Arizona Cop Acquitted for Killing Man Crawling Down Hotel Hallway While Begging for His Life

Body camera footage released after jury reaches verdict.


Arizona jurors watched the video below, which shows former Mesa, Arizona, police officer Philip Mitchell Brailsford shooting and killing a man who was begging for his life and attempting to follow the officer's orders to crawl down a hotel hallway.

Yesterday, the jurors found Brailsford not guilty of second-degree murder and reckless manslaughter. Do you agree? (Warning: The video is pretty graphic.)

The incident occurred in January 2016. Daniel Shaver apparently was showing off a pellet gun, and it was visible through the hotel room window. This promped somebody to call to the hotel front desk, which prompted a call to the police.

So it wasn't unreasonable for police to approach the hotel room thinking the encounter might be dangerous. They knew there was a gun there, and they didn't know it was a pellet gun. But that video shows some truly baffling decisions by Brailsford that escalated the situation to make it even scarier, not the least of which was that Brailsford's bluster and open threats of violence made him appear as terrified as Shaver. (CORRECTION: The orders being barked out in the video are not from Brailsford but by Sgt. Charles Langley, who retired four months after the shooting and defended Brailsford's actions in court.)

The contents of the body camera footage had been described to the public before, when Brailsford was first charged, but the video itself was withheld until this morning. NBC notes:

The detective investigating the shooting had agreed Shaver's movement was similar to reaching for a pistol, but has said it also looked as though Shaver was pulling up his loose-fitting basketball shorts that had fallen down as he was ordered to crawl.

The investigator noted he did not see anything that would have prevented officers from simply handcuffing Shaver as he was on the floor.

Forcing Shaver to crawl toward the police like this increased the likelihood that Shaver would lose balance and make wild movements, and Langley's bizarre orders were probably confusing even to a sober person.

Oh, and here's an interesting detail from the Arizona Republic:

The judge did not allow jurors to hear about an etching on the dust cover of the rifle Brailsford used to shoot Shaver, which said "You're f–ked," because he felt it was prejudicial.

Shaver's parents have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Mesa. Brailsford was fired for poor performance two months after the shooting. Would anybody care to bet that he tries either to get his job back in Mesa or to get a job with another law enforcement agency elsewhere?

This post has been corrected to properly identify that Brailsford was not the officer giving orders in the video.

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  1. SWAT team cop was waiting his whole life for this. How did they not convict on the manslaughter? Fuck Arizona.

    1. The cop-suckers on the jury are your family, friends, neighbors. Have you told them how much you hate their fucking guts? I do this on a regular basis. I don’t expect you timid Libertarians to do anything that I don’t do myself.

      1. Just last night. Liberal friends, whining about National Monument re-designation, had never heard of Civil Asset Forfeiture, never heard of the forces that lobby to keep pot on Schedule 1 for the purpose of keeping our prisons, and the wallets of these “interested parties” full, the ruined lives of their own neighbors, co-workers and relatives being just a side benefit. Went off on a full-volume, Razorfist-style rant about priorities, if you want to bitch about government actions.

        (To their complaints, the fucking land was unprotected and unexploited for, basically, ever, but removing federal protection was going to cause it to be filled with the pollution factories of Big Environmental Destruction? I asked them to explain the whole business of environmental destruction, where the profit was, and they didn’t get it.)

        Incredibly, the evening then proceeded in a civil manner and we left on good terms. I must not have done it right.

      2. I do too. Unfortunately, the “Libertarians” at “Reason” are too busy swamping the USA with fast-breeding future Democrats so that we lose all of our rights, and our country.

    2. Well now, hold on. True AZ story:

      I’m tooling along to the range with 2-3 rifles laid across my back seat and a pistol on my hip when my car stalls out (camshaft synchronizer senor was on the blink). I know it’ll right itself soon so I just sit and wait, listening to some tunes. Shortly thereafter red & blue flashes in the rear-view capture my eye. Did I mention both my front window regulators where inop, meaning they can’t roll up or down? Yeah, that, too. Anyway, county walks up (rear windows now down, hands locked on steering wheel – I live 15 miles from the border, yo), & asks if all is ok – pregnant pause as he notices the rifles. ‘Fine, just waiting for the car to cool down; headed to the range’ (just over the next hill), says I. 5.0 says, ‘Well, if you’re ok, have a good day.’ and off he goes.

      Not my last experience w/ the po-po while armed. Maybe it’s cause I live here in the sticks, but the cops understand that guns (and raging libertarians) are a part of AZ life.

      It is, nevertheless, an outrage that Mr. Shaver encountered a certified psycho & brick-stupid jury, though. I don’t like Phoenix area – too many liberal Californians.

    3. As horrible as the shooting was, I can see how the cop, at the moment, thought his life might be in danger. Though not because of anything Mr Shaver did. From their marching through the the halls of the motel with guns drawn like they were infiltrating a Nazi barracks to yelling out incomprehensible orders (they want him to crawl with his hands in the air and his feet crossed? How they hell are you supposed to do that? I was perfectly sober when I watched it and I was confused as to what they were asking) to making uncalled for threats to his life, the tension during the incident was ratched up to a point where something horrible was inevitable. The problem as I see it wasn’t the cop himself but the police department that treats a sighting of a guy with what looks like might be a rifle as if it were the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.

      Coincidentally I’m sure, this was Sheriff Arpaio’s county.

      1. You are correct it was Arpaio’s county. Paul Penzone(D) has been sheriff for about a year now.
        So, what does that have to do with Mesa cops?

        1. This actually happened almost 2 years ago.

          1. And the murderer still is not a sheriff, so what does this have to do with Arpaio?

      2. The politically braver Police Chiefs are correct to say “Awful, but legal.” IMHO (a somewhat informed opinion – I have attended courses dealing with apprehending armed subjects) BAD TACTICS BY THE POLICE is the primary cause of the shooting in a majority of instances. The cop moves TO danger, issues UNintelligible or conflicting commands or shouts over another officer, and, given opportunity never moves OUT of danger (while remaining in action). The bad tactics make the shooting inevitable. In this case, for example, WHY the rush. They could have left him on the floor as he was and allowed the cops to calm down and slowly act professionally.

        Adding to bad tactics, is the horrible overblown unnecessary language by the SUPREME COURT in Graham v. Conner (1989). The police really believe that a reasonable police officer is fundamentally DIFFERENT from a reasonable and prudent person with “police work” in his bag of experiences. Not so or, at least, BAD POLICY. The LAW should treat all who are forced to take life in an identical manner. As applied by the lower state and federal courts, “I was afraid for my life” has become a virtual get out of jail card in the minds of officers. Juries are proving to be totally incapable of differentiating between reasonable and reckless.

        The Congress and state Legislatures have the POWER to fix this but lack the cajones. In the meantime BE AFRAID, VERY AFRAID of the excited, systemically scared man in Blue.

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  2. Would anybody care to bet that he tries either to get his job back in Mesa or to get a job with another law enforcement agency elsewhere?

    What kind of odds am I getting?

    1. If you lose, you’ll be shot.

  3. I’d like to build a SWAT team mod for popular FPS video games that makes it so the enemies are laying prone on the ground begging for their live and you just go around emptying mags into them.

    1. Have them doing it from an MRAP and I’m in.

    2. Spec Ops: The Line already exists

    3. Can I do it from the passenger window as I roll through the park?

  4. Motherfucking pig asshole piece of shit. This is what the death penalty should be for. Feet first into a woodchipper is too good for that worthless bag of shit.

    How the fuck could those fucking pigs not walk 10 feet down the hallway while they were on the ground in submissive positions and cuff them without all the shouting and confusing instructions?

    Is it even illegal to have a gun in a hotel room in AZ? If not, how is this kind of confrontation remotely reasonable in response to apparently legal activity?

    That’s the worst thing I’ve seen in a long time.

    1. Not only is it perfectly legal to have a gun in a hotel room in Arizona, it’s perfectly legal to carry a gun in public in Arizona, openly or concealed. Arizona is a Constitutional Carry state.

      1. it’s perfectly legal to carry a gun in public in Arizona, openly or concealed. Arizona is a Constitutional Carry state.

        I’m literally shaking with fear right now.

      2. That’s what I thought. So not only did the cop deal with the situation as poorly as possible, they also created a deadly situation based on someone reporting perfectly legal activity.

      3. Maine is also a CC state. However if someone sees you legally carrying and calls the cops, the police will respond. Which is really disgusting when I think about it. I’ve been assaulted, robbed and burglarized, and the cops have always told me to get fucked when I asked them for help. The don’t care if you are a victim of a violent crime, but they will jump at the opportunity to harass you for engaging in perfectly legal activity.

