Texas Transgender Bathroom Panic Law Set to Pass

Compromise waters down worst parts, but it still screws with students.


Transgender protest
Eli Gerzon/newzulu/Newscom

Texas' state senators have succumbed to transgender bathroom panic. But the bill they just approved isn't as bad as it could have been.

Over the weekend, Republicans in the state Senate added an amendment to SB2078, a bill overseeing how public and charter schools manage hazards and emergencies. No, they're not classifying transgender students as hazards or emergencies. But the amendment does order that students use the public school facilities (bathrooms, locker rooms, etc.) of their biological sex. The schools may also offer private unisex single-occupancy facilities.

The amendment has nothing to say about private facilities operated outside the public school system, either to mandate accommodation or to forbid it. Nor does it attempt to tell Texas municipalities what sort of antidiscrimination or public accommodation laws they may pass. The decision not to overrule city laws makes the Texas bill less expansive than the controversial bathroom law that North Carolina passed last year (and then partly rescinded in March).

Compare that to Senate Bill 6, the legislation some Texas state senators and the lieutenant governor were pushing earlier this year. That bill would have mimicked North Carolina's rule banning cities from expanding their own antidiscrimination laws. It would have required people in all government buildings (not just schools) to use the facilities of their biological sexes. It would have authorized the state's attorney general to sue schools and get civil judgments and fines ranging from $1,000 to $10,500 from districts that weren't enforcing the rules. And it would have increased the penalties for a whole host of crimes—including nonviolent offenses, such as prostitution—if they took place in bathrooms or changing rooms.

None of that stuff made it into the new amendment, which was approved on mostly party lines. (One Republican opposed it.) The attorney general is authorized to sue school districts to enforce compliance, but the law no longer includes any financial incentives to do so. The law also specifically states that it doesn't authorize the school district to "disclose intimate details about a student." One fear about laws forbidding transgender accommodation is that their enforcement could potentially "out" transgender students to those who didn't know.

This would still be a bad law, since it strips back the individual's right to control his or her identity in relationship with the government. A better choice would be for the government to accommodate transgender students and then offer more options to all comers, regardless of their biological sex, if they are uncomfortable with the status quo. And then leave the private sector to figure out its own solutions (which will probably do a better job than the government of appeasing all sides).

The bill now heads back to the House and Senate for new votes, and the governor will probably sign it by the end of the week. Then we'll see if Texas will faces boycott threats like the ones we saw in North Carolina.

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  1. Texas Transgender Bathroom Panic

    That was Of Montreal’s worst album.

  2. So forbidding local cities from mandating bathroom policies for private businesses would have been the most offensive part of the legislation? You guys are so inconsistent when it comes to protected class status. Almost as inconsistent as with regards to federalism.

    1. tbf it’s not like reason writers are a collectivist hivemind.

  3. When did letting mentally ill men use the women’s bathroom become an issue of such interest and urgency?

    1. Around the same time they started handing out Internet Psychology degrees to anyone who wanted to make their idiocy sound more scientastic.

      1. I thought it was “scienterrific”…

      2. Scientastic was my nickname at the sperm donor clinic.

      3. No kidding. And none of us better comment on anything occupational related unless we can document we have the relevant state approved credentials, right?

      4. I am sure you mean the idiocy of thinking it remotely normal to have the delusion that one can choose one’s gender or that one is physically attracted to members of one’s own gender.

    2. It’s so heartening to see ignorance and apathy come together.

  4. RE: Texas Transgender Bathroom Panic Law Set to Pass
    Compromise waters down worst parts, but it still screws with students.

    Doesn’t Texas have more important issues than deciding who goes to what bathroom?

    1. Not when both Teams are screaming for them to “do something”.

      1. Literally. Now businesses that want sane bathroom policies have some cover in court from the progtards.

    2. Doesn’t Texas have more important issues than deciding who goes to what bathroom?

      Look, do you want to live in the libertarian-moment, post-scarcity economy or not?

    3. Not really, Texas tried to keep those bastards part time but then they just started showing up every day.

      1. Luckily they’re only there every other year!

    4. The real problem is that government forces you to send your kids to schools, or at least forces you to pay for schools while having to also pay for the school you prefer they attend. Forcing your teenage daughter to shower with the teenage boys at the school you have no choice but to pay for even if you don’t use it might be overdoing things.

