegotiating NAFTA has shifted in Canada. Suddenly, refusing to negotiate with Trump may be unacceptable–especially considering that everyone is saying that the sky will fall if the steel tariff goes through.

    . . . and all Trump had to do was troll the Canadian media with a couple of tweets?

    1. *crickets*

    2. You may have been right on this one Ken. And I hope that this is 8D chess in action.

      However, it’s equally as likely that Trump says something asinine and then his advisors have to reel him back in. Or his opinions changes based on whomever he speaks with most recently. Ie meet with Dems, propose gun control, meet with NRA retract everything you just said.

      “Negotiating” with a market disruption like a 25% steel tariff is at best childish and too close to central planning for my tastes, though.

      1. That is an argument that can’t be settled without reading Trump’s mind. Ultimately, the result is the same in either case. Trump gets a few sound bites that make him look reasonable and caring but that are quietly backed off on later and result in nothing changing. If that is due to 8D chess or him speaking without thinking is really immaterial since the results are the same either way.

      2. In the case of the steel tariffs, the simplest assumption is that he wanted to create himself a bargaining chip in negotiations on NAFTA.

        It’s a pretty classic maneuver.

        I’d compare it (strategy) to Reagan’s Star Wars announcement ahead of negotiations with the Russians on nuclear weapons reduction talks.

        If you can create leverage for yourself out of the thin air, why not do that?

        In commercial real estate, if you insist on something they can’t give you, it’s often a good way to find out what you can get–since they’ll offer you everything they can except that.

        A lot of due diligence is about finding something wrong with the project–so that you can get leverage on the price. Unscrupulous actors will invent problems for that reason, which is one reason why you might only accept an offer from someone with a better reputation–even if they submitted a lower offer.

        Anybody who’s been involved in commercial real estate transactions knows about how to create leverage ahead of closing time.

        1. But Ken TRADE WAR!! Trade wars are the end of the world. So bad that other countries will start one if the US even mentions increasing tariffs on anything.

          That seems to be the pro free trade position these days. That trade wars are the end of civilization but somehow every country in the world will push the button and end the world on the mere suggestion of a tariff by the US.

        2. I remember, just ahead of the Paris Accord, the Chinese announced that they’d been measuring CO2 emissions incorrectly–and so they revised their current CO2 emissions up dramatically.

          That way, they could their pledged emissions cuts did more than they would before.

          It was ridiculous.

          Obama not batting an eye about that was further evidence that the Accord wasn’t meant to pursue U.S. interests. It was meant to hurt American interests for the benefit of the developing world.

        3. The problem with tariffs is that it’s not just posturing. It has real impacts for businesses that are planning on how to deal with 25% increased cost of steel, or potentially (as is the goal likely) resourcing domestically. It’s really economic central planning, and even if it’s just a bargaining chip, it has all the same short-term and long-term impacts as any other centrally planned resource allocation.

          All of the examples you’ve referenced don’t have clear market distorting impacts, they are primarily posturing. That’s the difference.

    3. Nothing will come of it.But why let the facts get in the way ?

    4. Canada is run by retards.

      1. Trudeau may be in over his head.

        “Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Friday any U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports would be “absolutely unacceptable” and said his government would continue to engage with U.S. officials on the issue.” canadas-trudeau-says-u s-tariffs-on-steel-would-be- unacceptable.html

        Now is Trudeau going to turn around and 1) refuse to negotiate on NAFTA and 2) refuse to engage Trump on the issue?

        Trump may have already led Trudeau to paint himself into a corner.

        1. Trudeau may be in over his head in a conversation about Elmo on Sesame Street.
          Fortunately he was taught how to read a teleprompter and let Uncle George (Soros) worry about the hard bits. So as long as he has someone to do the big boy work he’ll be okay.


    5. Re: Ken Shultz,

      This [imposing tariffs] is kind of standard negotiating tactics, especially on trade.

      Liar. Tariffss are NOT a negotiation tool. They never have been.

      To assume that Trump’s tweets (or their equivalent in the media) should be taken as seriously as his actions is to make an ass of you and me.

      Then what is one supposed to take with deserving seriousness? If his word is not to be trusted, what does that say about claim that he’s a ‘Stable Genius’? A claim, interestingly enough, he tweeted himself?

