Don't Cite The Hunting Ground in Defense of Harvey Weinstein

Sexual harassment is a real problem, but this activist documentary about rape on campus missed the mark.


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Asked to comment on the exhaustive list of sexual harassment allegations made against Harvey Weinstein in a bombshell New York Times piece, filmmaker Rob Reiner had this to say:

What can my community do? Listen, this is happening in every workplace in America. I mean, you have Fox News. I mean, this is—you talk about sexual harassment. That goes on and it's disgusting. It's disgusting, you know? And the thing to do about it is to—how about this? Harvey Weinstein funded this movie "The Hunting Ground"? How do you do that? I mean, you know."

That's according to the NYT's Sopan Deb. Reiner's incoherent comments echo Weinstein's own response to the controversy, which involved a quick pivot to the evils of President Trump and the NRA. But Reiner deserves separate criticism for mentioning The Hunting Ground—presumably in an attempt to lessen the gravity of Weinstein's failings, or at least muddy the waters, though it's a bit hard to tell where he was going with this.

Indeed, as The New York Times noted in its Weinstein story, his company distributed The Hunting Ground, an activist documentary film about sexual assault on college campuses. Many are now pointing out Weinstein's rank hypocrisy; he was calling attention to the problem of sexual misconduct while being a major contributor to it.

But in the attempt to (correctly) paint Weinstein as a hypocrite and predator, let's not forget an important fact: The Hunting Ground is a biased, deeply flawed work of scaremongering. Several of the sexual assaults that anchor the film are heavily disputed. Its central thesis—that college is a place where serial sexual predators are free to prey on women—is based on junk science. The film just isn't an accurate portrayal of the phenomenon it's trying to explain.

Whether The Hunting Ground is any good shouldn't influence the collective appraisal of Weinstein. He's a sexist jerk, regardless. But he's not a sexist jerk who somehow managed to produce a great documentary about sexual assault. He's a sexist jerk who produced a documentary that vastly exaggerates the sexual assault problem on college campuses.

Hunting Ground producers Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick struggled to identify a single undisputed serial sexual predator in their film. Perhaps, by way of apology, they could repurpose The New York Times' impressive reporting for a sequel documentary about a real boogeyman. Suggested title: Harvey's Hunting Ground.

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  1. The film just isn’t an accurate portrayal of the phenomenon it’s trying to explain.

    It’s clear the purpose of the film is not to explain a phenomenon but to exploit the phenomoenon for a political goal, which means the film should not be regarded as a ‘documentary’ but instead a propaganda piece meant to elicit an emotional response rather than an intellectual one.

    1. The case can definitely be made that that’s what most “documentaries” have done, throughout cinema history.

      1. At least the ones that have gotten famous. Super Size Me, An Inconvenient Truth, Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, Sicko, Shrek, all propaganda. It’s a fucking travesty.

        1. You mean to say that Shrek isn’t entirely factually accurate? My world is turned upside down.

  2. “Sexual harassment is a real problem, ”

    Is it?

    “Listen, this is happening in every workplace in America. ”

    No it doesn’t. It doesn’t at all. It may go on in your Hollywood circles, I can’t speak to that, but it doesn’t go on in mine, or any workplace ive worked in since the 80s.

    1. Probably because in your flyover country the woman all have guns.

      1. Ha… I’d be more afraid of the women’s fathers, brothers and husbands. There’s a lot of dark places to greet people and a lot of vacant land to take them on a nice long picnic.

    2. The only workplaces Rob Reiner is familiar with are movie studios and political campaigns. This casts a dark pall over his one contribution to human society, the Princess Bride.

      1. Stand By Me
        This is Spinal Tap
        When Harry Met Sally
        Sleepless in Seattle

        He had a good 10 year streak of good movies.

  3. True – The Hunting Ground was agitprop used to fan hysteria over the ‘alcohol fueled date rape’ epidemic across the country. Their goal was to push kids into 12 Step programs (a lead producer, Paul Blavin was on the board of a 12 Step program for homeless teens in LA – horrible).

