Nothing Good to Eat? Blame Immigration Restrictions.


The Afro Deli feels like a cross between a Chipotle and a slightly upscale burger joint. It's brightly lit, with colorful menus displayed on large HD televisions. Uniformed workers tap your order into iPads and deliver your food on reusable plastic trays. On the strip of Washington Avenue that passes through the University of Minnesota's campus in Minneapolis, it fits right in between a Bruegger's Bagels and a generic pizza place.

The restaurant looks 100 percent American. But the food is distinctly Somali.

As we sit down in a corner booth to chat, owner Abdirahman Kahin brings me a cup of tea from his home country. It's milky and flavorful, a hot chai spiced with ginger and cinnamon. It's delicious even at the end of August, but I imagine it would go down even better during the bitterly cold Minnesota winter. Later, I try what Kahin tells me is one of the most popular items on the menu: sambusas, a sort of afro-pierogi, deep fried and filled with a mixture of beef, lamb, spinach, lentils, and cilantro. It's savory, but milder than I'd expected after trying the tea. "Minnesota spicy," Kahin says with a grin, a concession to the tastes of the Nordic population that is a majority in the state.

From the open quick-service kitchen comes the sweet sound of sizzling meat, as a line cook grills up some Somali steak sandwiches—think cheesesteaks without the Cheez Whiz, topped with diced tomatoes and fried onions, and served on focaccia bread instead of a hard roll. Focaccia is common in Somali dishes, Kahin tells me, appropriated from the Italians who colonized the region in the mid-1800s.

"People don't discriminate about food," he says. "They don't really care where the food came from, as long as it tastes good."

It's hard to argue with him. On this Tuesday near lunchtime, the Afro Deli is packed with college students and university employees, seemingly thrilled to be eating something other than a burger or a sub—to have a lunch that's possible because of America's willingness to accept strangers from foreign lands.

The Twin Cities are home to more than 25,000 Somali immigrants, the largest such community anywhere in the world outside of Africa. That so many Somalis, who hail from a place where the weather alternates between hot and dry and hot and wet, would end up in Minnesota seems a bit surprising. But decades of immigration to the area have established a community that welcomes newcomers.

In the early 1990s, the United States agreed to accept a flow of refugees from the Horn of Africa after Somalia's government collapsed amid a regional civil war that killed thousands and displaced millions more. Minneapolis took in the first wave, and more have followed in the 25 years since. In 2015, the most recent year for which complete data is available, over 8,800 Somali refugees were resettled in the United States, with more taking up residence in Minnesota than in any other state.

The largest group resides in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood—wedged between downtown Minneapolis, the University of Minnesota's main campus, and the winding Mississippi River—but there are pockets of Somalis scattered across the city, and growing numbers live in places such as St. Cloud and Mankato as well.

When Kahin arrived in Minnesota in 1997, he was 20 years old. He worked for a video production company and eventually ran his own video business, mostly filming weddings, while earning an MBA from nearby St. Thomas University. After that, he entered the restaurant industry. His route from Somalia to the Afro Deli is a combination of hard work and good fortune, but one wonders how many others like Kahin have been denied the chance—by the stroke of a bureaucrat's pen or by order of the White House—to follow that same narrow path.

The Afro Deli is still the exception—most Somali-owned businesses are geared toward serving the immigrant community itself. The main drag in Cedar-Riverside is a collection of halal markets, coffee shops, and small-scale service businesses owned by Somalis, with a primarily Somali clientele.

That's where Kahin got his start. The first iteration of his restaurant opened in 2010 along Cedar Avenue, but it soon proved to be a popular spot for students from the nearby university. So earlier this year, it moved to the new location in the heart of the campus. Another location recently opened in downtown St. Paul.

In the last five or six years, he says, local Somalis have been branching out. His café is part of "bridging the gap."

That has been a challenge for the Somali community in Minnesota, as it has been for nearly every immigrant community throughout American history. Minneapolis has one of the lowest crime rates among major American cities, but the incidence is relatively higher in Somali neighborhoods. At over 13 percent, unemployment in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood is twice what it is in the city as a whole.

And there are concerns about terrorism. Dahir Adan, a Somali who came to America on a refugee visa, stabbed 10 shoppers and employees at a St. Cloud mall in September 2016—likely motivated "by some sort of inspiration from radical Islamic groups," according to then–FBI Director James Comey. Earlier in the year, nine Somalis living in Minneapolis were arrested after planning to move to Syria and join ISIS. Three were convicted in federal court; the other six pleaded guilty. The FBI has launched a special task force with the intent of countering extremism in the Muslim community in the Twin Cities.

