Campus Free Speech

University Investigates Islamic Student for 'White Fragility' Remark

Burn the witch!


Masuma Khan
Screenshot via CBC Comedy / Youtubr

Proving once again that leftists who undermine protections for free expression on campus are planting the seeds of their own destruction, an Islamic student at a Canadian university will be investigated for making a remark about "white fragility" that a white male student found insulting.

Masuma Khan is an activist and student government leader at Dalhousie University. Recently, the student government declined to endorse Canada Day due to the country's legacy of colonialism—something no Canadian should be proud of, according to Khan.

"Be proud of this country? For what, over 400 years of genocide?" she wrote in a social media post, according to CTV News. "I stand by the motion I put forward. I stand by Indigenous students."

She also criticized the "white fragility" of conservative students who wanted Canada Day to be celebrated.

In response, Michael Smith, a graduate student at Dalhousie, "lodged an official complaint with the university." Since Khan sits on the committee that would normally hear such complaints, she has been temporarily removed pending a review of her offensive remark. The review should be completed in a couple of weeks.

Essentially, Khan is accused of making racist comments against white people, a notion she finds ridiculous.

"I don't think it's appropriate for the university to tell racialized students how they can talk about their lived experiences," said Khan. "Suggesting I should take some training about how to talk about racism, that's incredibly invalidating."

Invalidating, and stupid. But this is what happens when she hurt my feelings, burn the witch! becomes the dominant norm on campus. Of course such a regime would backfire on the left. It was only a matter of time before fed up conservatives, who are already outnumbered on campus, made use of the considerable administrative bureaucracy that exists for the sole purpose of making everybody comfortable. When the radicals gave up on free speech, they put themselves at greatest risk.