  5. “…waters down worst parts”

    In a bathroom, that’s really all you can hope for.

    1. No pun intended.

      1. None taken.

  6. The Most Important Issue of Our Time!

  7. Let me say first of all, that I am not as strong as I used to be about transgenders simply being delusional. I have never had a legal problem with a person altering their secondary sexual characteristics as they choose. I am not convinced that people who do live as the other gender (including SRS) necessarily are happier in the long run, but that’s not my business. If a person is biologically male and they believe they ARE female, that is a delusion. If a person is biologically male and WANTS to become female, that is a different question. (Never mind the questions that come back to does dress, hair style, makeup, affect and plumbing truly change a person’s sex.)

    But, we are talking about public schools (presumably K-12), and therefore most of the students are minors. I don’t think it is entirely inappropriate for a kid to have some restrictions based on their biology until they are of age to attempt to physically alter their sex. (Doesn’t mean a boy can’t act “girlish” or a girl can’t act “boyish”). And if we are letting students use the restroom, locker room etc of the gender of their choice, isn’t it just as valid to say that boys who “feel feminine” shouldn’t be allowed on the girl’s basketball team? Seriously, what is the fundamental difference?

    1. that should read “boys who “…feel feminine” should be allowed…”

      1. Damn it, Bear, don’t you understand how reasonable you’re trying to be. We can’t have that. This is about CONTROL of the fucking world! LOL.

        Thanks for some common sense!

    2. RE: isn’t it just as valid to say that boys who “feel feminine” shouldn’t be allowed on the girl’s basketball team?

      The Olympic Committee has a devil of a time deciding this very thing. Obviously, the most pertinent question is one of fairness in competition. Unfortunately, biological realty doesn’t match to social definitions of sex all that cleanly.

      To more directly answer your (perhaps rhetorical) question, the bathroom issue is one of tradition and social norms, while co-ed sports teams is of practical fairness. Not really the same problem.

    3. A fair point, indeed. It’s also assumed that students in public school do not have their ‘full’ rights in plenty of other ways.

      Personally, I find it somewhat amusing but mostly cringe worthy that a boy could rape a girl in the men’s bathroom and he is the one who gets pregnant in todays age. That’s how insane things have become. And, lets be serious for a second. It 100% upends the entire ‘privledge stack’ when legal protections specifically created to ‘protect’ women and minorities now apply to everyone as long as they say they do. The logic for even having them at all has been destroyed.

      As a white male, why can’t I simply identify as a black woman and receive all kinds of government benefits and an extra bump up when applying for college? Who are you to say I can’t, right? Where is the end of the limits on what you can define yourself as before you’re crazy, now? Animals? Inanimate objects? Historical figures?

      I would love to identify as a rock who believes it’s Napoleon only as a girl-cloud. My group deserves political carves outs, because I’m the only one in that group so it’s a tiny minority. Multiply that about about 315 million, and you end up with libertarianism? Maybe, just maybe, it’s the beginning of the end for Progressives.

    4. Never mind the questions that come back to does dress, hair style, makeup, affect and plumbing truly change a person’s sex.

      We lame-o empiricists, long, long before the rise of genetics, deemed far and wide that male = sperm producing and female = egg producing. We even took into account individuals with both sperm-producing and egg-producing parts, individuals who reproduced without sperm- or egg-producing parts, and a whole host of absurd combinations thereof.

      Setting that aside, conceptually, sets aside a lot of socio-cultural baggage that the transgender movement has yet to reasonably address, let alone supplant. Rather than (e.g.) setting aside writing-handedness so that we all learn to type using both hands, the transgender movement seeks to advance dexterity by grotesquely mutilating right hands to appear like left hands and vice versa. This is done so that the newly-minted lefty/righty still gets to sit on the left/right side of the vehicle, drive on the left/right side of the road, etc.

      There are reasons why male/female existed well before human society did, the trans movement doesn’t even aspire to be dimly aware of them.

      1. There are also reasons why male/female roles developed long before human society, but those were discarded in the last few hundred years. This is the predictable extension of those kinds of unnatural concepts.

      2. One small note, iif you believe Jordan Peterson and some other sources, including some trans people, the trans movement doesn’t involve the majority of trans people. Most trans were happy (or unhappy) just trying to exist and cope quietly in their lives. They are being pushed violently into the light by self-appointed advocates.