Immigrants and refugees don't arrive in America empty-handed, of course. They bring their religions, their holidays, and their politics. But they also bring their desire for a better life, for education and for jobs, or just for a chance to escape something worse. That America has for so long been a destination of choice for those fleeing despotism, war, famine, and economic misfortune is one of the nation's best qualities.

They also bring delicious food. Twin Cities residents now have one more choice on Washington Avenue beyond the Starbucks and the college bars. And if the Afro Deli's popularity is any indication, they're happier for it.

In the front window, a sign advertises that the restaurant has been named an "official vendor" of Super Bowl 52, which will be hosted at U.S. Bank Stadium, less than a mile away on the east side of downtown Minneapolis, next February. The designation doesn't actually mean much. From a pool of more than 1,000 businesses, some 400 were selected for the not-so-prestigious honor of advertising themselves as "official partners" of the big game. Still, there's symbolism in having the most quintessential American sporting event promoted in a Somali-owned business, and Kahin is proud to have been picked by the host committee.

If anything can bridge the cultural divide, the Afro Deli's warm pockets of meat and fried dough seem like a strong contender. "When the Italians and the Greek came to this country, their food was not really known," Kahin says. "Now, everybody enjoys pizza and baklava. Sambusas will be the next thing."

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  1. For a site called “”, you have posted a spectacular array of poor arguments related to straw-manning, appealing to emotion, false dilemmas, and begging the question. This entire article is garbage and the editor should be ashamed.

    1. Your entire post is full of unsupported innuendo. Some citations would be helpful, but you didn’t post any because you have none available for your weak diatribe. Your entire post is garbage and the spambot behind Arturoman should be ashamed.

      1. Not sure if you are serious.

        1. You gringos were sure eager to import caribe?o rum when Landover Baptist religious conservatives made light beer and watery wine felony narcotics, weren’t you now?

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      2. Ignore the somali stabbing 9 people at the st. cloud mall. ignore the numerous minnesota somali’s fighting for isis. ignore the somali isis terror cell right here in minnesota. What matters is the somali food is very tasty. Got it. This is “reason”.

  2. “People don’t discriminate about food,” he says. “They don’t really care where the food came from, as long as it tastes good.”
    Unless the food is prepared by someone from another culture.

  3. Sambusas are tasty but this is the most cosmo article ever

    1. What is wrong with cosmo’s? When the party is about 2% don’t get too haughty on the purity tests.

      1. Right far better to embrace Buttplug’s elminationist rhetoric towards Chritians to build that big tent that buttplug wont join anyways because he’s a hard left Stalinist.

    2. I guess technically it is.

      familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures.

  4. If Somalian food is so great, it sounds like a great reason to visit Somalia. Oh, right, it’s one of the worst places on earth. But hey, once all those fine people immigrate here, it’s all baseball and apple pie for them.

    1. Yeah, but remember – with little to no regulations Somalia is a libertarian paradise.

      1. This argument is common, but never makes sense, especially since Somalia is a leftist paradise.

        Somalia is what happens when you ignore rule of law and individual rights, two things libertarians support and leftists hate. Somalia is what happens when those with the most guns (government) don’t have to obey rule of law.

        Leftists love that. Leftists think 50%+1 should be able to do whatever they want — and the result is Somalia.

        1. On what basis is Somalia “leftist”? They apparently shelved their tax system for 23 years until recently and privatized all health care.


          Adhering to the rule of law and respect for property rights is neither left or right – see the entire West and the USA for example.

          1. Somali has one of the worst human rights records on the planet. It also treats women appallingly. It is no surprise that Democrats would like the culture.

          2. It’s not like they “shelved” their taxes, when no faction had enough control over the country to collect them.

            Libertarianism isn’t anarchy, and I’m not about to defend that straw man against the ignorant leftist trolls.

          3. On what basis is Somalia “leftist”?

            Somalia was run by Marxist-Leninists from 1979 to 1991, at which point a civil war broke out to try to get rid of the oppressors. Since then, Somalis have been ruled by a mix of local dictators, Islamic extremists, and warlords.

            Somalia is a testament to leftists failure, and it will take many decades to fix the mess that they left.

