Improvised Explosive Hits London Underground, ESPN Denies Jemele Hill Replacement Rumors, Fox Uses Trafficking Victims to Take Shots at Google: A.M. Links


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  1. With the ridiculous Filibuster Rule in the Senate, Republicans need 60 votes to pass legislation, rather than 51. Can’t get votes, END NOW!

    He’ll be singing a different tune after the midterms.

    1. At which point he will become the greatest politician the world has ever seen.

      1. He became that when he sent the governor of Iowa for the last 50 years to be his ambassador in Beijing. You see, there is a method to his madness.

        1. That governor of Iowa has also happened to maintain a personal relationship with the Chinese President for the last 30 years. Xi Jinping’s native province and Iowa are sister states/provinces. They know each other since Xi traveled to Iowa in the ’80s as a provincial functionary in charge of agriculture. So, yes, that Trump’s appointment was absolutely brilliant.

    2. If he’s the canary, what’s the coal mine in this political cartoon?

      1. McConnell’s district: Kentucky

      2. Picture, if you will, the president in Trump Tower surrounded by Latino hotel workers. He is on Twitter making this hour’s official policy announcements. Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer are with the president. One of the Hispanic staff members accidentally spills Pelosi’s wine on the president and it leaves a good five foot stain on half the length of his necktie. The furious president begins tweeting that DACA will be ended. However, the staffer, while leaning over to clean the stain with club soda, farts in Schumer’s face. The president is so pleased with the turn of events that he changes his tweet to praising young Dreamers and vowing to keep them in the country. And after that he notices what is left of the stain in his tie is in the shape of Cash for Clunkers.

        1. spills Pelosi’s wine on the president and it leaves a good five foot stain on half the length of his necktie


        2. Chip Bok throws up his hands in despair and storms out of his basement apartment. He gets in his van and drives to the 7-11, where he spends the rest of the day smoking in the parking lot.

          1. “Sir, you can’t smoke here,” he hears a Sikh voice.

            1. “This is America, Hadji!” he shouts. Still, he gets back in the van and goes home.

    3. Hello.

      ESPN are such a bunch of SJW jerks.

      Didn’t the suspend Linda Cohn for much less? If I’d work at ESPN and had a sense of fairness I’d be pissed.

      This thing of whites being fair game is out of control. No blacks. You don’t have a right to say what you feel because of slavery. When mediocre minds like Hill make such unsubstantiated claims, she not only reveals herself to be a narrow-minded and incompetent journalist but perceived as a racist herself. It’s not an intelligent thing to say.

      1. If they’re being hypocrites in this case, isn’t it better to want ESPN to care less about the personal lives and opinions of their personalities than to want them to be harsher to everyone moving forward?

        1. Sure, but there is no indication that they are doing that. Saying “leftist black employees can say anything they like but white employees or anyone who expresses a non approved leftist position” is not caring less. Letting HIll off is just them enforcing their double standard it isn’t them deciding that their employees are free to express their opinions.

          1. Until something happens and they treat someone differently in the future then we don’t actually know that this is a double standard. It could, theoretically, be a change in approach.

            1. THat something has already happened. They have treated numerous employees differently. Moreover, they never expressed any regret or change in policy for the treatment of those employees. So, there is no reason to believe that their treatment of Hill is anything but a double standard. If they want to come out and apologize for their treatment of Cohn and the others, you could say it was, assuming you believe them. But they haven’t done that. So there is no reason to think this is anything but a double standard.

            2. Until something happens and they treat someone differently in the future then we don’t actually know that this is a double standard. It could, theoretically, be a change in approach.

              Jemele attacked the audience.

              Cohn commented that ESPN the network overpaid for rights fees and is having difficulties because of it. No criticism of the audience at all.

              How is this NOT a double standard? It’s OK to insult the people who you need to watch to make you money but not to mildly criticize a widely criticized financial decision by the network?

              I could care less if a black host is a racist. But I won’t watch a network that permits racism. I’ve stopped ESPN cold because of their political bullshit.

              1. The original ESPN hosts were great, even though they had a wide range of political opinions. They covered sports.

                Everyone they have now is boring.

          2. And its not like Hill is engaging or has any unique insights. It’s not like her show at 6 is any good or has great ratings. She is hardly irreplaceable.

            1. There would likely be a backlash if they fired her, so I guess they’re weighing which backlash they can better withstand. Frankly, I would fire her for putting me in a position of losing audience one way or the other, as an example to future on air talent if for no other reason.

            2. Half the people ESPN employs aren’t hard core sports fans. They’ve alienated that portion of the audience.

              1. Ironically, Linda Cohn is one of the few employees that are and they suspended her. Cohn played hockey and college and actually knows what she is talking about most of the time. Cohn is hardly a beauty and not a minority, so she actually had to know something to get her job.

