A.M. Links: Trump vs. McMaster, U.S. Women's Hockey Beats Canada for Gold, Attack on U.S. Embassy in Montenegro


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    "With tensions flaring between President Donald Trump and national security adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, the Pentagon is considering options that would allow the President to potentially move the three-star general out of his current role and back into the military, according to half a dozen defense and administration officials."

  • The U.S. women's hockey team beat Canada to win the gold medal at the Olympics.
  • One assailant was killed in an attack on the U.S. embassy in Montenegro.
  • Iran's deputy foreign minister says the nation may withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal.
  • Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says Russia will consider supporting a U.N. ceasefire in Syria.
  • The president of Ford's North American operations will leave the company over "inappropriate behavior."

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  1. The U.S. women’s hockey team beat Canada to win the gold medal at the Olympics.

    I know it’s only women’s but

    U S A U S A!

    1. “You… Sow… Suh…”

      I don’t get it.

      1. Go ahead, take a knee. Disrespect our flag and the troops.

        1. Seriously, I don’t get it. It is a cheer or something? YouSOWsuh! Like You’re Awesome! Or something?


            1. Is it Russian? Kinda like how “Fubar” is German?

                1. Is it a tequila thing? No, that’s Sauza. I’m drawing a blank here.

    2. Hello.

      “The U.S. women’s hockey team beat Canada to win the gold medal at the Olympics.”

      In shootout.

      How’s about you win in regulation tufguis?

      1. I think you mean tufladies

        1. It’s 2018. Ladies can be guys too, shitlord.

        2. Heh. I was going to write, ‘tufgals’.

          1. I’m now imagining Olympic roller derby.

          2. One of the Canadian hockey players threw her Silver medal down.

            Poor sport loser.

      2. Meanwhile Canada’s men’s team is playing for a medal, and the US team got like 10th place. Fuck you NHL.

        1. There was nothing in it for the NHL. I agree with this business decision.

        2. Welcome to the pre-1992 Olympics. Though even then the Soviets skirted the rules and paid their supposedly “amateur” players for fake government jobs.

          1. That’s why the Canada (now World) Cup was created. Canada got tired of losing at the Olympics to the Soviets who were using pros who played all year long while we had to send left overs – which is why 1980 was so monumental for Team USA who faced a similar problem but they didn’t have the quality back then they have now. It was all Canada v. Soviet Union.

            The Canada Cup levelled things out and the damn commies started to realize they weren’t kings anymore. But boy could they play. Awesome really but Canada got the edge.

            Fuck yeah.

        3. I assume Canada has more robust jr. leagues? Vaguely familiar with OHL and something out West but that’s it.

          1. Lotsa leagues.

            The entire country is a hockey league FFS.

            That’s why the gals are not taking the loss very well.

        4. The US team was a bunch of washed-up plugs, and would have been far more interesting if they’d used all college kids, or kids from the US NDTP So, fuck you, USA Hockey.

      3. At least Canda got a point out of it.

        1. We may need it to make the playoffs!

      4. How about you guys (or your gals, I guess) lose in regulation?

        1. No.

  2. The president of Ford’s North American operations will leave the company over “inappropriate behavior.”

    Putting his manual transmission where it doesn’t belong, if you catch my Tokyo drift.

    1. This is why Ford needs to embrace the push rod. Just for jokes like this…

    2. I don’t think he even knows how to drive a stick.

      1. I think it probably had something to do with non-reciprocating action involving the guy’s crankshaft.

  3. One assailant was killed in an attack on the U.S. embassy in Montenegro.

    FAKE NEWS. He blew himself up with his own grenade.

    1. What the hell did we do to the Montenegrins this time?

      1. The objective of USG foreign policy is out to make enemies in every country, even pissant countries like Montenegro.

      2. The US embassy was closed for the night.

        Not everyone in the World can just hike through impenetrable deserts to reach the USA.

  4. Iran’s deputy foreign minister says the nation may withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal.

    Do we get those pallets of cash back?

  5. One assailant was killed in an attack on the U.S. embassy in Montenegro.

    Uh, that’s pretty problematic. MonteAfrican-American, please.

    1. The Black Mountain looms large.

        1. Cool. Doomy and gloomy.

          I was a literary reference to a book I loved as a teenager.

          1. The story was also collected in the omnibus volume Three Trumps (Viking 1955).

            Isn’t one enough?!?

        2. Never heard of them but, unlike virtually every music link I’ve ever clicked on HnR, I’m listening to it.

          Awesome sound, especially since the band is Canadian and it’s a live performance.

          1. Fun fact: my taste is impeccable and correct.

    2. I heard Root didn’t like Black Panther either.

      1. The problem with a movie like that is that so many people either want to love it or hate it for reasons that have nothing to do with the quality of the movie, it is pretty hard to tell whether it is worth seeing or not.

