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Police in Memphis, Tennessee, have launched an internal investigation after the body of a shooting victim was found in a van at a police impound lot. The van had been taken to the lot after a shooting. Police believed only two men were in the van, a shooting victim who was transported to the hospital and an uninjured man. An autopsy is being done on the body, and officials say that might determine if the victim might have survived if he'd been discovered earlier.

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  1. “So, Jim Bob, why do you wanna be a cop?”

    “Well, I had a pretty decent gig as a pizza guy for a while, but last week they fired me because they said I kept leaving hot pizza in the parked car for too long during deliveries. I mean, how was I supposed to know you’re not supposed to stop at the grocery store and bowling alley after setting out?”

    “Ah. Yeah, we get a lot of guys like that here. You’ll fit right in.”

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  2. When did it happen? I didn’t heard about this news. I want to know the reviews for this news. And this should be a breaking new, i don’t know why any news channel didn’t gave any news about it. I am curious to know that who did this and have those 2 people caught by police or not.

  3. “I expect a thorough investigation to be conducted on all scenes,” Rallings said.

    “You never know when you’ll find narcotics for which to arrest the victim or, better yet,” a visibly drooling MPD Director Rallings continued, “large sums of money which can be confiscated.”

  4. The department will take disciplinary action if necessary, he said.

    Unless, of course, it is discovered that the victim had actually been shot by police.

  5. Really?
    No search of the van to be sure there was not a cop shooter hiding in the back?
    No possibility of asset forfeiture loot in there?
    I can see two scenarios. One, the van was empty looking, and a full size human body just got overlooked because,well, because. Two the van was so full of junky looking personal belongings it was not worth pawing through for loot.
    And of course, now neither witness can be reached. (?)
    Final results of the investigation: The two guys in the van shot the third guy and were going to hide the body later. The body was hidden under a cover of the same color as the van, so it was not seen by the cops in the heat of battle and dark of night. However, as neither witness can be found this side of the border, the investigation will be closed. Procedures were followed. No cop shot the guy. An impound technician will be suspended with pay for not looking in the van when it arrived at the lot.
    Nothing to see here.

  6. When seconds count, the police won’t let medical responders onto the scene won’t administer first aid themselves won’t call for medical aid won’t check to see if you need medical help won’t even find your bleeding carcass in their haste to make those sweet, sweet impound dollars and/or confiscate your van.

  7. I give them a pass. I drive a small sedan and could easily lose a well folded body in the crap pile back seat.

  8. Cue Chief Wiggum’s “Mighty fine police work” meme here.

  9. So I am confused. Was the body the wounded guy or the uninjured guy?????

    Hey, if the police are that stupid, perhaps my question isn’t that stupid.

  10. I don’t know what the “Impounding a Van with a Dead Body in it” procedure says, but I bet the cops there followed it to the letter!

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