    5. Or we could recognize that ‘gender’ and ‘sex’ are different concepts.

    6. ” If a person is biologically male and they believe they ARE female, that is a delusion. ”

      But what if they’re not? As with Trans girls?

      Male?to?female transsexuals have female neuron numbers in a limbic nucleus. Kruiver et al J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2000) 85:2034?2041

      The present findings of somatostatin neuronal sex differences in the BSTc and its sex reversal in the transsexual brain clearly support the paradigm that in transsexuals sexual differentiation of the brain and genitals may go into opposite directions

      Both Trans and Intersex people have mixed anatomy.

  8. Biological sex is not an aspect of a person’s identity that is under the government’s control, or under the person’s control, for that matter. It is simply a fact about them.

    1. Exactly. I am bald. (I shave my head, but even if I didn’t, my hairline would be somewhere just above the collar of my shirt). I can wear a toupee. Guess what, I am still bald. I can wear a hat. Guess what, I am still bald. I can get hair transplant surgery. Guess what, I am not bald anymore. But I am still bald all the way up until I get the hair transplant done.

      I am 5’10”. I can wear lifts in my shoes. Guess what, I am still 5′ 10″. I can stand on stilts. Guess what, I am still 5′ 10″. If I want to have my femurs broken and somehow add 3 inches of material, then I can say I am over 6′.

      A person can want to be whatever gender they wish. But that doesn’t change their biological sex. And I will grant that a person can change their biological sex for all intents and purposes. But, minors aren’t really allowed to do that until they reach the age of consent for all forms of legal and medical treatment.

      And frankly, that is what these things are based on.

      1. a person can change their biological sex for all intents and purposes

        Not unless they’re really good genetic engineers.

        For the rest it’s just a cosmetic procedure.

        1. An amalgam of dangerous procedures, and when including massive infusions of opposite sex hormones, the procedures will increase cancer risk and cause all sorts of negative side effects. If the so called advocates would read a little about what truly happens to a trans person medically they’d be horrified.

    2. Oh and one more thing. A person whose biological sex is male, is entirely free to fantasize, participate in any and all sexual activities (assuming consenting adults, or in the case of teenagers, at least all who are of the age of consent) in any manner that all such participants agree to. Or if a boy wants to wear a dress at home, or to the mall, or whatever, that is between them and their parents. Heck, I suppose if it is a public school, I guess one could make the argument that they should be allowed to wear dresses or skirts, as long as the rules are equally enforced.

      But again, that doesn’t change the fact that biologically they are a boy, and will remain that way, at least up until the point at which they complete their transition. (Again, not making any arguments for or against whether or not a post-op person is their new sex or their old one.)

      1. And then, after the transition, many of them kill themselves. Far, far above the general populations odd’s.

        For some reason, female-to-male trannies don’t seem to have that problem.

        And, let us not forget, that just because a male-to-female wants to be a woman it does not mean that they want to stop having sex with women. That’s right, the perfect rapist since it’s well known a woman has an almost impossible time ever being convicted of rape!

        Sorry, the whole thing is just ludicrous. It’s as if people are telling me that because Sarah claims she’s Napoleon that she should be allowed to rule France and go to war in Russia. When is a delusion not a delusion? When it involves your sex, apparently. I can feel bad for a mentally ill person and not need to actually pretend that their delusion is reality, right? Is that allowed?

        1. There are neo-Bassarids who will tear you limb from limb for using the word “trannies” — it’s important to remember that this “movement” wants to restrict speech as part of its activism, it is so much more than bathrooms.

          1. That’s why I specifically used the word on purpose; because fuck their language police telling me that blue is actually green.

            If I’m being polite, and could actually remember them, I would write using that bizarre set of words like ‘xe’ etc. but frankly there aren’t enough trannies on planet Earth to make me learn a whole set of pronouns just for them. ‘It’ serves nicely as a neutral pronoun, or I can just speak in such a way that it’s a non-issue. (It’s really not as hard as you might think to use non-sex specific pronouns, even if after a while it starts to sound like you’re talking to a wall.)

