U.S. Returning Nuclear Bombers to 24-Hour Alert, Jimmy Carter Says Media Treat Trump Harsher, 'Czech Donald Trump' Wins: A.M. Links


  • Bob Daemmrich/Polaris/Newscom

    The United States will bring its nuclear bombers back to 24-hour alert for the first time since 1981.

  • Former president Jimmy Carter says the media have been harder on President Trump than his predecessors.
  • Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) bemoaned rich youth who got bone spur deferments to avoid the draft for the war in Vietnam, widely interpreted as a broadside aimed at Trump.
  • The five living former presidents appeared on stage together in Texas for a fundraiser for hurricane victims.
  • Czech billionaire Andrej Babis, dubbed the "Czech Donald Trump," will work on forming a cabinet after his party won parliamentary elections.
  • The party of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe won big in elections in Japan, likely securing Abe's premiership through 2021.

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