        1. Yup. This movie was being way too politicized even months before release. The reviews I’ve read mostly don’t even review the movie, they just crow about the list of “first” times for production. Some even try to falsely claim its the first ever black starred superhero movie, forgetting movies like Blade in their rush to praise it. That’s why I decided to wait for it to hit Netflix / Redbox, and even then I’m not sure if I’ll watch it.

          1. It’s the most incredible and amazing comic book based movie in this moment.

            1. You know, I never got into comics really. I read some Spiderman growing up, and a little bit of Superman that my cousin collected. So I really have nothing to go off of RE: Black Panther other than what I’ve heard. I presume that the story is going to be hard to fit into a modern narrative, because he appears to be a literal black nationalist / separatist, literally named after the Black Panthers. Add the literal Isolationist Black Ethnostate that I hear he runs, and it’s basically a character and story that exists to stand against multiculturalism.

              Of course, I said this the other day to my Brother-in-Law and he had a freakout because “that’s racist and Black Panther has nothing to do with race.” ?\_(?)_/?

              1. Black Panther (the hero) predates the Black Panther Party.

                And Wakanda is more Galt’s Gulch than an ‘ethnostate’

                1. Yes and no. The party was officially established after the comics were published. But the “black panther” was a symbol for african american identity and “black power” for years prior to the comics. That’s why it was chosen to represent a black superhero in the ’60’s.

                  1. I don’t know enough about Wakanda but the way it has been described to me is as a black only nation that doesn’t take in immigrants and is very isolationist. Sounds a lot like an ethno-state.

    3. Excuse me, it’s MontePOC now thank you.

  6. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says Russia will consider supporting a U.N. ceasefire in Syria.

    Don’t do it, Ivan! It’s just an excuse for the U.N. to diddle more kids.

  7. With tensions flaring between President Donald Trump and national security adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, the Pentagon is considering options that would allow the President to potentially move the three-star general out of his current role and back into the military…

    …and yet still get to say his catchphrase.

    1. If Trump actually wants to move McMaster, why would he call it “Sad!”?

  8. CNN, the terrible failing kings of Fake News, are back at it once again with their pre-canned, scripted questions just like they were with Donna Brazile and Hildog during the debate.

    1. Narratives before truth brah.

      They must do it for a reason though.

    2. There is absolutely no truth to this. CNN did not provide or script questions for anyone in last night’s town hall, nor have we ever.

      Ha, oh my. CNN going after the credibility of a teen and one of the school shooting heroes.

      1. CNN lying in response to getting exposed is pretty much a reflex at this point.

        1. I’m going to guess if CNN did do it, it was an overzealous producer who will likely be quietly let go.

      2. “Awkward!”

  9. One assailant was killed in an attack on the U.S. embassy in Montenegro.


    1. Fun fact: shreek just got kicked out of the public library because he yelled this out loud as he was typing it.

      1. You’d think he’d have collected enough cans to afford his own cheap laptop by now.

        1. You’re overestimating his ability to not be constantly spilling various liquids all over a laptop.

          1. Eeeew!


    2. You forgot to DOINK!!

      The BLOOPing makes me think of Bill the Cat, which is funny.

    3. Benghazi? Our Montenegrin Ambassador was killed? Has Trump even named a Montenegrin ambassador yet?

      1. U.S, Embassy attacks are common. Since the 80s.

        The paranoid delusional conservatives are always ginning up fake outrage.


        1. Yes, attacks are common. That is why you don’t put an ambassador in an unsecured compound in the middle of a war zone. Benghazi wasn’t the embassy you fucking moron. They sent Stevens to an unsecured compound and left him there to die.

          1. You really can’t expect a sex toy to be able to make those kinds of critical distinctions.

          2. Did you see OBL’s post the other day in which he commended PB’s command of economics and that his superior knowledge of matters economic roils the commentariat and fuels the barrage of disparaging posts about him?

            1. Hey look, another guy who doesn’t get it.

          3. So what? There is no scandal other than in the wingnut mind.

            1. Leaving US ambassadors to die because you are too lazy and stupid to do your job is not a scandal so much as what is known as “Democratic Governance” or “Life Under Obama”.

            2. Butt expects Americans to stand in line to be ambassadors that get killed.

          4. PB genuinely doesn’t seem to understand why Benghazi was a problem.

            Who was it that used to accuse PB of being a bot that just randomly throws words out there?

            1. “PB genuinely doesn’t seem to understand why Benghazi was a problem.”

              I don’t think that’s true. I don’t think turd EVER had a sincere belief; he’s a lying piece of shit who is incapable of separating the truth from whatever lie suits his immediate claim.

            2. He knows. He just will defend his butt buddy Obama and Hillary until his last breath.

              Butt is the epitome of a useful idiot.