          4. You’re talking about a country so libertarian it banned Christmas, dumbfuck

      2. There were, in fact, a number of Western companies who invested in Somalia during the period when it had no functioning government. Cell-phone companies were the main ones. Informal tribal “courts” were the only institutions enforcing “justice”, but people did generally pay their bills, and that “system” worked.

      3. Why does the left always say Somalia is a Libertarian paradise?

        1. Because libertarians correctly pointed out that when the Somali state failed the people were better off than before.

  5. And there are concerns about terrorism. Dahir Adan, a Somali who came to America on a refugee visa, stabbed 10 shoppers and employees at a St. Cloud mall in September 2016?likely motivated “by some sort of inspiration from radical Islamic groups,”

    Sambusas for a little terrorism. Probably not a good trade profile.

  6. “Because ethnic food!” has to be among the worst arguments for mass immigration I have ever heard

    1. Especially since we have the recipes now.

    2. OK, smarty pants, then how would you argue for it? Any good case should be built on some combination of anecdotes, statistics, & a priori deductions. This article gave an anecdote. If it’d been statistics, you could complain it’s too abstract, missing the trees for the forest. If it’d been a priori, you could Q the premises & complain it’s too abstract. You want to include all 3, then TL;DR.

      1. I wouldn’t argue for it. We’re overdue for a complete immigration moratorium.

      2. If none of the arguments for X make sense, that would seem to indicate that X is not a good idea.

  7. “Because ethnic food!” has to be among the worst arguments for mass immigration I have ever heard

  8. “And there are concerns about terrorism. Dahir Adan, a Somali who came to America on a refugee visa, stabbed 10 shoppers and employees at a St. Cloud mall in September 2016?likely motivated “by some sort of inspiration from radical Islamic groups,” according to then?FBI Director James Comey. Earlier in the year, nine Somalis living in Minneapolis were arrested after planning to move to Syria and join ISIS. Three were convicted in federal court; the other six pleaded guilty.”

    This doesn’t mention the dozens more of Minneapolis’ Somali-American community who are known to have successfully joined ISIS.

    Also, from having read about this story from elsewhere, I’m not sure all of those nine who either were convicted or plead guilty for trying to join ISIS were “Somalis”–as in foreign nationals. I believe some or all of them may have been Somali-Americans, people either born to Somali refugees in America or people who were brought here to the U.S. as children and obtained citizenship.

    1. “Minnesota leads the nation in would-be ISIL terrorists from U.S., report finds”

      —-Star Tribune, September 29, 2015…..329942131/

  9. It often seems to be the case, in Europe as well, that the problems don’t come from immigrants themselves–but from their children. Some people might say that’s a good reason to make our society as open and welcoming to Muslim immigrants as possible. Others might say that if we can’t exclude future terrorists because they haven’t been born yet, then maybe we should restrict immigrants from coming here at all–before they have children.

    It’s like the argument about gun control. Convincing people that background checks don’t work to stop mass shootings doesn’t make them want to get rid of background checks. It makes them want to ban guns completely. Convincing people that screening for terrorists doesn’t work doesn’t make people want to stop screening either. It makes them want to shut down immigration entirely.

    1. Good case for birth control, then?

    2. Europe is different because their society discriminates against immigrants, however much their so-called intellectuals turn up their noses at “American racism”.

      There is no reason we can’t severely limit immigration (like nearly every other country in the developed world does) and simultaneously treat the few legal immigrants we admit as we would any other American.

      1. According to the OECD data, the USA is in the middle of developed countries when it comes to immigrant populations. In 2013, 13.1% of our population was foreign born. Compare that to 27.7% for Australia, 20.0% for Canada, 16.4% for Ireland, 13.4% for Spain, 12.3% for the UK, and 0.8% for Mexico. I don’t see any headlines about Australia imploding or Mexicans being racists.

        So basically, we can double our immigration quotas or reduce them by 90% and still be within the acceptable level of foreign born population. Why is this such a hot topic for people to talk about? Why don’t more left-wingers accuse Mexico of being racist?

        1. That metric has nothing to do with current immigration policies, and applies a heavy discount to the sheer number of immigrants that the US accepts.

          The country choice is also misleading. A quarter of foreign-born residents in AUS are from UK or NZ, and many of the listed EU countries’ “foreign born” populations are from other EU countries. It would be like listing the percentage of population in Texas that was born outside Texas. Neither of those situations is applicable to US immigration situation.