                1. Forget the question of whether Hill should be fired, Trump really is missing out on a golden opportunity here to use ESPN’s fuckups against its parent company, Disney, by pushing anti-monopoly lawsuits to both break up the company and force cable companies to start offering a la carte pricing. ESPN would probably go under before his first term ended if that happened.

                  Trump’s Twitter use really is a handicap in this area because he overlooks or never considers that he has so many choice avenues to actually fuck with his political opponents (and its impossible to argue at this point that the Hollywood/media complex hasn’t become a thoroughly political entity). Imagine the butthurt if he proposed an “entertainment tariff” that hoovered 97 cents of every dollar from revenues on movies distributed and filmed overseas, coupled with a 75 percent surtax on everyone involved in making those films, including the studio heads who greenlight the projects. Or a 95 percent labor tariff on Apple for using slave workers in China to make their phones. Or an anti-monopoly lawsuit against Bezos for his Whole Foods purchase.

                  1. Fuck, if he’s not going to pretend to be a small-government conservative, what’s the point in leaving all those juicy enforcement agencies lying fallow and appealing to wealth/class envy against the Hollywood/media class? These are people who get paid millions to act as cultural and informational gatekeepers, what exactly makes them so special that they should be exempt from the policies they support?

      2. Naturally, the outrage here is over perceived PC hypocrisy, not so much about an agent of the state suggesting a critic be fired.

        1. The agent of the state is unable to fire said person. So that agent expressing an opinion is a nothingburger unless they threatened repercussions if no firing occurred (like when the Democrat Congress threatened ABC broadcast license over their 9/11 movie).

          1. Obama fired the head of General Motors, didn’t he?

            1. Obama also had the government basically take over GM and unilaterally re-write bankruptcy laws.

              For freedom.

              Trump just thinks she should be fired because she insulted him.

              I think she should be fired because she is a tedious bore and the show sucks balls.

      3. Cohn criticized ESPN, not the president. Big difference.

      4. ESPN are WOKE, and are appropriately responding to consensus science about the toxic masculinity and white supremacy that has historically accompanied sports. The consensus science is that wife beatings spike with Monday Night Football and that human trafficking accompanies events like the Super Bowl. The science is that white supremacists viewers experience sports where African-Americans are predominate as contests between slaves. The science is that sports like golf, hockey, and tennis are racist through and through. The science has found that viewers of some sports — like soccer (known as football everywhere else because of American chauvanism) — are so wretchedly sexist that they prefer to watch their mediocre men’s team over their extraordinary women’s team. Some sports, like lacrosse, have such toxic effect that they are both racist and sexist.

        Why do libertarians oppose science?

        I could go on about how sports, particularly professional sports, are anti-egalitarian. Top sports stars earn orders of magnitude more than those in the minor leagues. Men earn vastly more than women in sports. Also, in virtually every category of sports, there are winners and losers, which is unfair.

        Why do libertarian oppose fairness?

        ESPN should be commended for their progressive positions, especially those that oppose the inherent white supremacy and sexism in sports, but also those that oppose the sexist, plutocratic, white supremacist Trump.

        1. And basketball players should go to college for 3 years before turning pro, but baseball, hockey and tennis players can turn pro right away because something.

          1. Obviously, basketball players are obliged to be slaves to the NCAA cartel before they can be slaves to NBA owners.

        2. The consensus science is that wife beatings spike with Monday Night Football and that human trafficking accompanies events like the Super Bowl.

          This might be true. ESPN has managed to turn MNF from one of the strongest ratings franchises in television history into an afterthought.

    4. I’m sorry, but the Democrats will win the House, but they have zero chance of winning the Senate. My guess is Republicans actually pick up a seat or two.

      1. I don’t think they will win the house. To win the house they would have to run candidates who are not far left and who the public beleives will not vote as Pelosi tells them. I can’t see that happening. They burned so much credibility in 09 and 10 where all of the reasonable centrist democrats rolled over and voted for Obamacare and the porkulus and everything else and not a single one went against the party, it will be a long time before anyone believes a centrist Democrat really is that.

        1. You really think actions of 8 years ago affect elections? People have a hard time remembering what happened last week.

          (Clinton’s ’92 campaign taught me that…. remember how the story on the draft was proven a lie every two weeks? Nobody remembered the story they were told two weeks ago…. apparently not even the anchor who was reading the story to us. This went on for 4 or 5 cycles. Nobody was outraged. )

          1. You would have to assume a “centrist” could even get become a nominee, which seems highly unlikely as well. Unless you’re pretty hard Left, you don’t get nominated in the first place.

          2. Yes. And the reason I think that is that Pelosi is still the Democratic House leader. If the Democrats had changed leadership, I would believe they could pull it off. But I don’t think there is any way they can pull it off with Pelosi still in charge of the Democrats in the House.

            1. The only person I’ve seen pull off that sort of flip is Obama, who managed to carry “it is all Bush’s fault” into his re-election campaign. 4 years of a down economy and he still got re-elected. That was some serious mojo.