      1. We have tons of tariffs right now. Every country does. Now explain why adding one more would cause a TRADE WAR when the existing ones have not. Moreover, if a TRADE WAR is so devastating, why would other nations resort to waging one over a single or even several tariffs? Why wouldn’t they offer us something in return for not doing it or ignore it rather than escalate? Are they just the crazy or are the people making these arguments dishonest hacks or morons who see economics as some for of religion?

      2. “This [imposing tariffs] is kind of standard negotiating tactics, especially on trade.”

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but the announcement Trump made last week was that he might impose steel tariffs as early as “next week”.

        Then he starts this week with an announcement that the tariffs may not happen if Canada doesn’t agree to his renegotiation of NAFTA?

        Wouldn’t it be something if in response to the observation that some people have a hard time telling the difference between what Trump says and what Trump does, you came back with a response that assumed tariffs had been imposed–when all that happened was that Trump tweeted something?

        1. P.S. I didn’t say that imposing tariffs was a standard negotiating tactic.

          I said that creating leverage out of thin air is a standard negotiating tactic.

          . . . but if you can’t understand the difference between what Trump says and what Trump does, I can see how that would be confusing.

      3. Tariffss are NOT a negotiation tool.

        The prospect of tariffs is.

  15. How Trump’s Hudson Tunnel Snit Threatens the National Economy

    Economic risks keeping Americans up at night include the hastily rewritten tax code and the possibility of a global trade war set off by U.S. tariffs. Consider another cause for insomnia: President Donald Trump’s opposition to a new rail tunnel linking New York and New Jersey beneath the Hudson River.

    The current link is shot, corroded by age and chemical-tainted flood water. That’s unnerving enough for the 820,000 passengers a day traveling to New York City jobs or some other U.S. Northeast destination. For those farther afield, there’s the chilling fact that a tunnel predating World War I is key to 20 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product.

    1. The Wall is more important.

      1. The Wall is overrated. Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here are where it’s at.

        1. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

          Gilmore can suck it.

          1. Blasphemy. Gilmore’s guitar MADE Pink Floyd into legends.

            1. Meh. I lost interest in Pink Floyd when I stopped using drugs.

              1. Quitter

          2. Ummagumma FTW.

            1. Obscured by Clouds.

    2. Maybe New York City, being one of the largest and richest cities in the world, should be able to build and maintain its own tunnel. What a concept.

      1. The tunnel links two states, so it might actually fall under interstate commerce. Just sayin…

        1. I think it would be. But that doesn’t mean that the Feds should pay for it or that if it is that important New York and New Jersey shouldn’t be able to do so. Why should people in Idaho be paying taxes to build a tunnel between New York and New Jersey, especially when you consider how much money those two governments take in tax money?

          1. All I’m saying is that this might be one of the rare cases where the constitution actually authorizes federal spending. I’m not defending the morality of forcing people in North Dakota to pay for it.

            1. Constitutionally, if both shitholes explode in a fire, it’d be best for all other states,

          2. Especially given the cronyism that will take place.

      2. Can’t they just drive above ground like everyone else?


    Reason often takes interest in libertarian issues abroad. I seem to remember them having kittens over some Russian punk band being sent to prison because they had some protest while trespassing in a church. Oddly, Reason doesn’t seem to be very interested in the whole scale confiscation of thousands of people’s property and the turning of what is now a peaceful and productive country down the road of famine, murder, and madness.…..3576c4c0bc

    The saddest thing about this is that it confirms that the pro-apartheid people have been proven right in every prediction they made. This is not to defend apartheid. It is to point out the facts as they are.

    1. It’s not racism, as long as you’re shitting on white people. Also, it’s not sexism as long as you’re shitting on men. Keep up. #wokeded

    2. “If you continue on this course, I can assure you there is going to be unforeseen consequences that is not in the interest of South Africa,” he said.

      I know homeboy is trying to be politic, but “unforeseen” is a strange word to describe consequences of expropriation when Zimbabwe is right next door.

      1. The consequences of stealing all of a nation’s farmers’ land and giving it to cronies who have neither the desire nor the ability to do anything with it are hardly unforeseen. Your country ends up starving. It is pretty simple.

        1. You would think they might have learned something from the example right next door of Zimbabwe. But I guess you’d be wrong.

          1. The ANC was and is communists. When have Marxists ever learned anything? Indeed, the whole point of Marxism is revenge. And whatever you want to say about Zimbabwe, they did get revenge against the evil white farmers. If that results in the very people for whose interests they claim to be acting, well eggs and omelets and all that.