        2. Thanks for sharing this data!

  10. Somali has been described as the worst place on earth to be a woman. But hey the food is good there. If it comes with a side of genital mutilation and child marriage, that just adds to the spice.…..en-somalia

    Sometimes it is like Reason is trying to live up to the worst hipster doofus, all that matters is food trucks, uber and pot stereotype ascribed to it by its critics.

    1. It’s not like people just made that sterotype up- it persists because for the bulk of libertarians that and a hatred of authority are the salient issues for them.

      1. If you hate authority, why does it always get expressed over those few things? We live in a society awash in authoritarianism. If the thing that bugs you most about that is its effect on food trucks, your ability to get drunk or stoned and get a cheap ride home, you need to rethink your priorities.

        1. I agree with you seventy percent of so called libertarians don’t though.

        2. AFAICT, aside from the pot, most of that focus seems to have originated right here at HyR. That is, they picked out certain hobby horses a few yrs. ago & kept riding them. Ferrets didn’t last, but food trucks did.

          It’s no weirder a focus than a bunch of other things that could’ve been picked out. I suppose it could’ve been cosmetics regul’n, fireworks, fortune telling, couriers, & house sharing.

          Plus, some subjects are boring, largely because they’re so obvious they’ve been done to death. Forced redistribution to retirees exists in countries all over the world, persisting even though it’s a bad deal, but everyone already knows that, & the only solution is to pretty well screw just 1 generation to save the others. It’s a huge issue, & an intractable 1. Dairy industry subsidies (as well as other ag programs) are huge worldwide, but they’re a less interesting story than a lot of other niggling little ag program details here & there like mohair.

          1. Same argument could be made about aggressive policing and free trade. The world is awash in aggressive police (few with the astounding improvement in crime metrics demonstrated in the US in past 20 years) and trade policy is a snooze fest.

            1. Libertarian should just own the fact that it’s a trivial ideology for trivial people. Nothing wrong with that.

  11. “The Twin Cities are home to more than 25,000 Somali immigrants, the largest such community anywhere in the world outside of Africa.”

    Almost all of whom were sponsored as relatives by that Kahin guy, amazingly.

  12. Immigrants and refugees don’t arrive in America empty-handed, of course. They bring their religions, their holidays, and their politics. But they also bring their desire for a better life, for education and for jobs, or just for a chance to escape something worse.

    So the problems associated with someone’s religion, culture and politics is rendered benign by their “desire for a better life”, whatever that is? What a stupid and shallow article. It never occurs to the author that someone’s idea of what constitutes a “better life” may be different from his own and that that idea is a product of their religion, culture, and politics. Sure, they want a better life and to escape Somalia. That, however, doesn’t mean they want to make the US into a better place by the standards of the people who live here. In fact, if their culture, religion, and politics are different from those who already live here, chances are they don’t.

    Reason writers forever want to embrace cultural Marxism and cultural relativism and then turn around and pretend to do so has no effect on the ability of the country to assimilate immigrants. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Somalia is like it is because of the culture of the people who live there. And if you don’t tell the people who come here from Somalia they have to lose their culture and adopt ours as a price of admission, you are just going to succeed in making the country more like Somalia and less like it is now.

    1. I don’t think we will benefit from immigrants losing their culture, just the parts of their culture that are incompatible with American society.

    2. The only cultural aspects an immigrant needs to adopt are respect for our constitution and respect for our rule of law. The rest is small details.

  13. I think it is awesome this Somali guy was successful. It is fantastic and a testament to him he has succeeded despite so many impediments.

    That being said if I am going to buy off that unfettered, unlimited immigration is good then you need to sell me on it with something besides some generic feel good baloney. Show both sides, give me some numbers, and let me decide for myself what is best. Do not coerce me into believing something or guilt me into it.

    One thing I would love answer, why is the USA the only developed country I am aware of that has policies that promotes large numbers of unskilled individuals arriving here and treats illegal immigrants with kids gloves? Canada deports them, Germany deports them, Australia does not even let them on their continent! Why do we have an issue here with this?

    1. All good points Joe. But doing what you ask would require an honest assessment of immigration and good faith argument. And honest and good faith argument about immigration is just not something Reason does.

    2. Because in the past, the US economy was free and dynamic enough to absorb the costs of unfettered immigration, all the pharmaceutical R&D for the entire world, and the military deployments and tech needed to defend the entire free world.

      Basically the US is the rich uncle who kept writing $1000 checks for his nieces and nephews birthdays for their entire lives. After his prime earning years are gone, and he’s gone into debt with his generosity, if he tries to cut back on the checks, the spoiled brats (and their parents) are going to scream like stuck pigs.