              But carrying something forward 10 years to the mid-term? Nah.. nobody is following the details any more. Team, team team, that’s all. It will be all about demographics in specific districts. There are very few seats in play any more. The only ones that flip are either due to redistricting or urban sprawl bringing wealthy suburbanites to formerly rural districts.

              1. If it is all team team team, then the Democrats have no chance, because there are not enough majority Democratic districts to win the house. To win the house, the Democrats have to figure out a way to get moderate Republican voters to trust them not to be batshit crazy leftists. And I don’t see how they manage to do that. And if you are correct and it is all about “team”, then doing it is impossible.

                1. Not if half of San Francisco moves to Vale Colorado. Or the metaphorical equivalent district in whateverville.

                  That was the narrative in the Atlanta election earlier, remember? Big demographic shift.

                  Of course, apparently not big enough.

                  That is what flipped Florida to purple…. half of the state is populated with New York and New Jersey refugees.

                  1. I remember that election. And in a special election where the Democrat was given millions of dollars and endless free and fawning media coverage, the Republican still lost. If you can’t win a special election where the other side has zero motivation to turn out and you can put all of your national resources and attention on it, I don’t see how they can win elections in a midterm, where Republicans are known to turn out in higher numbers than Democrats and there isn’t enough resources to throw millions of dollars and national media attention into every race. That special election shows how hard it is going to be for them to retake the House. Even with the desk stacked in their favor, they still lost. Getting a few more points closer than last time doesn’t do any good. A loss is still a loss.

                    1. “…the Republican still lost.”
                      You mean the Democrat lost, I am sure.

                      As you say, Democrats cannot even win special elections where everyone in that voting district are charged up and vote.

                      Libertarians have a real chance to get some seats in midterm elections because much of blue collar Democrat support has evaporated. I think some more Libertarian minded Republicans might be upset with RINOs not repealing ObamaCare, etc and vote Libertarian candidates in, if there are any.

              2. The other thing is that all of the “we are taking the House and impeachign Trump” talk makes taking the House even harder. The only thing that is going to kill the GOP in the House is voter apathy over how sorry and pathetic they are. The one thing that would certainly save them is making the midterms a referendum on impeachment and overturning the election. That would get Trump voters to turnout in the districts he won and doom the Democrats quicker than anything.

      2. Just because Republican Trump is unpopular doesn’t mean states and districts won’t elect their Republican incumbents again. They love those guys, but hate Congress.

    5. Why would he? He can always veto anythign they pass. If you are President, you don’t need the filibuster. And the Democrats chances of taking the Senate are very small. To do so they will have to win in states where Trump won.

      1. Are you analyzing my joke? THE POINT IS HE’S GOING TO LOSE THE GOP CONGRESS. But probably not.

        1. I am not getting your joke because I am dense. My apologies.

    6. Upon opening the AM links:
      ‘Wow, 140 comments. All right, just like the old days. Oh, John is back.”

    7. The rule is ridiculous. Make them do an actual filibuster if they want to block a vote.

      1. Someone sure likes to hear politicians talk.

        1. Better than actually passing new laws.

  2. Oracle and 21st Century Fox are supporting a disingenuous anti-trafficking bill “as an opportunity to take shots at Google.”

    C’mon, be adults about it and make the first result for “Google” on google’s search engine be something embarrassing.

    1. Everybody search for “google headquarters scabies infestation” right now!

  3. An explosion on London’s Underground has left 18 injured and is being considered a terrorist incident.

    Are they sure it wasn’t just a bad batch of curry?

  4. ESPN denies that it tried to boot reporter Jemele Hill after she called Donald Trump a white supremacist and the White House said it should be a “fireable offense.”

    Yeah, anyone running amuck on Twitter needs to go!

    1. Well crafted. SNL should give you a call.

      On second thought, maybe not. Well-crafted isn’t exactly in their wheelhouse.

    2. Stupidest rumor of the day. If ESPN wanted to boot an employ, they would boot them. Ask Curt Schilling. There is no “try”.

  5. ESPN denies that it tried to boot reporter Jemele Hill after she called Donald Trump a white supremacist and the White House said it should be a “fireable offense.”

    Trump the butthurt snowflake.

    Wear the truth proudly – you own it, Con Man.

    1. The “White House” in this case was spokesperson Hucklebee in response to a direct question. It wasn’t a bad answer, but it would have been more clever to include an insult that compared the quality of ESPN’s sports coverage to the quality of their political commentary.

  6. ESPN denies that it tried to boot reporter Jemele Hill after she called Donald Trump a white supremacist and the White House said it should be a “fireable offense.”