        1. Yeah, it’s pretty terrible if you think about it. Someone calls the police and reports that someone is doing something perfectly legal and they show up ready to shoot.

          Seems like they should be asking if the person is brandishing the gun or threatening anyone. If not, what the hell is there to respond to?

          1. Seems like they should be asking if the person is brandishing the gun or threatening anyone. If not, what the hell is there to respond to?

            Or if the caller is directly involved. The odds of a Rear Window/It Had To Be Murder situation where the police arrive just in the nick of time have to be phenomenally low.

            1. Cops re pretty much useless.

          2. When seconds count, the cops are minutes away. Except___________________!

          3. Used to be in Washington State when carry was a fairly new thing, once in a while someone would see a citizen carrying, concealed, but for some reason the piece was momentarily visible….. as allowed by law. “Brandishing” was legally defined as a deliberate action on the part of the armed one to strike fear or intimidation into thosee nearby. Plenty of MAN WITH A GUN calls to LE, who responded all heavy like and acting like scared rabbits….. making a scene, sometimes hauling the poor schlep downtown….. Agtorney General got sick of the complaints, and wrote a letter to EVERY LE department in the state, in which he spelled out the law, and ORDERED an end to the stupid MWAG calls. Further, he threatened discipline against any officer who continued as before.

            1. He then wrote to every 911 call center manager and instructed them to ask questions whenever MWAG calls came in to learn more precisely determine exactly what was going on. Oh, he’s got a gun.. its on his right hip, and he’s just walking down the street not threatening anyone? Well, that’s perfectly legal, don’t call again unless he’s waving it about, pointing it at people, screaming threats, that sort of thing.

              End of problem. That was one smart AtG. Wish we had one half that smart these days…..

              1. That’s actually awesome. And sadly rare.

              2. Now we have Bob Ferguson. Says he’s going after guns in 2018.


                He’s a real fucking peach.

          4. REAL criminals never use holsters. REAL nut cases don’t either.
            The cop should be able to observe this clear indicia of the Good Citizen
            long before he puts a gun in your ear.

    2. I believe the story was that they were pointing it out the window or were on a balcony looking through the scope.

      1. The hotel he was in has no balconies that I can see

        And I’m not even sure the windows are able to be opened, especially a 5th floor window.

        1. An upper-story window, in a hotel, in a city where the temperature routinely reached 100?? Survey says, not operable.

          1. DING,DING,DING,DING.

    3. THIS.

  5. This must be one of the First Responders referenced in the dedication of the Republican Party Platform. Nothing Gestapo-like in that execution of an unarmed, obedient slave, nor in the judge’s obstruction of justice by concealing evidence. This isn’t Christian Germany, after all.

    1. Hank, go fuck yourself. You’re not clever. Your comments are usually bizarre, out of place and nonsensical. We know you hate religion, which has nothing to do with this.

      1. How dare anyone insult the Republican party, this is a libertarian website!

        1. I didn’t say anything about republicans dumbfuck. Is your reading comprehension really that limited?

          1. In Tony’s limited brain, Christianity is inseparable from the Republican Party.

            1. You make a good point.

      2. What an aptly-named sockpuppet. Heil, gnosse baby. Gott Mitt Uns!

    2. My god are you deranged. I hear there an opening on the Mesa swat team. You’d be a fit.

    3. Sorry, son. Like most of your ilk, you’ve been misinformed so that you can think that everyone not on your side is evil.

      I’m a fairly hard-core conservative. I’d toss this cop in prison for ten years with a “cop” tee-shirt on.

      You don’t do yourself any favors by merely accepting whatever garbage your “friends” tell you is true. I have Republican friends who are just as convinced that all liberals are amoral murderers. Truth is, most people want the same things for the world, and just differ on the best way to achieve them.

      1. Look at bobby b here, all acting like people are people, just trying to make it in the world.

    4. Yes, we get it, Hank, you hate Christians. I agree with some of that, some “Christians” are jerks and control-freaks. But insinuating that the Nazis were “Christian” is just provably false!

      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Positive_Christianity (copy/paste, remove space)

      Notable quote of a real Nazi:

      “Dr Zoellner and [Catholic Bishop of M?nster] Count Galen have tried to make clear to me that Christianity consists in faith in Christ as the son of God. That makes me laugh… No, Christianity is not dependent upon the Apostle’s Creed… True Christianity is represented by the party”


      “The Nazis eventually gave up their attempt to co-opt Christianity, and made little pretence at concealing their contempt for Christian beliefs, ethics and morality.”

      Hank, did you ever think that people can simply say “I’m a Christian” to try to fool people into following them? Did you ever consider that? Have you ever seen “plants” go to protests and misspell their sign in order to make the rest of the protesters look stupid?

      Or has you hatred blinded you to all logic and truth?

      What did Christ do that makes you hate us so much?

      Did you miss all the Biblical references that only those who actually do what Christ said are real followers of him? Lets list a few:
      Matthew 28:20
      John 15:14
      John 14:15
      John 14:21
      John 15:10
      1 John 2:3
      2 John 1:6
      John 8:51
      John 8:52
      1 John 2:4
      1 John 2:5

      1. Another illiterate who can’t make it through a 3-page platform with Christianity, sacrifice and death writ large by Hitler the painter of churches and Madonnas. Try realbeliefs.com for photos of nationalsocialists, priests and bishops exchanging Bellamy salutes, and photos of Nazi artifacts festooned with cadavers on crosses and Gott Mitt Uns currency. Heck, I’d hide my identity too…

        1. Fuck off you anti religious bigot. Why do you bother to post? All you do is insult christians and republicans and make some bizarre reference to some alleged government policy circa 1932. Like any of that somehow makes you clever. Obscure references don’t make you clever, especially when you beat the to death over and over.

          Bottom line, you’re just a deranged annoying unoriginal bigot.

          1. What’s wrong with being a bigot? I mean you’re constantly calling for tens of millions of Americans you don’t like to be arrested and killed for sedition, which is funny considering you think every single lib and Dem in the country is a secret Marxist plotting to send you to a fucking concentration camp. Talk about bigoted AND deranged, LOL! But hey, whatever. *shrugs*


            LOL, why so pissy?

            And all you do is bash progs and insist ever single Dem [even Zell Miller, probably] in the fucking country is a secret Marxist plotting to send you to a fucking concentration camp. Now that’s repetitive AND deranged. Pot, meet kettle. Not that I even care, really, but it’s funny to see you bashing someone for saying shit over and over and over again.

            BTW, Hank’s right. Everything he said was true and you’ve got nothing to contradict it

            “Bottom line, you’re just a deranged annoying unoriginal bigot.”

            LOL. Says the man who thinks everyone he disagrees with should be arrested or killed for treason. Which is kinda ironic considering you think every lib and Dem in the country is a secret Marxist bent on sending you to a fucking concentration camp

          2. [Well I fucked that up. Get some fucking editing options, Reason. Your forum sucks. Alright here we go:]

            And all you do is call for tens of millions of Americans you don’t like to be arrested and killed for sedition, which is funny considering you think every single lib and Dem in the country is a secret Marxist plotting to send you to a fucking concentration camp. And you wanna talk deranged? Maybe you should calm down too, LOL. But, hey, whatever right? You didn’t see me or Hank bitching about it. And you shit on the cops just like the rest of us, so you got that going for you, at least. *shrugs*

            1. That’s quite a straw an you constructed. 90% bullshit. And 10% distorted truth. I’m against Marxist progressives because they represent an existential threat to our individual freedoms. Their agenda is to enslave everyone into their collective. Apparently your limited cognition prevents you from reaching this simple and obvious correct conclusion.

              Beyond that, do not presume to know or understand what I think. It’s clearly quite beyond your limited ability to understand. So don’t bother to try. I’ll just continue to use this forum to try and explain it in simpler terms so you might grasp some of it.

              And don’t worry. When the progs attempt to take over, me and others like me will do the heavy lifting for you and stop them. I’m sure you will be much too frightened and confused to offer any constructive assistance. In the meantime, you keep crying those tears for the progtards, because I’m such a big meanie.

              Toodles Drake.

        2. Complete an utter lack of ability to change one’s POV given new info. I should expect the same from those who hate Christians.

          Some Nazis claimed to be Christians. Some humans claim to be space aliens. So what?

    5. The real Hank Philips was an idiot.

      1. And nobeliefs.com for you to cry over, genius.

    6. Hank. Democrat politicians LOVE their cops too.
      Remember both parties will erect Barbed Wire reeducation camps
      and the SAME badge carrying police will fill and operate both.

