Saudi Robot Gets Citizenship, Best JFK Files Withheld From Trump Dump, Cruelty in Mississippi Justice System: A.M. Links


  • At the urging of national intelligence officials, President Trump decided not to release certain federal files related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The National Archives is allowed to publish about 2,800 files, "but about 300 additional records—the ones historians were most interested in seeing—will stay secret for now," reports The Washington Post.

  • A Mississippi judge is banning a mother from seeing her new baby until she squares unpaid court fees. ("Even in the annals of 'oppressive things done to poor people due to unpaid court fees,' this story seems particularly monstrous," comments Radley Balko.)
  • Saudi Arabia has granted citizenship to a robot named Sophia.
  • Here's a fun, offline-until-now old profile of longtime New Republic Literary Editor (and alleged serial sexual-harasser) Leon Wieseltier that involves him wearing a coke spoon around his neck and playing intellectual gigolo to old Hollywood ladies.
  • George Bush Sr. continues to collect allegations of ass grabbing.

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