    “You’re fireable”

  7. A Robert E. Lee statue has been removed from Lee Park in Dallas.


    1. Umm, Lee Park? Racist.

      1. The park is going to be moved next.

        1. Or flooded. By God. Because… Trump!

      2. Named after noted martial artist, Bruce Lee. The statue was just there as joke.

        1. Statues… don’t hit back.

    2. Replaced with a statue of Martin Sheen.


  8. Cuomo will visit Virgin Islands to assess damage from Irma

    Gov. Cuomo will visit the U.S. Virgin Islands on Friday to assess damage from Hurrican Irma because their governor ? who is a Brooklyn native and former NYPD cop ? asked Cuomo to tour the damage and help with recovery.

    Makes sense.

    1. The poor Virgin Islanders already had one destructive wind pass through.

  9. The president is mad about filibuster rules again.

    Save the filibustering for when the pens play the flyers.

  10. A Robert E. Lee statue has been removed from Lee Park in Dallas.

    Will be replaced with a statue of some random Korean fellow.

    1. Or a commie.

  11. Pharma Bro getting sent to ‘the worst prison that he’ll ever be in’

    With no prior criminal record, the former drug company CEO’s securities-fraud convictions would have likely landed him in a minimum-security prison camp, sources said.

    Instead, at least until his January sentencing, he’s cooling his heels in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center, a place that looks good only when compared to the “supermax” prison in Florence, Colo., or the Marion, Ill., slammer where mob boss John Gotti served time before he died, a defense lawyer said.

    “He’s in the worst prison that he’ll ever be in, considering the charges he was convicted of,” the source said. “He really put himself in a bind.”

    You see, it’s funny because he is douchey.

    1. It’s freezing cold right now. The inmates are wearing hats and are wrapped in towels to keep themselves warm, because [officials] keep the air conditioning up for some reason.”

      “In the winter, it often gets very hot,” she added.

      A woman who was waiting to visit her brother inside the MDC on Thursday evening said Shkreli, 34, “didn’t know what he [was] getting into.”

      “There’s a lot going on behind these walls, I would hope he don’t think it’s a resort,” she said.

      “There a lot of gangs in here. And after the gang thing, then there’s the color thing?.It’s not something small when you in here.”


      1. Dude almost certainly bitched up his first night, because there’s no way he kicked anybody’s ass.

        1. Morgan Freeman’s voice:
          “And that’s when I realized I had two choices. Bitch up, or die.”

    2. Marion Illinois? Isn’t that we’re the last three governors of inniois live now?

      1. Or Illinois, take your pick

    3. Yeah, nothing says thoughful like thinking any amount of cruelty and injustice is okay just as long as the victim is a “douchebag”.

      1. John, I predict that your return will produce quite an increase in HnR comment threads.

        I don’t know if you like the Pretenders, but I imagine this song [nsfw, f-bomb] playing as you enter the room. Kind of your Hail to the Chief.

    4. Hey, if he threatened one hair on the head of a former First Lady, Supermax is too kind.

  12. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is seeking permission

    Do or do not, there is no seek permission

  13. Wait, it’s called 21st Century Fox now? WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?

    1. It is a completely different company. Like that burger place “McDowelll’s”, with the golden arcs.

      20th Century Fox can’t be happy about it, but what are ya gonna do? It is 100 years apart… it can’t really be confusing if it is separated by 100 years, can it?

  14. ESPN denies that it tried to boot reporter Jemele Hill after she called Donald Trump a white supremacist and the White House said it should be a “fireable offense.”

    I know there’s this idea of not alienating half of your customers, but at what point will the culture war have so saturated every aspect of public life that simply existing, in public, will be to alienate half of your customers?

    1. Well, a segment of the population believes you were probably born racist, depending on your skin color, and you need to flagellate your self publicly when you reach a certain age for even coming out of the birth canal, so I think we probably arrived here sometime last week.

    2. No it won’t. Staying out of politics will at most alienate the people who think anything who doesn’t spend their life affirming the right politics is against them. Fortunately, that is nowhere near half of anyone’s customer base.

      1. Staying out of politics is sometimes seen as a political act. Or, having the wrong camp like your product is enough to warrant the other camp disliking you. It’s becoming increasingly likely to be entered into a fray you never intended on entering.

      2. That was the primary criticism about Tiger Woods until his wife tried to take an iron to his noggin.

        1. And it was also the primary criticism of Micheal Jordan. Jordan is still last I looked the richest athlete in history. Tiger Woods was not far behind before his wife went Viking on his ass. As Jordan once said “Republicans buy shoes too”. Getting involved in politics is never a good move for an athlete.

          1. Jordan makes more per year right now than anyone in the NBA.

  15. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is seeking permission to destroy records of deaths and sexual abuse in its detention centers after 20 years.

    If it takes 20 years to punish anyone at ICE that means it was never going to happen.

    1. First, the union will have to renegotiate their contract to insure proper work rules, compensation, training and awards.

    2. But I didn’t think any of these bad things happened before Trump was president? There won’t be any bad things in the records from 2008 to 2016.

  16. Third-hand smoke in furniture and clothes damages mouse organs

    As always, it is difficult to extrapolate the findings to humans. The results make sense, are biologically plausible and important, says Taylor Hays at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, but the effect on humans still needs to be investigated. “It’s important to note that a one-off or casual exposure is not going to have measurable impact on people,” he says.