  6. The victim’s family should wait a year or so and then arrange for this shitbag cop to disappear.

    1. Says the shitlord of the “shitbag”. Obviously, you would have let the suspect reach behind, and then, gently reminded him to not do so again, giving him a pat on the head, when he reached you. Your new name is “shit for brains”.

      1. Since he was crawling on the floor face down, of course he should “reach behind” because how else would I cuff him?

      2. He didn’t ‘reach behind’. His pants were falling down and he foolishly tried to pull them up. That cop made him so scared and confused there was no way he wasn’t going to be executed by the pig.

        Now why don’t you get back to sucking off cops, you fucking faggot. YOUR new name is ‘Sugar’, because you take it so sweet. You stupid fucking piece of cop felting shit.

        1. To be clear, I’m addressing my new best friend, Jefferson. Not Kytho.

  7. could have avoided the whole situation by the cops going to him. that said the cop was ready to shoot for any reason, and he said such, making premeditated opportunity to murder

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I’d bet money that had that officer’s conversations on the way to the scene been recorded, they would have shown that he wasn’t going to leave without killing someone.

      1. it would also be interesting to see the high fives he got back at the station

  8. A friend of mine pointed out the media said he was killed with the cop’s “service weapon”. Why isn’t it an ‘assault rifle’ when held by one of our paladins of light and goodness?

    1. Only the cops should have guns, right liberals?

    2. “Assault rifle” is situationally defined.

    3. I don’t think paladins are allowed to use ranged weapons like bows, crossbows, or AR-15’s. unless he was a multi-class with several levels as a ranger.

      1. lol, paladins cant be multi-classed dork…lol

        1. Damn it! You’re right.

        2. That’s because the world has been corrupted. Real paladins are single-classed. Those multi-classed posers shouldn’t be given the time of day.

          1. True. And I’ll bet they’re not even all really Lawful Good.

  9. The police: welfare for illiterate psychopaths who have boner for killing people. Not the best social program anyone’s thought up, I must say.

    1. But damn do they have a good union.

    2. Rob from the rich! Murder the poor!

      1. It gets complicated……


        Long, but entertaining. (Which was also my nickname in college).

    3. And yet it’s the backbone of all the other social programs, so whatcha gonna do.

      1. Bingo! Someone’s gotta steal my money, right?

        1. It’s not stealing because social contract. Or something.

          1. For exactly one extremely limited and hidebound value of “social contract.”

            1. It is strange to see someone who subscribes to social contract theory so openly despise the enforcement arm of the social contract.

              1. Just remember that Tony is a shallow and incurious thinker. It explains his inability to see even the most obvious second-order implications of the brain-shits he gifts to this forum.

            2. If you don’t want to be murdered in cold blood, move to a different country, ya parasite. You didn’t build that body, you didn’t build those organs. Everyone has to pay for the safety and security of those roads to get the those groceries.

        2. New Soviet Man gives up his earnings freely and selflessly.

    4. Nonetheless, we have to give them more power, right? Wouldn’t want anybody to not buy health insurance, or to get a ride to the airport from someone who’s not a taxi cartel member.

      1. Tony’s cognitive dissonance is so tasty.

        1. Nah. It’s boring and it’s old.

          1. Which is why I always tell him to go drink Drano.

  10. The judge did not allow jurors to hear about an etching on the dust cover of the rifle Brailsford used to shoot Shaver, which said “You’re f–ked,” because he felt it was prejudicial.

    I reluctantly agree with the Judge on this narrow issue. It’s not really relevant to the murder, not having that on his dust cover doesn’t make it less of a murder.

    1. but it does show intent, this cop has been waiting his whole career to shoot and he took the opportunity

      1. Telling the dude repeatedly that he’s going to shoot him if he makes “a mistake” (whatever the fuck that means), also shows some intent, I’d say. Looks pretty close to 1st degree murder.

        1. It shows nothing but intent. This sadist murdered this kid in the first degree.

        2. “Okay perp. We’re gonna play a little game of “Simon Says-Death Version”.”

    2. Yeah, though we know if a person had such an etching on anything near them while they shot a cop, the judge would allow it as evidence of mindset, intent, etc.

    3. So in the event that a man shoots a cop, and on the side of the gun is etched “cop killer”, we know that in reality, that would be the lead picture for the prosecution, but should that also be withheld from the jurors as it was merely coincidental?

    4. If a civilian shoots someone, even a justified shooting, prosecutors will use all of that and more. Use “special” self defense ammo, decorate your firearm with a punisher logo, etc – you were looking to harm someone.

  11. Here’s to verbal judo and due process! Give that poor cop his job back! /dunphy

    1. You left out the part where Dunphy brags about successfully suing some fellow cops who beat him up for reasons undisclosed.

      1. Hmmm…sounds interesting…seriously, it’s fun to joke, but dunphy’s perspective was fairly interesting.

        1. Listening to my three-year-old niece try to describe the plot of Zootopia over Thanksgiving was interesting, too, but i wouldn’t call it helpful or informative.

    2. There needs to be a local group in Phoenix that makes sure Brailsford remains unemployable and is a pariah. Maybe even arranging for regular beatings when he dares to go out in public.

  12. But that video shows some truly baffling decisions by Brailsford that escalated the situation to make it even scarier, not the least of which was that Brailsford’s bluster and open threats of violence made him appear as terrified as Shaver.

    Make the guy nervous by making unreasonable threats. Guy freaks and makes a “mistake”. Fire multiple rounds into a clearly harmless suspect. Go home safely to your family.

    Also, note the disrespectful discourse of the officer at the outset. Is that really how you should be talking to the people that pay your salary*?

    *I have only had a few interactions with police. At the outset of each one (before possibly being accused of very minor infractions…) they were complete and total dicks. Starting out and interaction by being a disrepectful a-hole only serves to escalate the situation. Perhaps that is by design so they can justify using some of their deadly toys.

    1. He starts right off saying “I’m not here to be tactful and diplomatic with you”. Fucking asshole.

      1. Then what is the point of you, Brailsford? Jesus.

      2. He starts right off saying “I’m not here to be tactful and diplomatic with you”. Fucking asshole.

        And then proceeds to contradict himself verbally, logically, procedural-ly…

        An tactless, undiplomatic sadist probably would’ve kicked him in the face, maybe broken a few ribs… all without telling him why. This fucker said he’s going to shoot him if he makes a mistake and then told him to keep his hands up, don’t move, and crawl towards him.

      3. No, it is called taking charge of the situation, and making sure the suspect knows how is boss. The statement, in and of itself, is not what is in question, it is the intelligence of the suspect, to have reached for his back pocket, and not continued crawling. The call is not all that hard to make, and if I were a cop (I was in the Air Force, and never had to unholster my firearm), I would likely have done the same thing. There are a lot of armed folks out there.

        1. Death penalty for minor poor judgment in hand movement in the face of overwhelming terror. That’s not the America I grew up in.

          You’re an asshole.

          1. It wasn’t even ‘minor poor judgement’… it was a reflex. Although you (and they) are viewing him as a ‘suspect’, in reality he was just a normal citizen on a business trip doing nothing illegal, and within seconds he is on the floor at gunpoint being screamed at. Talk all you want about what he should have done, but by the moment he was shot he was probably in such mind numbing terror that he was going on reflex alone. If you took the entire jury and put them into this same scenario I’m guessing at least ten would have reacted in a way that in the police officers mind justified them being shot.

            And he was not taking charge of the situation. He was needlessly escalating the situation (the Sergeant, not the Officer) to a point where it was practically inevitable that it was going to end in disaster.

        2. . . . and if I were a cop (I was in the Air Force, and never had to unholster my firearm), I would likely have done the same thing.

          Then you, like Mr. Brailsford, you would’ve been a coward.

          I had people at gunpoint in the course of my duties (Marine Corps), and at no time was I so frightened that I would’ve considered, even for a second, firing at nothing more than the possibility of a weapon. And this isn’t just because my military career would’ve been ruined (at the very least), but because I’m a decent human being who isn’t going to shoot someone unless it’s absolutely necessary. I would refuse to spend the rest of my life knowing that I’d killed a man who clearly presented absolutely no threat to me.

          1. Well written by a man not consumed by fear as that miserable shit of a cop was!

            1. Braillford would quickly have been weeded out in the military. No one wants a weak bullying, reactionary coward like that around them in actual combat. He’s a huge fucking liability to himself and others.

        3. Even if the “suspect” pulled a handgun from his back pocket he would have been at a severe disadvantage against a “trained officer” with an AR-15 pointed directly at the suspect’s head. And of course there were other officers there.

