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Police lights
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The Bogota, New Jersey, Police Department has found that Sgt. Craig Lynch was "justified" when he threatened employees of the Bogota School District. Lynch was angry that a staff member had not been rehired at Steen Elementary School and in a profanity-laced rant accidentally captured on a system telephone threatened to wait outside the school and ticket teachers as they left. "You're not going to win a battle with the police," he says. "You're not going to win. That's a losing battle every time." The recording reportedly reiterated a conversation he had with the school's principal.

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  1. The cop, police chief, city council, mayor ……….. There is a pattern here of more than one bad apple.

    1. It’s Jersey.

  2. Note that while this prick is banned from school buildings because he threatened to abuse his power under color of law, the SB is still prepared to lick his boots if he’s “on duty.” Professional courtesy ftw.

  3. You’re not going to win a battle with the police

    Police v Schools. I know which one would win in every place I ever lived. Has he never encountered an angry PTO?

  4. ‘Sgt. Craig Lynch was “justified” ‘

    I’ve never watched it but is this similar to the plotline of the TV show?

  5. Lynch said he will be at tonight’s meeting to hear what the board has to say and that he plans to consult with an attorney.

    “I feel like I’m being harassed,” he said. “This matter has been adjudicated and I’ve been exonerated. Why are we still talking about this? At this point it feels personal.”

    Dunphy level persecution complex-slash-bully mentality.

    1. Shorter Lynch:

      What difference, at this point, … etc.

    2. Exoneration equals internal investigation that shockingly found no wrong doing by any member of the department. The police union versus teacher’s union dustup could be fun to watch.

  6. Lynch, a 28-year veteran of the department, told the board that Santoro’s account of what happened in August was inaccurate and said he has apologized to her for the incident.

    “You weren’t there, you have no idea what happened. In 28 years I’ve never hurt anybody. Nobody has a reason to be intimidated by me,” he said. “If Dayle was intimidated maybe you need to rethink who you have in charge of a building with 200 babies in it.”

  7. nice building ya got there teach. real shame if something should happen to it…just jersey being jersey

  8. So maybe those gun free school zones just became a real good idea?

  9. in case I didn’t already have a thousand reasons to never visit Jersey, this would seal it for me.

  10. Hey, it’s free speech, right?

    1. Hihn should be along soon to tell us how he’s a government employee and we shouldn’t call for him being fired because that would be the government interfering with his free speech rights.

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