Genocide in Burma, Trump to End DACA, Mnuchin Wants Debt Ceiling Hike for Harvey: A.M. Links


  • White House

    Refugees fleeing Burma are accusing security forces of perpetrating a genocide. Rohingya Muslims have seen their villages burned down and their children beheaded.

  • President Trump is reportedly planning to say he wants to end the DACA program for individuals brought to the country illegally as children but delay enforcement for six months, with an announcement to come tomorrow.
  • Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is arguing that raising the debt ceiling will make it easier to send federal aid to Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.
  • Hillary Clinton tweeted out an endorsement for a social media hub for Clinton supporters created by Peter Daou, which shortly became the target of a cyber attack.
  • Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in Los Angeles County as a wildfire continues in the Verdugo Mountains.
  • Angela Merkel faced her main rival in the German elections in a televised debate where both candidates targeted Trump but not each other.
  • Bomb experts in Frankfurt defused an unexploded World War 2 bomb.