Brickbat: Adding Injury to Insult


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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, City Council member Cindy Bass says it is an insult to the residents of some neighborhoods that stores in those neighborhoods have bulletproof glass between the cashiers and customers. She has authored a bill that would require stores to remove such glass. She says its sends a message that the customers of those stores are dangerous. She also says that many of those stores get too much of their revenue selling alcohol, which those neighborhoods don't need.

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  1. Every day a different goofy broad pops up. Has anyone noticed a hormone pattern?

    1. Yeah, AmSock, you should really see a doctor about it.

    2. “ALWAYS RIGHT” is a Democrat who pretends to be a misogynist libertarian.

      Feel free to c/p this after any of his comments.

  2. Shouldn’t she at least have to capture a few television stations or roll a few tanks into the town square before she can do this sort of thing?

  3. Step 2: ban the sale of bulletproof glass and mandate breathalyzer tests for all customers.

  4. Bass said she certainly isn’t aiming to put lives at risk.

    “I would never want to be part of a bill that would put somebody in jeopardy,” said Bass, whose district includes Germantown, Nicetown, Tioga, Logan, and parts of North Philly. She said the proprietors could hire security guards and install surveillance cameras.

    This is fucking priceless. Oh, wait, it isn’t. It actually costs money, much more than safety barriers. Filthacrapia deserves this kind of politician and the assholes who elect them deserve to have the businesses driven out of their neighborhoods.

  5. Those racist shop owners probably lock the doors when closed.

  6. they sure grow em stupid in Philly…

  7. Banning fortified retail seems like it would create a food desert.

    1. Or worse, a liquor desert.

  8. I would like to suggest two amendments to the bill.
    One, Cindy Bass will assume personal (no tax money, no insurance) liability of one million dollars per injury, and ten million dollars per death in any establishment that removes security as a result o the bill.
    Two, Cindy Bass must take a third shit job at one of these businesses after the security is removed.

    1. OOPS! That is shift, not shit, Mr. Freud.

      1. Sometimes typos are a window into the truth.

  9. Usually with this sort of crap you don’t have to look far to see which special-interest group is bankrolling the initiative, and I know Philly is a union town, but is there seriously a stick-up artists’ union lobbying for this? Or is she just shaking down the bullet-proof glass lobby for campaign cash with a threat to their livelihood? Cui prodest ? indeed.

    1. It is a round about way of trying to get places that sell beer and liquor to shut down.

      A lot of these places are probably staffed by the owners or members of their family.
      Force them to remove the glass, owners/employees feel unsafe, they shut down.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a race angle to it as well.
      These appear to be predominantly black neighborhoods and the business owners (at least the ones interviewed) are Asian and presumably don’t live in those neighborhoods.

      1. Gentrification! It’s only evil when people want to improve their own property or sell it because it’s suddenly worth a lot. When government wants to shut stuff down in order to improve the neighborhood, it’s different!

    2. “…is there seriously a stick-up artists’ union…?”

      The National Action Network?

  10. Also, Philadelphia City Council members should be banned from having bodyguards or guns. I mean, what an insult t their constituents!

  11. I knew a guy who used to rob those stores in Baltimore. I asked him how the hell he did that, and he said he’d have a friend throw a Molotov cocktail in an abandoned car some distance away, they would monitor the scanner until all the local units were going to the abandoned car, then they would walk into one of these stores, hold up a gas can and a lighter, and then threaten to pour gas through the revolving window and light the place up unless they gave up the cash and cigarettes. He said it usually worked.

    1. They need trap doors in front of the windows.

      1. You misspelled “manjacks.”

  12. Cindy Bass wins dumbest woman in Philly award. Quite the accomplishment.

  13. Seems she needs to work behind the cash register in one of those stores for a year. She surely shouldn’t be working as a city council member.

  14. Hiding behind bulletproof glass lessens the need for gun control, and that can never be allowed.

    1. That’s it!

    2. When we’re hiding behind bulletproof glass, the terrorists have won.

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