Ben Sasse Drives an Uber, America and Russia Hammer Out a Syrian Ceasefire, and a Start-Up Looks to be Uber for Garbage: P.M. Links


  • Sen. Ben Sasse
    Gage Skidmore/Flickr

    Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse will drive an Uber this weekend after losing a bet on the outcome of a recent University of Nebraska-University of Iowa football game. Sasse has previously worked as an Uber driver in his home state.

  • The United States and Russia worked out a ceasefire agreement in southwest Syria. The agreement is set to go into effect on Sunday. The longevity of previous ceasefires suggests this latest agreement will not last too long.
  • European Union Commission President Jean-Claude Junker lectured leaders about free trade at the ongoing G20 summit today. "Trade agreements are not only about selling and buying. They're about job creation," Junker said in what many are considering a swipe at President Donald Trump.
  • A tech start-up aims to be the Uber of garbage. Recycle Track Systems is offering customers flexible pricing and on-demand pick-up of their refuge through their app. Whole Foods has already signed up for the service.