    3. Because we have a Republican president. When Obama was in office, the Democrats passed Obamacare without a single Republican vote, but they did not pass any bills to raise immigration quotas. Democrats don’t want more immigrants. They want an excuse to call people racist for enforcing the law.

  14. My God! Reason has finally gone full retard.

    Basically I learned our food sucks so we need more immigrants.

    By the way, I have tried Somalian food and it sucks balls. Nothing about it seems like recipes perfected over time and passed down from generation to generation. It tastes and looks like something just created from whatever American ingredients and foods were available and thrown together at the last minute and called a “Somalian dish”.

    Maybe I just ate at the wrong restaurant? Maybe.

    Setting all that aside, I don’t want more shitty politics, people that believe in shit caveman did 3,000 years ago, the drama and societal conflict the will import over here just so some hipster faggot can eat something “super cool” from a food truck. If you want to eat cool shit, then visit that country and learn how to make that dish and bring it back and prepare that dish for your echo chamber friends.

    1. I agree with you about Somali food. Even if you like it, Ethiopian food is better. And Ethiopians are not Muslims and don’t bring the threat of terrorism and female genital mutilation and all that. So how about we let Ethiopians in and skip the Somalis?

      1. About 1/3 of Ethiopians are Muslim-I actually had a roommate who was one and a bit crazy to say the least. He also told me that Ethiopians do FGM-its a cultural thing throughout east Africa.

      2. I just don’t like the way these people look, if I can be perfectly honest.

  15. So you can’t import immigrants for food?

    1. They’re all bone and cartilage anyways. Plus you have to pay the shipping cost. Homegrown Michiganers much better value as long as you don’t care about the sweetbreads.

      1. That’s Michiganders to you, ku-k!

        1. Or Michigoosers depending upon your gender (or sex depending upon your native language).

    2. “To serve Somali”

  16. We have the second largest Somali population in the US here in Columbus. Not that many Somali restaurants though and the ones that are here are across town (which is weird because I think there is a fairly large community not all that far away) on Cleveland Ave which is not someplace I care to venture unarmed.

    1. It’s because they have low IQs. Of course they aren’t going to be particularly good at anything in an advanced culture. But Reason finds one anamoly and runs wild with it.

  17. I’d love to try my own hand at cooking others countries foods, but I don’t want to appropriate their culture. So good thing we have immigration otherwise we’d be stuck in a food desert of processed crap.

  18. I do like me some ethnic food, but this article misses the point-most progs knowledge of another culture comes from ethnic food and maybe watching National Geographic specials. They are willfully unaware of the domestic abuse and religious fanaticism a lot of immigrants from these places bring with them. I am not saying we should close our borders, but better screening is a must.

    1. They see other cultures as more pure and enlightened, that’s why they still live in mud huts and believe fucking a 9 year-old girl is perfectly ok; but to critique any of this makes you a racist, so the left’s logic goes.

      1. But religious conservatives bopping 9-year-olds in mud huts are right wing, no? Isn’t that the definition of home schooling, “the right”, religious conservatism and godliness? Der Fuehrer defended christian altruism in the NSDAP program, didn’t he? And wasn’t he bopping his niece?

      2. that’s why they still live in mud huts and believe fucking a 9 year-old girl is perfectly ok

        It’s perfectly OK unless a Senate seat is at stake — Democrat

      3. It depends on the country. The India supreme court says that a female below the age of 18 cannot consent to sex, even if she is married. Saudi Arabian marriage laws require a female to get parental consent to marry if she is below the age of 700.

    2. Our borders should be closed to people with brown eyes: the mud people.

    3. Unaware perhaps, but awareness wouldn’t change a thing. Leftists only care about domestic abuse when they can attack their political enemies for it, or make money off it. It is far more important that they import a new permanent underclass willing to trade votes for free shit, to replace the current native ingrates who are accustomed to some degree of liberty.

  19. I imagine that the FDA and local regulators probably fucks new restaurants more than immigration laws. Not a comment on immigration laws as much as a comment on regulatory bullshit.

    1. Well said. If the goal is to get more restaurants, we should reduce regulations.

  20. This title is tongue-in-cheek, right?

  21. Thank Allah our alert First Responders acted in defense of the Rule of Law in stopping those Somalis from packing their things, leaving Minnesota and moving to a Mohammedan State! What do they think they are, free? Once they can vote it’ll be a cinch to convince them to register as Libertarian “extremists.” Never forget that one spoiler vote is worth 6 to maybe 21 votes discarded into the cesspools of looter kleptocracy–at least when it comes to scrapping idiotic laws.

