The Detroit Free Press Eats its Own in the #MeToo Feeding Frenzy

It fired its top editor on flimsy grounds


If there is any doubt that the #MeToo movement has become something of a feeding frenzy, it was put to rest last Friday. That's when the liberal Detroit

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Free Press fired its Pulitzer Prize winning, black editorial page editor Stephen Henderson. Regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees with Henderson, the circumstances of his firing should trouble every fair-minded person.

The lack of disclosure and transparency in many of the 45-plus heads that have rolled since the sexual predations of Harvey Weinstein launched the movement is disturbing. But in Henderson's firing, they rise to a whole new level, I note in my column at The Week. From the facts that are currently available, it seems:

The Freep launched an investigation based on allegations by an unaffected outside party with a grudge — not any of the women involved. And the women who its investigation did finally fetch up, as best as one can tell, demanded no action against Henderson.

Henderson's plight is the clearest case of #MeToo gone amok.

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