Brickbat: The Terrorists Have Won


Richard Semik / Dreamstime

In Australia, a court has upheld a decision by a local government to bar the construction of a synagogue near Bondi Beach. Officials say the synagogue could become a target for terrorists, endangering the neighborhood as well as beach-goers

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  1. “… And where exactly do you expect us to put it so that it *won’t* pose a threat to innocent passersby?”

    “Oh, you know, in the Outback, middle of a swamp, island couple miles off shore, something of that nature. Up to you.”

    1. Saudi Arabia?

  2. It basically implies that no Jewish organisation should be allowed to exist in residential areas. It stands to stifle Jewish existence and activity in Sydney…

    The court decision also didn’t rule out sewing an identification patch onto the clothing worn by Jewish residents to better warn others who to safely avoid.

    1. See? The Schutzstaffel were just doing their part to protect Australian citizens from Radical Islamist terrorism.

      Then as now…

    2. Better yet, why not round up all the Jews and concentrate them somewhere out of the way of everyone else, like in a camp of some kind. That way if Islamic terrorists decide to attack them they won’t endanger any of the “normals.”

  3. I wonder how long it will take for this “synagogues pose a danger” precedent to be used as an argument for existing synagogues to be torn down.

  4. When a government admits its inability to protect the innocent, it’s time to abolish it.


    1. I say its time to congratulate it for finally acknowledge the truth. The government can’t protect you in most cases, you must protect your neck.

    2. Uh, peace loving Australia has registered guns, then banned guns, and finally (theoretically) confiscated them. Exactly how are the citizens going to abolish it?

  5. Ironically, this is exactly how the terrorists win.

  6. Muslims use terrorism to try and scare people (in this case Australians) into not doing what the terrorists hate (in this case build synagogues).

    Terrorists- 1
    Australia- 0

  7. In tomorrow’s headlines:
    Australia realizes that Islam will attack ALL other religions, and bans then demolishes all churches and existing synagogues.

    Day after tomorrow:
    To prevent Islamic terrorist attacks, government establishes Islam as national religion.

    The day after that:
    Violence continues as factions of Islam continue to attack each other.

    1. Prescient you are.

    2. They’ve just given terrorists a really good reason to attack other religions.

      1. One important distinction. Christians aren’t so fond of Jews.

        Muslims might succeed in targeting churches in Montreal or San Francisco, but it’s not going to go well in Dallas.

        1. “One important distinction. Christians aren’t so fond of Jews.”


          Which century did you just step out of?

    3. Exactly.

  8. Aussies: Why are you attacking Christians we gave you a peace offering by stopping Da Joos from building!
    Terrorists: Yes, and we thank you for that. We’re offering a special this month. Death by beheading or bombing Your CHOICE! This is how freedom of choice works, no?
    Aussies: Kinda.

  9. So this is what woke looks like…

  10. Terrorists are students of human nature and they know most people to be either cowards or just apathetic. They use this knowledge to their advantage. But fight them, and like all bullies, they will retreat, usually behind the law. We (the West) can win our culture back but we have to want to and be willing to face the inconvenience of battle. It’s really up to us.

  11. Aren’t mosques attacked, too? Looks like we have to ban all churches….

  12. Ow that I think about it: there are a few government buildings that need to be relocated.

    We can’t have an explosion taking out all of a major downtown area.

    1. Say, there are no innocent civilians in the cold vacuum of space, right?

  13. Muslim terrorists target Christian churches in Indonesia.

  14. In 2016, Muslim terrorists attacked in Belgium close to Easter and Purim. Belgium authorities had Jews cancel Purim but did not ask Christians to cancel Easter.

    Belgium Police Ask Jewish Community to Cancel Purim Festivities

    Brussels Struggles to Attract Tourists for Easter after Terrorist Attack

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