The Fifth Column

Sessions Problems, Real Medical Costs, LA 92 and O.J.'s Juice: The New Fifth Column

Watch Michael Moynihan get his junk checked, and listen to Kmele Foster wax poetical about his family's immigration.


Last week on HBO's Vice News, former Reasoner and current Vice person Michael C. Moynihan, one-third of the weekly podcast (and Sirius XM radio show) The Fifth Column, let a series of doctors probe his sensitive areas while he attempted to ask them questions about costs, paperwork, and distortions in the medical market. The results are amusing and interesting, and you can watch them here:

We talk about that experience, in the context of Obamacare repeal's latest failures, on this week's episode of the podcast. Other topics include Vegas trips of yore, involving a singer named "Cheese."

* O.J. Simpson and his penis.

* Jeff Sessions and his many problems.

* Reflections on John McCain.

* An immigration report card six months in to Donald Trump's presidency.

* Advancements in and structural impediments to forensic science, and reforms thereof.

* The acclaimed new doc, LA 92.

Listen right here:

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