A.M. Links: Harvey Death Toll Climbs to 38, Explosions at Houston-Area Chemical Plant, Federal Judge Blocks Texas' Anti-Sanctuary Cities Law


  • Gage Skidmore / Flickr.com

    In a speech yesterday in Springfield, Missouri, President Donald Trump launched his new push to overhaul the tax code.

  • The death toll from Hurricane Harvey now stands at 38. That number is expected to rise.
  • Two explosions have been reported at a flooded chemical plant near Houston.
  • A pair of nuclear-capable U.S. bombers, joined by South Korean and Japanese jets, conducted exercises above the Korean peninsula today.
  • A federal district judge issued a temporary injunction yesterday blocking parts of Texas' anti-sanctuary cities law from going into effect.
  • "Russia is preparing to hold large-scale military exercises it says will be of a purely defensive nature, amid concerns in neighboring nations that the drills may be used as a precursor for an invasion."

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