    Martins-Green believes third-hand smoke is just as dangerous as first and second-hand smoke. She warns parents against assuming that only smoking in their child’s absence, or only smoking outdoors, protects their kids from the smoke’s harmful effects. “Cotton shirts are a terrible sink,” she says. “A parent goes outside to smoke, but then crawls into bed and reads a book to their kid.

    Not only should we ban smoking, we should ban cotton shirts as well.

    1. Mouse organ is a terrible name for a band.

      1. Fun fact: “Mouse Organ” was Conchfritters’ nickname in college.

        1. Toosh

        2. Oooooo… unbeatable!

          1. “Unbeatable” was literally your other nickname in college.

      2. Mouse Organ was someone else’s nickname in school.

      3. It would be a good nickname for an effiminate SJW, though.

    2. Mice eat clothes and furniture. The lesson is don’t eat either one yourself but keep on smoking to get rid of annoying pests

  17. Pervert Weiner comes clean at last: He admits to Skype and Snapchat sessions with girl, 15 – and sexting relationships with ‘hundreds of women’ whose ages ‘span decades’

    nthony Weiner is finally coming clean about his double life as a serial sexter ? admitting that he has had online affairs with ‘hundreds of women’ since 2009 and knowingly engaged in at least two explicit video chats with an underage girl.

    He also says he should avoid jail time because he became a ‘national pariah’ after the FBI investigation into his sexting prompted the bureau to reopen its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server just days before the presidential election.

    1. Prosecutors have requested that he serve between 21 and 27 months in prison. Weiner’s attorneys counter that he should be sentenced to probation instead.

      In the 68-page memo, Weiner’s legal team admits that in early 2016 the former congressman was exchanging thousands of messages a month with ‘dozens’ of women he met online, including at least 1,500 messages with one middle-aged woman over the course of just two months.

      The document also acknowledges that he had at least two explicit Skype conversations with the 15-year-old girl in February of 2016, one explicit Snapchat session, and one explicit text exchange.

      AND writing laws that bettered our lives.

      1. I am not going to defend chatting up 15 year old girls. But unless she got naked on the skype sessions, I really don’t see why it should be a federal crime or really any crime at all.

          1. Also, it said snapchat. Isn’t “naked” assumed when snapchat is involved?

            1. If she were naked, they could have got him for child porn since it would have been stored on his phone. But they didn’t do that. So I don’t think she was.

            2. Isn’t “naked” assumed when snapchat is involved?


              1. Correct. You’re not technically naked if you’ve got chaps and a gimp mask on.

    2. He also says he should avoid jail time because he became a ‘national pariah’ after the FBI investigation into his sexting prompted the bureau to reopen its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server just days before the presidential election.

      Who does he think he is, OJ Simpson?

    3. Pervert That stupid Weiner…

      I hope he stays in the news forever. Because every politician is a Weiner.

  18. ‘Hot cop’ who shot to fame during Hurricane Irma posted offensive jokes about Jews and wrote that ‘stupid people’ should be put in an oven and dealt with ‘the Hitler way’ on Facebook

    Gainesville police officer Michael Hamill reportedly made offensive jokes about Jews and wrote that ‘stupid people’ should be put in an oven and dealt with ‘the Hitler way’, according to screenshots sent to the Gainesville Sun.

    In one post dated April 2013, Hamill allegedly wrote: ‘Who knew that reading Jewish jokes before I go to bed would not only make me feel better about myself but also help me to sleep better as well.’

    The post continued: ‘Here is one for everybody, ‘What’s the difference between boy scouts and Jews?’ Anybody know? Well it is because ‘Boy scouts come back from their camps,’ the post continued.

    In another screenshot, Hamill ranted against ‘stupid people’, concluding, ‘Put them in an oven and deal with them the Hitler way. Haha.’

    Remember kids, social media will haunt you forever. Also, is he actually hot? I don’t see it.

    REASON POLL: Is the hot cop hot?

    1. I dunno…. I can’t tell about dudes. But I can tell you that all the womenz were having a great time chatting with each other about it. Apparently they even have a calendar planned, for the benefit of hurricane victims.

      The mom crowd enjoyed themselves so much that I heard several women who would normally gasp loudly and vigorously clutch their pearls if they heard an off-color joke in public enjoying comments about how wet it is in Florida with gusto.

      i’m not sure if that says anything other than the truism most of us embrace: “anyone asserting mortal offense at a joke is full of crap, and was never really offended in the first place.”

      1. The mom crowd enjoyed themselves so much that I heard several women who would normally gasp loudly and vigorously clutch their pearls if they heard an off-color joke in public enjoying comments about how wet it is in Florida with gusto.

        Women are disgusting.

        1. Hey, I ain’t going that far.

          Vulgar, sure. But it takes a lot to disgust most guys.

