GOP Vs. Trump on Tariffs, 'Pharma Bro' Ordered to Forfeit Millions, All About That Steele Dossier Guy: P.M. Links


  • Martin Shkreli
    Lucas Jackson/REUTERS/Newscom

    Republican leaders like House Speaker Paul Ryan are very concerned about President Donald Trump's call for steel and aluminum tariffs, but Trump says he's not backing down. He said even our neighbors in Canada and Mexico might not be exempt.

  • A judge has ordered "pharma bro" Martin Shkreli to forfeit $7.36 million to the government for his fraud conviction, including his one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album.
  • So who is this Christopher Steele guy behind that now infamous Trump dossier, anyway?
  • An escort from Belarus looking for asylum in the United States says that she has hours of recordings that shed light on Russian meddling in the United States presidential election in 2016. She's currently in jail in Bangkok for plying her trade without a valid permit or visa and is afraid of getting sent back to Russia.
  • Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg has been summoned before a grand jury investigating that Russian election meddling but says he's refusing to go.
  • An immigrant from Mexico in the United States illegally confessed to using a stolen identity to get more than $350,000 in federal benefits over the course of 37 years.
  • A man was arrested for allegedly stealing Frances McDormand's best actress Academy Award, which was apparently taken from her last night at the Governors Ball. She has been reunited with the trophy.

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