    1. On a scale running from 7-10 how awful is the sexual harassment at the reason offices?

      1. Not a day goes by where Riggs isn’t molesting everyone’s ass dimples in a cocaine bender.

  4. Is it sexual harassment or gender harassment? Discuss.

    1. He didn’t address me as Xe! Fire his ass! Also, I’d like to put in an application for your new vacancy.

  5. Reiner’s community might want to elect a more articulate spokesperson.

    1. To be fair, he was distracted by the interviewers tits.

      1. And the interviewer by his.

      2. It really isn’t even fair sometimes.

  6. Harvey Weinstein is a treacherous Jew who makes films condemning White people. Watch his miniseries condemning George Zimmerman for saving his own life while Travon Martin was on top of him, pounding his head into the concrete.

    1. Treacherous Jew was my band name in college.

    2. George Zimmerman was Hispanic.


        Get with the program bro.

  7. “Rob Reiner had this to say”

    They didn’t call him meathead for nothing

  8. “But he’s not a sexist jerk who somehow managed to produce a great documentary about sexual assault. He’s a sexist jerk who produced a documentary that vastly exaggerates the sexual assault problem on college campuses.”


  9. Continuing props to Robby for being right on this issue, and in front of it, long before the media allowed any criticism of their 1-in-4 hysteria.

  10. Reiner deserves separate criticism for mentioning The Hunting Ground?presumably in an attempt to lessen the gravity of Weinstein’s failings, or at least muddy the waters

    I didn’t get that impression at all. My take was that his mention of it was just addressing Weinstein’s hypocrisy, as you noted later that others have done. That said, Reiner’s statement does fairly strongly imply the accuracy and rigor of The Hunting Ground, which Reiner likely sincerely believes in, having never bothered to assess it critically.

  11. “Suggested title: Harvey’s Hunting Ground.”

    PATHETIC. Better ones:

    Pride Of Weinerstein

    Hurricane Harvey: Caught-a-girly FINE

    Harvey’s Dangles

    The Killing Of Harvey Weinstein By The Coward Wayne LaPierre, Somehow, Or Something

  12. L.A. Times- “Obama’s oldest daughter, Malia, worked as an intern for Weinstein Co. in New York last summer prior to enrolling at Harvard University. Weinstein also has contributed to the Clinton Foundation, whose website states that the producer provided well over $100,000 as of June.”
    The Secret Service were too busy buying hookers to vet the guy but hey, he was a donor. At least Malia didn’t intern for Bill Clinton.

    1. Epstein, Weinstein, it’s all so confusing.

    2. “donor”

  13. Now we know why Meryl got all the good parts and Ashley didn’t.

    1. Now we know why Meryl got all the good parts and Ashley didn’t.

      I’d be stunned, honestly, if Ashley didn’t at least blow him for a job.

      But he’s part of a growing trend of progressive male “feminists” who seem to be living up to the stereotype of male “feminists”: It’s all just to get some progressive woman pussy.

      Joss Whedon. Harvey Weinstein. Two rather prominent members of this group both of whom having engaged in actions that are horrifying if you take their views seriously. Then all of the late night comics, “the consciences of America”, cannot be bothered to even mention it. Funny, Bill O’Reilly — who, while large in cable news, is dwarfed in importance by HW — was subject of numerous well-deserved barbs. Harvey? Not so much.

      Why, one would almost think that the Progs are full of shit and don’t care about this alleged issue.

  14. So Reiner watched him shower. Big deal.

  15. Prog logic: you can be a complete ass so long as you make a public statement, movie, or start a non-profit condemning such actions.

    Shut up Meathead-you haven’t been funny since Spinal Tap.

    1. See Kennedy, Ted. Or Dodd, Chris. Ask the women at DC restaurants how kind and respectful they were to women.

      Hell, we had 8 years of Biden acting like a creepy uncle to underage girls at WH events…

  16. Looks like Harvey going to grab some butt.

  17. Time to launch The Campus Crusade For Blood Sports & Fornication.

  18. Funny seeing all of these Hollywood feminists who protected him for years.

    1. I’m sure they’ll be donating their fortunes to the victims.

  19. As usual, Robby goes above and beyond.
    The title should stop sooner; “Don’t cite the hunting ground”.

  20. I’m expecting breaking news that George Soros has 300 Eastern European teens lock up in a sex dungeon in Romania.

    1. That’s enough about the Romanian ANITIFA branch!

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