        4. Then you are an idiot.

    2. Make the guy nervous by making unreasonable threats. Guy freaks and makes a “mistake”. Fire multiple rounds into a clearly harmless suspect. Go home safely to your family.

      This was probably in the officer training manual.

  13. What motivation does a DA who has to work with police every day have to prosecute police with any real vigor? Shame that we, the people, can’t get our own counsel when The State has committed a crime.

    1. Time to de-monopolize prosecution.

      1. The family should just hire a hit man to deal with this ex cop.

    2. What motivation? Well, for starters, ‘integrity’-adherence to the stated terms of his freakin’ job. How about ‘morality’? Simple right-and-wrong. Side benefit-when you tell your kids something is right or wrong, you won’t be a raging hypocrite. How about being an actual public servant? Making your community a better place by enforcing penalties on OTHER public servants who endanger members of the public? (ESPECIALLY those who are among those granted the exercise of the governments’ monopoly on legal violence.)

      Or is that just the rainbow-shitting Pollyanna side of me?

  14. What part of psychotic breakdown did the jury miss? That hot-head had no business being a cop. Isn’t the city responsible for screening out mentally unstable candidates? This idiot was going to shoot that poor bassturd no matter what he did, or didn’t do. He screamed so many contradictory non-nonsensical orders, I couldn’t figure out what he wanted this guy to do. Rump-swabs like this don’t do anything good for police relations.

    1. Lesson for all of us if the cops have you on the ground with our hands over your head and feet crossed don’t move no matter what they say. It is not disobeying to not move when given conflicting information of course they will still shoot you and get off but its better than crawling to a morons screams.

      1. I thought the same thing. Did anyone else note that the guy seemed to be sobbing, and completely distraught. Men are expected to be men and when ordered to respond with no emotion. This guy probably never got into a fight in his life much less an active shooter situation, with the fear, confusion, and endorphins running through him, he probably had very little conscious control over his movements. But of course men are supposed to be rocks, and by the public’s view, he should have just done what he was told.
        So you are right, lay there and refuse to move, you can’t make the wrong move if you don’t move.

        1. It’s like a game of Simon Says. But if you mess up, you die.

          1. This was among the top two most sadistic things I’ve seen in real life.

            1. Sheltered.

      2. Except if you are that social worker with his patient who was playing with his trucks on the side walk a year ago, and the cop shot him anyways even though his hands were up and he was telling them that he was there to help the kid/patient.

        1. At least the social worker wasn’t shot dead. Not that the cop would’ve cared

    2. The way you become a cop is to fail the psych exam.

    3. One thing to point out though is that the guy (the Sergeant) screaming out the ‘contradictory nonsensical’ orders was not the one on trial. The police officer who fired the shots should bear responsibility for what he did, but in my mind it was the Sergeant who is primarily responsible for how the entire situation unfolded, and the fact that he faces no consequences is a disgrace. Even more disgraceful is that he was allowed to retire shortly after this episode.

  15. The video is one of the most awful things I’ve seen in a long time. Couldn’t find any other news story that gave other facts that would have lead police to suspect Shaver was dangerous besides someone seeing him with what looked like a rifle.

    Articles said the jury saw the whole video. I cannot believe an entire jury thought the department’s training protocol said “If you suspect people are armed, tell them to lie face down, then tell them to get up on their knees and crawl towards you while keeping their hands above their heads.”

    1. Get up on your knees! Keep your legs crossed! Put your hands up! Crawl towards me!

      How the fuck is anyone supposed to make sense of that? It’s like the cops expect people to be well prepared for being screamed at by armed men who are threatening to shoot them.

      1. The craziest one was “Get up on your knees! No, keep your legs crossed!”. Are you fucking kidding me?
        “No, put your LEFT hand on a BLUE circle motherfucker! One more mistake and you go home in a body bag!”

    2. This is awful. And it makes a joke of our system of so-called justice. But to understand the legal reasons why a cop can get off after something like this, I would recommend listening to this:

      Summary: the system is so, so broken.

      1. Not sure I can handle any more disturbing thoughts today, but thanks for the link.

    3. I’ve heard enough of what’s on the video to know I don’t want to watch it. I have enough trouble sleeping at night as it is. I have a tough time disputing any claims that we live in a dystopian police state when this sort of thing happens and the police officer is acquitted.

      I pride myself on being fair-minded. I like to think I can understand people who have different opinions, even when I think they’re wrong. I cannot put myself in the mind of any juror who voted to acquit on this case, however. That cop must have had a hell of a defense attorney.

      1. Likely the prosecutor was on his team as well, you know, professional courtesy.

      2. I have watched a lot of cop shootings, this was perhaps the worst and most disturbing one because I honestly feel that I would have also been shot in the same situation.

        Most of the time I can watch a shooting like this and while perhaps feeling the cop overreacted I can also see how the person being arrested acted in a manner which did not help his cause and also usually in a manner which I myself would not have acted.

        In the above instance however I believe it is likely I would have acted in at least somewhat of a similar fashion as the man who was killed and I really have a hard time thinking of a way he could have acted that did not end up with him being shot. It really felt like the cop was going to shoot the guy no matter what.

        Perhaps something occurred earlier in the video that might explain some of this behavior, but as of this moment I think this may be the most disturbing police shooting video I have seen.

        1. Most people would have been shot under the same circumstances. Can you imagine anyone surviving this piece of shit’s commands if they had any issues which affected their balance or restricted their range of motion? No way they would have been able to follow the diot’s nonsensical commands.

      3. The police unions take care of their own.

      4. With cops like that, who know, maybe the police threatened their families.

      5. If you read the article, you’d see that the jury didn’t get to see the video. That means either the prosecutor or the judge was really awful.

        1. ??? If YOU had read the article, you’d see that the jury DID. But I’d agree that the prosecutor and judge were still really awful.

      6. It’s pretty disturbing. I wouldn’t watch it unless you want to feel sick, angry, distressed.

      7. Only thing I can think is that they thought the wrong man was on trial, and that it should have been the Sergeant on trial for 2nd degree murder. I can’t believe they didn’t at least convict on manslaughter, but they might have been bothered by convicting the Officer for something when the person most responsible, his Sergeant, was not even charged.

  16. This is why I don’t weep for dead cops. Give Satan my regards.

  17. I hope Brailsford burns in hell.

    That poor kid was so confused and distraught. Brailsford psychologically tortured him into the mistake that cost him his life. Looks like his pants were sliding down and he just reached down to pull them up. A simple instinctual reaction that we all do.

    Next time BLM whines about racist policemen they need to be shown this video. It’s not a racism problem.

    1. Nope. This piece of shot was perfectly happy to shoot a white guy. Might have been even more aggressive since no racism accusations could result.

    2. Not a very bright kid. He reached for the back of his pants (shorts), and BANG BANG, you dead.

      1. Go get bent, sociopath.

      2. I hope your name references a less enlightened and more unsavory person named Jefferson than POTUS 3. Because you don’t deserve to even say the name of Thomas Jefferson. Fuck you.

        1. Maybe Jefferson Davis?

    3. BLM was the worst thing to happen to the cause of police reform. Once it was safely reframed as a “black thing”, most people hit the snooze button.

      1. Well, yeah.

  18. I read this one earlier today and was wondering when Reason would cover it.

  19. From the wiki:

    On 25 May 2016, Myers ordered portions of the video released. The released video omits the shooting itself. The edited version includes footage from Brailsford’s body camera up to the time when someone exits Shaver’s hotel room and footage from another officer’s camera while he escorts a woman from the hotel. In accordance with arguments from Brailsford, prosecutors, and Shaver’s parents, the court order had barred the public release of the encounter between officers and Shaver until Brailsford’s case is resolved in order to protect Brailsford’s right to a fair trial.[11]

    Isn’t the point of sequestering a jury to inoculate them from public opinion? It seems like making the video public earlier would have lead everyone to the reasonable conclusion that Brailsford was really itching to kill somebody. Which, you know, might be relevant in a murder trial.

    1. I don’t know how sequestration works, but unless they confiscate all electronic devices, this makes sense actually. Also, I don’t think most juries are actually sequestered. Which begs the question: why?

      1. I hope all those jurors have to go home and explain to their families why they let a cop executing an unarmed person off the hook.

        1. They won’t have to explain in the way you’re thinking man. A) presumption of innocence. B) It’s not like their kids are going to be watching the video. C) they’ll explain why they voted not guilty from their perspective, which will be enough for their families.

          I’m pro-police, or at least not anti-police most of the time. I know I couldn’t have watched this video and found the guy not guilty. And if that meant a hung jury, then so be it. Even without knowledge of the etchings on the gun, the guy was complying as best he could and there was no imminent threat, real or imagined.