        2. It’s especially gross how they pee out of their butts, right, men?

          1. Yeah, it’s really fucked up that all babies are born from the same place poo and pee comes from.

    2. What’s the object of a Jewish football game?

      To get the quarter back!

    3. Who knew that reading Jewish jokes before I go to bed would not only make me feel better about myself

      Huh. So my mom WAS right about the motivations of stupid bullies.

    4. Middling hot. The guy behind him to the right is better looking.

    5. He might be if his mouth/jaw area didn’t remind me of a Stan Laurel caricature

    6. Which one is he in the picture? Young Bruce Willis, slim Adam Pally, or Emile Hirsch?

  19. Now-Famous Florida Nun Used Google to Figure Out Chain Saw

    The Florida nun who became an internet sensation when video emerged of her ? dressed in full habit ? wielding a chain saw to clear downed trees after Hurricane Irma says she had to look up instructions on how to start the tool.

    Sister Margaret Ann says she had to use Google to find out how to start the saw because she’d forgotten how.

    She’s lucky she didn’t hurt herself or someone else. This is why we need laws against unlicensed chainsaw operators imo.

    1. Amen to that. I believe one of the Florida hurricane related deaths was a guy who cut his carotid artery while using his chain saw. Florida should probably prohibit tourist automobile travel to the state, too, as so many hundreds of people die in Florida car wrecks every decade as drivers, unfamiliar with the Florida road system, pull u-turns and such on their way to Orlando attractions..

      1. No, it’s mostly the Florida residents doing that.

      2. On this topic…. I heard some folks lamenting how terrible it was that about 24 people died in the hurricane in Florida.

        This was a huge storm, with heavy impact on probably 10 million people. And that’s the death toll… in the low tens?

        And of that number, 8 died in an overheated nursing home where the air conditioning broke and nobody bothered to do anything. And 2 more died early in the storm in a car accident. So that’s almost half the total right there – not 100% storm related.

        The preparation for the storm in Florida was extremely impressive. Between tough building codes and an educated populous that knew to take it seriously, there were not many lives lost for such a major weather event. 20 years ago this storm might have killed a couple thousand, even with a much smaller population in Florida.

        Don’t try telling that to the nay-sayers though. They are convinced that it is horrific and probably that somehow Trump and Scott and the evil Republicans are to blame.

        1. Don’t worry…Trump will be blamed.

  20. No shout out for Ferguson 2.0? Jeez, bring Balko back.

  21. ESPN denies that it tried to boot reporter Jemele Hill after she called Donald Trump a white supremacist and the White House said it should be a “fireable offense.”

    Hey ESPN, way to make Clay Travis’ career:

    first let’s acknowledge an important fact ? ESPN created this mess themselves by being overly solicitous of public opinion and caring so desperately about what people said about them on social media that they made a colossal error I see being repeated everywhere ? they decided to police employee speech in an effort to avoid being criticized online.

    And then teams.

    1. ESPN’s actions certainly didn’t help, but even if there were no concerns about ESPN’s consistency in punishment, this would absolutely still be a story because there’s so much benefit to fighting culture wars rather than dealing with harder things.

      1. I think most people are pretty tired of the culture wars. ESPN should have told their employees to stay the hell away from politics of any kind. If they had done that, they still could have fired Schilling but made it clear it was because they don’t want their on air personalities alienating their customers. In this environemnt, I don’t see how “we offer a safe haven from politics and the culture wars” could ever be a bad business model

        1. Schilling’s problem was that he did it over and over and over again. This is allegedly Hill’s first offense.

          1. I don’t think this is her first offense. Even if it is, calling a large percentage of yoru employer’s customers white supremacists is not exactly worthy of a do over. Some things are firable even on the first offense.

          2. Schilling’s problem is that he espoused right wing positions.

  22. Scents on a plane: Why the aviation industry is waking up to fragrance

    Among others, Singapore Airlines, All Nippon Airways and Turkish Airlines use fragrances to enhance the passenger experience, from scented towels to an almost imperceptible, pleasing perfume in the cabin.

    Sweaty, American feet > science.

    1. I can’t stand the smell of perfume or cologne. I will make sure I avoid all airlines that do this.

    2. This news is about forty years old. Singapore Air was doing this the first time I flew with them in 1977.

    3. All Nippon Airways sounds like something bad is going to happen.

  23. Fascinating article on how legalizing marijuana forced a nation to grow more food

    The Netherlands is a small, densely populated country, with more than 1,300 inhabitants per square mile. It’s bereft of almost every resource long thought to be necessary for large-scale agriculture. Yet it’s the globe’s number two exporter of food as measured by value, second only to the United States, which has 270 times its landmass. How on Earth have the Dutch done it?

