Brickbat: Should I Not Have Done That?


Dmitriy Shironosov

Federal prosecutor Erin Tomasic has resigned after admitting she listened to recordings made of conversations between inmates at Leavenworth Detention Center and their attorneys that were made without the knowledge of either the prisoners or their attorneys. Tomasic had previously told the judge handling an investigation of the recordings that she had not listened to them. Many of the inmates at the detention center are awaiting trial and have not been convicted of any crime.

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  1. In in pursuit of convictions for possessing contraband in the prison? If U.S. attorneys are willing to risk Sixth Amendment violations for something so relatively meaningless, imagine what they’re doing to further their careers putting drug offenders in prison in the first place.

  2. She won’t get her hand smacked too hard.

  3. Federal employee; no worries.
    “no longer working for the US attorney’s office” – But where else in the vast desert of the fed bureaucracy is she hiding?

  4. And who did she talk to about defendant strategies and other attorney-client privilege information?

    And what actions did she do in some of the criminal cases now pending for defendants because of the attorney-client privilege information?

    The fair thing is to dismiss criminal cases for defendants awaiting trial at Leavenworth and reverse convictions for those defendants convicted while Tomasic was US Attorney.

    It will never happen but that is the fair thing to do.

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