            I mean, I can’t remember all the different kinds of schizophrenia either but at least they don’t give me shit about not remembering their particular kind of nuts. And, if I’m being totally honest I would probably just call a trannie ‘he’ or ‘she’ if I met one on a regular basis but the reason for it would be because they are literally crazy-town. I don’t poke bi-polar people with a stick for the same reason.

            1. I hope you don’t poke anyone with a stick (unless they want you to). It certainly wouldn’t be a libertarian thing to do.

        2. Female to male trannies are enjoying the 50% pay raise that comes with having a penis. Why would they want to off themselves?

          1. Well, it is true that you don’t see a lot of female-to-male conversions in porn and yet the other way around isn’t as uncommon as some of us would like. Not sure what that says, if anything, but it is disturbing.

  9. MY KINGDOM….for a gods damned edit button!

    2002 is calling, they want their website back.

    1. Hear, hear!

  10. Boys shouldn’t be allowed in the girls’ locker room. Why is this controversial?

    Schools can make accommodations for transgenders. How is this not a win?

    And they avoided a fight with the UT faculty.

    1. Why is this controversial?

      I find it interesting that Texas Democrats voted in lockstep against the notion. So much for that “conservative Democrat” image got away with for decades.

      1. Most of the “conservative Democrats” either swapped parties in the last 20 years, died of old age, or are pretty old now. The up and coming Dem crowd in Texas is far more young, minority, and SJW-inflicted. The big-city Dem machines have been race-based and progressive for a long time.

        1. The kind of democrat you can only reason with using the business end of a night stick.

  11. Why do we never read articles from Reason about ‘bathroom panic’ when local government pass laws mandating business bathroom policy? Like in Chicago, Charlotte, NYC, etc?

    Infringing on private businesses is less a concern for those supposedly dedicated to free markets than states allowing businesses to make their own bathroom policies, like what happened with the NC Law?

    What would you say makes this a libertarian publication anymore? Uber?

    1. Any argument to hinder policy we do not like.

      Any argument to advance policy we do like.

      And everyone who does not agree with us is unprincipled.

      That is the Reason way.

    2. Personally, I like the “wher my libertarianismz gone” comments the best.

      1. So only ‘yokels’ actually support ‘free markets’? Is that what you are implying? If that’s the case then I guess they are the only real libertarians

        1. No, I’m implying that people constantly bitching about the libertarianness of Reason/the writers really gets me turned on.

          1. You always have the option to not read. I fail to see what is wrong with identifying backward logic in these articles.

            You enjoy pissing and complaining, though.

            1. Dang, man, you should probably read that comment out loud in front of a mirror, and then do some thinking.

              1. Ummm….I’m not sure you understood that comment.

                1. You apparently didn’t understand mine. I’m saying you, a guy who pisses and complains as much as anyone (and more than many) about the content of this website, ALSO has the option not to read.

                  1. No, I get it. I get that you, Sparky, and Crusty are the eternal defenders of all that is Reason. Meanwhile their version of ‘libertarianism’ is whittled down to nothing more than defending Uber. But, rather than make an argument against that you scream: “LEAVE THEM ALONE”. It’s quite pathetic

                    1. All i’m saying is, self-awareness wants to be your friend, Mikey Jr. It’s knocking at your door with a hot pizza and a bottle of something. Won’t you let it in?

                    2. And all I’m saying is that you’re disturbingly pathetic

                    3. You can’t even argue the point. You can only complain.

                    4. So pointing out (albeit elliptically, which is probably why you didn’t get it) that all you do is complain and then complain about other people complaining, is complaining? That is a really, really tortured bit of logic.

                      Seriously. Try to be aware of your own thoughts and actions. It’ll make your life much better.

                    5. Do you read all of my comments, because they are rarely complaints. My God, man, give it up. I’m sure there are other ways you can suck-up to the writers than playing ‘virtue police’

                    6. Do you read all of my comments, because they are rarely complaints.

                      Comment of the year right there.

  12. Having just re-created* that unforgettable scene from American Gods, I can safely state that a person’s gender doesn’t matter all that much in certain bathroom situations.

    *Fun fact: cheap Scotch and quarter-mile sprints don’t mix well.

    1. I don’t know about you, but “worshipping” Bilquis would NOT be the worst way to go!

    2. I am afraid to ask what you devoured into yourself. Are you putting up roommate ads?

  13. Texas’ state senators have succumbed to transgender bathroom panic.

    No joke. Some of them want to let boys share bathrooms with girls because they — and they are serious — think feelings trump science.