            1. When have Marxists ever learned anything?

              Good point.

              I guess Mandela really was special. Despite his socialistic beliefs, he knew this shit wasn’t going to be good for anyone.

              1. He was special. And now he is gone, the people below him remember everything and have learned nothing. The sad fact is that for all of his good intentions and magnanimity, Mandela ended up being the bait in what has turned out to be the bait and switch of South African Marxism. I know he didn’t intend that but that is how it has worked out.

        2. I’d ask why the white farmers wouldn’t just destroy the land.

          If you lose it with no compensation, why would have any interest in not ruining it and leaving town?

          1. Poisoning the land costs money both in terms of salt (or other poison) and in labor. And times are getting very hard for the white farmers in SA. When the government forces them to give up their land, most won’t have the means to do it.

            Also, if they’re aware of what happened in Zimbabwe, why bother poisoning the land. Pretty much every negro farm that takes your place is going to fail without your help.

            1. I’d do it…out of spite.

              Steal my land? Then fuck you. I’ll ruin it, worthless motherfuckers.

              1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m that hateful myself. But for a lot of people it won’t be an option. Here’s an interview with a suffering farmer for an example.

                Honestly though, as bad as the water shortage is for farmers in SA, #FarmMurders is a much more horrific issue that gets zero play because white people can’t be victims. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s an interview.

                (Both links

                1. And to add to that, here’s another short interview.

                  Realistically, we talk about how we are spiteful, hateful humans, and we’d take out our rage on our enemies before being forced out, but honestly, these people have much more pressing issues than that, and so it’s unlikely you or I would unless we were just flush with cash and could burn it for fun. When roaming bands of negroes are running around the country side where you live murdering white people, raping the white women and children, and boiling white babies alive… well let’s be honest, your priorities would shift.

          2. Mr Malema has been leading calls for land confiscation, forcing the ANC to follow suit out of fear of losing the support of poorer black voters. In 2016, he told supporters he was “not calling for the slaughter of white people’ at least for now”.

            1. Yup. For now. You know exactly where that’s going. And he doesn’t have to call for it. It’s happening without his open call, and he is well aware of that. They’re open about it on social media. Nothing is done.

              “Kill the Boer. Farm Murders. One Settler One Bullet.” This is the reality of that nation.

        3. Interestingly though, if circumstances are right you actually can seize the farmland of the “wealthy” and distribute it without causing famine. Italy under Mussolini is a good example. Things have to be ripe for it in your nation, and you would have to take advantage of that situation properly, instead of merely rewarding your friends and their families.

          But SA lacks those circumstances.

      2. Not just Zimbabwe, but every communist regime ever. They steal from the productive, distribute based upon politics, and then everything goes wrong. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    3. But it worked out so well for Zimbabwe. What could possibly go wrong?

    4. Oddly, Reason doesn’t seem to be very interested in the whole scale confiscation of thousands of people’s property and the turning of what is now a peaceful and productive country down the road of famine, murder, and madness.

      For the most part there has been a mainstream blackout on this for years now. When it is discussed they either ignore, downplay or ewrite the story to pretend this stuff isn’t happening. I think it’s safe to say this is a situation of principals over principles. In a decade, when this is over, and the famine has worked its horrors on the nation of South Africa, then Reason will start to care and say “this was always bad! Why didn’t someone speak up?”

      And people like me will remember. Reason didn’t speak up either. They didn’t speak up about this. Or the Farm Murders. Or when the President of SA publicly sang at a rally about killing the Boers. Or when the government fired all of the white engineers from public works projects, helping create the water crisis. Or any of the atrocities and wrongs that have been committed against the Boers/Afrikaans.


    The New York Times finally gets around to noticing that Sweden is turning into Somalia. Somehow the worlds “Refugee” and “Muslim” never once appear in the article, because lying about something always makes it better.

    1. There are still roads in Sweden though. When they’re not under snowdrifts.

  18. Women’s March Leaders Have An Anti-Semitism Problem ? Maybe It’s Time To Leave Them Behind

    we got Tamika Mallory posting a bizarre series of tweets calling valid criticisms “bullying” and refusing to apologize for her support of Farrakhan and her lack of denouncement regarding his words. Linda Sarsour suddenly decided that she was very cool with silence and just retweeted one of Mallory’s tweets, as did Bob Bland. Carmen Perez took it one step further, quote-tweeting Mallory and saying something about the national organizers’ “lifetime commitment to liberation.” Missing from that? A condemnation of Farrakhan.
    At this point, here’s what I’ve got to say to all of them: You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.


