Trump's New Line on NATO: Expensive, But Worth It!


Candidate Donald Trump delighted some and depressed others with a seeming willingness to rethink the necessity of our NATO alliance. He worried out loud about how much it cost us versus how little it cost our allies, most of whom are not living up to their commitment to spend 2 percent of their GDP on their military. He even called NATO straight-up "obsolete" in the post–Cold War, war on terror age.


Today Trump gratified NATO fans by saying out loud that of course we will always live up to our obligations under its Article 5, the most dangerous part, requiring us to come to the defense of any ally in case of attack (even, say, countries like recent entrant Montenegro, a corrupt nation, home to illegal arms smuggling and dealings and on the edge of many potential conflicts with neighbors).

In keeping with Trump's general fecklessness about spending, he uses NATO—in his eyes that once-obsolete alliance in which our fellow members took advantage of us—as an excuse for more U.S. spending.

As Huffington Post reports today, Trump said at a Rose Garden press conference this morning that our need to go to war in defense of our NATO allies is "one of the reasons that I want people to make sure that we have a very, very strong force by paying the kind of money necessary to have that force."

Our NATO commitments and expenses of billions and over 60,000 troops may reasonably seem less than relevant to actual U.S. security concerns in the age of the war on terror. But when it comes to keeping the military spending ball rolling to crushing debt and beyond, Trump will go along, any earlier rhetoric questioning spending or commitments ignored.

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  1. a corrupt nation, home to illegal arms smuggling and dealings and on the edge of many potential conflicts with neighbors

    Sounds pretty much like Mexico. We should just pay for the entire nation of Montenegro to come live here.

    1. Of course Montenegrins have all that nasty honky blood in their veins, so they probably aren’t immune to criminal behavior like Mexicans and Muslims are.

      1. Montenegrins


  2. Expensive and NWS.

  3. At least Trump is weaker on NATO than Matt “the Lindsey Graham of cuckotarians” Welch.

    I’d say it is safe to assume Trump is almost as committed to NATO as Obama was to the belief that marriage should be confined to opposite sex couples.

    1. “cuckotarians”
      Oh, gee! Look! SIV and his 3rd grade buds have a funny new name.
      SIV, “pathetic” is a compliment for you.

  4. The EU and the break-up of the Warsaw Pact should have put an end to the need for NATO, unless the US was getting as much out of the relationship as Europe was. Of course, like any bureaucracy, there’s a whole lot of people getting something personally out of the deal who had no interest in seeing their paychecks vanish, the military-industrial complex, the white-tie reception set, the “Whither Estonia?” scribblers and thumb-suckers, etc – plus it does serve some small military purpose I suppose to have a forward base in case the Austro-Hungarian Empire decides to get frisky again. But the whole thing could stand a good cost/benefit analysis on behalf of the American taxpayer.

    1. “But the whole thing could stand a good cost/benefit analysis on behalf of the American taxpayer.”

      And we should be honest about the cost, assuming we waste the money on an audit. Money is fungible; the money we spend to provide their defense simply goes to supporting the socialist programs.
      US benefit = zero.
      US cost =sending layabout Euros on month-long vacations.

    2. “But the whole thing could stand a good cost/benefit analysis on behalf of the American taxpayer.”

      What’s the value to the American taxpayer of a half century of peace in Europe?

  5. FYI, those horrible kurpershuns are collecting information on you!

    “EFF Sues FBI for Records About Paid Geek Squad Informants”
    “Rettenmaier legal team discovered that the FBI had spent years training and supplying tools to Geek Squad employees, who then used them to intentionally search people’s computers for what may account as illegal content.[…]Lawyers argued that the FBI was using their Geek Squad contacts to bypass the Fourth Amendment and search people’s data without probable cause, intruding on a person’s right to privacy.[…]
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    1. Wait, Big Government and Big Corporations in bed together? No way!

      1. I’d love to see the names of those who said ‘no, thanks’.
        And those who said ‘SURE!’.

  6. Way to go President FlipFlop

  7. Are there any people left that still believe there is 2 cents worth of difference between the Republican and Democrat parties.

  8. Dear President FlipFlop, the Russians are not going to attack us unless they use nuclear weapons; then NATO and the US military are useless except to take revenge. How do I know, because all the major metropolitan areas are already Marxist and all that would be left is about 60 million angery redneck deplorables with about 300 million guns. Russia knows this country will be Marxist soon enough just like Europe so why waste the effort. The only major war in our in our near future is one fought here when the majority of the people get sick of all bullshit flowing out of Washington DC.

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