          I pray I never find my family on the receiving end of something like this. I’m too full of hate and rage to believe I could contain myself after this miscarriage of justice.

          1. ** If it happened to a loved one of mine

          2. If their families don’t hold them accountable, then no one will.

            There’s two types of jurors in this situation: the ones who fellate police and honestly thought this was a good shot; and the ones who saw it for what it was, but didn’t want to be stuck in deliberation for days trying to convince their fellow jurors it was murder (I suppose they could all actually agree it was a good shoot, but I have more faith in my fellow humans)

            It’s that second kind of juror which is worse, in my opinion. Being on a jury is serious business, you are deciding the fate of a person. It’s not a situation where you should be passing the buck. I would have absolutely hung that jury, if I could not convince even one other person. This guy should not be taking a walk.

            Not to mention the message this sends to other psychotics on the force waiting for the day they get to plug somebody.

            1. I would that, having been spared the ‘prejudicial’ experience of having to watch the video prior to deliberation, someone, SOMEONE sits them down and makes them watch it.

              And then, and only then, ask them to explain their verdict. I would hope sobbing and “We didn’t know!” would ensue.

          3. Sadly, I think it is too much to expect their loved ones to hold them accountable.

            1. If my husband was on a jury that voted to acquit, I’d divorce him.

          4. Thought experiment: If indeed some of these jurists (or even just 1) simply voted guilty to go home, rather than having to remain in deliberations… why should either a libertarian or anarchist have a problem with it?

            The folks here regularly praise self-interested decisions, claiming we can’t force people to do the “moral” thing over the expedient one. And that’s all the above situation would be: choosing the pragmatic, self-interested option. The jurists are being forced to participate from the beginning. They just want to go home. Why shouldn’t they do whatever gets them there faster?

            1. If that was the case all they have to do is say they are a libertarian or anarchist during the selection process and off they go.

            2. ****Voted NOT GUILTY****

              Bad Kivlor.

            3. Yes, but for libertarians and anarchists looking in from the outside, it would seems to me that such criticisms of their choices should be anathema.

            4. I guess it depends on what you think of the idea of “civic duty”. If seeing justice done is a personal value of yours, then you are going to stick to the decision you made about the case.

              And it’s not like it’s that hard to get out of jury duty. If you don’t want to do it right, tell them you hate cops, or are related to a cop, or something.

            5. What’s wrong with someone getting days or weeks into a jury trial and saying “you know, I really want to go home to my family.” He’s making an economic decision. If he holds on, it’s giving in to the sunk cost fallacy right? “I thought it was worth it doing my ‘civic duty’ but now…” Aren’t we supposed to praise his self-interested decision-making?

              I mean, if anything, shouldn’t we oppose jury trials altogether because they are a form of slavery?

              1. Sounds like a fallacy. I can agree that someone has the right to make a bad decision while still condemning the decision. Ultimately, acquitting this cop increases the likelihood that other cops are unafraid of consequences when they act especially trigger happy. It increases the likelihood that you or someone you care about might later encounter this individual who served no punishment and is still kill happy. It’s not the most enlightened of self-interested choices. I can endorse your right to make a stupid choice without agreeing with your stupid choice.

            6. “The folks here regularly praise self-interested decisions, claiming we can’t force people to do the “moral” thing over the expedient one”
              I don’t think any libertarian would need to be forced to convict this motherfucker. Hard to imagine a greater violation of the NAP than I just saw in this video. It’s in my self interest to see this asshole cop locked up.

            7. When acting as a juror you are not a private individual. Voting guilty makes you a participant in the state’s initiation of force.

              Voting guilty because you want to go home is no more an exercise of legitimate self-interest than a cop taking a bribe is.

              1. Key word being ‘legitimate’. Once you, or any libertarian or anarchist, undertakes the duty to serve on a jury, you have committed to do it right, haven’t you? These people didn’t. That’s bad. And I say that as a libertarian.

          5. B) It’s not like their kids are going to be watching the video.

            Their kids have YouTube, just like virtually every kid. Think they’re not going look for the video about the case their Mom or Dad participated in?

    2. Wait, did the jury get to see the video, however? The article implies that the jurors didn’t see this portion of the video, either.

    1. +100 headbangs

      I’m angry enough to enjoy this.

  20. The spirit of Balko (pbuh) lives on in posts like these.

  21. Ilke I said in another post recently – there is not floor for how low my opinion of cops can go. This vid is hurtling it down a bottomless pit.

    1. My opinion of American juries is right there.

  22. Even without the shooting that was some pretty shitty police work. That cop was itching to shoot. Why the F didn’t they just go cuff the kid, damn. All for a damn play gun, hell even if it was real, WTF! its legal to have a gun in AZ. I am so disgusted.

    1. You have the benefit of hindsight, not of the situation at hand, and are emotionally triggered, just as others who might or might not have a prejudiced view of law enforcement. At least the kid didn’t suffer.

      1. Fuck You. The dead kid didn’t suffer? You have the benefit of knowing what he felt while having his body pumped full of bullets after being terrified by a psychopath? Fuck You. Eat shit asshole.

        1. Jefferson is a stupid piece of shit. He might even be the faggot cop in question. Either way, they always have a million excuses when they fuck up. Cops are never accountable.

      2. I’m beginning to suspect Jeffersonian162 is Brailsford. He’s cut from the same psycho cloth.

      3. So what about the scenario made it safer to instruct the kid to crawl down the hallway, rather than continue to lie face down, when he was already face down, and just go up and cuff him? I can’t for the life of me figure that part out. Not in hindsight, but in the scenario of trying to safely arrest someone who I suspect is armed and who is currently facedown on the ground.

        1. I don’t think I’ve every heard of any cop telling a suspect to crawl toward him (or any other direction). Not that I know any more about it than anyone else.

      4. Even without hindsight you can’t justify this shooting. Sending a SWAT team when no criminal activity is reported is already violating the objective reasonableness standard.

        Treating everyone as suspects to a crime that hasn’t been reported is not reasonable.

        The idea that a reasonable officer would shoot in a situation where no criminal activity had been reported because he was in fear for his life and/or the lives of others is utterly ridiculous.

      5. I saw the first six words and didn’t have to look to see who posted the comment. Didn’t continue either. Go away you fuck. Your “argument” trying to defend this piece of shit are pathetic and you’re not convincing anyone. Go fuck yourself. With a razor dildo.

  23. As a guy from Arizona, I’m not happy about this.

  24. It’s an unfortunate event, for sure. But I wonder what any of you would have done in that situation. It takes less than a second for a suspect to pull a hidden gun and fire. I can link videos of cops being killed by suspects that were completely passive a moment before. They already knew (or at least at reason to believe) that he was armed. They didn’t cuff him where he was prone because they had to consider the possibility of someone else being in the hotel room.

    I don’t know what that department’s policies are, but they probably include the instructions the officer was giving. The woman complied, did as instructed and crawled toward them. She was unharmed. Blame the loose shorts, maybe? But when the suspect reached behind his back for no reason, he escalated the scenario. Cops are not trained to be polite. They are trained to take control of a situation and issue clear demands. That’s exactly what happened.

    Everyone’s an expert when they’re looking from the outside. Undergoing police training for these scenarios changed this activist’s mind. Maybe yours, too?


    1. Hmm, who would have thought showing cops videos of cops being murdered as part of their training might skew their perspective?

      The COP escalated the scenario when he ordered this man to shuffle forward instead of having another cop cuff him while keeping him covered with the gun. Instead he made the baffling decision to scream at bunch of commands at a guy who is at first confused, then pretty clearly terrified because the cop is telling him he’ll fucking die if he makes a mistake. I don’t know about you, but I get pretty antsy with people looking over my shoulder. I don’t know how I’d react if a man with a gun was screaming he going to kill me.

      If you’re too much of a pussy to handle one guy in loose shorts who’s sobbing for his life, you don’t deserve to be a cop. Especially when you’ve got half a dozen other cops backing you up in this situation.

      1. And SWAT body armor too.

    2. Yet if a soldier did this to an foreign national in a war zone who turned out to be unarmed, PVT Snuffy would be doing 20 in Leavenworth.

      1. Amazing that a sobbing American on the floor of a hotel gets less consideration that an enemy combatant.

        And yes, being a cop can be dangerous. It’s what you get paid for. Don’t like it? Get a new line of work.

