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The Cheatham County, Tennessee, sheriff's office has placed three deputies on leave following an excessive force lawsuit against the agency. Jordan Elias Norris was Tasered 40 times while in in the county jail, including when he was in restraints.

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  1. All I know is, if I’m ever dying of cardiac arrest in police custody, I hope the cops holding me are brave enough to try to restore my heartbeat with an improvised substitute for paddles 40 times in a row, too. This man is only alive to complain because of what those heroes did.

  2. He was coming right at them! There was a loud noise that scared the cops. They reasonably feared for their lives, their partners lives, and the lives of the public.

    Come on, they must have tried all the magic words, right?

  3. Don’t taze me br,,,zap,zap,zap,zap,zap,zap, ( continues till end of shift,heroes go home safe.)

  4. He was later charged with felony vandalism of over $1,000 and simple assault Nov. 7 while still incarcerated.

    He vandalized the taser batteries by depleting them and his thrashing around caused a deputy get a fingernail scratch.

  5. Norris was originally suspected of stealing a semi-automatic rifle, and Sheriff’s deputies received information he was going to use the weapon on any law enforcement who tried to arrest him, according to Cheatham County Sheriff Mike Breedlove.

    No need to check that totally legit story any further just know that and the marijuana in the end that’s going to justify anything the deputies did.

  6. Breedlove released a statement Friday morning saying that he was not presented with all of the video footage at the initial briefing on the situation.

    After seeing media reports and videos not previously viewed, Breedlove said he immediately directed supervisors to examine the Sheriff’s Office’s current Use of Force policy.

    Hoping something in that supremest law of the land – the internal policy – could be used to legalize what was on the video.

    1. “I want the public to know that we will shuffle papers around the clock until they lose interest!”

  7. After seeing media reports and videos not previously viewed, Breedlove said he immediately directed supervisors to examine the Sheriff’s Office’s current Use of Force policy.

    While he’s at it, he might want to review the policies vis-?-vis “What to do when you witness a crime taking place”. Step One should not be “Consult the Manual of Procedures”. The first damn chapter in the book is “How To Identify A White Guy” – it took me just a quick glance at the article to recognize that it was a white guy, you don’t hit a white guy. Everybody knows black don’t crack, and it don’t show up bruises and contusions and taser burns so well, neither. Heck, you can beat on a black guy nearly three times as long as you can a Mexican before it leaves a mark and anybody gives a shit. Pasty white guy bruises real easy and he’s probably got a lawyer. That’s just common sense.

    1. But seriously, you see some shit like this and your immediate reaction is “Hmmmm, that don’t look right. They’re not supposed to be doing that. Are they? Are they allowed to do that? Is that what the book says? Maybe I better check, maybe that’s what they’ve been told to do.” How the fuck did this guy get to be Sheriff without knowing just right off the top of his head that, no, no, you are not allowed to torture prisoners. He’s gotta consult a book to see whether or not this shit is SOP? What the hell’s going on in that jail that this is even a reasonable question to ask? Wouldn’t a more reasonable question to ask be “If they seem to think this is okay, what the hell else are they doing that they think’s okay? Is the jail by any chance being run by retarded sadists?”

  8. You wanna know why people get shot by police?

    This video is exactly the scenario that police officers talk about when they justify their aggressive use of force.

    Note that this officer didn’t shoot at the first furtive movement, and didn’t pull his gun, choosing a taser instead. And it got him shot and almost killed.

    Also note, this officer bought his own body cam – a pair of camera glasses.

    Dunphy couldn’t have written a better script for why the kid with a bottle of soda in his pocket is going to get shot.

    1. With how tragic it is when anybody gets shot, police and public alike, God forbid that police officers should bear the brunt of the risk to ensure the safety of those they are voluntarily choose to serve. I mean it’s not like they have special safety equipment, communications, or backup, unlike the general public who go around in flack jackets.

  9. While this news is terribly tragic it shouldn’t stun anyone at this point.

    1. Truly a nut “pun”ch.

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