    1. It is almost as if the entire thing has nothing to do with women or rights or anything except giving the Left more political power or something.

    2. It doesn’t look like they have much of a problem with anti-semitism. In fact, they seem pretty comfortable with it.

      1. The consequences of stealing all of a nation’s farmers’ land and giving it to cronies who have neither the desire nor the ability to do anything with it are hardly unforeseen. Your country ends up starving. It is pretty simple.

  19. “Frances McDormand, the winner of this year’s Academy Award for Best Actress, sent viewers to their smartphones to look up the defintition of an “inclusion rider” after mentioning the term during her acceptance speech.”…..rider.html

    Did she go too far? Or not fargo enough?

    1. Even though it inspired many a meme regarding federal judges here, the movie didn’t deserve this…and this pun should be woodchippered.

  20. A labor strike by teachers in West Virginia enters an eighth day.


    They should all be fired.

    1. The children? Or the teachers? And…with fire?

      1. The teachers, of course. Does the governor have any authority on the matter? He could fire them Reagan style.

    2. And yet they persisted..

    1. How about not burdening your child, boy or girl, with your white guilt complex and need to virtue signal? How about that? And I guess no black men ever hunted or did anything masculine.

      What a fucking douche bag. I feel sorry for his kids. I really do. Hopefully grandpa is still alive and can save his grandsons from the fuck up of a son he raised.

      1. How about not burdening your child, boy or girl, with your white guilt complex and need to virtue signal? How about that? And I guess no black men ever hunted or did anything masculine.

        If there is one thing John doesn’t stand for it’s virtue signaling.

        1. That is the entire article. His dad was a white dude and took him hunting and all that stuff. Apparently, no black people did that or else the fact that his father was white and did that wouldn’t be so notable.

          And no, I can’t stand virtue signaling. Why can’t you stand it either?

        2. If there is one thing John doesn’t stand for it’s virtue signaling.

          Let’s all take a knee on virtue signaling.

      2. What’s particularly obnoxious about an article like this is that Leitch is right on the edge of figuring out the problem–that, instead of finding productive means for boys to channel their natural aggression, we’ve tried to socially emasculate them and drug them into acting like girls–then completely flies right by it because it would mean acknowledging that the last 25-plus years of “Reviving Ophelia” has had negative social consequences.

    2. Definitely teach them about the clitoris.

    3. My mom took me shooting.

      WHAT NOW?!?!?!?!??!

      1. My mom took me shooting.

        Euphemism for sex in the backyard?

        1. Ask me in a few years when the statute of limitations is up.

        2. In Florida

    4. Interesting irony… Hillary was supposed to win, in much the same way this author seems to think that white males are supposed to win at life or some such nonsense.

      Like him or not, you can say that Trump outworked Hillary and ran a significantly better campaign, appealing to swing state voters, working hard in those states, etc. Also, sure he’s a sleezebag, but he has (as far as anyone can tell) played within the legal rules in life, certainly more so than Hillary. He has produced something of value in his life, as opposed to being a political hack and nothing more than a leech on society.

      It’s almost like Trump’s victory proves the opposite… that entitlement gets you nothing, hard work and determination are ways to overcome your lack of entitlement, and if you play the game more fairly than your sleazy opponent you just might pull off an upset. These are actually decent life lessons to teach your children, IMO.

  21. Wow, this “cucktionary” published by the Angry White Men blog has been enlightening.

    Now I can interpret Bratfart and some of the posters here.

    1. You keep on doing you, Blue Mikey.

      1. I’m trying to figure out what I innocently refer to as “wingnuts”.

        I get the conservative – wingnut connection fine.

        But the libertarian – wingnut connection is mystifying. Limited government is anathema to the alt-right.

        1. I’m trying to figure out what I innocently refer to as “wingnuts”.

          Well as long as you keep seeking out websites that confirm your beliefs you should be a-ok.

        2. I believe the alt-right would like government limited to ethnic groups.

  22. So is it really true that the movie that won best picture is about a chick who can’t talk who screws some fish man? Mutes screwing fishmen is what the awards have been reduced to? They took that over Darkest Hour and Three Billboards, both of which were very good movies by any standard?