    3. Since you seem to be an expert tell us, exactly what does cop dick taste like?

      1. Salty milk and coins.

    4. How many frames were deleted from those “training” videos. I’ve never, ever seen anyone move that fast.

    5. If that were the standard we should accept, when could a police shooting not be justified?

      The rules are very simple, and they are supposed to apply to everyone: you are only justified in using deadly force if you REASONABLY BELIEVE the safety of you or third party is in imminent danger.

      The fact that there are scenarios where you might be in danger means nothing. I can show you a video of a man in a convertible being shot in the head without warning. Are you in danger whenever you sit in a convertible?

      He didn’t see a gun, he didn’t have any reason to believe the “suspect” had a gun or in anyway was breaking the law; if you can shot in that circumstance, you can shoot in any circumstance.

    6. It’s not objectively reasonable to send a SWAT team when no actual crime has been reported.

      Just stop.

    7. A “civilian” who did what the cop did under those circumstances would get the death penalty in AZ. Not a doubt in my mind.

    8. So basically, if somebody calls the police on you for doing something that is perfectly legal, you have forfeited your life, unless you can comply with a face-down game of Simon Says at gunpoint.

      Blame the loose shorts, maybe? But when the suspect reached behind his back for no reason, he escalated the scenario.

      Ah, so the “suspect” must make split second decisions about responding to unexpected events, and consciously avoid any natural reflexes like pulling one’s pants up when they’re coming off, under penalty of death for any mistake. Whereas the cop is allowed to make oopsies like filling a kid with lead because, hey, everybody’s human!

      Everyone’s an expert when they’re looking from the outside.

      How can you type that with a straight face after your blaming the sobbing kid crawling at gunpoint for reflexively reaching for his pants?

    9. It takes less than a second for a suspect to pull a hidden gun and fire.

      It takes even less time to pull the trigger of a gun you already have pointed at them. Unless the suspect was Wyatt Earp, I would not think he would be able to get any gun out and fire that quickly.

    10. So why is it that the ratio of cops being killed by citizens to citizens being killed by cops is so outrageously out of whack? Why are there hundreds of citizens murdered by American cops every year, and like single digits in European countries? Are European cops just less fearful for their lives? Are Europeans better at making cops more comfortable? Or are the European police unions not as good at defending them?

    11. Sounds-like-jeffersonian posted:
      “Everyone’s an expert when they’re looking from the outside. Undergoing police training for these scenarios changed this activist’s mind. Maybe yours, too?”\


    12. There is no way he could have drawn a weapon from his waistband like that and instantly fired. Go ahead and try. Even my gym partner, who is a massive firearms enthusiast with hundreds of hours of tactical training schools said he couldn’t do it under those circumstances, and I’ve seen him quick draw. The cop created that situation so he would have an excuse to murder at least one of them.

    13. Cops are ‘trained to take control of a situation and issue clear demands. That’s exactly what happened’.

      It doesn’t seem possible that we watched the same video. The Sergeant escalated the situation and then started issuing commands that were at best bizarre, but certainly contradictory and confusing, all the while screaming that if he made the slightest mistake he would be killed. And there were five other officers there, all with rifles pointed. The woman said that when she came out of the room there were ‘red dots all over her’.

      What is so frightening with this video was the realization that this was not one of those situations where someone was being uncooperative and fighting. He was doing EVERYTHING he could to comply with directions that almost guaranteed he would make a mistake. The police officers CREATED a situation where most normal law abiding citizens in the same situation would have a similar reflex error, thus justifying their execution.

  25. “They are trained to take control of a situation and issue clear demands.”

    Brailsford didn’t issue clear commands. He was playing “Simon Says”.

    “[Shaver] escalated the scenario.”

    No, he didn’t. Shaver was clearly terrified and trying to comply with unclear commands. Brailsford escalated the situation by having Shaver get up and crawl. They could have kept him prone with his hands back while they checked the area. There were 6 cops there.

    1. ^in reply to Mindscape

  26. The clear instructions to crawl towards the armed officer, does not mean to stop, and to reach with one’s right hand into one’s shorts or pants, not even if my pants were coming off! Unfortunate, but this is what stupidity will get you.

    1. Jeff, I hope a cop murders you, just for the ironic chuckles.

  27. What was unclear? “Cross your legs.” (he undid them once already) “Keep your hands in the air.” (he didn’t even come close to this one) “Crawl toward me.” (failed, grabbed for the back of his pants for the second time). The woman seemed to figure it out and she lived.

    1. stupid can get one killed! To all of you cursing the cop for what he did, I ask you, where, exactly, did the cop go wrong, with the kid reaching back to grab a gun or to pull up his pants. Dumb, very, very dumb!

      1. When they responded to legal activity with high powered rifles. It’s not illegal to have a gun in AZ.

      2. Unless you SEE a gun, you don’t get to shoot. “I thought” or “I feared” or “”I reasonably believed” no longer cut it. Cops get paid a nice salary to go into harms way to PROTECT & SERVE us. If they can’t hack it, get another job.

        1. Soldiers in Afghanistan, an ACTUAL FUCKING WAR ZONE mind you, have to actually have a weapon being raised to fire at them before they can shoot. Apparently that level of restraint is beyond the animals in blue.

          1. They are given firepower and are not the brightest bulbs on the tree. And idiots who love a police state defend them, just as “good Germans” defended Hitler.

        2. Being a cop isn’t even especially dangerous………


      3. His mistake was not walking up to the hotel room door, like a grown man, knocking and with tact and diplomacy politely asking what was going on. Until shots are fired, there is no reason for a cop to even touch his weapon. Better 1000 cops die than one citizen be wrongly harmed by a cop.

      4. Now see it’s easy for you to say this because you have hindsight. Try to put yourself in the kid’s poorly fitting basketball shorts.


      God you awful piece of shit, you seem to think this kind of shit DOESN’T get cops killed. Unbelievable. But of course, with that result, the cops get to kill more civilians. You must view that as a win/win.

    1. That’s correct. Don’t want to get shot at? Don’t be a cop.

      1. If cops would just stick to crimes with actual victims, they wouldn’t be so hated.

      2. Police state apologists forget who works for who. Police work for the citizenry, not the other way around. Except in a police state.

  28. And people wonder why cops are getting shot at and minorities don’t trust them, because of assholes like this. Let’s break this down: No Miranda warning whatsoever, no visible weapon, and no communicated threat to the cop. It doesn’t matter if it was a pellet gun or a deadly weapon or a teddy bear in the hotel window, that’s a second amendment right. “Waving” a gun is not against the law in any way shape or form.

    The lesson here is to not move at all until the cop moves you, even if you’re given instructions to move, don’t move. No jury will let it slide if you don’t move at all and if they rough you up because you didn’t move, you have an excessive use of force claim. You may be bruised, but more likely you’ll be alive.

    Cops need to be trained better than this.

    1. Brandishing is definitely a crime.

      1. Correct,so every cop on scene should have been charged with brandishing.

  29. how could a person let this cop get away with this now other cops will kill somebody it won’t stop untill cops go to jail like anybody would

    1. They’ve been murdering and getting away with it for decades.

  30. Someone had a gun? In Arizona!? zomg!!! Call SWAT!!! /sarc Saying that someone had a gun, so it “might be dangerous” fundamentally misunderstands what it means to live in Arizona.

  31. I’m not usually an “eye for an eye” kind of person, but Brailsford AND every member of that idiotic jury should be taken out and shot. Immediately. And Shaver’s family should be offered the privilege of firing the shots.

    1. I like this. If I say on THEIR jury, I’d find them not guilty.

  32. That’s the most egregious fucking thing I’ve ever scene. That wasn’t second degree murder — it was first degree murder! Brailsford had a clearly stated plan to kill that man for making minor mistakes in following instructions.

    Brailsford needs a bullet in the head.

    1. Second.

    2. A clear and lawful application of Rule .308 is appropriate here.

  33. Congratulations to Mr. Brailsford on his second lease on life. I hope he goes forward with the realization that killing someone maybe isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  34. With all the screaming he had the kid scared to death. This cop is wanting to shoot. Sickening.

  35. There is no excuse for this.

    Maybe if they quit taking steroids, they’ll be less jumpy.

  36. I hate to say it … but i agree it’s not second degree. This should have been a first degree charge. He may not have intended when he arrived, but at some point in the video was can clearly see he began to plot the death of his victim as the story unfolded. He artilculated his plan as he went, & my guess is that his “Partners” (accomplice) were also terrified, froze and forgot theirobligation to keeping this citizen safe. Once he has clearly gone insane, it was his partner’s JOB to get the situation under control.

    Most police are there because they believe in community service. Unfortunately the balance of them (e.g. Phillip Brailsford ) are police because they want a legal way to do criminal activity.

