Caribbean Islands Devastated By Irma, Bernie Sanders Plans to Unveil Medicare for All Bill, and House Passes Debt Ceiling Increase: P.M. Links


  • Johnson Space Center/Wikimedia Commons

    Caribbean islands are being devastated by Hurricane Irma as it makes its way toward Florida. Dutch troops are deployed in St. Martin to prevent looting.

  • Fortunately, Richard Branson was able to ride out the storm in his fortified wine cellar. (The cellar was fortified, not the wine.)
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is going to unveil his Medicare for All bill on Wednesday.
  • The House passed a three-month debt ceiling limit increase, tied to Hurricane Harvey aid. All 90 of the "no" votes came from Republicans. You can read Reason's take on this display of bipartisanship here.