    The Oscars have a grand and long tradition of giving awards to the wrong movies. In the past, movies like Ordinary People and Forrest Gump may have been undeserving compared to the competition but they were at least watchable. They were not mutes screwing fishmen. Did Andy Kaufman fake his death and now is secretly running the Acadamy of Motion Pictures as some kind of a long con?

    1. The Oscars have always been nothing more than a high school popularity contest.

      1. But they used to get it kind of right most years. If you watch all the movies that have ever won best picture up until about 2000 or so, they were all at least good movies even though they often were not the best of the year they were made. But now it seems like they are intentionally picking bad movies that no one cares about or will remember. Has anyone seen or cared about Moonlight since last year? Ever see Slum Dog Millionaire or Crash on cable? Never. There still are movies people like and go to see, though a lot fewer than there used to be. But they seem intent on giving awards to the worst, most forgettable movies possible.

      2. The purpose is to promote itself.

        Oh, and if there was anything predictable, it was when they gave the Oscar to the guy that played the transgender character.

        1. If you’re talking about Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club, the acronym community hates that they used a cis actor when there are actual trans actors.

          1. How dare an actor portray someone that he isn’t!! What do these people think this is, fiction or something?

          2. I was talking about A Fantastic Woman

            Not only is it the first-ever Chilean film to take home an Oscar, the film blazed new trails as it is the first Oscar-nominated film to feature a transgender protagonist portrayed by a transgender artist.


            1. How predictable was that?

    2. You should see the bright side John. ‘Get Out’ with its theme of whitey capturing and enslaving the black men lost to the fish movie.

      1. Get Out was written and produced by a black man you half wit. It is going to come as a hell of a surprise to the guy who made that movie that he is really whitey.

        1. You dumbass – the movie was ABOUT white people capturing and enslaving the black man.

          1. It wasn’t meant as a how to guide dipshit.

            1. But all the white people in ‘Get Out’ were evil and all the black people were victims.

              So in that tiny deranged wingnut mind of yours it should have been lauded as the best Holly-weird movie of the year.

          2. Cultural appropriation? Why wasn’t this guy discredited on InstaTweetBookSnap?

      2. with its theme of whitey capturing and enslaving the black men

        This ruined the movie. It was a decent concept for a horror movie and it was ruined by sjw horseshit. And the retard (who I did actually generally like when he was doing Key & Peele) was interviewed on it. He said in order to get over (the generally non-existent racism) we have to keep talking about it. The only true racists left are proggies and sjw’s bc they see the world through the veil of race. I prefer Morgan Freeman’s take on the issue.

    3. I haven’t seen it, but I love that director’s stuff. Always have.

      Pan’s Labyrinth is probably the most openly pro-Christianity movie I’ve seen. Up there with Bad Lieutenant

      I didn’t see The Passion of the Christ.

      I haven’t seen the Fish Man movie, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt until I do.

      Also, he gave a great performance as Pappy McPoyle

    4. “Did Andy Kaufman fake his death and now is secretly running the Academy of Motion Pictures as some kind of a long con?”

      This would explain a lot.

    5. The Oscars have a grand and long tradition of giving awards to the wrong movies.

      I don’t understand your surprise then.

      1. Read the rest of the paragraph and I explain it. The movies in the past may have been undeserving but they were not as a rule objectively bad.

        1. Did you see the movie that’s “objectively bad”? I didn’t. My daughter did and she really liked it. Does that mean she’s “objectively bad”?

          1. Maybe it is not. If it isn’t, then it will buck the trend. For about the last 20 years, the best picture Oscar has gone to one movie after another that passes out of memory almost the day after they win the award. Art that doesn’t connect with the audience and is forgotten very quickly, is a pretty good definition of “objectively bad”.

            1. I don’t think it’s really fair to link bad and unpopular that tightly. Giving awards to the most popular movies would miss the point at least as badly as giving it to the Oscar-bait “serious movie” that no one watched every time, if you ask me. Popular entertainment isn’t always about artistic merit. People like things that are stupid and entertaining (and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing).

              1. There is a difference between giving an award to the most popular movie and giving it to a movie that connects with an audience and has staying power. The two are different things. You can be a popular movie and be crap. But if the movie doesn’t connect with an audience and is forgotten very quickly, it is crap too. How can something be great art if it doesn’t speak to anyone but a self few and doesn’t have any lasting appeal? I would argue it can’t be. And that is not saying that most popular means best.

                1. Maybe the awards should be given out only after the movies have been out a few years. Otherwise, you just have to guess on lasting appeal.