    Let’s not glorify this piece of crap by calling him an “officer” … I think calling him “it” would be more appropo. Let’s hope it crawls under a rock before a sympathetic gives him a beating he will not soon forget.

    1. Pretty much these guys have planned this before. They might not have planned to kill this guy but they knew the odds if they kept up these crazy tactics eventually they’d have their chance shoot someone and get away with it, the ridiculous crawling and continuous “we are going to shoot you motherfucker”, they knew someone would eventually crack and make a wrong move. He was on the ground with is arms behind his back, they could have cuffed him easily. Instead they tried to turn him into a circus performer, know that at some point they would get to shoot someone in the face because humans are fallible creatures and even more fallible when they are scared out of their minds. This is very much 1st degree murder.

  37. Murder and incompetence. Their training program should be thrown out and begun anew. The promoters of the old program should be reevaluated. There was at least 1 other cop there (it seems). He too failed.

  38. Does anyone know the other dirt’s name ? The one using the room key? The one who allowed this nut to continue?

    And I must say, How sad that a jury could let this community down like that. Some things in life are obvious.
    Al Franken’s photo says it all, yet I heard some people call for “an investigation”. No investigation … (except verifying authenticity of the photo) is needed.

    The jury must have been picked because they are blind.. That case should have been over in an afternoon.

    How can we, as a community, allow this sad little boy criminal “wanna be” , or his attaboy side kick walk away from this without consequence?

  39. Who wants to be his friend ? anyone?

  40. It clearly put itself into a frenzy… the innocent people on the floor. Does it take 5 shots…

    Take a look at the Jerk in S Carolina … shooting to kill a guy who is running away. That cop was big, fat, and slow… but this guy thought he was God .. just like “it” did

    I hope La Quinta sues him too for ruining the reputation of their motel.

    If you were a social worker, you knew “it” had kids, and you saw this video you think its family are safe with him ?

    Murderers should get no mercy..once we are certain they did it, and there is no doubt here.

    1. The family should use their eventual wrongful death award money to establish a bounty in this asshole’s head. Or even crowdfunding it.

  41. Imagine if other occupations followed the “officer safety first” line of thinking.

    “What the hell is going on? 20 people have drowned at this beach!”

    “I don’t care. What matters is that every one of those lifeguards goes home safely.”

  42. In Pakistan women are stoned to death for infidelity, which is not surprising. What’s surprising is that in a recent poll 80% of Pakistani’s thought it was OK to stone a women to death.

    That there are armed incompetent police is an unfortunate fact of US life, but that 80% of cops and prosecutors would probably call shotting an unarmed man on the ground pleading for his life a “good kill” is what I find truly appalling.

    In the past I would jokingly state that many authority worshiping juriors would let a cop of for shoting someone in the back while running away with a claim of self defense. That is no longer just a joke.

    The Police State is You

    It’s your acquittal of peace officer’s homicides against civilians.

    It’s your elected District Attorneys justifying 99%+ of all police shootings for unarmed civilians.

    It’s you falling for contrived police justifications in civil rights cases.
    It’s your elected District Attorneys criminally prosecuting any shooting survivors or other victims of false arrest and the use of unreasonable force, for contrived “resistance offences”

    It’s you sitting on juries and voting “guilty” for some contrived criminal “resisting offense” (often for your fellow civilians not immediately, and without question, complying with police orders) that precludes the innocent victim of police abuse from suing his assailant.

    If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face forever”
    George Orwell, 1984

  43. Turnabout is fair play. If I’m ever called for jury duty, and the case involves someone who shot and killed officer Brailsford, my vote is “not guilty.” After seeing this video, any reasonable person who comes in contact with him has just cause to defend himself.

  44. Capital murder. Nothing more, nothing less.

  45. Is it rude to hope that Mindfuck and Jefferson get nut cancer and die horrible, painful deaths?

  46. The man is scared incoherent and imperfectly compliant with the cop’s commands which are, I suggest, excessive in this circumstance.

    Be careful out there. The cops are pussies and scared to death of the most infinitesimal risk.

    The advice for civilians here? In any similar situation, faint. If possible, vomit. Anything else that you do can get you shot.

    I fervently hope that Brailsford was not a military veteran. This panicky behavior is unworthy of a vet. He hasn’t the intelligence or the courage to be a police officer.

    So now we await the civil suit?

    1. The family is suing for $75 million. And in the civil case they will be able to put the entire Mesa Police department on trial, including the deranged Sergeant who in my mind was even more at fault than the officer who pulled the trigger. I expect a huge, huge, award.

  47. He forfeited his life when he pointed a gun out the window, for God’s sake. Who does that? We know who…

  48. Another detail: the cops SPECIFICALLY warned the suspect NOT TO REACH BEHIND HIS BACK several seconds before the shooting. They did not just say keep your hands in sight or keep your hands on the floor or above your head–they SPECIFICALLY said not to reach BEHIND HIS BACK.

    1. That guy was scared out of his mind. When I pull my pants up it’s usually subconscious and second nature I’ve done it so many times. He was on the ground with his hands behind his back. The cops escalated this so they could that guy and put a check mark on their bucket list.

    2. Shouting (all caps) does not strengthen your argument.

      Shouting at a suspect and threatening to kill him does not calm him down, it frightens him, it escalates a routine investigation into a life-endangering situation. Add alcohol and physical movements become impaired. Does a cop get to kill anyone who flinches or makes him nervous? Especially when the cop created the flinch? Or is scared out of his mind, like the victim? Is a pro ever allowed to go nuts and kill? Apparently so. The jury thought so. Why? Were they carefully selected to be prejudiced? I hope so. I would hate to think I live in a society that condones murder by cop.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the jury was either bribed or threatened.

      2. When I use all caps, it’s not to enforce an argument, it’s to indicate volume and/or vehemence of expression. If there were a font size that could indicate spittle in the face of some of these fuckers, I’d use it, too.

    3. I think this is why you tell the suspect to get on the floor and don’t move. After this point, the instructions are pretty clear any deviation could much more legitimately be interpreting as hostile. It’s like that copy wanted the suspect to do something to justify shooting him.

  49. Eventually, enough of the right people are going to become so fed up with these murders that, jury verdicts not withstanding, some of them will begin meting out street justice. I wouldn’t be surprised to start seeing reports of cops such as this one being hunted down and eliminated, especially in cases where evidence of the crime is as clear-cut and irrefutable as this.

    If I were sitting on a jury trying such a case – an upstanding citizen removing a dangerous animal from our midst – the only possible verdict would be to acquit; I would never vote to convict in such a case.

    1. Do the jury too; they’re accomplices.

  50. Who the hell do police think they are, ordering people to crawl? That action, right there, should have led to this cop’s firing, and the firing of any other cops in the room who failed to intervene. So much for “don’t resist and you won’t be hurt.”

  51. That’s just murder, plain and simple. they had him on the ground, the other cop could have moved closer and zip tied that scared guy while he was laying on the ground; both of them actually. These guys wanted to go out and kill somebody that night.

  52. What is wrong with people (jurors) who keep excusing murder? Is this because of jury stacking? How could 1, let alone 12, not recognize murder? Or was the killer “untouchable” because of the badge?

    1. Get a large enough group of old codgers in Arizona, and it’s not hard to find 12 that think cops can do no wrong.

      I’d love to know what the socio-economic makeup of the jurors was, or their political leaning. My gut tells me they’re all retirement-age Old Testament types. Maybe one or two wildcards who were more interested in getting home than trying to convince their fellow jurors or hang the jury altogether.

  53. Here’s hoping the daughters pull an Inigo Montoya in 10 years. “You killed my father; prepare to die.”

  54. In my opinion the cop was looking for a reason to shoot. I can’t believe a jury would absolve him from any responsibility on the evidence of that video. The parents should sue the cops for ten million dollars. That was awful.

  55. What kind of chicken shit cop makes someone crawl across the floor instead of lying still as the swat team approaches?

    Also, it looks like the room is at the end on the corner of the building and the people who saw him in the fifth floor window were in the hot tub about in the middle of the building. That looks to be about half the length of the building say 100 feet and five stories below with a really bad viewing angle.

    To top it all off the 911 call seems pretty tame so what were the cops thinking going storm trooper mode? Fuckwits, the lot of them.

