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San Diego State University
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The California attorney general's office has concluded that a San Diego State University lecturer discriminated against and harassed a white student because of her race then retaliated against her when she complained. A report found that Oscar "Ozzie" Monge, who is of American Indian and Chicano descent, has an "animus against white people" and told an investigator that "It is quite easy to argue that 'whiteness' is synonymous with evil."

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  1. I think she learned that no matter how hard you signal, you are never going to be one of the cool kids when you hang out with race-baiters.

    Nah… who am I kidding?… she never learned anything of the sort. The only lesson here is that the only way ahead in life is being the bigger victim.

    1. Victimology 101 – passive/aggressive cry-bully tactics. It’s so white male to judge people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin (or whatever victim-group attribute they’re wearing as a badge.)

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  2. To Monge, it appeared Sudano was wearing a bandana and “rez tails” to the event ? and thereby committing cultural appropriation.

    His attempt to assert his power against another human being because of racial differences is cultural appropriation from the pale face.

    1. I liked it when he said motorcycle culture was appropriated from the natives. I thought it was a development of gay and military culture, but whatever.

  3. And nothing else happened.


  4. To paraphrase Instapundit, when taxpayers decide to stop funding higher education, shit like this will be forgotten and they will say it is “anti-intellectualism”

  5. “It is quite easy to argue that ‘whiteness’ is synonymous with evil.”

    Bias against white people has to be at least this overt before progressives will even consider acknowledging it.

    1. That is not bias, it is the truth

    2. It is easy to argue. Stupid assertions are always easy to argue for, you don’t need to put much rigor into them.

  6. It is quite easy to argue that ‘whiteness’ Jewishness is synonymous with evil

    Amazing how some people sound just like Hitler.

    1. It is quite easy to argue that Blackishness is synonymous with evil


  7. It has been a few weeks since I hit up HuffPo… they still manage to surprise:

    The Trump DOJ has a double standard for white terrorism. Not because they don’t prosecute white folk. But because it didn’t become national news that they prosecuted some nutcase who stopped an Amtrak train and was monkeying around with the controls. Locals charged him with felony mischief and using a gun while doing so…. but took a whole day to inform the FBI because they thought he was nuts.

    So racism. And double standard. Because whitey gets federally prosecuted, but ISIS would have gotten the national press attention. The DOJ’s national security division didn’t get involved. Which is problematic. Because they get involved if there is an international terrorist organization involved. But they leave it to regular old ordinary federal prosecutors and FBI agents if it is just some racist nutcase who might be a Trump supporter.

    That’s some impressive stretching to get a story to fit your narrative.

    1. this surprise is how HuffPo manages to survive, you’d think their lack of an autonomic nervous system would have spelled their demise some time ago…

  8. The six-month investigation was conducted by Supervising Deputy Attorney General Christine Mersten and involved interviews with 14 witnesses, including Monge and Sudano.

    And yet there is still no indication that any punishment has/will be administered.
    Oh, well. It’s just California. Secede already, and take Hawaii with you.

    1. Iff Trump really wants a wall to block out the bad people, the Sierras are a mighty fine start.

  9. The California attorney general’s office has concluded that a San Diego State University lecturer discriminated against and harassed a white student because of her race then retaliated against her when she complained.

    I am certain this will not stand, as we are all quite aware that it is impossible for a person of color to be racist let alone discriminate against a white person. Discrimination and racism require power + privilege, and only white people are privileged and only white people wield power.

    1. and you cucks better well fucking remember it…

  10. That story linked to is easily one of the most nauseating pieces of drivel I have read for some time. The student is clearly a piece of trash, skipping classes and retaliating against the teacher for missed assignments and hurt feelings, yet the teacher is a trashy race baiter worthless piece of garbage.

    Both totally unlikable. Both garbage.

    1. And yet you clicked – – – – – –

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