    Ain’t that a hoot?

    Yes, the lunatics who are demanding this bill to not pass are a problem.

    This is what you meant, right?

    1. The point of passing a bill like this is to protect those who don’t want to give in to a bunch of SJW bullshit from a bunch of frivolous lawsuits.

  14. This would still be a bad law, since it strips back the individual’s right to control his or her identity in relationship with the government

    Which, by the way, you don’t control now, and certainly didn’t before.

    1. Which, by the way, you don’t control now, and certainly didn’t before.

      Even without the government, social construct wholly and individually defined and contained?

      Welcome to Retardation: A Celebration Now, hopefully with this book, I’m gonna dispel a few myths, a few rumors. First off…

    2. I wonder where the “right to control his or her identity in relationship with the government” came from.

      And what is this “his or her” dichotomy? The scientists at facebook have discovered, what, fifty some genders.

      Is Reason not woke enough to speak for the other 49 or so?

  15. Have any of you actually met a woman who hasn’t said she’d stop going to any gym/health club/pool where the owner allowed men to enter and use the womens’ shower room? Lot’s (most?) men wouldn’t care if a woman wanted to use their shower but women seem to think different when it comes to their showers.

    1. At large events, there can be long lines for the women’s restrooms. Enviably, some girls come over to the men’s room. Every time this has happened when I’ve been around, the men welcome the women warmly and leave them alone to do their business.

      So there’s that. But I think high school locker rooms are a different story. There is a lot of anxiety at that age. Plus there’s no stall to go into.

      1. Ever try to get into the women’s restroom as a guy at a large event, to see if that sentiment is reciprocated? Genuinely curious, because I think there’s some truth that women are the one’s who specifically freak out the most, with the possible exception of Fathers.

        1. I’ve never seen a guy go into the women’s restroom at an event like that. But my intuition is the same as yours: I don’t think it would go over well.

          BTW, in my comment above, I wrote enviably, but I meant inevitably. Kind of funny.

          1. lol, typo’s are a window into the soul? Nah, Freud was a fraud.

            I have to admit that I’ve seen much the same thing at concerts and such here in Texas, but I have never ever seen it work in the reverse. I think there is a whole lot of truth to the idea that women just like their separate bathrooms, and they probably aren’t very interested into peeing into a urinal with 12 guys that was once an oil barrel either.

            And, if we’re being totally fucking honest a female-to-male tranny can’t use that urinal either way unless they brought a funnel. The facilities themselves make a lie of their agenda. Not that a person shouldn’t be able to use either facility because, for god’s sake, when you gotta go you gotta go and people should at least respect someone enough not to make them piss themselves, whatever the circumstances.

          2. Maybe in the US, but I can imagine it happening in other countries and not causing a problem. When I was studying in Europe our dorm had co-director bathrooms including showers. The women didn’t seem at all phased to see a naked man toweling off after a shower.

            Now of course that concert scenario would require the outrageous assumption that there be a line for the men’s room but not the women’s room. That just strains credulity.

            1. No lines for restrooms – yet another great benefit of being a guy. Patriarchy forever!

  16. screws with students


  17. A better choice would be for the government to accommodate transgender students and then offer more options to all comers, regardless of their biological sex, if they are uncomfortable with the status quo.

    Let me fix that for you:

    If transgender students are uncomfortable with the status quo, then a better choice would be to provide them accommodations that do not upend the status quo that the vast majority of people are comfortable with.

    I don’t understand the hubris, the towering self-centeredness, that drives a person to demand that all people bend to their completely out-of-norm behavior.

    1. The activists tell us that transgendered are too emotionally fragile and have to be legallty protected from being confronted with theur biological sex, but they are also mentally healthy.

  18. It’s stupid that we have gendered bathrooms in the first place. Men and women manage to share bathrooms in private residences without too much bother, yet out in the world it is horrid and unthinkable. Just make them individual units with proper doors and the entire problem goes away.

    1. It’s stupid that we have gendered bathrooms in the first place. Men and women manage to share bathrooms in private residences without too much bother

      Well, yeah in single-occupancy situations, sure. Fun fact, not every bathroom in the world is single-occupancy. I hear what you’re saying, but comparing a bathroom in a private residence to a multi-use public facility is not apt.

