Brickbat: A Proportionate Response


police brutality
Iaroslav Horbunov

Timothy James, an officer with the Jacksonville, Florida, sheriff's office, has been charged with battery after pulling a 17-year-old suspect out of a patrol car and throwing him to the ground. When a sergeant told him to put the boy back in the car, he did but struck him several times with his fist as the sergeant told him to stop.

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  1. Officer James looks forward to his inevitable acquittal and eventual back pay.

  2. Look, the kid spit at the cop so the cop lost his temper and beat the hell out of him. What’s the point of having a gun if they’re going to require you to keep your temper?

    1. Look, if he hadn’t a done what I told him not to do, he’d still be alive right now.

  3. can you spell TASER?

  4. OT (1984). You can’t buy this type of publicity:

    “The cast knew how the shocking scenes would be presented, but “it wasn’t until we got in front of an audience, when I saw and heard people responding, that I was suddenly aware of how powerful it was,” said Reed Birney, who has previously yelled back at a ticketholder who pleaded for his character to stop the torture.”


  5. Google this report and check out the results. Not one major new outlet covered it.

    1. LOL – yeah, you really should google Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and Timothy James and FirstCoastNews – this paper seems to really have it in for the guy what with their reporting on his long list of excessive force complaints and his previous beating up a crazy guy and his running over and killing a pedestrian and whatnot.

  6. World has gone mad. I have been talking about this for a long time. Me and my friends read this news every day in the college. And at the work in the office of we discuss it also.

    1. “Trust My Submission” was my nickname in the college.

  7. So, good cop, very very bad cop?

    1. He was just extremely careless. With his fists, not his email.

      1. but your Honor, he kept hitting my fist with his face, what was I supposed to do?

  8. If they could criminally charge him for disobeying orders I have a feeling that would be the charge. The real victim here is the sergeant whose commands he didn’t immediately heed.

  9. Credit where due. It looks like JSO is taking this shit seriously. Thanks to the “good cop” sergeant who reported this and the department for backing him up.

    1. Yeah, I agree. That’s a better outcome than most of these stories.

    2. Usually the rat gets run out on a rail. So this is highly unusual.

  10. I can only assume the officer was unpopular for some reason if they are willing to charge him.

    1. On at least 10 different occasions, James has been in violation of departmental policy. Killing pedestrians and beating handcuffed kids is not the upper limit of this cop’s corrupt ability. In April, he’s alleged to have spit on and abused a mentally ill man at UF Health, the University of Florida hospital.
      Undersheriff Pat Ivey, all but confirmed James to be at the center of the investigation which occurred at the hospital by discussing the incident which took place at the hospital in the same press conference as the one which addressed James’ arrest.
      In May, James hit and killed a pedestrian and was ordered to undergo counseling. Attorney John Phillip is representing the victim’s family and openly wondered when informed of James’ arrest if he was “psychologically cleared” to return to duty.

  11. ‘Why should I stop? This is fun. Hey, he ain’t got no feet or hands!’

  12. When a sergeant told him to put the boy back in the car, he did but struck him several times with his fist as the sergeant told him to stop.

    Odds are this sergeant is gonna end up getting the Serpico treatment.

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