            3. Weigel isn’t a bot, just a standard-issue left wing creep in the JournoList, albeit one with mental issues.

              1. I just looked up David Weigel’s info.

                JournoList for “left-of-center”. Haha. Code for Socialists.

                I learn something new from you guys every day.

    4. The assailant was killed. Not Americans in the embassy.

      How is that like Benghazi?

      1. That guy just doesn’t get it.

      2. It’s not. The noises it was making was trying to perform a rectal craniotomy and get some fresh air.

      3. The embassy was closed for the night. Local Montenegro law enforcement were protecting the embassy outside.

  10. It’s funny that for all those links you could add the word “allegedly” but only one of them is actually unverifiable. Which, in other contexts, we would refer to as rumors and gossip rather than news.

    1. Yeah, there’s no way to ever know who won that hockey game, on account of who watches the Olympics anymore?

  11. “Iran’s deputy foreign minister says the nation may withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal.”

    Does that mean they’re sending our plane loads of cash back?

    1. That cash was for an airplane order from the Shah days. The US owed Iran for not delivering on the order. It was negotiated down as part of the non-nuke deal.

      Another wingnut CT.

      1. The money was supposed to be paid to the victims of Iranian terrorism And of course even if it were not, it could not have been delivered by electronic transfer. No, it had to be delivered in untraceable cash that could be easily distributable to the various criminal elements employed by the Iranian regime.

        Your hero Obama gave hundreds of millions of dollars to next to North Korea the most criminal regime in the world. That is what happened. Everyone knows it. So stop wasting your time lying about it you worthless fucking retard.

        1. The Dotard promised he would “tear up” that deal immediately. Luckily the adults in the administration stopped him.

          Face the facts, he played to wingnut CT as his entire campaign.

          1. And Obama gave Iran hundreds of millions of dollars in cash. If Obama were a private citizen, he would be under indictment for material support to terrorism. That and ruining people’s health insurance along with abusing the powers of the FBI worse than Nixon ever dreamed are his legacy. It is who he and all of his supporters are. Live with it retard.

            1. No he didn’t. Obama “gave” Iran nothing.

              1. He put hundreds of millions of dollars in cash on a plane and sent it to them. He gave them that. “But he should have done that” is a justification, though a really stupid one. It does not change the fact that yes he gave them the money and they are now using it to fund crime and terrorism all over the world.

            2. The settlement hits the war-mongers hardist. The John Bolton and Bibi the Rat types.

              1. Nothing harms the war mongers like funding Islamic terrorism. Tell us more about how wonderful the Iranian regime is and how deserving it was of the light giver’s gift. Please shreek,

          2. Butt. You know Obama and the deep state could have played “n”th D Chess by giving Iran all marked bills.

            The the USA could track every bill and see where they go and who gets them.

            Obama chose a different route.

            Maybe its what happened and it needs to be a state secret to pull it off.

            Naw, this is Obama we’re talking about. He was okay with forcing Americans to buy insurance under threat of death.

    2. Yes. It will be delivered by a few hundred Hamas couriers.

  12. http://www.local10.com/news/pa…..ents-show-

    The plan shows that Cruz was on psychiatric medication at that time, though it doesn’t specify the medication, and that he had “limited social judgment and poor insight which affects his progress in the general education setting.”

    How many more times do people on these drugs have to go insane and murder a bunch of people before we start to consider that perhaps the correlation is the result of causality?

    1. I’m not big on the connection between anti-psychotic medication and psychotic behavior; however, evidence does suggest that children on antidepressants are at a higher risk of suicide than those who aren’t. That risk is seen as going up to those who are 18, and I wouldn’t put it past a 19 year old as a contributing factor.

      If a psychiatrist didn’t put him on antidepressants after his mother died, I’d be surprised, and for all we know, this may have been something like an attempt at suicide by cop.

      Because people aren’t successful at their first suicide attempt doesn’t mean that isn’t what it was. The survival instinct is a tough thing to quit. Probably harder than quitting smoking. Because people are unsuccessful the first time they try doesn’t mean they aren’t trying.

      Regardless, the FBI and local police should have followed up on some 39 different complaints that were registered against this kid. They dropped the ball on this over and over and over and over and over and over . . . again.

      1. Correlation is not causation. It may be that these guys are always on meds because they are psychotic and psychotic people tend to be on meds. But, I think that it is at least worth considering that perhaps these medicines cause troubled but otherwise nonviolent people to become very violent in some cases.

      2. I’m not big on the connection between anti-psychotic medication and psychotic behavior

        If I recall correctly, one of the potential side-effects of many of these medications is psychosis. I’m not sure why this wouldn’t be a major thing to look at. It seems more than reasonable to think that since the overwhelming majority of kids going off on shooting sprees are on these drugs, and such ideations are a known side effect of the drugs, then it logically follows that the drugs are helping push these kids over the edge.