            2. Fuck, “American Beauty” won the damned thing in, what, 1999? A movie whose big climax involves a gay Nazi won the fucking award.

              Yes, an SJW film about fucking fish is this year’s winner. I cannot remember the winner from 2 years ago (last year ONLY because they named the wrong winner initially). Hollywood is incapable of making good movies. It seems their top criteria for awards now is “Did NOBODY watch this shit? Good, it wins”

    6. Maybe it’s good. I really like the director. Not sure why the broad plot makes it obviously a bad movie to you.

    7. Is it weird that I never heard of some of the movies that were nominated? 3 billboards what now? I guess I need to watch more TV.

      1. You are not missing much. 3 Billboards was a pretty good movie. So many of the rest of them don’t even make for good trailers.

        1. Three Billboards is a great movie. It’s also critical of small-town cops, painting them as monstrous (though there is a redemption arc as well). In many ways it’s a movie about individual empowerment.

  23. A public school teacher in Florida reportedly ran a white nationalist podcast.

    Because I am a rational person I am going to assume that this was in the context of conducting and intellectual exercise in the same way one might read The Communist Manifesto or Mein Kampf as an intellectual exercise.

  24. I’m surprised no one is talking about the Italian election.

    Hello. Its election yesterday was bigger news than the UK for the EU.

    1. Most of us are Americans and don’t give a shit about the rest of the world.

      1. When some Italian politician starts trying to rule my life, then I’ll take some interest.

        1. Is the Italian PM still poking some hot young Italian tail?

          1. Should I care?

      2. Except, there’s always a lot of talk about Europe when it comes to the EU.

        Remember Brexit?

        And the point is, this was seen as an election to truly begin the process of the dissolution of the EU.

        “Italy is, more than anywhere else in the world right now, even more than Brexit, even more than the Trump revolution in the US, the cutting edge of the sovereignty movement, of people saying we’ve tried to play by the rules, we’ve voted in centre-Left governments and centre-Right governments, and none of that has worked,” Steve Bannon, the former White House chief strategist, told The Telegraph in Rome.”

        And the so-called ‘right-wing’ did indeed do well.

        1. ‘Populist surge’. Either way, libertarians should be glad the left are on the run across Europe. Not sure, though, if the alternatives are any better.

          1. “Libertarians should be glad that the left is on the run and the right is ascendant.”

            This is what fucking morons actually believe.

            1. Yeh. It’s just a reaction to the left ignoring the needs and wishes of the population. Not unlike what we saw in the USA. I’m starting to think it may happen in Canada in 2019….hopefully.

              You can’t let in 1 million migrants like that. Especially in a country like Italy where growth has been stagnant for years. It’s not like the dead economy of Japan in the 90s and 00s but it is within the European model.

              Left-wing economic policies combined with influx of migrants = anger.

              1. Who cares about the needs and wishes of the population?

                Do you even listen to yourself?

                Do you think the population wants freedom?

                1. Heh.

        2. The Times headline:

          In Italy Election, Anti-E.U. Views Pay Off for Far Right and Populists

          So you are finally learning what “far right” means?

          Hey, you might be smarter than LovdCons89 but that is low praise.

        3. We can’t be shown instances of conservative backlash! We might get more ideas!

          If Brexit gave us literal Hitler, what is going to happen now!?

          1. MegaHitler. Did you even need to ask?

        4. The center-rights did great.

          The populists did great.

          The center left got shit on again–mostly because of their position on immigration.

          The American left seems to have this romantic view of the Europeans as morally and culturally superior to us, especially in terms of its acceptance of minorities.

          The truth is that racism is a far bigger problem over there than it is here.

          75% of Italian voters apparently agree on nothing else–except that the immigrants need to be thrown out of the country.

          1. All true, except Five Star had the single party best result. Thought they talk ‘centrist’ they’re pretty much left-wing in my view.

            But it’s accurate, the immigration problem united Italians. And Germany needs to back off a little on that issue.

  25. Wait. There was no faux self-righteous farting passing off as a ‘truth’ speech at the Oscars?


    tudents enrolled in a Physics 101 course at Pomona College last semester were required to complete a “Decolonizing Physics” project by calling attention to issues like “implicit bias” and “microaggressions.”
    Both the instructor and the physics department have declined to comment, but multiple anonymous sources confirmed the project’s existence to The Claremont Independent.

    How does one go to the Moon or build a bridge with “Post Colonial Physics”?

