Brickbat: Stop Resisting


Martin Brayley

The Austin, Texas, police department has suspended officer Chris Limmer for 20 days for Tasering a suspect who was not resisting arrest. The man was lying on the ground being handcuffed by other officers when Limmer ran up and Tasered him in the back.

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  1. Costanza, trash pastry, etc

  2. As part of the agreed suspension, Limmer will be evaluated by the APD psychologist

    Police psychologist must be like being dietician for the National Sumo Wrestling League.

    1. Based on the time Tony Bourdain ate with the sumo guys, I’m not sure that analogy is apt. As athletes they take their refueling seriously.

      Your analogy would make sense if sumo guys just scarfed Dunkin and sat on their ass all day….err, well, then I guess the analogy doesn’t work that way either for a different reason.

  3. If he tazed the guy during the cuffing that other officer should be pretty pissed off. Actually all other officers should be pretty pissed at him for putting a teammates safety in jeopardy for no reason. Maybe Mr. Limmer will find limited support from his department and union as a result…

    1. Don’t bet on it. Maybe a few jests.

  4. Seems like Austin has more than its share of cop screw ups. In trying to track down their annual cost in lawsuits, I ran across this hilarious situation where a victim who called 911 was roughed up by police after the real perp described his car to them!…..1-million/

    1. Holy shit. Those two assholes cost Austin $1 million!

      And people take that?

      Take it out of their pay or some union treasury and see how fast this shit subsides.

    2. I don’t know. I don’t remember. The best two answers a cop on the witness stand can use to avoid answering a question.

  5. He’s obviously a criminal or he wouldn’t have been arrested. why are people always standing up for these types. everyone knows criminals arent human….

    1. Not sure if…PoliceOne or sarcasm or….

  6. “I’m sorry I tasered him. I made a mistake. I was going for my gun to execute him summarily, not taser him, but grabbed my taser by mistake. I’m sorry.”

  7. Meanwhile, in LA, brave heroes attempting to protect the public from a vicious dog are thwarted by interfering teen who intercepts their bullets with his chest.

    1. This is, of course, what is known as a “tragic accident” – could have happened to anybody who uses a teen-ager as a backstop for their target practice.

      1. the kid also died. normal person would go to jail for manslaughter. I am sure these fuckers will be promoted and get a medal.

    2. LA doesn’t have a dedicated animal control unit?

  8. I don’t understand these suspensions. Doesn’t that mean you still get paid, but you don’t have to do any work?

    1. formality to make it look like they are address the issue.

      1. In OldSpeak it’s called “vacation.” Or “holiday.”

    2. Do they have to report to the rubber room, like when we pay teacher to do nothing?

      They should have to go back to the academy at reduced pay and start over. Or is that where they learned to de-humanize citizens in the first place?

      1. They should be charged with the crime they committed, same as anybody else would be.

    3. The government says its punishment with pay, so it must be.

      1. Not as good as the steel mill. I got paid more when I was laid off than when I was working. I guess that was because I needed more money since I had more free time (for hunting, fishing, partying, and riding my panhead).

  9. 20 days just not seem like a long enough paid vacation for this heroic officer.

    Violating the constitutional rights of people should get a heroic cop at least 6 months paid vaca to travel the World and see stuff.

    1. Club Med for his PTSD.

    2. My first thought was, you don’t get fired for this? You get a 20 day paid vacation?

      But then I realize, silly me, they don’t get fired for murdering people.

      1. sadly…this make me laugh out loud because it is true :/

  10. 23 Years on the force, a one year probation; so what are the retirement rules in Austin?

    Any comments on why the examples above are all in cities run by liberals?

    1. because all cities are liberal?

      1. if there is a non liberal city it is in an open and carry state so cops aren’t total fucking retards.

        its interesting…this appears to never happen in states with open and carry. Any guesses or any examples proving otherwise?

  11. Explain to me why the Blue Pig is still on the force. This is exactly why people are losing all respect for the police.

    1. “Well, I’m not saying the cop was right, but this guy did, in fact jaywalk, which means it partially his fault. And, by partially, I mean mostly.”

      /Libertarian Cop Fellatior

  12. Still got a long way to go to beat those cops in London, England, who, on a tip or description, followed some guy into a train station, got him to lay prone, & shot him dead in the back.

  13. Who would want to be a cop if they can’t dispense Taser justice to a helpless suspect?

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