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A Palm Beach County, Florida, sheriff's deputy has pleaded guilty to using information he got from law enforcement databases to steal the identities of dozens of people. Frantz Felisma used the databases to look up personal information on people who drove expensive cars.

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  1. Felisma, a community volunteer and athletics coach, was named deputy of the year for the Delray Beach region just days before he was arrested in December.

    You know they give each other these awards so that, when misdeeds come to light, they can be described in court and the newspapers as cop of the year in the hope of swaying opinion.

    1. You left out the best part:

      “Sheriff’s Deputy Frantz Felisma, 43, pleaded guilty to federal identity theft and fraud charges, but he said he never received any money for his role in the scheme. He said he intended to use the proceeds to send high school students to college and help them get soccer training in Brazil.

      “That was my plan to stop crime in Palm Beach County,” he told U.S. District Judge Donald Middlebrows.”

      Soccer ruins everything.

    2. the boys who killed their parents, and then pled for mercy because they were orphans…

  2. They can plead diminished mental capacity.
    Really? They did not shred the paper notes?

    Root cause analysis: police data bases cause crimes, like guns cause shootings. Outlaw all electronic police and court records to prevent this epidemic from continuing.

  3. “Caitlyn Jenner mulling over Senate run: ‘I have considered it'”…..-1.3330479

    Eh, she’ll probably run as a Republican and then switch to a Democrat after she’s elected.

    1. Or maybe, since s/he’s presumably been castrated, switch to Libertarian.

      Ba da boom!

      1. read that as lesbian…

  4. Regardless of motive, identity theft is a crime, said Lauren Jorgensen, assistant U.S. attorney.

    Too bad accessing government databases without a legitimate reason isn’t some sort of crime. I guess it’s like breaking into someone’s house just to look around – as long as you don’t take anything you won’t get charged with a crime, right? I’m sure this is why there’s no record made of the guy repeatedly running plates without a reason or, if there were, he was put on leave even though there’s proof in hand – it’s not like he had done anything wrong by just browsing the database.

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