      1. I was at a brewpub recently that had a multi-occupant unisex restroom.

        Somehow the patrons managed to do their thing without becoming enraged and assaulting each other.

        1. So in this one small place nothing bad has happened so clearly it won’t be a problem to make everyone do this in every public place?

          How logical.

    2. You’re asking for governments to spend huge sums of money to accommodate a small number of people. Do you know what locker rooms are like? Do you know what bathrooms are like in large public high schools?

      Of course people share bathrooms in houses because like Diane says, they are single occupancy. This is such an obvious distinction that for you to not recognize the difference is to be arguing in bad faith.

    3. It’s funny, if you ask most women, they assume that the men’s room must be the grossest place in the building. But, anybody who has cleaned public restrooms will soon set you straight that women’s rooms are an order of magnitude filthier.
      I don’t want women in the restrooms I use, “hovering” and getting pee all over the seats and floor, leaving their used “feminine products”in inappropriate places, putting the paper towel as close to the trash as they can without actually risking touching someone else’s used paper towels, etc. Filthy creatures.

    4. I managed perfectly well with coed bathrooms and showers in the dorm while studying in Europe.

      1. That is fine if you are an adult and choose a dorm with coed bathrooms/showers. But the US is not Europe and many people here are NOT comfortable sharing facilities. This is especially so in K-12 grades.

  19. If an adult wants to act on their mental illness, I don’t care if it doesn’t infringe on anyone else’s rights.
    But any doctor who participates in “sex reassignment” for minors, whether through prescribing hormones/testosterone or through doing surgery should lose his licence.
    And any adult who encourages this behavior in a minor should be arrested for child endangerment.
    Parents using their childrens’ sexuality to be cool and woke suffer from a form of mental illness, themselves, Munchausen by proxy syndrome or something very similar.
    These children haven’t even finished going through puberty, for God’s sake.

    1. I don’t see what’s so hard to understand. If you send your kids to a ‘gay conversion’ camp because you’re religious you should be locked up. If you inject adult hormones into your kids in an effort to make them grow tits at 12 as a boy, I think you should be given a fucking medal for your bravery.


      (P.S. I haven’t heard of a gay conversion camp that endorsed cutting your dick off as a gay guy, but boy howdy if you think you’re a girl go for it!)

  20. You lost me at “bathroom panic” — it’s a term coined to belittle and de-legitimatize a valid point of view about the nature of transgenderism.

  21. These are the dumbest effing arguments. Urinals exist for penises. Switch the signs from “men’s” and “women’s” to “penises” and “vaginas” to reflect the equipment actually installed in the bathroom.

    Problem solved.

    1. Meh, I’ve seen vaginas use urinals without difficulty.

    2. No, let’s stick with assigning the bathroom access based on real genetics, not surgical mutilation make believe. I don’t give a fuck I’d pf ten million anti-science progtards/faggots/trannies/spawn of nyarlathotep are enraged.

      1. Re “Real Genetics”

        J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2008 Jan;93(1):182-9

        A 46,XY mother who developed as a normal woman underwent spontaneous puberty, reached menarche, menstruated regularly, experienced two unassisted pregnancies, and gave birth to a 46,XY daughter with complete gonadal dysgenesis.

        Neither mother nor daughter are “male” despite having “male genetics”.

        1 in 300 men aren’t 46,XY. Some women are.

      2. Re “Real Genetics”

        J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2008 Jan;93(1):182-9

        A 46,XY mother who developed as a normal woman underwent spontaneous puberty, reached menarche, menstruated regularly, experienced two unassisted pregnancies, and gave birth to a 46,XY daughter with complete gonadal dysgenesis.

        Neither mother nor daughter are “male” despite having “male genetics”.

        1 in 300 men aren’t 46,XY. Some women are.

  22. It seems to me the writer here is just a little too prudish, and thus we have to guess at important information. To wit: What does the law mean by “biological sex”? Is a trans person supposed to use the sex determined by his/her chromosomes, or by his/her actual hardware below the belt, or what? Does it matter what his/her birth certificate says (I know trans people who’ve been issued new ones)?