    1. Just trying to counter flawed and biased Jew Physics.

      1. We joke about this stuff, but Lysenkoism killed millions of people. These idiots would do the same if they ever had the power.

    2. P=ra

      1. For the unwoke, that’s:


  27. the Oscars

    I, unfortunately, watched this because my significant other wanted to. Also, I was morbidly curious as to the extent it would be just like other recent award shows, i.e. constant bashing of anything or anyone to the right of Karl Marx. It did not disappoint. Jimmy Kimmel’s moral preeing was especially cringe-worthy. I was insulted by them giving away a waverunner to the person with the shortest acceptance speech on the grounds that anyone in there could buy a dozen of them on a tuesday afternoon using their debit account so why the hell would they care about winning one? The NRA is the newest big boogieman. I wonder if they even realize that their harping on gun control is just driving gun-sales and NRA memberships. And the constant insinuation that anyone who disagrees with you on any particular issue is just evil rather than has a different opinion to achieve the same end goal is sure to attract allies to the cause. And go ahead and keep calling for unity and tolerance while exhibiting the exact opposite in practice. The whole thing was just awful.

    1. Jimmy Kimmel got his start on the Man Show, which was just a non pornographic version of Girls Gone Wild. If he wants to know be the conscience of the nation, it would be nice if someone would at least ask him about when he used to make a living getting women to degrade themselves on camera. How does someone live a life being that big of a phony? If nothing else, how does he do it with a straight face?

    2. And the constant insinuation that anyone who disagrees with you on any particular issue is just evil rather than has a different opinion to achieve the same end goal

      To be fair, just about everyone does this.

    3. Thanks for that paragraph of moral preening.

      1. If you are going to insult people, try using words that mean something and relate to what they said. Everyone is now dumber for making the mistake of reading your post.

        1. Thanks for continuing to be an illiterate asshole. I’m glad to pay your salary.

          1. No dumb ass, you are illiterate. You don’t seem to know what words mean. And yes, I am an asshole to stupid people like you. Being mean to stupid people is my one real vice. People like you deserve nothing but contempt. If you don’t like that, try learning the meaning fo the words you use.

  28. I thought after last year they could not find a more moronic and dull movie for an award.

    Hollywood, as always, proves me wrong.

    Gee, another story about the evils of the 1950’s. How dull. I’ll notice that Harvey Weinstein didn’t get a single mention. And they managed to give an award to an accused rapist (replete with standing ovation)

    1. (replete with standing ovation)

      I think someone broke the mirror from last year.

  29. US Special forces getting ambushed and killed in Niger. The US has to depend on Niger and French forces for support.
    US Special forces troops ambushed in Niger

    While American lefties enjoy the Oscars, US troops have been fighting in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Niger for years thanks to Obama. Bush got the US entangled in Iraq and Afghanistan. Trump has kept US troops in all these countries.

    Doesn’t look like ISIS is taking prisoners. The end of the video shows the American bleeding and he’s probably dead since he’s not moving. They shoot him until he bleeds like a sieve.

    1. Wait… Trump invaded Niger? Does CNN know about this??

      1. The mainstream media is avoiding this release today. FOX carried it but they brushed over that Trump was president when this incident happened.

        I am sure the media will never bad mouth Obama about sending troops to Niger.

  30. On the subject of striking teachers, from that linked article:

    Danette Fulton, a special education teacher from Harrison County, said she’s eager to return to the classroom.
    “Last night, the Senate was given the opportunity to end this, but they have chosen to hold our students hostage,” she said. “Maybe we have been misunderstood because we are not only fighting for affordable insurance and a livable wage, we are fighting for the future of our students.”

    How fucking rich. Yes, it is the SENATE that is keeping you out of the classroom. Not your unending greed. 45k isn’t a fortune but it’s very comfortable living for a single person; solid dough from half a married couple. When you consider how many days of the year teachers work, it’s generous. How many yachts do teachers really need?

    1. You forgot the pension that kicks in at 55. That’s a pretty rich benefit.

    2. When I taught AP Physics, I never joined the union (RTW state). One of the many reasons is that my salary was the same as the freshman English teacher and the gym coach. Every teacher is the same to them. Never mind that it is a hell of lot easier to find a person who got a degree in Education and just took a few extra English classes than a person with an MS in a combined Engineering/Physics program.

      The irony is that as a special education teacher, if she were free to negotiate on an individual basis, she could probably make more.

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