    1. Interesting article. Talk about making efficient use of land/inputs

  24. Shitty sex links today ENB.

    1. Shitty sex links? Like, for Germans?

      1. Go on..

    2. Needs more sleeve of wizard.

  25. An explosion on London’s Underground has left 18 injured and is being considered a terrorist incident.

    Good job with the deductive reasoning there, Sherlock Holmes. I know how extremely difficult it can be at times what to consider a bomb on a subway train.

  26. An explosion on London’s Underground has left 18 injured and is being considered a terrorist incident.

    Compliments of the religion of peace? No worries. It’s just a little cultural enrichment, I’m sure.

    1. It is just the part of living in a big city. If you want the culture, the opportunities and the excitement, you have to take the risk of some Muslim lunatic murdering you. Why don’t you like modern life? You big racist.

        1. If things don’t change, they will “learn” from Muslims. I don’t think that MP is going to like it very much when “whites” start chopping off Muslim’s heads and blowing up mosques. But hey, they will have learned from Muslims. So there is that.


            Also, good to “see” you again, John!

        2. What about the non-whites that have been blown up by Muslims, do they have it all figured out?
          Seriously, I’m trying to think like a dumb liberal and understand why she’s fixating on race, but it doesn’t make sense from any perspective. Islam is not an ethnicity and Muslims don’t focus on race, they see adherents to the religion vs. infidels.

          1. All dusky folk are Muslims and all pasty ones are not, and all Muslims are exactly the same as other Muslims and all non-Muslims are just as interchangeable. Quit trying to complicate the narrative with your basic facts about human variability, we’re trying to govern here!

            1. I wonder how they rationalize the fact that brown people in Burma are currently in the process of ethniclly cleansing their country of Muslims. And those Brown people are not even Christians. They are Buddhists. Do they pretend it isn’t happening or that they Brown people are really white and Christians?

              1. Rationalization is easy if you don’t think too hard about issues, or accept that all other people have motivations and desires no less compelling than yours! But in answer to your question, the anti-Rohingya violence is almost certainly directly inspired by Trump’s Muslim ban. It’s so simple.

                1. Your claim that Trump’s Muslim ban is responsible for the anti Rohingya violence should be a good joke. Sadly, I have no doubt that is actually what these idiots believe.

              2. Actually the brown Buddhists in Myanmar have exhibited similar hostility to brown Karen Christians and other non-Muslim hilltribes in the past.

                But they weren’t Muslim, so they didn’t count to progressive journalists.

                It’s a similar situation to the Sudanese bloodbath. Progressive journalists were silent about persecution of Sudan’s Christians until they were pretty well exterminated. Progressive journos only got animated when the Sudanese Muslims went after the animists.

          2. The race card is just about all the leftards have left in their bag. The entire purpose of it is to intimidate and silence those they disagree with, and to short-circuit any kind of real and serious debate.

            And there are plenty of fake libertarian assholes on this comment board who resort to it as well. Don’t let it work. When an asshole like ChipperMorningWood or sparky pulls that crap, the proper response is to tell him to shove it up his ass.

        3. Where is Migrant to tell us how much better the UK is than the US?

          Come back, Migrant. Please?

    2. It’s those damn Mennonites again!

  27. How an Angry Candy Man Revolutionized the Modern Sushi Industry

    Kisaku Suzuki, creator of the world’s first sushi robot, once ran a company that made candy-wrapping machines. And he was angry.
    Why had the Japanese government embarked on a policy to limit rice production, effectively paying some farmers to keep their paddy fields idle? For Suzuki, rice was the sacred heart of the country’s economy. He started to think about how to make the staple food more popular, so that Japan had no reason to restrict the crop.

    1. And that’s when it came to him: he would use his firm’s knowledge of candy-packaging machines to develop the robot. The idea, while off-the-wall in the mid-1970s, had a simple premise. If he could lower the cost of making sushi by mechanizing parts of the process and reducing the need for highly paid chefs, he could bring the previously elite Japanese dish to the masses, and in doing so increase demand for rice.

      Four decades later, Suzumo Machinery Co.’s robots are used by about 70,000 customers around the world, ranging from sushi chains to factories, and account for about 70 percent of the market for the equipment at restaurants, according to Suzumo’s estimates. Kaiten sushi, also known as conveyor-belt sushi, has become a $6 billion industry in Japan alone, partly thanks to Suzuki’s invention.

    2. Angry Candy Man is a good name. For what, I don’t know, but it’s good.

      1. Good name for a child-rapist.

        1. That is extreme. I always thought Angry Crusty Juggler Man was a good name.

  28. A Robert E. Lee statue has been removed from Lee Park in Dallas.

    And suddenly all the woes of inner city minorities around the country evaporated…

    Also, I wonder what they will change the name of the park to. Bolshevik Park?

    1. How about “Lee Sucks Park”?

      1. Uh, I think you’ll find that listing in the Korean ‘phone book.

  29. Can’t get votes, END NOW!

    It’s what Team Blue would do.

  30. He asked the [London] public to … “not be alarmed”.

    “The Fire Department, however, may be.”