        These are obviously very rare cases in comparison to the overall population of kids taking the meds, which also seems to follow logically from the claim that psychosis is a rare side effect.

        1. Yeah, like I said, most of these anti-depressant medications have a warning about suicide ideation as a major side effect and caution you to contact your doctor if you suddenly develop the urge to kill yourself after you start taking the medication.

          I should add, I used to work in a lock down, mental hospital in a shitty part of Los Angeles.

          For a potential mass shooter, deciding to throw your own life away is the hard part. The rest of it just not giving a shit about other people, which is probably easier to do when you’re already delusional or paranoid.

          Some of these medications can take weeks or months to fully kick in. They’re trying to make the pulse from the depressed brain’s “pacemaker”, for want of a better term, at the back of the brain reach all the way to the frontal lobe. That’s what messing with various flavors of serotonin type stuff is all about. Before that stuff kicks in, your brain is going through an adaptation stage where anything can happen. It can make things worse for a while before they get better.

          I wouldn’t rule that out as a major contributing factor, in a 19 year old kid, especially.

    2. So folks that seek psychiatric help don’t have a right to self-defense? Or are guns no longer “necessary” for self-defense now that we’re talking about a group you disfavor?

      1. I am not sure if you are talking to me, but no. I don’t’ see how what I said would imply that.

  13. http://www.washingtonexaminer……le/2649643

    CNN shows why we need the 2nd Amendment and why the Left hates it so much. Notice they didn’t go confront some guy in rural Georgia who would have sicked the dogs on them or worse. They confronted some old woman. They are the worst bullies on earth. Let’s see them go pull this shit with someone who can fight back. It will never happen. If we didn’t have the 2nd Amendment and there wasn’t the threat of being able to fight back, the left would use mob violence to terrorize its opponents into submission. Mob violence is the trademark of the left. And as this shit heel doxing some woman for the crime of forwarding a link to a rally on Facebook shows, the left in this country so wants to engage in it. And the only thing that stops them is the 2nd Amendment. This is why they hate it so much and want people disarmed.

    1. Ace at AOSHQ pointed out that CNN covered anti-Trump rallies sponsored by Russians-http://ace.mu.nu/archives/373959.php But, somehow, some random old lady is supposed to be more sophisticated in determining who is involved in a cause she is interested in than one of the world’s most powerful media corporations.

      1. I really wish the woman had had some crazy redneck husband who would have beaten the living shit out of that reporter. What a dirtbag. The media are the lowest forms of life on earth.

    2. LOL stay classy CNN

  14. “YouTube’s war on reputable information”
    “Facing pressure from Congress, the normally egalitarian YouTube recently announced it will label content from Voice of America, Radio Free Europe and PBS as government-sponsored content. When a viewer clicks on content from these outlets, they will see those words on the screen. Thus, people will be more likely to doubt the message they are seeing.”

    Written by Haroon K. Ullah, chief strategy officer for the Broadcasting Board of Governors, who would rather you not know what is government propaganda.

    1. Shouldn’t PBS and its fans be proud of the fact it is government funded? If they are ashamed of that fact, why are they always demanding government funding?

      1. It’s also interesting that he assumes people will be less likely tl believe government crap; seems more an admission that an assumption.

    2. VOA, RFE, and PBS are government funded. It’s a simple fact.

      So are RT, CCTV, CBC, and BBC.

      Of course they all put a pro-government spin on the news. Whether they are more or less reputable than corporate-funded or NGO-funded sources of information should be left to the listener.

      I wonder why Mr. Ullah thinks that disclosure of funding would automatically make “people will be more likely to doubt the message they are seeing”.

      1. “I wonder why Mr. Ullah thinks that disclosure of funding would automatically make “people will be more likely to doubt the message they are seeing”.”

        He’s a realist?

    3. Thus, people will be more likely to doubt the message they are seeing.

      I love how he assumes that being marked “government sponsored” makes it less believable. Then again, after 4 decades of “public health announcements” that turned out to be complete shite, I see his point. Isn’t NYC still trying to penalize restaurants for putting salt in food?

  15. Iran’s deputy foreign minister says the nation may withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal.

    So what happens if Iran is the one who breaks the deal? I’m sure everybody will still blame Trump.

    1. You can bet on it being blamed on Trump.

  16. Forget this or the Russian conspiracies, I just got a fortune cookie that says “Success is a planned event” which I believe is a Maoist conspiracy to get USA citizens to harbor communist sympathies, if not a full commie invasion (still doing my research on this point). #EndFortuneCookieBrainwash.

    1. Don’t forget to add the phrase “in bed” at the end of every fortune.

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