  23. Forcing a person who identifies as a girl and looks like a girl, to use the boy’s bathroom, showers and locker room, and forcing a person who identifies as a boy and looks like a boy to use the girl’s bathroom, locker room and showers…. Gee! That sounds wonderful! What could ever go wrong in a situation where young people with raging hormones, no self control and a bigoted system are expected to understand and deal with this? Sheesh! Texas!

    1. In K-12 grades a person who is male but identifies as a girl and looks like a girl only passes with clothes on because they have not had surgery–or don’t you remember high school gym class?

    2. Forcing a person who identifies as a girl and is biologically a boy to use the girls bathroom, showers and locker room, … Gee! That sounds wonderful for all the actual girls.

      Sheesh! Progtards!


  24. Once again you (Reason staff) are treating transgenders as an abstract category. In public schools the students take gym class and shower together. Promoting the “rights” of the trans student (remember, almost certainly a child legally who has NOT undergone surgery to change sex) means that you force girls to shower with a boy who claims to be a girl (and conversely). What about the rights of everyone else? Why is the provision of unisex restrooms not satisfactory to you?
    I would further argue that a person cannot know for sure about their sexual orientation until they have had sex at least a few times to work out who/what floats their boat. But this is about children (except for seniors in high school who are 18)–what business does such a child have officially changing their sex or a parent encouraging it? It is child abuse.

    1. The Reason staff, more and more, are cowards caving to PC pressure. Texas has it right.

  25. This would still be a bad law, since it strips back the individual’s right to control his or her identity

    Nobody ever had the right to control their gender. This one isn’t on the govt — take it up with nature.

    This “controversy” is astonishing in many ways. Merely 4 years ago barely anybody even questioned having men’s and women’s restrooms and locker rooms, and now it’s like abortion plus slavery times 1000, with the SCOTUS weighing in on the topic, corporate and sports league boycotts left and right, people marching in the streets waving the bloody shirt (or perhaps the pissy pants).

    That’s one reason I think the “why do you conservatives care where people go to the bathroom” canard rings hollow — the genderclasts are the ones who started pushing the subject.

  26. This may come as a surprise to many citizens, and to all politicians, but for years people have been using their bathroom of choice, regardless of biology. All that has changed is the political activism of a small minority group attempting to force their views on the majority.
    So this is not about rights or feelings, it is about political power. So why is everyone all of a sudden afraid to acknowledge the use of political power as an appropriate solution to the squeaky wheel? The squeaky wheel does not always get the grease, sometimes it gets replaced.

  27. The real solution is to simply take the words “Women” and “Men” off the walls outside of public Restrooms and replace them with “Be Polite.”

    1. Yes, I’m sure all that a sexual predator, who the law will have no way of stopping until an actual assault has occurred, can be dissuaded by such a bromide.

  28. If boys can now use the girls’ room and vice versa, because of how they identify, what if they identify as a dog? Can they defecate under their desks or in the grass outside, or will schools now need to put papers down in classrooms for them?

  29. “This would still be a bad law, since it strips back the individual’s right to control his or her identity in relationship with the government.”
    Oh bullshit. Just keep the fuck out of the girl’s bathroom if you’re a guy and vice versa. The only thing bad here is that we have to have this stupid conversation in the fucking first place.

  30. This whole debate over gender is ridiculous. I hang in the so called liberal crowds and have to be around these people. This dud with a beard and who lived as a man for most of his life 10 years ago decided he’s a woman. he became pissed off that a guy was hitting on all the real girls in the room but not him. It’s because he was straight! Transsexual men cannot leave poor straight guys alone….they don’t want to date someone with a penis….get it! I’m sorry for the people that have swallowed the social science view that you can choose your gender because its a social construct. Social constructs come from realities, that is there is an actually, real, hormonal, physical difference between men and women. Women are equal in every way to men ( and superior in many…lol), but we are biologically different. I don’t have to worry about sprouting a 5:00 shadow, or everyone being able to tell when I’m aroused, or trying to fake a high-pitched voice.
    This being said I’m all for transsexuals and gays/lesbians having their own community and won’t pitch a fit it I saw a drag queen in the bathroom. What I don’t like is being told that women do not have the right to even a bathroom of their own. All of the gender-fluid bathroom signs are posted on women’s rooms. If you have a penis please go in the men’s room! If you’re scared about harassment don’t worry most men will clear the room as quickly as possible.

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