        1. You expect Lena Dunham to wash?

  31. The president is mad about filibuster rules again.
    The Republicans should end the 60 vote rule, repeal ObamaCare, push tax reform, etc.

    Then add a 75 vote rule.

    Then add a rule requiring 100 votes to change the Senate rules.

    Stand back and watch Democrat heads explode.

    1. You have a math problem there. Take care that your head doesn’t ‘splode as well.

      1. Check your work.

    2. New laws should have to be unanimous to pass.
      Old laws should expire after 2 years.

      1. I would support that.

  32. I just saw where the 6 pm Sports Center’s ratings have dropped 4% since they made it the Malcome and Jamele show. Four percent is a big drop and represents a lot of money in lost ad revenues, which are based on ratings. The 6pm Sports Center is ESPN’s flagship news show. I wonder if HIll didn’t put out the Trump tweet because she knew her ratings were in the tank and she was in real danger of being fired. Her tweets make firing her a political matter and much more complicated for ESPN. Without the tweets, ESPN firing her would just be another case of a TV network axing someone for bad ratings. With the tweets, they can’t fire her without it being seen as a political statement and risking alienating the people who agreed with her tweet.

    The simple and likely answer is that she is arrogant and stupid and thought she could say that without it being an issue. I think there is a significant chance, she did this on purpsoe as a way to save her career. Now, no matter what happens she can be seen as a martyr. Before this, she was just another failed Sports Center host.

    1. And it’s a 4% drop after a rather substantial ad push for the show. If it was treated the same as the other 765,312,198 SportsCenter airings during the day, it’d be nothing. But when they hype you up big and you STILL fail…that becomes a problem.


    So a bunch of SJWs dropped a banner in Fenway Park saying “Racism is as American as Baseball”. Game changing man. Just game changing. Who can resist that kind of persuation and argument?

    1. I thought the Russians invented baseball?

      1. You’re close: it was the Cubans who invented baseball.

        1. Well, Trey Parker and Matt Stone invented Basketball.

  34. ESPN denies that it tried to boot reporter Jemele Hill after she called Donald Trump a white supremacist and the White House said it should be a “fireable offense.”

    Seriously? The White House said this? As in some official actually issued a fucking statement that people who talk shit about the president should be fired? Fuck you, you wormy scrofulous scab-eating pus-licking dickbag whoever you are. With all the shit going on in the world you think insulting the sacred personages of the god-emperors in Washington, DC is worth even mentioning and that to say that anybody who commits such an act of l?se-majest? deserves to be fired? You deserve a year’s worth of dick-stomping and ass-pineappling for that sort of shit. Rot in hell you fucking toad.

      1. On the contrary, this sounds a lot like early Federalist v. Democratic-Republican screeds. Or Hamilton v. Adams.

        1. Or Hamilton v. Adams.

          So a black immigrant vs a white, rich guy?

          1. That’s Hemmings v. Jefferson.

              1. Someone hasn’t heard of Blacked.

    1. Jemele Hill deserves to be fired for this particular act. Naturally, it’s not the job of the White House to suggest it. But we don’t have the media or pundits in this country who would make this happen.

    2. I wonder what would have happened to an ESPN reporter a few years ago if they called the president a Kenyan Muslim.

      1. THey would have been fired on the spot. There would have been no controversy because they wouldn’t have had a job long enough.

    3. Trump isn’t really one to let stuff wash off him like water off a duck’s back.

      But then, the opposite approach seems to have worked for him so far.

      1. Which is a bit of a challenge to the conventional wisdom – “don’t dignify that sort of thing with a response, people will respect you as you rise above it.”

        Yet the kind of people who keep winning elections are positively obsessed with attacking their critics.

        What message are the voters sending?

    4. They didn’t release an official statement. Sanders said it at a press conference. This is still absolutely ridiculous, but not as earth-shatteringly bad as people want it to be.

      1. What did Colonel Sanders say? That some of his extra-crispy dinners are chickens who didn’t make it across the road.

        (Kidding, kidding)

        1. Col. Sanders said Extra Crispy was an abomination, a bunch of fried dough ruining his chicken. He also said KFC turned his gravy into wallpaper paste, when it used to be even better than the chicken. Look it up.

    5. As with most things, I doubt the Trump White House thought it through this far, but it’s kind of a crafty move. Once they do that, they assure 1) That everybody will have heard of Hill’s tweets, and 2) That ESPN can’t fire Hill or else they’ll look like they’re buckling to pressure from Trump. So Hill will remain on — further screwing ESPN’s ratings and providing an enduring hate-object for Trump supporters to point at.

      1. 5th D Chess…

        I’m just saying.

  35. The president is mad about filibuster rules again.

    Just like most of the shameless, dishonest Obama-worshippers in the “mainstream” media, Reason magazine loves the filibuster when the republicans have the majority in the Senate, but absolutely hates it when the democrats have the majority in the Senate.

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