Donald Trump

Donald Trump's 10 Theses: A Phoenix Rally Quiz

See if you know what's on the president's mind.



The president covered a lot of ground during his 77-minute speech to adoring supporters in Phoenix on Tuesday night. In case you didn't have time to watch or read the whole thing, this quiz is your chance to brush up on the 10 key points he made. Answers after the jump.

1. What don't the fake media want to talk about?

a) anarchists

b) crimes committed by illegal immigrants

c) Barack Obama's birthplace

d) the link between vaccination and autism

2. Where does Donald Trump draw the line?

a) grabbing women's genitals

b) driving an old lady from her home to make room for a casino parking lot

c) mocking disabled people

d) attacking the decency of his supporters

3. Who is trying to take away our history and our heritage?

a) the elites

b) the crooked media

c) anarchists

d) Mexicans

4. How is Donald Trump better than the elite?

a) He went to better schools.

b) He was a better student.

c) He lives in a bigger, more beautiful apartment.

d) all of the above

5. What doesn't Donald Trump understand?

a) comparative advantage

b) how clean coal works

c) how a bill becomes a law

d) why the fake news and the crooked media don't want America to be great again

6. Who is putting all of America's safety at risk?

a) dishonest journalists

b) Democrats

c) anarchists

d) neo-Nazis

7. Who doesn't like our country?

a) Islamic terrorists

b) anarchists

c) dishonest journalists

d) Kim Jong-un

8. What strikes at the heart of America?

a) foreign interference in presidential elections

b) North Korean missiles

c) what happened in Charlottesville

d) too much LDL cholesterol

9. Who is the source of the division in our country?

a) the fake news and the crooked media

b) neo-Nazis

c) anarchists

d) demagogic politicians

10. What is it time for all of us to remember?

a) We are all on the same team.

b) We are all Americans.

c) We all believe right now in America first.

d) all of the above


1. a

2. d

3. b

4. d

5. d

6. b

7. c

8. c

9. a

10. d