  22. There is a big fight on about European Unionists demanding that New World Confederate Rebs quit calling foods brie, salami and provolone:
    By their lights, we are the cultural appropriators.

  23. No, no, this is all backwards. We have less immigrants because of good food. Mexicans for example make the best taco bowls. I just wish they had more meat on their bones. If you give them a loaf of bread they’ll even stuff themselves!

  24. Well, I’m willing to sacrifice cheap Somali food in return for lower taxes and more opportunities for blue collar Americans. It’s a difficult choice… oh, who am I kidding, it’s not.

    1. With that added benefit of making people like Hank Philips pop a vein in rage.

  25. This article is so fucking stupid it borders on insane

    We should keep immigration levels up just for food variety? WTF?

    Look I’m all for ethnic food, I’m one of the most knowledgeable and passionate people you’ll ever meet on the subject of ethnic food. Whatever country you pick, I can tell you what they eat and what it tastes like. On that note in theory I should be in favor of immigration.
    Furthermore my parents are wealthy, and I’m a trust fund kid, so I have every incentive to want to make labor as cheap as possible so that “the help” is always cheap; my parents have always had a maid/nanny (they’re always filipino). I’m likely to be pretty wealthy later on in life.

    But I’m against this deliberate flood of immigrants policy, why? Because I’M NOT A SOCIOPATH
    Here’s a crazy thought: OTHER PEOPLE MATTER TOO.

    It’s not GOOD for the country if the price of labor never rises. You might think all those blue collar people are horrible deplorables, but they make up this country.

    So, can we stop it with the stupid arguments?

    1. Whatever country you pick, I can tell you what they eat and what it tastes like.


      1. I like this game.


        1. yak dung. it tastes like Drano

  26. What we need is more sidewalk vendors hawking goat tamales.

  27. I do wish the Reason editorial staff would explain how its goal of abolishing all limits on the world’s 7 billion people flooding the US environment, housing market, job market and social program waiting lists tomorrow will benefit ordinary American citizens.

    More restaurant choices isn’t a good reason. A visa program for 25,000 chefs a year should take care of culinary diversity fetishism. Plus all the recipes are the Internet and you can order the spices there as well.

    1. Import a bunch of Indian chefs, force them to train American chefs to cook great authentic Indian cuisine, then fire and deport them. Good enough for Disney, good enough for me.

  28. Funny how Canadians, Mexicans, Chinese, Somalians, etc still find a way to have iPhones, Hollywood movies, and hamburgers despite letting very few Americans into their countries.

    It’s almost like cultural exchange doesn’t require the actual settling of people inside your country.

  29. If a sparrow falls dead in the street; the Anti-Semites will say that the Jews killed it, the Left will blame Capitalism, the Liberals will says it’s because we don’t have enough government, the Conspiracy Buffs will blame their favorite bogyman, and the Bleeding-heart ‘Libertarians’ will say that it’s because we don’t have open-borders.

  30. Food is something that connects a person with the place. Get to the new place, you will feel awkward and uncomfortable, go get some local food. Bingo, you own the place. Watch free hd movies and tv shows on Android, anywhere, anytime. Download the terrarium tv app and get all the latest movies right on your palm. For more info on terrarium tv.

  31. So without immigrants no Chefs from the US could ever come up with a new tasty recipe? Seems a bit ridiculous. Of course if they did it would be cultural appropriation correct? We need an army of illegals just to survive in the good old USA according to

  32. “Immigrants and refugees don’t arrive in America empty-handed, of course. They bring their religions, their holidays, and their politics. But they also bring their desire for a better life, for education and for jobs, or just for a chance to escape something worse.”

    Reason is claiming omniscience, able to predict exactly what millions of immigrants are thinking and will be doing for the rest of their lives. Is this mental disintegration a side effect of spending the last several years misrepresenting politically controlled immigration as “open borders.”

  33. So there you have it. First world problems are caused by restricting immigration.

  34. I mean, you could make your own samosas if you really wanted to. You might be denounced for cultural appropriation of something, but…

  35. While we’re on the subject of “first world problems”…

    “I’ve never in my adult life,” observes David French, a writer for National Review, “seen so many people so angry about things they cannot control.”

  36. Found Interesting and wonderfull keep sharing
    welcome here

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