  56. Brailsford is an expert marksman. He hit his victim with every round–at 5 feet!

  57. The vid is a documentary on mystical altruism. Some looter socialist sees a toy gun and calls the National Socialist Gestapo. Those worthies murder the terrified kid in cold blood. So a judge (whose oath on becoming an officer of the court includes “So Help Me God”) tells the Canonized Republican First Responder to put his hand on the Koran (or was it a Bauble?) and swear he is pro-avid-life. Evidence is suppressed, the jury is instructed to let the murderer walk and everyone is happy. The Democratic party snitch got reasonable gun enforcement, the Gestapo prolly figured the kid was Jewish, the cop union will reelect the judge and they all kill happily ever after. The Common Good before the Individual Good.

    1. You mean the jury didn’t even get to collect the proper bribes?

    2. Eat shit you antichrist bigot.

      1. I am referring to the retard Hank.

  58. This fucking cop would be a dead man if he executed my son like that. I would hunt him down and murder him the same way. A revenge killing if this piece of shit would be 100% justified.

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  60. Cases like this should be a unifying event for blacks and whites alike in America. The enemy here is rogue cops whoe are the enemy of civilization. There seems to have been a deafening silence by society at large recently when white police officers got off without punishment for shooting unarmed black men. The cop that shot Walter Scott just got convicted so hopefully we’re turning the corner. The system doesn’t give a crap about the people, one way or another, black or white.

    1. The media will never allow that. Progressives must keep the races divided to keep their agenda going.

  61. Before I read any comments, and without trying to say anything clever like [redacted], I want to sincerely say: that is fucking terrifying.

    1. That said…What the literal, actual fucking fuck was THAT?

      Faced with such an armed, jacked-up, ‘roid-raging lunatic as that, his mind clearly whirling with amorphous semi-concepts from training manuals, video games and cop movies, I don’t think I would have lasted as long as this poor schlub. Jesus.

      And “prejudicial”??? PREDJU-FUCKING-DICIAL??? Well, shit, Judgie, so is the fact the guys got three bullets in him!
      So’s the fact that he’s dead! So’s the fact that this cop was playing a game of Simon Says, Death Version!!

      I can just imagine how the “description” of the video went: “Suspect was clearly informed to follow officers’ instructions and failed to do so resulting in pacification of said suspect.”

      1. Wow, my sarcastic take on the spun description of the video sounds just like Jefferesonians’ posts.

      2. “Simon Says, Death Version” That sums it up.

  62. Plus, shouldn’t somebody be burning down a neighborhood and looting the convenience store?

    1. Crackers don’t do that.

  63. That was murder. They had the couple still and laying flat on the ground with several guns trained on them. The convoluted way they made the couple move about after having them immobile was bound to create problems. I can’t believe they are trained to operate this way. I suspect they didn’t even try to determine if it was a legal gun or even a real gun before they got to the hallway situation.

    Most people are not used to dealing with police in these situations, so will be understandably nervous. But it must be pointed out these people did not have a weapon in their hands or were not acting in a threatening manner. They were trying to comply with orders. Yet the police are so scared of any possible (yet improbable) threat against them it really appears they train them to shoot first and ask questions later. Do we really want our police trained this way? Do we really accept the collateral damage of such training? When do we reach the point where we are concerned as a country? When somebody important or really famous gets killed?

  64. Too many of these cases end this way: Jury won’t convict the “cop”.

    I’m beginning to believe judges and prosecutors have some way to manipulate these juries without our detecting it.

    While not necessarily relevant to this case, If I ever get on another jury, I’m going to smile, appear to be the most agreeable person during voir dire, then do whatever the Hell I want to in that deliberation room, the judge’s instructions be dammed. Nullification shall be my number one guide.

  65. This is outrageous. Both of these cops belong in prison for 2nd degree murder.

  66. Fuck this worthless pig. I say this calls for the Alex Murphy treatment. Those copsucking jurors can eat shit and die.

  67. Not sure why people are upset. No black person was killed. The white privilege of the cop was affirmed. Win-win for identity politics.

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  69. The jurors saw the video. Did he have a jury of his piers?

    At the very minimum this shows the need for civilian oversight. At worse it removes all doubt that we have a tyrannical government and that individuals must secure their own defense, especially defense from said government. This isn’t just a rouge officer, the system upheld his action as lawful.

    People in his position have permission to do this to us.

    In an age when it is fashionable to react to every “gun-crime” (sic) with calls for disarming civilians it is wise to remember the words of Malcolm X who said, “It is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks.”

    1. The jurors didn’t see the video prior to deliberation. It was “described” to them, probably something along the lines of “Officers went to the location and gave the suspect instructions with which he did not comply. The officers, sensing a threat, then neutralized him.” The fault here lies with the judge and/or the prosecutor.

      If the jurors neighbors, friends or relatives see it, I would hope there is much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments.

      1. According to the Arizona Central News the jury did see the video.

        It’s hard to imagine how anyone could watch this video and not say they just watched a murder. One thing to point out though is that the unhinged lunatic screaming at the innocent victim was not the police officer who shot him, but the Sergeant, Charles Langley. As I watched the video it seemed that he more than anyone was responsible for creating the situation where it became almost a given that the guy was going to be shot… yet he was not the one on trial.

        I wonder if the jury was saying to themselves that a murder was committed, but that the video showed the person MOST responsible for the murder was not the person charged. I’d sure like to know what they were thinking.

  70. Who were the jurors? Some ambitious investigative journalist needs to catch up with them and ask them to explain this ….. verdict.

  71. If he didn’t know English would he just be shot right away without the foreplay?

    1. This is another reason to hate the BLM movement…making cop murder all about them is just fucking selfish and wrong.

      1. I’m Forrest Gump: stupid as a stupid does. Yeah, if you’re THAT neanderthal stupid to play the “race card”, because as far as I saw, this cold blooded murder had NOTHING to do with race AT ALL… If you’re THAT stupid, that you just can’t say that this cop is a retard piece of shit… If you can’t just say, this cop was WRONG on every fucking level, and just take it for exactly what it was instead of getting retardedly political… If you just had a grain of sand in your stupid monkey head that said, hey, this cop is out of his mind… And didn’t play your brainwashed bullshit zombie fuckin retard brain on this, maybe, just maybe, you might have a point. Fuck.

        1. Well, aside from all my other posts which basically agreed exactly with what you said right there (except I wasn’t as easy on him as you are), I thought it was a valid point: that cop murder is NOT a “race issue”, it’s one that affects everyone, and MAKING IT A RACE ISSUE might even result in idiot fucking juries siding with the cops. Which is tragic, not something I’m fucking advocating. So you didn’t read any other comments and went off half-cocked.

          I think you’re the one whose knee is jerking so hard you’re kicking yourself in the brain. Nice shot, btw.

  72. This is absolutely disgusting beyond comprehension. I don’t give a fuck about your stupid ass political views. This kid did absolutely NOTHING wrong. This cop needs to get fuckin put in a slaughter house. Ooh you’re so bad ass with your guns Arizona. You stupid fucks. If you advocate this cold blooded rediculous murder and justify it, you need to be castrated. I don’t understand how anyone in the comments can back this cop up in any logical frame of mind and say that what he did was in ANY way justifiable. It’s people like you who need to be shot up into space in a rocket away from Earth with the rest of the psychos of the world and all be blasted the fuck out of here.

    1. The real problem here (to save you the trouble of understanding it for yourself) is A) other fucking guests at the hotel saw a fucking air rifle (legal) and called cops. No idea where they were from, but they are peripherally responsible for this kids’ death, though I guess they didn’t know a maniacal, roid raging monster would answer their call in a cops uniform. B) The judge or prosecutor somehow made it possible for this jury to NOT SEE THIS VIDEO before deliberating. It was “described to them”. Fucked up, right? THERE’S the guilty parties for the verdict. I suspect it’s going to be hard for the jurors when their families, friends and co-workers show them the video.

      So your “people of Arizona” rant means nothing. I hope your comments about people backing this cop (who I agree should be dead as this poor kid) were based on comments upthread that disgustingly tried to rationalize the cops’ actions because “he reached for his pockets” or some such shit. Awful, and if those comments came from an actual cop, not just some copsucker…well, there’s another dimension to our problem. No way any human being should try to justify the cops actions here.

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  74. Apparently Quentin Tarantino was right all along.

    Link for the Donald P. Scott murder below, for anyone not aware. The mother load of law enforcement abuses in one attack.- Illegal search warrant, 30+ cops and a battering ram, civil asset forfeiture (the motive), the story- drugs (pot, none found), the instuctions, “put the gun down or move or we shoot” (followed by a bang), a criminal trial (and acquittal), the civil suit (stonewalled), the apology (none).


  75. It’s time to try the judge for suppression of evidence. The Warren Commission did the same thing with the Zapruder film. In The New World Order, Control Agents will be exempt from prosecution. What we are witnessing here is a steady progression towards this goal.

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